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  1. Not a chance. It's a leader ability dealing the damage, not the spell itself.
  2. Grand Prix: strategies and stuff

    Considering it's hardly anything more than Ranked 2.0, use what you already are...
  3. Question

    They all have to be earned in a single format, yes. And frankly, the score you need to reach during each of the three individual months to add up to 25,000 is staggering enough that you should just make 10,000 in a single month and be done with it. I'm glad I did in month one of CG, because the game went from mildly grating to outright unplayable after nerfs.
  4. The "new DShift" is more than likely not playable at all, specifically because it's gated by a 4pp follower that needs to be summoned rather than being a card you can naturally draw on top of having a 4pp follower that can tutor it. And while it can slow burn an opponent out on its own independently of other cards unlike Shift, that's still contingent on the opponent not being able to burst your face for three turns in a row after turn 9 or something absurd like that. The "new Fate's Hand" is something Giant Chimera could appreciate, but again being gated by a follower is a nuisance because it reduces consistency of reaching your Giant Chimera(s) within the first few turns. I just don't know how to feel about Loony as a whole. The Mysterian Dragon Summoner strikes me as total garbage too. Way more excited for the stuff everyone else is getting. :\
  5. What else would the class get when it's losing Albert and struggling to win games even with him due to have no comeback mechanisms?
  6. I wouldn't argue there's too much, but I don't think it's a coincidence that almost every card that heals face has seen competitive play over the course of the game's life. It's the direct antithesis to Storm and Burn, after all.
  7. The most important distinction is that Portalcraft at present doesn't have an aggro deck to reinforce.
  8. What are you hopeful for in this expansion?

    More "draw 2" effects and cards that are easy to drop out of hand for Abomination. Dwarf Alchemist leaving us is a real bummer since it's both that and Dirt's only especially good 2 drop at present. I wouldn't mind more synergy for Mysteria, Magic Founder. It's possible that Staff of Whirlwinds is all we're getting on that front, though. As far as expanding the Mysteria trait goes... please don't, unless they're going to be independent good stuff type cards. Betrand, Vayle, and Hanna are complete disasters. Given that Giant Chimera seems to be the future of Spellboost, it needs plenty more mid game draw power and board contention. Aside from needing new ways to effectively push damage, I'm hoping they get creative with Swordcraft and let it jump on the leader ability train. Giving yourself an ability that constantly spawns tokens, for example, could be an easy way to ensure that certain effects are always live. I'd like them to continue encouraging and rewarding players for playing Dragon cards in their Dragon decks. Praying they don't step over the line with their puppet support this expansion. I feel it's a deck that's easy to break. As for the other half of the classes... I dunno. More variety is good I suppose. The blood support so far seems solid, perhaps even a bit worrying in some respects. Definitely easy to see why Cygames is so hyped for/proud of it.
  9. I find it kind of hard to ever horde rupies since I'm such a fan of take two, but my vial count is approaching 50k, so I'll be able to build at least a couple decks of my choosing with that alone. Base line priorities are all the Rune and Portal cards. After that, who knows? Gotta actually see some cool stuff.
  10. They're generated by the fanfare of a 4pp 3/4 Forestcraft Follower. Pretty good, but nothing ridiculously busted or anything I would call an autoinclude.
  11. Thoughts on RoB rotating out?

    So aside from the obvious deck just outright not existing anymore... All Rune decks have inherently less damage output with the loss Piercing Rune. We also lose our easiest out to Tilting, although I suspect that won't be the end of the world since Dragon itself will deter the use of it with Galua. Chimera Rune arguably loses nothing, although Craig was an option to consider for it. Dirt Rune (offensive or defensive) doesn't have enough viable 2pp followers to play as is, and the loss of Dwarf leaves an even bigger hole. Dwarf is also one of Abomination's best friends at present, so playing that gets more difficult as well. Neutral Rune takes a heavy hit with the loss of Lyrial, Khaiza, and Saha. Some replacements for these cards are easier to envision and justify than others, of course, and Dirt will probably manage in the end, but it's going to take a lot of work for the newer Rune archetypes to achieve playable status.
  12. need hlep which deck to build

    You may consider a more aggressive Forestcraft deck. They tend to have Fairy Driver and Venus at the top of their curve, and they can use Rayne to a decent extent as well. I don't think any legendary is required for such a deck to function either, though you may ultimately consider adding Insect Lord. Assuming Rotation here, of course.
  13. Prebuilt Decks Terrible

    I don't have much room to make any such implications - that's why I've plainly stated my own experience on the matter and what you can expect to see from that particular AI deck. I even played through it a few more times to make sure I got a more complete picture. 3 Unica, 3 Lyrial, 3 Levi, 3 Healing Angel, 3 Ancient Elf, 1+ Angel of the Word, 2+ Priest of the Cudgel, 3 Cerberus, 2+ Vampire Queen, 1+ Otohime, 1+ Gabriel, 2+ Zirnitra, 1+ Lucifer, 2+ Satan The key to winning was always Flame Destroyer backed by removal and/or wards. Naturally, I didn't win every time, but the frequency was still higher than I might have expected for a later story chapter that was catered more toward players that had been around for awhile. Now, sure, the prebuilts could be better than they are. It's a flaw of the genre in general. I've never come into contact with any TCG/CCG where the preconstructed decks didn't need some kind of modification to be up to par with player standards. YGO, Pokémon, Magic, Vanguard... you name it, you have to mash 2-3 copies of precons together and then add some booster stuff to achieve the final intended result. But I have to give credit where it's due; most of the wave 3 prebuilt decks have been configured in such a way to reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to assemble a very strong deck since they offer full play sets of many key cards. If you don't want to pay, that's fine. It's not like I ever have. I do think you're slinging mud for the wrong reasons, though. There are more concerning issues with the game than a little bit of well-placed corporate shilling.
  14. Prebuilt Decks Terrible

    You don't need anything fancy. As I said, I just beat it with the default deck and didn't need an especially crazy highroll to do so, because the AI deck doesn't do anything special either aside from mixing solid cards from various classes. The idea is that anything you build with a more cohesive game plan will beat it, and a practiced and popular deck would more or less turn the whole thing into a joke. Eris can never clear more than two followers at a time from an empty board (even less once the evolves have been spent) and will struggle immensely with large followers as well since she has no hard removal or bane, so both going wider than she does and going taller than she does is viable.