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  1. Thanks, I Suppose.

    Sure. I could probably recommend you to my crew's boss as an additional member. But maybe after UnF. We might be able to help you with getting at least an Extra job class, even; I recommend the Samurai or the Ninja. As for farming Magnas, I could help that as well; I can half-solo Colossus Omega (thanks, Anne!) and Tiamat Omega with minor difficulties. See you in the skies! Khial, at your service. Before you ask about the's Arabic. It means 'fiction', 'wraith', or 'imagination'. I kinda like how it rolls in my tongue.
  2. Thanks, I Suppose.

    Hey there, Unryuu. I can never thank you enough for your opinion on my deck-building. It even helps me finding the style I'm most comfortable with; Control. I'm currently trying to reapply this style into every deck I'm building with, and the basics you've shown me has helped me a lot on this front. Thank you very much for that. ...speaking of which, if you're still playing GBF, find me sometime. My friend code is 12132009, username Khial. See you in another world, if we actually meet again. Also, try Azur Lane while you're at it. NO MORE SINKING YOUR SHIPGIRLS!
  3. I'm still loyal to my Control Shadow, though whenever I played it, I'm always matched up with a Chimera Runecraft somehow... Aside from it, I'm currently trying to re-invent my Ward-themed Shadow while making some practice deck to prepare myself for Rotation Mode. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll just play Midrange Sword.
  4. The anime thread

    Crap, now I have to prepare to invest all of my time in the upcoming collab. Dammit, Cygames, you brilliant [insert expletive here].
  5. The anime thread

    I'd like to ask something to AoT fans. I mean, I'm sort of a fan as well, but I don't really follow the series...anyway, from the hairstyle, this is Levi, right? Granblue Fantasy teased a collaboration with AoT, and considering their recent moves of making collab characters into SSRs, I might have to start preparing myself to grind the collab event when it comes.
  6. Of course the punchline would be Dimension Shift, huh. You can still outrace Deathly Tyrant with quick and powerful followers (Sword has a lot), you know. And you know what's more annoying than one Mordecai? Two Mordecai with Test of Strength and Deadmoon Disciple...a combo that I'm very guilty of running. Also, I'm more of a user of Earth Rite rather than Spellboost, so I'm mostly indifferent to all of this brouhaha on D-Shift.
  7. Which Meme to craft?

    Tried Atomeme yet? It received a revival. Or go OTK. --- The Heresy Meme, Also looks powerful, yeah. Can you build it though?
  8. The anime thread

    Now here's a shocking confession; I'm actually more of a fan of tokusatsu rather than anime. Kamen Rider W brought me back to the scene, and Gaim solidifies it. I see you got Steins;Gate on your list. Interesting.
  9. The anime thread

    I remembered that I watched Dead Leaves before. I have no idea how did that eludes my mind when I wrote that post.
  10. The anime thread

    Just got back from my dentist. Yeah, the early parts of Black Lagoon can really make you apathetic. I mean, yeah, Hansel and Gretel's backstory was tragic, but they still kill a lot of people really, really horribly. I mean, there was a scene in the manga where one of their 'toys' was nailed all over the face, making one of the hard-**** mafia there puked. I appreciated the 'show' method, but I have to admit that was a bit too brutal. With lyrics like 'I have a big gun, I took it from my Lord; sick with justice I just wanna feel you', it certainly won't win any points on best opening.
  11. The anime thread

    Yeah, I guess we do have a pretty different definition of 'crack'. Oh well. Still good talking with you though. Now if you'll excuse me, it's my turn to meet my dentist now. Wish that he doesn't drug me too much. Also, in a non-crack or weird front, I recommend Black Lagoon, but watch the English dub instead.
  12. The anime thread

    Well, if I recommend Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, does that count as crack? Or, if we're talking about something recent, try googling 'Henkei Shoujo'. Or don't, you'll thank me later.
  13. The anime thread

    If you want something that's even more crack, how about Serial Experiments Lain?
  14. The anime thread

    On board! Well, to be honest, this is the problem with dark military fiction in general; you introduce a lot of characters, attached a single trait to them, then have them killed and expect you to care. What's that? It's not about the titans now? And the good guys engages in some really brutal torture as the aggressor? Also, the only thing I found awful about Gurren Lagann's second part is the fact that a series in which a giant robot fortress has a ship's bow as its crotch tries its hand at political drama. I mean, come on.
  15. The anime thread

    Ah yeah, I LOVE Baccano!. It's just that, since they massively cut several vital plots from the LN, there's bound to be something unclear in the anime adaptation. Before you said 'let's jump to the LN!', well...the author loves complicated plots, and it's not a bad thing in his case. Yeah, I used to practice the opening on sax when I was younger. People thought I was trying to start a youth jazz group, but I swear, it's just me being a dirty weeb.