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  1. Talk About Whatever

    They could please both side of the coin if they made Nowi instead of Sanaki for example, anyways I am pretty happy with the banner because I pulled a B!Tharja with my free summon
  2. Favourite moments?

    Unlimited Tenko shrine might be my favorite deck ever
  3. Control sword counters aggro better than Aegis xD. Just drop Hedgehog or whatever it is called, mars frontline, cuhu, and they cry lmao. (Probably missing a few). With haven you NEED to draw SW to even have a chance, yes haven has a lot more early removal than sword, but sword has a lot of pseudo wards and a better healer, sword doesnt just remove the board, but they win it too.
  4. I didnt see it lmao. And again as a wincon, it is actually good, sword can stall pretty easily, thanks to the things I said before, at least I think it is gonna be better than control blood, aegis, holy lion, lindworm, and the list goes on. A solid tier 2 deck imo.
  5. Who is talking about Arthur? xD. I am talking as a control deck, it seems better than almost any control deck in rotation, playing a vanilla 2/2 for 5pp (holy shard) is slow, spartacus isnt. For midrange they are probably gonna change the current 2pp pack for Perseus, the ambush commander, Celia, and dario, evolve perseus and you have a beefy Ward while protected by dario and on top of that an ambush follower, so sky fortress is gonna hit a target almost all the time, so in midrange spartacus is gonna be used to pull cards like Valse. It is at least a decent card in almost any sword deck, it is way better than the blood legendary and the shadow legendary at least for now, and sword didnt deserved that especially because they are the best craft in both formats.
  6. Poor sword, is not like they have a billion evolves, rushes, removal and cant protect their face with Roland.
  7. Even the PP checks, this is 6 roland is 7 and chronos is 8, and with spartacus you can draw cards huge followers like the hero to help you control the game while milling yourself.
  8. I dont know giving a card like spartacus to the craft that has Roland doesnt seem like a good idea to me lmao. They can stall pretty easily with roland, and now they have both draw and a true control wincon. Also there is also the possibility that this card gives the steam to midsword that they have been needing(One of the only weakness of the deck.). Overall the card is cool, but I dont know how good it is gonna be in practice, and personally I dont like that it is a Sword card, now they have a decent deck for every archetype like forest.
  9. buff or nerf next month

    Pretty much this, I dont mind that Sword is on top (it does need a nerf tho), actually I played a lot of control sword before rotation, but my main problem with the meta is that if the oponent is decent enough and he gets a Little favored by the RNG its pretty hard to make a comeback even if you have the upper hand in the match up. I mean this has always been a problem in card games that are very simple like SV, but right now I think it is in its worst state ever.
  10. Every time I want to quit the game I play Tenko Shrine/Kel deck in unlimited and I have a good time lmao.
  11. Come on guys, is not THAT bad. You can potentially remove the enemy evoed follower for "free", and leave a decent threat. The problem with this card is A) puppet mid game sucks... A LOT, so I dont think this card is good enough to push the archetype to a decent tier, and B) when you compare this card versus Teatime for example, only in few match ups this card is better. This card beats Teatime in single removal, while Teatime can target 2 enemies which is normally better. I think the card is decent overall and will see play in every pure puppet deck just because they dont have better tools, on a hybrid deck is harder to guess how good it is going to be tho. PD: the art is really cool.
  12. The salt mega thread.

    According to the last report, sword has a 55% winrate in unlimited and midsword has a 60% in the same format lmao.
  13. The salt mega thread.

    You know what is worse than rotation midsword? Unlimited midsword, now they can deal you 10 damage to the face even if you clean the arthurs, yeaah!! Seriously they need to nerf sword not only they wrap rotation, but now unlimited too.
  14. Outside of Neutral Haven, Haven has been the perma tier 2 class, even in DE forest was better and arguably sword too. Meanwhile Shadow was the King in Totg, second month of WD, at SFL i dont remember pretty well since I kind of quitted, but if I remember correctly it was decent at least, and in CG it was tier 1 in the first month. So it is hard to tell which craft has been worst lmao.
  15. When Haven is so irrelevant that you forget about us #FeelsBadMan Anyways this card plus Mars is going to be a real pain in the ****, not only they have a card that can snowball the game pretty hard from turn 3, but now they can also protect her, like wtf.