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  1. Big Changes coming to Take Two with Chronogenesis

    I too am rather turned off by these very random and ineffective nerfs to take two... I don't understand what the game plan here is, all the gold and legends that suck in take two are still around so they didn't primarily ban cards that lack functionality in arena. They banned random numbers between 3 and 5 per craft so they didn't do it to create craft consistency when it comes to # of options. A few of the cards banned are actually quite playable in take two, see Tenko, Fortress Crab and Ebon Beast Warrior (playable bodies for the follower cost) yet they also banned unplayable cards like Demon Key and Spring Cleaning (Thank god!). I would really like a public statement from Cygames as to the reasoning behind each cards removal, not to justfiy, but to explain so I and likely many of you can understand what is going on with these changes as they seem very random and arbitrary in some of the cards cases.
  2. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    Uh... Dragon is losing A LOT more cards than that.... Aiela, Poly, Forte, Genesis..... basically all of their wincons are gone. Dragon is known for only 1 win condition since I started playing this game and that is large attack storm followers. Discard is sometimes a thing but rarely. Forte, Genesis and Aina and the winners for Dragon and a class. The loss of the ramp payoff wombo combo lethals will deal significant damage to the class overall. Honestly it will be quite healthy for the class overall but there will be enormous growing pains in the meantime as Dragon players try to find a way to finish a game of Shadowverse where their opponent actually gets a turn to react to the big followers touching the board. Aina might be able to still be a thing for the class but at least that comes with the territory of removal being an option for the board pre-Aina and it can't come down on an empty board and take over half your max health.
  3. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    A lot of doom and gloom is correct. But everyone must understand that it is IMPOSSIBLE for any card game to survive and never rotate any cards. After awhile design will become stagnant since so many cards must be considered before anything can be made. Unfortunately the cards that tend to cause these balance issues also tend to be the most iconic and fun cards, cards like D. Shift, Seraph, Forte and Roach. Now I am not gonna say I agree with the complete removal of all sets besides basic and rotate from there, I feel that there are too few cards in basic to create any framework for meaningful deck building. But standard HAS to go, that set is literally dooming the game with its existence. There are far too many game swinging cards that honestly prevent game design, just to name a few.... D.Shift, Forte, Mordecai, Roach, Alwidas, Themis, Diabolic Drain. What I would love to have seen done here was the creation of a rotational standard set that takes cards from standard and any currently inactive sets and creates a fresh and exciting standard set out of them for a full year then rotates those out and creates a new one each year. This would allow the game to become fresh and limit the card pool so new players can actually build some competitive decks and participate while also giving the long time players the reward for their long time participation by allowing them to not need to craft as much each year as a newer player. Long story short, the concept of rotating cards is mandatory. No card game can survive without it, is this one being done as good as it could be? No, not really. Is it truly a disaster where nothing is going to be playable? Also, not likely. Only time will tell if Cygames ideas about rotational and vintage formats are truly going to work, if I were the many of you who are active players and complaining I would be more focused on what can be played and getting yourself ready because the ladder is going to be shaken by it's very foundation come January and it is anybody's game at this point. Good luck out there fellow Shadowverse players!
  4. It's that time again folks, another tournament with a limited format being hosted by yours truly! Come take on players with your best three decks consisting of bronze and silver rarity cards! So come out and have a good time, tell your friends and fight it out for some nifty vials to create some cards to add to your decks! Rules and information is all on the tournament page. Link is provided below. https://battlefy.com/simply-masterful-gaming/open-budget-tournament-bronzesilver/59ee992158f5f706c19078a2/info?infoTab=details Should you not want to participate in the action or simply don't think you will have the time feel free to watch the action on my stream as I will be casting all the action! Again, link will be provided below. https://www.twitch.tv/ogaflow Hope to see you all at the event and stay tuned for different formats and other events in the future.
  5. Interest in a Pauper Forum Tournament

    Double post incoming but I thought I would share some good news with the Shadowverse community. I am fully healed and setting up as we speak for a pauper format tournament to be held near the end of October. Current date is looking to be the 27th but I will have more info later this week. Only restricted cards so far look to be Call of Cocytus and Goblin Princess. But those also are subject to change. If anyone has any comments or ideas please post them on here or the new thread I will be making in the organized play section once I finalize the day and get the framework set up on Battlefy.
  6. Next Shadowverse Expansion is : Starforged Legends

    Actually it doesn't matter in regards to Wyrmqueen as her "original cost is not 7 or less" which is the Zodiac Demons card restriction.
  7. Nerfs (August Edition)

