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  1. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Almost lost game 5, enemy had 16 hp, I had 6 with a decent size board. Enemy cleared all my stuff except a 2/2 and holy grail gave me the spell that change enemy hp to 1. Used it along with my 2/2.
  2. Would the anime be: 1. Nothing to do with cards at all, just people fighting each other with weapons and magic? 2. Everybody fight with cards, even basic soldiers. aka....in order for Urias to defeat 1,000 soldiers and get to the princess, he will have to play 1,000 consecutive card games, so does the dragon? 3. There are a few selected people called "summoners" or some name like that which can "use cards" and "summon creatures" to give them an advantage in fights. example: Luna can summon zombies if fighting against the royal army that Erika and Rowen serves. 2 summoners basically fight like playing a card game. If the answer is 2 or 3, card users obviously take battle damage if they lose hp and get quite wounded if they lose a lot of hp. Heals makes their body feel better and recovers wounds, as long as it is before the fight ends. Losing the fight will probably knock the loser unconscious if not kill them. What do you guys think?
  3. Not Coming Back

    Don't you want to at least see how the rotation is like? If I am set on leaving, I would probably leave as well, however, one thing I would at least want to do for sure is to also see how the game is like after the rotation since new thing is always fun for me. That being said, I kind of want to stop playing this game as well. Just that this game is very convenient to just open and play on the phone when I'm outside. Do you have some suggestions?
  4. Not Coming Back

    I don't think a topic about best waifu was the point, there's a lot of those threads, I think his comment involved the comment of some people still remaining in this game because of waifus. Therefore, the topic that should be raised should be: How to increase the ability to allow people get more satisfaction out of the waifus in this game, whether it's other modes, mechanics or stuff that adds to the experience than another one of those million threads about what the best waifu is.
  5. He's either: 1 - IQ roughly between 80 - 90 or 2 - IQ 130+ but a genius at trolling that his trolls moves are too much for us to even comprehend. He's 10 steps ahead of us. We should just give up and not bother thinking.
  6. Value in the economical sense, is the perceived worth of an item by the mass. How important something is as opposed to another item. it is silly to make the claim that it doesn't exist simply because humans don't exist. You can clearly see the perception of value everywhere by something as simple as other animals. Each kind of animal have in common their own thing that they value more and value less in general. Therefore, the thing that a certain type of animal values more in general, they will fight for it, even to death. While things of little important to that type of animal, they barely give a ****. I can't believe I even have to explain something that's common sense.
  7. Ehhh.....People created the concept of money representing value. If there are no money then value doesn't exist. People created the vocabulary of the word food. If there are no people than food doesn't exist.
  8. Fate leaders

    Why would they do that? Was it type-moon that told Cygame that they do not wish for them to keep sale the skins? But why give up free money thou?
  9. Is the dream that bad, that you are unable to attempt to make it work if you try hard enough? You are allowed to use modern weapons if you are not trapped.
  10. Well, I am guessing every god values different things like every human value different things, maybe her agenda is more important.(just my guess since this is all fantasy anyway).
  11. I don't see a problem with R18 at all. Humans are programmed to want to procreate by their genes, otherwise, if nobody is interested in mating, we'd probably have died off long ago. However, the expectations between gender and the odds of what they want is bigger than in the past. This problem is especially problematic in the females, due to them having their value front-loaded to them in their lifetime(18 - 35) while males don't reach their peak value until around mid 30s to mid 40s(where their career reaches their peak). You can see that in history, the amount of successful reproduction in females is largely higher than males overall and in the past, the amount of males that never reproduced was even doubled the amount of females who never reproduced at one point. Therefore, procreation is a big problem today and the wish to fulfill your reproductive success is only natural and I don't see anything wrong with someone wishing for it.
  12. In the latest story mode, everyone except 7 people had their bodies turned into shades and mind trapped into the illusion dream that the 7 people previously experienced. Since the dream interpretation was so terrible, what would you do in that dream to make the dream as enjoyable as it possibly can? What would you wish for? If you are one of the few people that are not trapped into the illusion, do you have a plan to defeat Nexus in the modern world?
  13. That is true most classes don't need to worry about drafting 1-drops, I'm talking about that 1 every 10+ runs where you happen to do get in a situation where the pair with the 1 drop is better than the other pair. In these instances, do you play 1 drop on turn 1? or do you not?