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  1. Star forge legend , your grand opening

    20 pack for 1 legos > Loki (before that i've opened 20 wonderland pack and get nothing) i'm not lucky with pack card. So i've crafted 3 Venom to create my snake deck, and for now, i've win 7 times with it but I will stop for today.
  2. Attention! Voted leaders have lower chances to be opened

    @Kinxil they will not be the final boss, it's just a question of how much they spend on this set with their real money. I will wait until tomorrow because did not sleep and for now, i'm just salty from this game (Loki + Giant Chimera it's a D-shift) and from my opening pack.
  3. The salt mega thread.

    20 pack opened and get only 1 Loki. ..... Bad luck always get me on opening
  4. PVE content - Arcade tower

    It will be good to have more option to play, for now, we have pvp / Pve against computer without reward (i don't talk about story mode) with your idea, playing against computer will bring us some new rupee to buy card pack, because when we start, the free pack given after tutorial are not enough to build a decent deck (if we don't want to purge every card that we will not use in our futur deck).
  5. Next Shadowverse Expansion is : Starforged Legends

    @Kharaxx Thanks, i have time to do daily
  6. Next Shadowverse Expansion is : Starforged Legends

    anyone know when the updated will come ? they say 8 am to 8 Pm 27th septembre and from my country it's already 13h55. So i would like to know the time zone they use to know if i can do my daily quest or not
  7. Talk About Whatever

    @Chinadude101 Oh thanks I will save up this name in my brain
  8. Talk About Whatever

    Ok, I read the update for the 27th september : https://shadowverse.com/news/?announce_id=398 and i found this : - Updated rewards for clearing the tutorial In addition to the other rewards, you will now get 10 Wonderland Dreams card pack tickets. I think they forgot that Wonderland is already released and wehave already obtained these free pack. >> Starfoged Legend If someone can @ SV team because i did not have their name
  9. Do you think it's possible to save this game?

    @zzMedVeDzz Not played Krosmaga, so can't say anything about that game but the trailer did not give me any desire to play that game
  10. Do you think it's possible to save this game?

    @Bakabridget Same for all Tcg or Ccg,when i was playing Wakfu Tcg on his start, we have really liked the mechanic, after the new set was released and we see many change (in everything - for player - and the card design) some expension after, the game was dead by Ankama himself. After i've played Cardfight Vanguard and the problematic is the same as here, control deck are not doing well against fast aggro. I only talk about the tcg i've played, I think we need to check Magic / Pokemon and Yu gi oh to see how they have survived while each expension give some powercreep etc....
  11. The salt mega thread.

    @zzMedVeDzz Because i've started whn Wonderland was already out, i miss many card, so i buy 10 pack of each when i can.
  12. The salt mega thread.

    Opening 20 card pack and get 0 legendaries, 4 gold and too much silver / bronze card that i have already. So my Vials become 14 000 and have 100 rupee. If my luck will be the same with the new extension, i will really be in bad mood for the next week.
  13. Treasure Chest Rewards *report*

    For now, I only opened 3 chest : 1 Arisa Emblem 1 Arisa Sleeve 50 Rupees. I don't play too much now, i just do my daily quest + get some score point to be at 12 000. I try some deck but none are good enough in unranked to counter my nemesis.
  14. Next Shadowverse Expansion is : Starforged Legends

    @Imperial Dane Sorry for that. No new revealed card ?