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  1. November 28 update Notice

    I think if you look at her in a sexual way she can be kind of appealing, but when you think about her in context of the story and when you see her portrait during a match it's really silly. So she's hot but stupid looking at the same time
  2. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    So questions: Swordcraft has access to Captain Lecia. I honestly didn't even know this card existed until I did take 2. Do swordcraft players realize how good of a card this is when you're playing aggro sword and want a sticky board or for the Dshift match up? Has anyone played the rise of the dead shadowcraft deck? Looks insanely fun and something I could get behind
  3. The salt mega thread.

    When you play bouncing roach and you have 3 pixie mischiefs, 3 nature's guidance, 3 barrages, and 3 ancient elves and you don't draw a single one the whole game. I had 20 cards left in my deck when I lost, and 12 of them were these cards
  4. November 28 update Notice

    I think Dshift is the one exception to this. I don't think anyone is arguing that Dshift needs to be nerfed to oblivion, but I do think that it needs to be changed. The funny part is that if you use a Lou/Calling/Chimera deck, you can guaranteed do OTKO on turn 9 or 10. It's a pretty consistent deck tbh, you could even stuff it with neutral cards such as Loki. There really isn't a need for Dshift, and i'm glad rotations will be taking it away
  5. November 28 update Notice

    on the topic of Dshift, Isabelle's boobs are ridiculous. Like, they're bigger than her face, and it just looks so stupid. Nerf isabelle's boobs please
  6. November 28 update Notice

    it's not really that great though. I've never faced dirt rune and was like " wow what an OP deck" Assuming they are playing burn, any kind of healing completely destroys them. I put an elf queen into my forest deck, and after that, they didn't have much fuel left. If any deck should get nerfed it's Dshift, and then the meta would change quite a bit. Dshift forces people to put more offensive cards instead of defensive cards into their decks. I could make a deck that always beats aggro, but I would lose 100% of the time against Dshift and since Dshift is the most popular deck, it really hurts your win rate
  7. Who`s gonna be hotter?

    Anyone can tell that she's a brat... Luna doesn't come off as a brag just misguided. I think Vania will be hotter though when she gets older. I can see Luna having some severe issues as she gets older and either turning to food or drugs
  8. lol I usually hate any deck that becomes main stream. Not because it's overpowered but because it starts to get tiring facing the same deck repeatedly
  9. Belgium saves gaming

    someone made a good point and I 100% agreed with it. Every time you open a pack, you should get at least a legendary, gold card, or an animated card. I think it's BS when you open a pack and it's like all bronze cards. Especially when you spend 1 hour doing dailies and you get a crappy pack for your reward and you liquify it and only get like 100 vials.
  10. Belgium saves gaming

    there's not really a risk though, and the only case is with Daria and Aldos leaders which was a horrible idea to begin with
  11. Belgium saves gaming

    It's not really gambling in the sense of shadowverse though because we can vial the cards we get and there is a % chance for legendaries
  12. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    @Imperial Dane precisely. Dshift is warping the meta more than anything
  13. Sibylia (dragoncraft) 3pp 1/4- FANFARE: Gain an empty play point orb. Gain 3 health at the end of the turn if overflow is active EVOLVE: Destroy all enemy followers Spring-Green Protection: Both players draw a card every time this card is returned to the player's hand. Sorry Stella, you're still my favorite waifu, but SGP is my favorite card
  14. lol I swear everyone on these forums mains dragon