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  1. The game is really boring for me right now, I'll wait for next expansion to see if something new is worth. Meanwhile I am going to play Fire Emblem Heroes at full time I guess.
  2. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    I expect Aggro Sword's winrate to skyrocket next week, its just the perfect deck for this meta imo. Aggro sword always loses to early healing, early wards and bricking, but since Daria is a thing not many people are running those.
  3. The salt mega thread.

    Tried 3 rotation games... 3 Darias. Tried 3 unlimited games.....2 D-Shifts and 1 Roach. At least I got Luna sleeves so I can take a break now.
  4. Getting tired of trying to make this class work.

    Puppetcraft its actually a pretty decent niche deck. It can beat pretty easily aggro decks like sword or forest, but also combo to death Aegis, and other similar decks. I think the main problem with them is that aside from the matchups I writed before, the rest of the decks are quite hard to beat, but not imposible. If Cygames decides to give decent support to puppets in the next expansion, they can easily be a tier 1 deck, but hey we are still missing the support for snakes Blood, Megalorca, Disco dragon, etc.
  5. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    Personally I'm not a fan of these underpowered expansions, I prefer to get my **** kicked by something new than the same decks over and over again. I know it's for the overall and long term balance, and while the idea might be good, I think it was poorly executed.
  6. After nerf meta

    Really? Then I probably had a bad day then. Anyways I think I am going to chill a little bit in unlimited with good old Elana and Garuda for a few days.
  7. After nerf meta

    I love Ginger, I was playing that deck before the nerfs, and its pretty good, I haven't tried it yet in this meta tho. How good/bad is the Daria match up?
  8. After nerf meta

    I played around 15 games versus Daria today, and the chances of them bricking are the lowest ever, or maybe I was just really unlucky. Also most of those players had really high scores, some even at 20k, so is definitely a good deck.
  9. After nerf meta

    Neutral decks seem to be really good atm. Neutral Blood, Neutral Haven, and Neutral Sword are the ones I have seen in ladder. Daria seems to be completely broken when they dont brick, and Windmill has been an easy matchup at least for me.
  10. Favourite moments?

    When you win with a fast deck, going second, and with full hand.
  11. Favourite moments?

    Congrats and welcome Climbing with Haven is not the fastest neither easiest thing to do,but it is worth at the end.
  12. Magic Illusionist nerf is huge, Haven can now banish it even if he is evolved, you can trade SW, Perseus, Goblin, Fairies, Demon Eater, Andrealphus making your opponent to burn their sigils pretty fast, hell I can even see some list dropping him depending on how the meta shapes. Thane nerf was ok, Midshadow is in a weird spot, I think the deck has many powerful cards, so I am pretty sure it is going to be good even after the nerfs, but at the same time I dont think Mid shadow has a card or combo that is so powerful that makes the deck opressive (even atm before the nerfs). Bahamut nerf is a buff to Roland, she can now counter Ramp, Aegis and elephant which are pretty decent decks, still 4 damage to the face is a lot, so Im not sure if this is going to be enough for her considering she still loses to board clear. On the other hand Im not a dragon expert so maybe I am missing something, but with the nerfs dragon can kill you with Windmill+Queen+Baha+Azi/evolved Scyther?
  13. Actually I have almost the same winrate with or without summit pack. Summit is just way too inconsistent, it really feels like Elana, you either get the pieces or pray that you win with Aegis.
  14. The problem with Albert is that he is way too "flexible" not only he can snowball a match with his 5 face damage and massive hp pool at turn 5, but also he can be a really good finisher. Aisha on the other hand is worse than Albert, but she is in a deck that didnt need her, she is just an overkill. She gives mid shadow a whole new level of power.
  15. Dude stfu, I remember you wanted to remove Aegis because it countered your deck lmao.