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  1. I think it is pretty fair deal to drop $5 to Cygames to get an Alt Art card of your choosing, as well as a guaranteed list of other cards as well. Roth said it pretty much right. It is a nice trade off financially.
  2. There is not much left to say other than agree to disagree. If Cygames, like you are wanting, does not push Alice back one pp nothing will change in the early meta. It will be the same thing as it is now, where Alice will continue to force aggro defenses, tempo loss (for everyone outside if Sword) and Neutral Watering Down of Crafts. Nerfing just Gerbs is going to destroy the card completely. It is not a good balanced nerf. Ripping apart a combo is just bad practice.
  3. I disagree on your level of Bel's sexiness!
  4. Not sure why Giant is getting the Alt treatment over Daria... I do like these decks though.
  5. All the alt art already comes animated
  6. Do you like oysters and beer?
  7. Their Turn 4: Alice Your Turn 5: ??? Their Turn 5: Grim at 3/4, Feria at 3/3...Evo...Grim at 4/5, Feria at 4/4...
  8. The problem(!) with Alice at t4 is that she makes a tempo vacuum on the opponent at no loss to person playing it (see Abyss Blood) Both of my examples, to fight them leaves you at a tempo loss even after Evo. Sword Aggro loses tempo trying to handle Alicecraft. Gerbs is a secondary issue, and nerfing just him isn't stopping the roll.
  9. All theses +1pp posts can have a huge effect. Do you want Cygames to just go Scorched Earth on Alicecraft?
  10. T1 - Goblin T2 - Feria T3 - Any ward you want, Grim maybe T4 - Gerb (pops a goblin at end of turn, behind a ward) T5- Alice T5a. Evo Feria, if she was played, board buffs +2/+2 T1 - Goblin T2 - Unica, Lyrica T3 - Grim T4 - Alice T5 - Grim, Feria Evo Don't even need Gerbs to see that is a bad idea.
  11. Would have preferred that they made their changes with little to no announcement between. To be honest this entire rollout and the subsequent Scum-bagging of people hopping on the Sleazy Express has made me start looking for other games. Not because Shadowverse is trash, because it is not. They hit a bump and are rectifying it (hopefully with these changes). Before the announcement everyone wanted nerfs, after the announcement everyone argues about who/what should be nerfed. After the changes, I am going to go ahead and guess there will be ****ing that it was either too much or not enough or not the right cards. I also haven't been sober in the past 4 days so...
  12. It is also encouraging rank-whoring, like Yue just mentioned. Masters is going to be doubled-down on now until the changes
  13. I don't think you are getting bigger picture of how nerfing cards works. Alicecraft is an issue outside of Bloodcraft as well. Cygames isn't simply changing cards because of Alice Blood alone. Nerfing so that Bloodcraft alone has to make a choice on plays isn't the goal. The current issue with Alicecraft is that it can't be responded to mostly, for players going second. So keeping the concept is important, tearing it apart is not. Moving the two key cards, Gerbs and Alice back behind the Evo wall will require thought but keep it as intended.
  14. My last WD promo pack nabbed me two ragewyrms, one being animated. Pretty badass. n_n