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  1. I recently created a new account to see if I can succeed with f2p only. To my surprise, as soon as beginner rank(not d0), the opponents are: 30% - full net deck full legendary(no idea how they got the cards having played nearly 0 games). 40% - people with slightly better cards than me(understandable since they played their account longer) but equally skilled as I am. 30% - genuinely new players. I had no idea this is what noobs have to deal with until now. I worry that new casual players will be like: multiplayer is impossible, f*** this game I'm out.
  2. This is shadowverse related due to it making "shadowverse cards".
  3. If this game's card rarity had the following restrictions: Legendary - 1 copy per card, 4 legendary per deck. Gold - 2 copy per card, 8 gold per deck. Silver - 3 copy per card, 12 silver per deck. Bronze - 3 copy per card, unlimited bronze per deck. -Game has a million tutor cards to pull your legendarily. How would that affect deck building? How would that affect card developer in terms of balancing?
  4. If we are only talking purely about artifacts, what is the best artifact in your opinion?
  5. @Fangore (Cat face avatar) 6 Mana 1/16 Ward Your opponent cannot attack other followers or hero if this card is on the board. Opponent's spells and effect cannot affect other targets except this card as long as this card is on the board. (The cat face avatar just triggers people so much, you get "enraged" regardless of whether you actually hate Fangore or not)
  6. I was playing story mode and some of the things that happened was pretty funny: First one, I was playing as Rowen in the later chapters, this was after Isabel found out I was the one who killed Kyle. The match was getting towards late game and I'm about to win in a few turns. Suddenly: Isabel - "You were the one who killed Kyle and took him away from me" (something like that, I don't remember exactly). I felt sorry for her situation, so I decided to use the "sorry emote", then it went like this: Rowen(me) - "Don't let it get to you." me(thinking) - "holy cow, that was really messed up" Another game was during Urias story mode against Isabel in earlier chapters: Isabel - "Was that too fast?" - Proceed to play snowman spell with only 1 spell boost - me(thinking) - "yes, it was too fast".... What are some of your experiences with emote?
  7. That is actually a good idea. Suppose Cygame wants to drag out the story mode to keep people hooked. There is a better way. If a story ends. They can create a brand new story with entirely different characters. Constant story update could be a unique selling point compared to other card games. However, I do see the potential problem that creating new characters increases the cost. So they just drag on the story to save on the cost.
  8. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the story, since there were so many new information that were introduced. Such as: 1. I had no idea Rowen could power through a curse. 2. Eris healed Arisa, therefore she can heal people: Erika wounded from fights, wounded from more shade fights afterwards, wounded from Urias attack and fight, wounded from another fight against huge shade, then headed straight to fight Nexus........Eris, are you going to heal Erika or not? WTF....Arisa's body was in way better condition and you healed her...I thought you guys were on the same team? 3. I thought Urias was going to 1 vs 1 Nexus, it looked more like a team fight. 4. I'm quite glad to have someone like Yuwan on our side, specially someone who is so enthusiastic about justice. The good guys would of been done for if not for him. I wonder how crazy the story would get now, since they went into an even more dangerous world. 5. Keeper of Serenity kind of sucks, you can eradicate the world, yet you have trouble against a group of mere mortal humans? what a joke.. I would also suggest giving stronger enemies decks with OP cards that players cannot access. I don't have much to say or feel myself, what are you guy's thoughts?
  9. I'm very sorry for the late reply, I was very busy last week. Not just magic, but I barely played shadowverse either. Thanks for giving me an overview on where I stand. I am quite surprised a deck like that would be pretty decent. I'm going to give Magic a try when I'm less busy, but I'm not sure I would like to invest my time into a tutor on a game that I know very little and don't know if I'm going to invest that much into yet. However, I do thank you a lot for letting me know what it would take in order for me to be efficient. I'll let you know what I think about the game as soon as I play it.
  10. Prophecy foretells: 1. there will always be a evil creature that is destined to become the leader of the evil species 2. the ruler of evil will almost take over the human race every single time 3. there will always be a chosen one who is: - destined to slay the evil ruler - become stronger than the evil ruler - successfully repel the evil army who had control over most of the human territory -(that's pretty much it) 4. this is an endless cycle(or curse) that can never be broken 5. both the chosen one and evil ruler is only required to follow the rules in number 1 - 4. They have 0 requirements of anything else. Meaning, the chosen one is free to use his power to take over the human race, enslave his(lets be honest, chosen one is always male) citizens, sleep with as many women as he wants and have no morale requirement. As well as the evil ruler is not required to do evil. Say you are a strategies in the demon side. How would you act to play around the chosen one trope? 1. What would you wish to accomplish in that world? 2. How plans/actions would you take to accomplish your goal?
  11. That actually sounds quite interesting, I was constantly looking for these mechanics in my cards to see if I could break the stalemate in Eternal, but no cards that can be casted in battle and I would have like 2 cards on hand that can directly affect creatures(BUT ONLY CASTABLE OUTSIDE OF BATTLE) against a board of 10+ creatures vs 10+ creatures....I could bounce/remove 2 out of their 10+ creatures but if I attack, my board gets slaughtered, and if my opponent attack, same fate. If this was just the "story mode" and untrue to the game, instead the game has ton of castable counters in battle....why not give players some of each of those mechanics in story so new people can experience all types of cards? Anyway, enough of my ranting, the mechanics you mentioned actually sounds kind of fun, I assume there's stuff like counter spell as well in those situations, which adds even more mind game... I suppose you guess what tricks they could possibly have by how much unused mana they still have. my favorite way to play card games is depleting opponent's resources such as discard hand, destroy mana...etc...I got the first taste of that from playing yugioh, unfortunately, it was none-existence in both hearthstone and shadowverse. I think I should give a magic online game a try. Do you know by any chance of they are free to play?
  12. Prebuilt Decks Set 3?

    If you call someone "rotation player", that means that player plays rotation as their main. It doesn't mean they can't play unlimited or even unlimited to a semi-competitive extent, but rotation is their main, that's a fact. Otherwise, they'll be called "hybrid player" not "rotation player". Therefore, if you get a pre-built deck with cards closed to their expiration date, that means the cards are much less useful or useful for the minimal amount of time "on the format you care about the most"..... That in itself, is enough to make any logical player who mains rotation to think pre-built deck is a raw deal.
  13. Prebuilt Decks Set 3?

    I'm not talking about unlimited players, in the quote that you quoted from, I specified "no rotation player", not "no player". You tell me, where am I making the assumption?
  14. Prebuilt Decks Set 3?

    The problem with pre-built deck is that the cards it contains are always a few expansions behind. Which also means, pre-built deck cards are closer to its expiration date. If pre-built decks are cards from the newer expansions, I could see them be fine.
  15. Prebuilt Decks Set 3?

    With rotations introduced, no rotation player will ever buy prebuilt deck, unless for vials after a nerf.