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  1. Part of me wants to intentionally throw the match for my opponent since I have never been Seraph-ed and I'd like to directly experience it either as the victim or the aggressor, but another part of me thinks that not crushing them when I can would be an utter disrespect, so I really have to kill them now. I even used the 'Sorry' emote. It was a fun match though, especially since I get to keep my personal record of never been Seraph-ed!
  2. You don't even need a Legendary to close the game, even. I deployed Deathly Tyrant against PDK and won, Mordy can be very difficult to ignore unless you're playing Havencraft, and both Council of Card Knights and Round Table Assembly can be really painful to deal with. In fact, if the Legendaries on this expansion suck, people would just ask for better legendaries next expansion while asking to nerf 'overpowered' golds from previous expansions that was strengthened with addition of new cards. It's a Morton's Fork, frankly.
  3. Let me derail it even further then. Here are some beef trivias: Sirloin = 500 kcal/100 grams. Lots of fat. Shoulder roast = 250 kcal/100 grams. Liver = 130 kcal/100 grams. Tastes really suck. Going back in topic, having 1 legendary per deck would only limit creative options. I mean, hearing this is like hearing "ooooh, he just banished his entire deck except 7 mana and up, so unfaiiiir". As I said before, I wouldn't mind having this rule as house rules for certain occassions, but not on normal plays, please. You should consider it a challenge instead.
  4. It's a thread about Taurus and his giant bull breasts now. Move along, gentleman.
  5. The only people who would willingly put Taurus as a leader are doujin artists.
  6. Elf Queen is the better royalty. In a more relevant note, I don't exactly agree with '1 legendary per deck rule' unless it's a special tourney with that specific house rules. I mean, it's not like I put two Alberts for turn 9 and 10 and instead use one for bait (this is where my usual Shadowcraft mindset leaks). Besides, it's not like we can't easily remove those legendaries immediately once played; we've been granted tools.
  7. Apparently, the reason they can't dub the new Fate leaders is because...English dubs of Fate franchise are unionized. Shadowerse's dub isn't. Street Fighter has an English option because their dubs are not unionized. Just a rumor I heard from a wall though. While I admit, some of the English voices are a bit grating (mostly the cards though; I'm fine with the leaders. ESPECIALLY Luna, since it's a twisted character of sorts for her voice actress' usual repertoire), I think Mordecai and Urias are especially good. Personal opinion though.
  8. Sometimes, disaster strikes right at the center of the problem. Sometimes, one got really lucky. Sometimes, the dragon slays the dragon keeper. I did won the game later, by the way. Using Deathly Tyrant buffed to 15/13. I do know I had lethal if I play a decoy Demon Eater, buff her with Coco, and then play Tyrant (I started this turn with 19 shadows). However, I was furious of seeing four PDK decks in a row, so my rage took over and I swore to myself that I will destroy at least this PDK before I strike the final blow with Tyrant.
  9. This is my Ward-focused Shadowcraft Ver. 3.0 Type Steinback: Temporary Arrangements. Dance of Death is meant to be an Anti-PDK weapon while squeezing the face, while Ceres works really damn well at handling wounded opponents. I'm not using Eachtar as an enhancer for whatever finisher I can use, but rather to trade with at least two or three followers. However, if Eachtar can somehow be used to enhance your finisher (like, say, Mordy), it might be able to crush face persistently. Cerberus is there because I meant to play Coco and Mimi and use it in conjunction with Deathly Tyrant, and my battles proved that I can generate just enough Shadows for Tyrant. But as you can see, Tyrant's not in there...because I need to figure out who should I replace for Tyrant. For now though, Coco and Mimi can be used to enhance whatever finisher I can use. So, what's with the long name? Steinback. Cerberus. Coco and Mimi are supposed to be dogs, right?
  10. Yet another Swordcraft Take-Two, but a look at one card should make the reason why this deck got 5-0 very obvious...that being said, I never expected Helbindi to be really powerful in this mode.
  11. Have no screenshots for it and not really motivated to create one (have to hit the bed right now because I have a shift in six hours), but I was really having fun fighting a PDK user even though I lost. Managed to kill two without using Execution (the card works, right?) with my sort-of Midrange Shadow. Killing her is such a pain, but it's really damn fun. I was finished by a final PDK, but I managed to congratulate my opponent before finishing me off.
  12. You know, this reminds me of a friend who got me into trying Shadowverse. When Tempest of the Gods was first released, she said: "Dammit, Dragoncraft is way too strong! Cygames needs to nerf it this very moment!". At that point, she was playing Aggro Blood, just as usual. Then she tries Dragoncraft. Right after a certain card got nerfed, she said: "*expletive-as-verb censored* *expletive censored*! Dragoncraft is just meme now! They need a *expletive-as-verb censored* buff this instant!" She returned to her Aggro Blood form after that. I expect her to keep saying that as long as she's playing this game.
  13. Oh, good. I was about to ask this same question. It's fortunate that it's been answered. That thread has quite a long title. It's a damn red alert for me, way jose.
  14. 1. Airbound Barrage - I don't use Forestcraft that often, but even a noob like me can see just how damn good this card really is, and it's only a Bronze! 2. Venomfang Medusa - Justice. 3. Sister of Punishment - Merely for the fact that she appeared in ALL of my first ten packs Somehow. What is the game saying to me? 4. Cuhullin - Merely because I always shouted "RANSA GA SHINDA" anytime he died. 5. Princess Juliet - Nice to know that both this Juliet and that other Juliet are both really useful in the game. 6. Dark Bladefiend - For giving me more options in my Shadowcraft deck. 7. Heresy's Avatar - Because it looks like a death metal album cover. 8. Star Reader Stella - I love cards that could make or break your own game like this one. 9. Pollux and Castor - I love their flavor text. 10. King Elephant - It's exactly a card like this that would make me want to play Forestcraft.
  15. ...ever thinking of becoming a professional poker player? Keep bluffing like that and you can go very far. Or just play Gwent.