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  1. Deck #9 This draft threw me 3 drop after 3 drop.....I ended up having 11 x 3 drops and only 6 x 2 drops....What do I do? Is this deck functional? How should I play this deck, should I play it aggressive like an aggro deck? The last pair was between: Zeus + Tilting vs Phoenix Rider Aina + Star Phoenix. I know Zeus is a premium card, but I thought tilting was useless and this "low mana aggro deck with a million 3 drops" would probably work better with Aina.. There were choices that were not 3 drops, but it is always "a bunch of 3 drops or 1 - 2 cards that does absolutely nothing(test of strength, frozen mammoth, Valkyrie spear, looking glass............etc)"
  2. Did he(or she) at least get the leader?
  3. As a matter of fact, I think your suggestion is a good idea when I think about it more. They don't have to tell people "you have an approximately x chance of getting the heroes", but just tell people "there is a pity system". This way, they keep both: 1. people who are feeling lucky. 2. people who just want to "purchase" the heroes with a ton of packs. For example, say someone bought 300 or 500 packs and didn't get the hero they wanted. The next expansion they might just "not spend any money at all". Some people who are #2, might have saved up gold to buy say, 300 packs, if they will get the hero in 500 packs guaranteed, some people might be willing to spend money for another 200 crystals for the hero as opposed to not do so. Do you think these methods would work? 1. What you suggested, the 500th pack will be "any hero you don't already have". (downside from the company's perspective is some people can just grind for it and spend $0) 2. just make it a package deal: 30,000 crystals (300 packs + 2 leaders)
  4. You of all people should know what "outlier" stands for. There are people who wins the lottery with buying just 1 ticket. Anyway, congratz. Speaking of luck, I just had a take 2 game an hour ago, where I had the game in the bag, but enemy had a 10/2 ouroboros and nothing else on board. I played enhanced 7 mana Helbindi(I could have easily dealt with it, but chose not to because it will take extra turn or 2 to win). I had a feeling there's 100% chance that both 2 damage will hit face(since it happened to me in the past 3 times in take 2 and only "went by actual logic once"). Anyway, I was right, it hit face twice and I just lost........in the end, that deck ended up going 4-1(that game was game 2).........I'm really salty.
  5. I wouldn't say this is entirely the case. The strategy they are using is obviously "the appeal to everyone's inner gambler": The mentality of "I have already spent too much to give up, otherwise everything I've spent previously is wasted." Is a powerful mentality to exploit. On the other hand, when gambling "most people feel they will win". Otherwise, people wouldn't gamble in the first place if they feel they'll lose. On the point of telling people they will get the leader ~500 packs up front. A lot of the people who are either: 1. too stupid to do the math 2. too lazy to do the math 3. don't care to do the math(but don't realize it's important) Being given these information up front, will be shocked and decide, "omg, this is totally not worth it", and therefore, reduce the sales by a huge amount. Think about what you just said again: "you will get both leader after ~500 packs"....you have to put yourself in the shoes of an "average casual shadowverse player".....to you, that's not much and will "increase sales"...but in the eyes of an average shadowverse casual, "this is insane and crazy.."....Therefore, in order to make money, you have to keep this information away from these guys. At the end of the day, that's the whole point of their plan. Because, "you" are frustrated and can't get the leader but "you want" the leader, therefore, no matter how much "you" spend, "you" will feel you will get the leader if you "just buy a few more packs" and "have to"...they are playing you. Since their strategy at getting people to spend more money this way is working as intended, there's no reason to change it if it works as a charm. Only thing you can do is vote with your wallet or admit they are right.