    A little late to the party but these nerfs definitely seem interesting.... 1.) Falise - Nerf is spot on, she has great stats, a good fanfare and a strong evo mechanic. Having an enhance that allows her to cheat the evo mechanic was just unnecessary power pushed onto a VERY winning deck archetype already. 2.) BKB - Not too sure about this one, Blood has had horrendous 4 drops since I started this game. Every single one of them has a cost to use it's power (that includes Belphagor.) So to flat out remove the card entirely from the slot is a strong nerf. But on the other hand... blood has the strongest early game aggro of any class in the game in my opinion, so that kind of effect can be catastrophic when paired with that level of aggro. Personally I would have liked to have seen a stat reduction and the evo stats to be reduced but keep it a 4 drop. Adding risk to the temp gain should have been enough. 3.)Scarlet - Nerf is spot on once again, Scarlet appears to be a mid range tool for control decks to use to safely secure their passage into the late game. Preventing the fanfare from hitting face is just fine to accomplish that goal while also not adding unnecessary reach to aggro blood who already has solid tools to push to lethal. 4.) Eachtar - Well, well.... I am actually quite confused by this nerf. It's not that this card didn't need to be nerfed, it definitely did. It has single-handedly held the craft together for two expansions now, As good as Neph is, her deck is just another Dshift deck. Good in construction but food for the aggro decks that are rampant this expansion. Aggro shadow has been a ghost (pun intended) as well due to Alice neutral package just being way too effective. Hitting Eachtar's ability to recover the board will indeed do him some damage, also frontloading the cost of his summoning to 8 will slow him down a bit further but his fanfare is still intact so he will still continue to win most games where your opponent fails to full clear you before you play it. I do not know about his viability going forward however.... He is even more a win more card now than he was before, so if the meta picks up speed and gets even more aggressive shadow might not be fast enough to keep up but if it is still slow enough than midrange might find a nice place in the top of tier 2 or even remain in tier 1. 5.) Design philosophy - I did not expect a gaming company to ever just come out and admit to having faulty card design philosophy before. I am very proud of Cygames for having the courage to even come out and say it. BUT the cat is out of the bag now, they have zero hope of fooling anyone going forward. If their designs suck in the next expansion it could be very damaging to the companies design credibility (whatever that is worth to them). I know from experience that what happened this expansion did a number on their credibility as when I streamed this game starting in April my audience was on the rise RIGHT up until WD droppped, my audience all up and died within 5 days and never came back. I will take credit as I was the streamer, but I could not get ANY audience engagement other than how bad the set was and then slowly the audience just stopped coming back to watch. So hopefully we will see some fresh perspective in the next set and even now I encourage everyone on here (that means even the players who are lurking who said they quit already) to give this game another chance in the next set. If it fails then, then so be it Cygames just can't design a balanced card game but if they do make it, then be open minded about the future of the game.
  8. Interest in a Pauper Forum Tournament

    I will let you know, once I get my stuff sorted out within a month or so I will host another tournament again. They were really fun to do, and if it helps people enjoy the game more than I am happy to oblige.
  9. Interest in a Pauper Forum Tournament

    I held one of these a couple of months ago myself. Surprisingly Sword did not do nearly as well as predicted. It wasn't the worst performing craft but it was in the bottom 3. If players want me to hold more of these I am more than willing to stream them for everyone to watch and enjoy. But first I need to finish up with this jaw infection that I got and get healed. Let me know on here if you want me to do more budget or other crazy deckbuilding tournaments in the future. I have run two so far, the first was a only bronze and silver cards, the second was a no legends tournament. You can find second tournament still on my twitch if you want to view it.
  10. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/2.4.6Cpmc.66giC.6AUrg.6I772.5_38w.6GbTC.6GgLY.66gi2.6AUrW.6EI-C.6I9ZS.6I9ZS.65BUc.6923Y.6GbTM.5_2QM.66j8S.6EObQ.6EObQ.6CpmS.690MA.5_2QC.6AUrM.6ELQm.66gig.6ENsi.6EM9A.6IAIA.6I77M.6EQIy Its a dragon deck with 2 Dragon Slayers Price in it..... Somehow it went 5-0
  11. No Legendaries Tournament July 30th!

    Funny enough, I had considered that. But I started the plans for the event on the release day of the set. So to go back on that now would be pretty awful to the people helping me with this event. I will be planning around Cygames balance cycles in the future. It just sucked since they announced their timing windows on when they want to change cards after I had set up the plans for this event. It will carry out as planned but future events will be changed a bit. Thanks for the comment.
  12. Greetings Shadowverse universe, Ogaflow back again with a new tournament, I plan on running one near the end of each month, the rules will usually be slightly to very different from your standard tournament rules to keep things fresh and interesting in both deck construction and gameplay. Come join us this month for our no legendaries tournament where the only rule is that you can't put any legendary rarity cards into into your deck, this does not exclude cards that GENERATE legendary cards though.... So be creative! The format will as always be conquest two classes, but the added rule this time is you will need 3 decks as each player will get to ban a single class from the their opponent. So get your minds brewing because we are getting ready for an exciting event with *gasp* a possible prize to earn beyond bragging rights this month. More details about what we have in store closer to the event date! Hope to see you all either in the arena or in the spectator stands! Links will be provided below for both entry and where to find your seats should you choose to watch! Tournament Sign up Link - https://battlefy.com/rowen-burners/ogaflow-no-legendary-tournament/5964720f766847032dd8e50b/info?infoTab=details Where to watch the event or other Shadowverse content - https://www.twitch.tv/ogaflow If you have any comments or questions you can either message me on here or on twitch.
  13. Hello Shadowverse community! I am a fairly new player and streamer and I would like to invite you all to a budget format tournament on July the 2nd at 4:00PM PST. The rules are as follows - You may only include Bronze and Silver rarity cards in your deck, all sets are legal including the new set Wonderland Dreams The following cards are banned - Call of Cocytus, Goblin Princess and Flower Princess. Links to the sign up sheet are below and my stream are below. Sign up link - https://battlefy.com/scaled-legion/ogaflow-open-budget-tournament/594af969a993bc033d50555c/info?infoTab=details Stream link - https://www.twitch.tv/ogaflow