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  1. Is there too much storm in this game though?

    Dragon is the only craft I feel shouldn't have it. It ruins the whole purpose of playing cards without storm when you can forte or genesis dragon instead
  2. The way the game plays out, they make it seem like each craft is its own army. I'd say that there wouldn't be any cards at all and cards like Daria would just become characters in the game with super powers
  3. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Smiling Sami actually looks like a pretty fun card. I love having my opponents draw more cards, it makes matches explosive

    That's not a dragon only problem. Every deck is moody.

    You post like a video of one of dragon's worst match ups when the dragon player is going second and it's obvious that he also bricked pretty hard based on how desperate he was to draw cards. i don't play decks anymore that lose to Dragon. I got real tired of the constant harassment of emotes dragon players do when they win. I do hate when people say dragon is weak to aggro when that is completely untrue. I play aggro sword/blood and dragon is always tough especially when they go first. I did make a mid range shadow deck with the pure intention of getting a 100% W/R against Dragon using Khawy mostly of course and it hasn't lost yet
  6. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Sounds like Dragon will be OP if they keep going down this road
  7. I feel this game would be better if...

    Every class uses shadows if they use path to purgatory, even forest has elf queen, and Haven's big thing is countdown and yet other classes have countdown amulets.
  8. I feel this game would be better if...

    Why should Dragon be the only craft with ramp. No other craft has this kind of special treatment.
  9. I feel this game would be better if...

    I just think that evolutions when combined with other forms of removal, make it tough to keep followers on the board and that's why people usually have to resort to storm in order to win and why it is so desired. Could also be why aggro is so strong, and that's because for the first few turns, the player most often going second isn't able to evolve and use the comeback mechanic. Possibly removing the limitations on evolves to turn 4 and allowing player 2 to unlock them as someone suggested would make it so people need to use their evos more wisely
  10. I feel this game would be better if...

    Exactly. This whole puppeteer thing is such a knock off from roach it's crazy. Seems like the only way to win in this game is to have storm. It's pretty sad tbh. i think evolutions are partly the problem. Nothing wrong with them necessarily, but for like turns 4-7 it's usually just trading with evo's and then turn 8 is usually when the game ends. I think if they put a restriction on evolutions so that you can't just chain them multiple times in a row, it would help make storm less of a necessity. Even putting a limit on which cards can evolve would help a bit. I mean even Sibyl pre-Nerf would've been balanced if she was unable to evolve
  11. End of humans would be the end of all knowledge. Of course history could repeat itself, but that would take millions possibly billions of years. And as a god, you're probably just twiddling your thumbs until the next batch of intelligent beings come along and you can eradicate/torture them too my point is that without people, there's no one to acknowledge or praise a god for being a god. It just doesn't fit into the motive with Nexus to wipe out mankind. Now enslaving mankind sounds like something an evil god would do. Keeping humans alive, but at your whim to play with. Unless Nexus just doesn't care honestly about anything and could care less if she's alone and bored for a billion years. Then I guess she could happily destroy all life
  12. Without the human race to record events, does time stop? I'd argue that it does. If people didn't exist and everyone just died, the world would just be a black vacuum of nothing devoid of meaning. people give life meaning
  13. People created the concept of a god. If there are no people than god doesn't exist.
  14. Not Coming Back

    Dailies definitely ruin this game. I kind of wish you got gold for queuing at your own speed. Sometimes I can queue a long time on the weekends and hardly any during the week, so doing 1-2 hours of dailies seems excessive