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  1. This is why i played Healer in some Mmo because we will always find some nice guy that looking for a healer (and get all healing drop for myself)
  2. Don't play heartstone so i don't know if that Druid card is good or not. Same for rarity, just that silver drake on druid make him rare but wich rarity ?
  3. @Morrigan Ok that was nice, but cannot spend any € for this month
  4. Again, that ****** Take Two doesn't seem to loike me and give me trash again. I take Shadowcraft and get only 2/2 neutral or 3/3 neutral, nothing fancy. lost 2 match, so tried my third and was against a swordcraft with 3 (or more) legendary (Albert / Hero of antiquity), lost this third, don't want to waste my time with take two so the 2 last match was surrender. But in this f**** salt, i get a free wonderland pack, used that free pack and i've opened a Beauty and Beast. So Take two troll me and i was rewarded by a legendary. Have 2 more take two ticket but don't want to play again.
  5. @Yue Have already buyed pre-deck, need to wait until next month and see if i can spend 80€ in this game again, if yes, i will buy some pre-deck again and doing some opening card set maybe we will have a new set or in two month.
  6. @Aitl Thanks for your advice
  7. Lost again, why i always get high follower in hand with that healing deck. I return to my shadow deck, it's better and don't troll me
  8. 5 match with Heavencraft (healing) and she really like to troll me, every time i've got 1 card 2pp and 2 card 5+pp
  9. For Shadowcraft, we have 2 mechanic , one main and one sub - Destroy his own follower to gain effect (sub mechanic) - Use necromancy to pull out some effect (main mechanic) I think it will be hard to create new mechanic (and unique, proper to this game) For now, i have this card in head : Dominating Queen - 5 Pp - Gold 4/4 Necromancy (4) : Destroy one of your follower and reduce the attack power of an ennemy follower by the attack power of your follower (not sur if that sentence is correct, if you can correct me and help me to improve, i will be grateful) Necromancer Nonne (sister ?) 3 Pp - Silver 4/2 Fanfare - Necromancy (6) : Invert the attack power with the defense of one of your follower and give him Ward. Edit : I remembered about a Tcg where i played a control deck, this deck used some card to destroy card from hand, do you think it will be good to put that thing in this game ?
  10. @zzMedVeDzz Yeah, it's nice to get free pack but i can't complete achievment reward for Take Two.
  11. Why not include Story mode for Leader like Vania etc.... with some good reward like Vials, Animated card (Vania for exemple) .....
  12. Nice news, now, we need just some more fix like Take Two deck building, because i get only trash card and can't really win with them when i faced someone with Eachtar / Gawain, Bahamut etc. I always do a 2/5 on take two and this is all luck to my god hand or my oponent trash hand.
  13. @Morrigan @Othello Even if they exist they cannot counter Aegis. Dryad is nice but only if she attack or being attacked.
  14. @Volcanon Yes i mean this type of card
  15. This feeling when you open a pack every time like a little boy who get his candy after that, the feeling when you think about making a deck. Each of these feeling are the thing that give us player some pleasure.