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  1. Brigade of the Sky 2nd Rotation GP

    The same, I made it to the finals with Heresy just to get beaten by spellboost, I am actually pretty tilted right now lul. Edit: Sorry I misread, I lost in the last game of the finals.
  2. Brigade of the Sky 2nd Rotation GP

    I got lucky to make it to the finals with Heresy lul.
  3. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    I was comparing the worst case scenerio of both cards, imagine it as their topdeck potential. I know this card is a combo oriented card, and the combo of Horror+Fil is not gonna be that hard to pull in a deck made for this purpose, which nets you 12 damage or 16 damage if evo is available. It can also be used in other Forest decks for extra reach, but having the monkey already might be enough. Overall I think this card is excellent and cool, but with the already powerful Forest decks that exists, I dont know if it is gonna find a place in the meta right now, but then again I dont play Forest that much, so I could be completely wrong lul.
  4. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Am I the only one who thinks this card is nuts? Maybe I am misundestanding something, but this card has a lot of potential, even in worst case scenerio is a cheaper Azi. The card concept and art are cool tho.
  5. Talk About Whatever

    I got pity broke by Lucina and Siegbert lul. Anyway time to farm more orbs for CYL2.
  6. Brigade of the Sky 2nd Rotation GP

    Man B&B always gets understimated so bad in almost every meta, no one is talking about it, but the deck has a lot of strong and popular match ups, and yes rotation is kinda crappy since the split of formats.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    The banner looks cool, but I think I am gonna skip this banner knowing that CYL2 is probably near, and that banner has a great chance of having meta changing units like last year. I thought that Elincia first alt was gonna be a flying healer, not a dancer lul. I think I am gonna go for Tiki tho, I still have some orbs to farm from the time I wasnt playing that much, so I should be able to get enough orbs for the CYL2 banner anyways.
  8. Talk About Whatever

    Personally I think purple and teal are in the same tier, Teal covers a lot of weaknesses your demons might have, and in the SMT series that is key. One of the positives in this game is that you can clear all the content without 5 star units, as you said teal Ose is super good, and you can fuse him right at the beginning I think. I also want Fenrir, Sandalphon, and maybe even Anibis. Also about Fire Emblem Heroes what do you think about the new summer Tiki, she seems like a super good unit so I am hesitant to summon for her (currently I have 100 orbs), but if an Azura, Nephenee, or Eldigan alt comes next I am gonna be quite salty that I spent my orbs on Tiki.
  9. Talk About Whatever

    Unfortunately my luck in this game sucks so I haven't been able to pull something good with the superior tickets. My current team is the free Cerberus, Sphinx for the Auto-Tetrakarn,an Ose, and Isis both made by fusion. Other 4 stars I have is Tsukuyomi ( has a lot of resistances, but it is weak to physical so until I get physical resistance skill I am not gonna use him),Hokuto Seikun who I use sometimes, and Prometheus who is meh. I want Yo****sune so bad, I want to spam Hassou Tobi in this game as well lul.
  10. Talk About Whatever

    Yeah the game is pretty loyal to the SMT series, the characters are great, the story is great, and the music is dope, however the game has two flaws in my opinion: 1) The gacha system, it has really low drop rates, if I remember correctly it has a 0.5% chance to net you a 5 star demon, the 10 summon which costs 1000 gems doesnt even guarantee you a 4 star unit, and even if you do pull a great demon, some of them are kinda useless without the correct archetype. There is also no step summon or increase chance rate the more you summon, so it is even a bad system for whales. 2) When you finish the story, you have pretty much finished the game because there is no reason to keep playing, the game becomes way too boring, but then again it just came out so I hope they fix this in the future. Overall I think it is worth playing for the story, especially if you are a SMT fan, I Will probably keep an eye on it because it has a lot of potential, but for now my main mobile games are The Alchemist code in the japanese server, and Fire Emblem Heroes since I need to start farming orbs for Veronica
  11. So those new cards...

    I am in the same boat, actually Garuda was the perfect wincon for Heresy if his effect was a leader skill, but I guess they decided not to do so because Summit could become too powerful.
  12. Winner decks of BotS Unlimited GP

    After the Tenko nerf, Seraph became the best Haven deck for unlimited imo.
  13. shadowlog 7/22/2018

    But at the top it says 2018年07月09日 to 2018年07月15日 which means it is from the day 9 to the day 15, before the nerfs right, or am I wrong? This one is the correct one I think
  14. Haven might have the most powerful decks in rotation, in terms of raw power, but people seems to forget that haven has always been a class that depends too much in single cards (Elana, Seraph,Summit,Tenko Shrine,Aegis,etc.) so if you take those cards out of the equation, Haven's power is reduced a lot, meanwhile crafts like sword has multiple options to win a game. So yeah Haven is always a scary match up, but it is far from being the best class in the format imo.
  15. Opinions on the new cards so far?

    Have you tried Korwa in neutral forest with B&B? I am interested in this deck since I got destroyed with it, and I want to know if it is really that good or I just got highrolled, unfortunately i don't have Korwa to test it.