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  1. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Recorded that Forest 5-0, in part for my own reference, in part because I had some other folks to share it with. May as well dump it here too.
  2. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Something about my first attempt is always magic. Going to group A finals. Each and every class has a particularly nasty set of highroll scenarios to exploit, but I don't think the ceiling nor the average draft for Sword is all that unreasonable. The majority of classes actually can compete with it on board and develop things at the same time. It's mostly Haven that gets bullied for its lack of proactive plays. Haven loses badly to Dragon too for the same reason.
  3. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    I am more inclined to pick Dragon when I see it personally, but Shadow is fairly disgusting as well, if for nothing else other than for its ability to play through everyone else's fairly limited AoE. Also, don't pick Rune. :^)
  4. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    I am one with the clown fiesta. Helps that 80% of players appear to be using Sword... poorly.
  5. Free Packs = no leg , no golds.

    I opened triple leggo out of the free CGs today, including my first ever Nacht that happened to be animated. RNG is benevolent mistress.
  6. Leader Poll and 50 Free Boosters

    I'm very much an advocate of leader diversity.
  7. I don't really like labeling a class as being head and shoulders over the other unless it's consistently so, to a point where even a monkey could crank out 5-0s. Portal no doubt has all sorts of disgusting cards, but there are still many underwhelming to outright bad picks you can be shoehorned into taking, and the class isn't the greatest at going tempo positive for as good as it is at neutralizing boards. One could definitely make a case for Dragon not being too oppressive, though I still believe it has the most consistently good card quality across the board. And yeah, I've seen little reason to believe that Shadow and Rune are anything but gutter trash at the moment.
  8. Is there ever any hacker?

    The take two card pool changes with every single expansion. Unfortunately Cygames never forcibly retires old drafts, so a few slip through the cracks here and there, making the experience a little sour at times.
  9. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Unlimited Grand Prix

    Nope, not interested. The free stuff is nice and all, but not worth recrafting Roaches and junk.
  10. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    And one last 4-1 with PDK before we move onto the finals. Lost to VBlood with Goblins in his Airjammer deck, then beat Aggro Sword, Midsword, Gachimera, and Jade Haven. Possibly the weirdest run to date in terms of what I fought and what happened.
  11. Something to this effect was stated when the experiment was announced, yes.
  12. Vile/Card Farm?

    Every class has a 400 rupie reward for reaching levels 110, 120, 130, and 140. They also all give a classic pack for reaching 200 ranked wins. The real profit is in Take Two though, if you can be bothered to study and improve. Not only are there a handful of rewards along the way to achieving 20 5-0 runs, but claiming 3 wins or more on any given run converts your rupie investment into significantly more than you started with, as you'll be earning some or all of it back on top of getting packs.
  13. I don't think it's a big deal. Since the expansion was smaller to begin with, indeed, smaller than every expansion prior by a large margin, racking up duplicate cards to turn into vials has never been easier. You also will not realistically need every new card they add to the expansion. In some cases you may not need any at all depending on your collection priorities as a player. Regardless, spending 12,900 vials per class and another 2400 on the neutral gold is the worst case scenario. Simply knowing that will allow you to weigh your options in terms of preparation and saving for the next actual expansion.
  14. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    What, some of you were approaching GP like a serious tournament mode? The only serious thing about it was seriously bad - forcing people to win their first final round game during a Daria clown fiesta of a format in order to claim the sleeves. Now that this has been rectified, it's a casual do-as-you-please event that generates a hell of a lot more freebies than may be reasonable.
  15. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Lost the second match to my own misplay. Pre-evolved a PDK after Ramp Dragon used their first Frenzied Drake, and they had a second one with all 5 cards in their hand being Dragon cards. Had I saved the evolve I wouldn't have been one damage short of winning the game. It's all good, though. Lessons learned, 90 rupies and 2 Dawnbreak packs earned.