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  1. Unlimited Blood decks

    Well, this is a bit awkward. Here is the final variation of the Darkfeast Bat OTK deck I used to hit GM. Keeps: Ambling Wraith, Bloodfed Flowerbed, Spiderweb Imp, Baphoment, Scorpius, Demonic Ram, Snarling Chains (If going 2nd or against Sword), Blood Pact (If you have another 2 drop in hand already), Mask of the Black Death (Against Forest), any Bane (against Shadow). Play it like an aggro deck initially; play your 2 drops and swing face when you have outvalued them on board. There will come a point between turn 4 and 6 when you cannot keep followers on the board, instead you will do your best to clear, draw, find a Mask and stay healthy enough for a Bat draw to win you the game. You will win T7 most of the time, but can be put off if the opponent is threatening a lethal off your Flowerbeds or whatever. Turn 6 is your last burst turn, where you'll Mask up and use the rest of your self-damaging 2 drops to finish pumping the Bat. Good matchups; midrange sword, Atomy and reanimate shadow, DShift rune, ramp dragoncraft Meh matchups; Daria rune, aggro sword, vengeance blood, aggro blood, aggro dragoncraft, portal (?) Bad matchups; forest
  2. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    If it did 4 damage, it might clear Daria's board. I find it difficult to believe the serpent deck has no trouble with Daria, and even manages to play Maelstrom as a wincon. It's simply too slow.
  3. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    Reach does 3 damage, and I have only seen Maelstrom once in hundreds of games over the past month.
  4. Cygames, Nerf Daria

    Cygames says they want to reduce the powercreep, so they rotate high power cards, then reprint high power cards. While they're at it, they remove almost all the board clear and give everyone terrible board clear, but somehow neglect the class that can fill the board with high life followers by turn 5. Is anyone on ladder confused by the concept? Apparently Cygames are the only people that don't play their own game.
  5. Can we just summarize this thread by pointing out an A rank sword player who has never played Blood, and has even given us evidence of a truly horrendous misplay on their part in video form, wants to nerf a card they played into? Mathematicians use the terms 'existence' and 'uniqueness;' and your play satisfied the criteria to be the worst possible thing you could have done, OP.
  6. 'I played one game in which Yurius was useful, sample size N = 1. Nice man, I wish he was totally overpowered in every game I played. The Loli Squash nerf was aimed at a card that did more that its cost would indicate, and still does not affect what the card does, or what it was meant to do. It is still played in relevant meta decks, just like Eachtar, which got a slap on the wrist, and is still almost auto-include tier. Good job Cygames, fire your developers. Nerfing Yurius is akin to beating your grandmother after she's been hit by a car. What good cards does the class have? Playing Spawn only to lose to Dragon or early aggro? You have to be mentally deficient to think Blood is fine as it is currently in Rotation, and even more so to think it requires a nerf overall. Cygames hasn't released interesting or powerful cards for Blood in maybe half a year, and clearly have no interest in doing so. There is either an absolute lack of interest, or the people designing Blood actively desire for the class to be utter trash. After receiving such trash as neo-Medusa, it's almost become totally evident that the designers are acting against the interests of Blood as a class. The best thing they could currently do is remove everyone currently designing Blood from the team and hire new people, possibly the homeless from the streets outside their HQ. 'Blood Moon requires the staff to undertune Blood'. To the point of a 43% win rate? Give me a break, they've clearly tried to push a garbage deck archetype (Jorm) with garbage cards with which to support it. Over the months, it's become evident the people creating cards for Blood are either clueless, or intentionally malicious.
  7. You're not making an argument, there are plenty of 2/2s with strong abilities, and you assume I meant Fighter as the 2 drop; a card that's never played. Your usage of the word 'crippled' has left me confused as to what you mean. Saying Yurius has a great ability, when it usually does 2 damage at most, is incomprehensible at best. He does as much damage as any 2 drop played T2 that isn't immediately removed does. Crippled? Special treatment? I am saying that if it has its defence reduced, any other 2 drop can remove it for amazing value. Were you not listening? You still lack any valid point. 'If you combine 3 cards from Blood, they can do as much damage as one card from any other class' Are you even listening to yourself? You have disproved nothing, and in fact even contributed to my point. It is evident.
  8. I am saying that as a 2 drop, Yurius can neither kill a 2/2 2 drop, nor can it be killed by one, while by your own reasoning; they both have an equivalent statline. You're not making a point. All this does is make Yurius a quirky card statwise, not a strong one. I already consider myself lucky if Yurius even lasts one turn, and you think its stats should be diminished? Let's go over that one real quick, using our brains this time; 1/2 -> A 2 drop that can be out-traded by almost every other 2 drop in existence, can be Blazing Breath'd, Ceres'd, Sab'd, Odile'd, Piercing Rune'd, etc. Dumb. 2/1 -> Can be traded into by any 1 drop, and cleared by any effect. Currently in Rotation, Blood experiences horrific failures because Cygames deemed it fit to remove a necessary portion of their recovery power without adequate replacement. The class does not have finishers that do more than 6 damage out of hand (storm Emeralda/Dark General), Razory can be negated by forcing them to lower enough health that casting it is suicide, etc. Blood does not have any insta-win cards like Aisha/Albert/Azi Dahaka/Genesis Dragon/Safira/Aegis/Chimera/Roach/Elephant; they do chip damage and pray they're lucky enough to follow through. Spawn was originally totally oppressive (I know you'll bring up Spawn because literally everyone whines about the one month Blood was good), but now is easily dealt with due to either being too slow or any non-targeted removal. If you consider a 2 drop like Wolf to be a finisher (which is also possible suicide), I'm not sure if your problem lies with Shadowverse. I would love to see how many Blood wins you have. Pics?
  9. 1. The analysis in the OP is firstly comparatively dishonest; equating 1 attack and 3 defense on a follower to having a total set of 4 stats means nothing in a game where 2 playpoint 3 damage burn is a dime a dozen. A 5/1 with storm will always be better than a 1/5 *when you are swinging face*, which you will be with the storm follower. So saying 1 point in one stat is equivalent to 1 point in the other is entirely wrong. 2. Given the last Shadowlog report (in before 'Shadowlog isn't a viable source of info, we should rely entirely on feelings and dispense entirely with whatever numbers are available'), Blood has a 52.1% win rate in Unlimited and a 43% win rate in Rotation. So while it's within an acceptable margin for Unlimited (1 SD), it is a garbage class in Rotation (~2 SD). It is not dominating Unlimited in such a way that nerfs have been dished out in the past. 3. Yurius, while being a strong 2 drop, requires the potential chip damage to make Blood competitive in a class where the majority of good cards require a life cost; if Blood can't whittle down the other person who is maximizing both their life gain and damage output, it fails as a class since it must maximize damage output *while playing within lethal range*. The class does not have the high end late-game cards that allow every other class to execute their opponent once their win con is in hand.
  10. The nerf he's calling for will impact Blood in both formats. If Cygames continues to gives Blood trash cards, once all the good ones rotate out it will be a dead class.
  11. You want to nerf one of the few arguable good cards in the second worst class? Can you show us on the doll where the Yurius touched you?
  12. I have battle animations reduced, and I can't actually tell a difference. It still allows all the animations go through before you get to concede against whatever horribly balanced cards just stormed your face.
  13. The interface is honestly infuriating. You can't examine cards in play while anything is happening, if you want to concede before your opponent's lethal takes eighteen moves to execute, it drops you out of the menu and you are forced to endure 20s of their PDKs going off. Buttons don't always register feedback. Even if you manage to click concede, it might not even concede and still lets their 5 storms swing for your face.