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  1. I don't know. I somehow miss this game. It has been 2 weeks since I logged in. I just opened my latest expansion packs then never played again. So what is new in this lich king's meta?
  2. Is that a neutral spell? And the tokens are neutral as well? Because if it is, I think Alice and Feria will love it. I don't think Sword will use this though.
  3. Mithril and Fafnir always liquify normal or animated but thats just me. I am not a collector. Rose queen keep, she is a waifu. Oh sorry I am collector Waifu Collector. Just waifu cards.
  4. Yup I play sword shadow blood and rune almost equally all the way to AA. Then vengeance blood for the last few hundred points to master. And now practicing haven and forest here in the slums of master.
  5. I did not got child may in hand. And I draw ancient from my last turn and it was too late. That is more of a tempo deck but it is too inconsistent or I am playing it wrong. Your seraph deck is different from normal. I am thinking that is your secondary wincon?
  6. Thank you Void. That was my sons. Anyway we'll do some modifications and btw I am hopeless playing Forest you see(and also Dragon) anyway thanks again. We are still on for those who need their 100g. And also thank you Ulrich for battling with us.
  7. Not really don't believe Unryuu hahaha. I'll send you the rooms.
  8. Thank you Unyuu... We are still here for those who wants 200g.. :-)
  9. 58306 and 58875
  10. Who wants 200g for quest, let us help each other. Come play with us. Me and my Son add us 778190653 and 825561423. We are online for at least 1 hour from now. Msg me.. Thanks.
  11. Animated cards are auto liquify for me as I need to keep up... Well except for leggies...
  12. But why? Oh why? :-P
  13. Since the beginning I fell in love with Daria. I don't even know how broken she was back then but I created 3 anyway asap. And also I have this weakness for white haired witches.
  14. Alternate art waifu card. ;-)