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  1. Any rewards unclaimed are delivered to your crate.
  2. Have Shadowverse graphics been lowered?

    That certainly does look awful in full size. Couldn't explain it, though. Doesn't really reflect what I see. The downscaled images are more accurate to that.
  3. Have Shadowverse graphics been lowered?

    There has been a change in the way cards are rendered for sure, especially animated ones. Backgrounds are clearer, effects involving wind, fire, lightning, and so forth are far more defined (slowed down as well, in the interest of the epileptic). Screen transitions are A LOT smoother than they used to be. I'll have to pry myself away from other games for awhile to inspect more, but... all in all I'd say it's an improvement. Shadowverse is looking more like a proper PC game instead of just a mobile port. That said, I don't have an absurdly large screen. When I have the Shadowverse window forcibly scale to fit, it comes out at 1253 x 705.
  4. How is this abuse tolerated in take 2?

    Whether or not it's "fine" is not something I'm going to argue, but the way they work isn't a coincidence in the slightest. Nobody expected Abyss Summoner or Burgeoning Genius to see any constructed play at all, but most pegged them as power cards intended to push what has historically been the weakest Take Two class on average. It's not just these two cards, either - almost everything Runecraft received in Brigade of the Sky is solid to draft. They also came in at a point where Haven lost all of its early game, Dragon lost card draw, Forest lost win conditions, etc. It's a major shakeup to be sure.
  5. Turn limit set to 40...so what?

    I think the point is to prevent server clog or something to that effect. Players intentionally playing games with no intention to end them for the sake of mad science experiments or what have you do exist. Multiple streamers, in fact, have searched for an answer to the question of whether or not there was a limit (and called it quits after a few hundred). Now there is.
  6. July 17th Card Changes

    Everything seems sensible to me for once. I think the main reason they didn't target Brambles or Elf Song is because virtually every Forest deck uses them. Hitting core class cards has much wider reaching implications than weakening a single follower that's by and large archetype-specific. Plus Brambles is already on the rotation chopping block and doesn't seem to be an issue for unlimited.
  7. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    wtf I did it again... Fought one mirror, one midsword, and three lion havens. I'm getting more and more convinced that onions are just... real.
  8. Isnt Silva a bit too much?

    It definitely is too much, but the precedent was already there with Greenglen Axeman, so Silva is true to form in that respect. What's crazy to me is that we also got Paracelsus and Nicholas to shore up the rest of the puppet deck's turns, so they basically don't have a point in time where they struggle to make plays anymore. I suppose it's not as bad as giving Tenko Haven another 4 incredibly powerful cards after Whitefang already pushed it into the playable sphere, though.
  9. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    Well I think I used up all my luck for the next two weeks at least. It was a hilariously fun ride though.
  10. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    Secured Group A with Spellboost Rune on my second try. 2 Tenko Havens, 2 Tenko Lion Havens, 1 Puppet Portal (which was not built very well). Spoilers: Tenko Lion is not a good deck.
  11. We'll be having 2 freaking GPs this month...

    Makes sense to me. More events means more people playing the game, which in turn means more cash flow potential and easier matchmaking.
  12. Tweaked some ratings, updated the basic card lists for each class to reflect what they will contain post-patch (ie. Portal goes down to 3 like everyone else while some other classes trade a card for a different card), and I am preparing to add Dawnbreak and Brigade. It would appear that there are no longer any banned cards... although I suppose to be fair, all the banned cards were from Wonderland and earlier, and thus will no longer be present. :v
  13. **** my life mini-expansion for August

    Things to expect: Rune accelerate legendary (possibly Erasmus, possibly Levi, but definitely a dude no matter what) Shadow accelerate legendary (a dude or a monster, depending on what they consider Mordecai to be) Various monsters and husbandos for everyone else
  14. When was skull ring nerfed?

    That's how it currently and always has worked, yes. The only way it fails to activate is if you have 0 Shadows when the countdown hits 0.
  15. All you have to do is be the other guy. EZ ...but in all seriousness, bad beats happen and RNGesus favors no one. Don't sweat it. That's not to say you should totally brush it off, though - Take Two can be practiced like any other mode. Knowing the card pool, playing to your outs, and all those other fundamental skills exist once you hit the table. Even the drafting portion has rhyme and reason to it.