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  1. Oh are one of "those" memers huh...
  2. My face now --> Want to talk about a bomb!
  3. Heads up! New campaign coming soon. The Tales of Horus Traver. 23 new cards and 16 campaign games! 25000 gold or 1000 gems so save up.
  4. Hell! Someone else mentioned that Samsung devices don't work for some reason. If you are running Android, maybe look into this...
  5. Don't apologize, I was only joking around Yeah I posted a thread explaining it. I'll go grab the url and link it
  6. I actually like the tech of having Eachy in this, especially with Catacombs and the other skeleton generators. I am assuming he is in here for a nice drop after the opponent attempts a board clear, and pops out a bunch of skeletons? Personally I would probably go 2 and 2 with Eachtar and Morde, if anything. Might also lose Attendant and put Pact in its place for the reach that it has.
  7. This could be completely off the mark on my part, but there is part of me that disagrees with some of this. Not in a typical interwebz UR Wrng Noob way, either . Part of any games success lies within forming a passionate community. Of course in every community there will always be a measure of dissent in varying levels of the community, be it players that just randomly scream about not liking something all the way up to players who are disappointed in the direction that a game is heading. Which is all fine and normal, and is to be expected. In my own right, I have been vocal about my dissatisfaction with how things have recently been, including poor design choices and such on Cygames part. Salty, sure. Could I dial it back a bit? Sure. The intention behind it is hopeful, really. Hopeful that it sparks something that could make a change, maybe. I don't consider myself an authority of the subject of game balance or design changes, but I have had enough experiences in the past with other similar games that went downhill, and when I start seeing similar patterns it triggers me. Saying some broad phrasing like "Shadowverse is dying" does sound extreme. In the other hand it could also have a different meaning to different people. How long has it been since Swordcraft has really had its craft mechanics supported properly, while Shadowcraft has consistantly recieved mechanic support with Last Word and Necromancy? Forestcraft is pretty well setup to be a powerhouse in SFL, after being the least played craft last go-round. It is alarmingly similar to Bloodcraft pre and post WD, by all accounts. "Pushing crafts" is and always has been a issue. It isn't making the game fresh and new. Magic, as an example, still has flawed things, but they evolve their game beyond what it was previously, by new mechanics, new archetypes and such. New sets come out and it changes things up in a way that keeps players there which is why it is as popular as it is still. That is where my dissatisfaction comes from with Cygames. Not because I think the game sucks, or that they suck, but because I want them to do better and I want them to be successful. Like the old phrase, "You are always the hardest on the ones you love"
  8. Got the Arisa emblem! One win prior, so I honesty don't think it has anything to do with win streaks.
  9. Thats an interesting new idea of letting people use the precons for solo. I might actually do the Forestcraft story lol
  10. Aggro will be prevalent the first week, because it always is, while players attempt to deckbuild.
  11. I love the idea of an evergreen core set, if they want rotations BUT I am having a hard time seeing Cygames manage balancing that with providing new "blocks" that can be useful in two formats. They already seem to struggle at balancing crafts now.
  12. Being in the brink of an expansion coupled with the chest game is always going to attract attention which will bring more numbers of players. I think that further down the road, Cygames needs to think about this (I outlined some of the points in another thread). If not, they are going ti start seeing a diminished return of players, where older players are going to wander away because of "same old, same old" and be replaced with new players. That is fine if that is what they want to have happen, considering they have in the past mentioned focusing on comp play.
  13. Alice In Wonderland 4pp Fanfare: If you play this after play 3 consecutive neutrals in previous turns, evolve all buffing followers and destroy any non-neutral cards in your hand and deck because they are just filler
  14. Not for mana really, because its such a small addition. A lot of people realize that the rng for Eternal can play the Mana Screw game a lot. It really cones down to playing some matches with different mana pools until you get the right amount. Two of my more consistant decks are ~80 cards, using the dual influence and extra mana sigils. If you tech in consistant cards that help you tutor mana out, then you can not play with additional sigils if you don't want to. As far as consistency of your deck, the best way to combat that is by doing 3x and 4x of units or spells etc, just like with decks here. That again takes a bit of playtesting to figure out.