  6. I suspect it's an experiment on their part. This is the very first time they have ever done leaders in sets. They released this within a very short time frame to the release of the fate leaders for sale. I'm guessing they wanted to release both and test to see which one sales better: 1. the total income of the fate leaders. 2. the "additional amount of crystals people use to buy new pack" minus "crystals people spent on previous pack(Alice)" Whichever item comes out to be "more crystals sold", Cygame will probably release more of the same type of sales in the future. Of course, if players don't like the new leader in pack, the best way to stop this is: 1. Buy fate leaders if one haven't. or 2. Forget about leaders like Daria and do not spend excess gold and "especially crystals" on this new pack. The moment you have enough of the new expansion cards, just stop buying the pack.... It sucks to not have the leader you want, but if you can't resist it, you play into their game, but in the end, customer's vote with their wallet. It is determined by whether or not one can defer short term gratification for long term gain. If not, more will come and they'll understand the real way to make money. Since, to be honest, it doesn't matter if customers feel bad, at the end of the day, you spent more money anyway right? Deal with it. Also, on the topic of "decency", the leaders from pack aren't really "needs", those are "wants". They don't affect gameplay. So, technically, it is not "entirely immoral". In terms of "wants" it's about voting with your wallet.
  7. Don't you get it? That's the whole point I'm talking about.....it makes people spend more to try to get the leaders. More net money for them. It's not about us, it's about the company. If people are spending more trying to get it, they make more money.
  8. Don't everyone get it? Their marketing strategy is working as intended. A skin sells for crystal is 500 crystals(5 bucks), however, in order to get these skins, you have to buy a lot more packs than you need, some people spent hundreds it seems. 100 bucks = 20 people who spend 5 bucks instead. So, this would make people spend more than they have to, in order to get the skin. Companies have to make money. Of course, whether this made them more money than people who bought skins for say....fate stay night skins or less money, only Cygame knows the results. If the pack that it caused people to buy caused the money to be more than buy only skins like fate skins....unfortunately, we'll only get more of these.
  9. With the actions Eris took previously to all the other characters, it is nice that Eris changed a lot. However, the problem I found with the story is "the other characters weren't present when she was changing. Therefore, aren't they supposed to be under the impression that she is treacherous or at the very least, very untrustworthy due to what she was trying to do? How come in chapter 15, people just trusted her and accepted to "give her a hand"? On a side note, I do find it funny that Luna was all sad and stuff a few minutes ago in the morning star, and when she came out, she looks as if nothing happened and said "ok.." on helping Eris as if she's bored.
  10. Ok, I was in a game where I am Swordcraft and currently 3-0, went against a Shadowcraft: Just played a very frustrating game where I played perfectly despite everything going my opponent's way on every conditional card they played such as the shadowcraft 5 mana 4/4 draw a card for each follower that gets destroyed, with a previous zombie party turn. Couldn't remove any 2/2 last turn since that play wasn't optimal, they were allowed to casually drew 3 cards with 0 contest since I was dealing with various other lucky ****, that I didn't have left over resources to kill the 2/2s... To sum it up. I worked my butt off to outplay my enemy despite everything going my opponent's way on anything regarding luck or cards that are conditional or cards with perfect counters. I still outplayed that guy to put myself in a situation where I had the upper hand on the board and very advantageous and likely to win situation(with 2 huge drops and a 13/13 against a 4/5 taunt)....What else is "REQUIRED TO GO HIS/HER WAY"? Of course, Bahamut. They have to have Bahamut? Why wouldn't he/she? Everything HAVE TO go my opponents way, it's fate, it's destiny....it is chosen by god.... My god, that was the end for me, of course I lost.... But lets put myself in a hyperbolic scenario and say I somehow overcame 5 Bahamut in a row, and have leathal.....****ing ****...I could already guess what is "REQUIRED TO HAPPEN"......I am the "he who must lose"....divine intervention is required...one must not defy destiny....If I were about to win in that situation...the gods will descend from heaven and either entirely cut off my internet/phone connection, summon outer interference that prevents me from finishing the game or have a heavy object drop on top of me and "almost kill me" but "not kill me".....Why? The gods need me alive and be able to witness the fact that the mandate of heaven cannot be defied and must rub it into ma face. **** you..........I can somehow understand what Kripp must feel sometimes.
  11. I assume you can't even break down the leaders to Vials if you get 2 of the same leader?
  12. Impressive, is that the result of your limit break?
  13. My bad, divine shields are usually on a follower only, not hero, sry about the mistake.
  14. Divine shield - next time this follower take damage, take 0 damage instead, this effect only triggers once.
  15. Pdk is worst than d shift? You really think so?