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  1. Discuss Eternal here

    Definitely fancy and no real issue to get him out in my RDW, pretty beefy for a 4 drop as well and just weak enough to keep it from being Vanquished, but definitely suited for Double Damage with all the pingers. Might make another couple.
  2. Discuss Eternal here

    Nice guys! How much fun is this guy?!? Xenan decks can...kiss my grits. Might be a bit sketchy to add this fella to my RDW but I’ll have to give it a go.
  3. Probably the most annoying one for me is being matched up with my Vengeance Hybrid deck against a DShifter. Not because I dislike Dshift, but because I tun an early board control theme with Spiderweb, Yurius, and Disagreeable which just turn into free spellboosting kills for my opponent. The other rarity, yet just as annoying is playing Nephy and pulling all the mordis or thanes into my hand.
  4. Discuss Eternal here

    Hey, I’m famous son! In all honesty, I think the landscape of Eternal is so varied that “meme” decks can actually do really well because of how unpredictable they can be. I mean, I run a Champion of Order deck that can just quickly overwhelm an opponent if I get to that influence level to trigger it, and play Mirror Image on it. @fangore Look! Your worse nightmare!
  5. Anyone Else Already Hate Chests?

    @Jack42 You are hitting, what I affectionately call The Morrigan Continuum. The last chest event I ended up going 30+ matches without seeing a single one. Don’t really see it as anti-consumerism and some grand conspiracy. It is a Risk/Reward system in place in Ranked. You stand to lose points but also potentially win cards or gold. If they applied chests to Unranked, no one would really bother to play Ranked and stand to lose points if they can just rando match for chests.
  6. Gwent

    Dadbrows can’t lie Never really enjoyed the in-game version. It just seemed out of place for the whole game.
  7. If this scenario happened, an a bunch of kaiju appeared, I am gonna go ahead and hide behind you, mkay?
  8. D-Shift...

    Mids, you’re noble campaign is falling on deaf ears lol. Persevere!
  9. D-shift just keeps evolving.

    At least EA isn’t spearheading this, or else we’d have microtransactions to refill a “play game” timer.
  10. Discuss Eternal here

    Nice! I’ve been sitting on some stone for awhile and waffling on what I should craft. Eyeing some bandit queens but I also have seem to keep pulling Legends and Rares that make me want to build a Xenan deck splashed with Fire Disco deck just to try it. The Lifeforce/Lifesteal tactic coupled with Means to an End and Stonescar Excavators and such. Plus my Worldjoiner and new Withering Witch are itching for a home Outside of that still need to fill out my Explorer/Dino deck with some stuff from Jekks. Not much left to do with my Mino deck and Champ deck that can’t wait.
  11. Who`s gonna be hotter?

    Well Vania is a vamp, and based on traditional lore Vampires no longer age after they are turned (example Dance in the Vampire Bund) so she may never get older. But thats a lot of random dependency on lore and such. @Malkavian? Luna is still a human as far as I can recall, and her mother was rather beautiful before she became a skeletal ghost so...
  12. D-shift just keeps evolving.

    Never played Yugi myself but some people talk about it at my shop. Did a cursory play of Pokemon and I think someone mentioned rotations in their sanctioned events.
  13. D-shift just keeps evolving.

    MtG YuGiOh Pokemon
  14. 14-3 Aggro Blood

    Fafnir Fenrir is a lot more useful for wider boards, although Mastema is a lovely taunt, if it wasn’t for all the murder spells.