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  1. Sorry it appears that my reply is one sided. Only my side. I can see the game has a taint of RNG, curve and lots of aggro. But I still enjoy it.
  2. I agree with most of the insights being said but hey at least it is more skill based than hearthstone.(played HS for over a year). Besides who cares if it is CURVEverse of Aggroverse or NetDeckVerse at least we are still enjoying the game right. If I want to be skillful I would rather play chess.
  3. It seems aggro decks are hated in every CCG(well at least in digital CCGs). I only play this game for 2 months and a few days now so I don't know what its like in older metas but this definitely better that pre nerf wonderland. I don't care if there are too many aggro decks or the aggro meta. I am just sad I seldom see Arisa...
  4. Rm 35156 let's have some 100Gs.. 1 game per person :-) I'll wait for you who ever you are.. :-P No opponent :-( Im gonna do ranking for an hour now..
  5. Wow thank you for these decks. I am leaning towards the neutral package. I shall give this a try. Doing dailies using dragon is really a pain for me.
  6. Oh my I just liquified my second snake last night to create a third Belph. What have I done.
  7. 1. As someone mentioned he is just a pretty boy. 2. Nope she is fine. 3. Yes please! As I am having a hard time doing dailies with my try hard ramp dragon deck...
  8. I just got an animated jabb.. And I was about to make a thread and if he is any good till I found this. So any success with this card? Or 2500 vials.. :-D
  9. I watched Kripp for his meme shenanigans. Savjz and Kolento for competitive hearthstone. But I just quit last friday and uninstalled the app so I just watch Igni and the BlueRobot guy. I also like Dragooze(forgot the name). Shadowverse is officially my only vice right now. Lol
  10. God, you guys are good in squeezing the potential of a card. I always see abom as a bad card(or a bad legend at least). Wish I could pull abom this week.
  11. Thank you guys for inputs. I guess Im gonna keep opening WD packs till the end of the month(testing luck) then September saving time.
  12. Me and my Son are looking for match for 100g quest. Feel free to msg me. Thanks Aitl for battling with us.
  13. Thank you for the reply. It seems my next 3500 vials will be spent elsewhere... Maybe I'll try one on my current list and see what happens.
  14. Hello People, so I just started playing neutral swordcraft a week ago on my way to Masters(currently at AA3). My list does not include Cinderella as I don't have it but just a few minutes ago I just pulled 1. My question is it worth to create another 2 for my deck? How important is she for the deck? My first impression of Cinderella I convinced myself she is not that good card because of her risky drawback but maybe I am missing something. Does anyone of you find her good? Thank you.
  15. You are not alone...