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  1. Talk About Whatever

    I’m feeling kinda happy. We had a small, (okay, verrrrry small) FFTCG at the local hobby/toy store we have, only 7 of us, but it was fun getting to meet n make friends with some other local, (and some not so local, Least for my neck of the woods ) people, as expected, I brought my Ice/Water control deck, I ended up losing to a Lightning/Wind combo deck. >.> bleeeeh. But for those interested, and wanted to see the deck, (and some FFTCG card designs) not in any particular order cost wise. Forwards: 22. Kuja 3-030L x2 Ice Kuja 6-027L x2 Ice Steiner 3-137R x3 Water Beatrix 4-135R x3 Water Ultimecia 1-152L x2 Ice Garnet 3-152S x3 Water. Aymeric 6-106H x3 Water Viking 4-133C x2 Water The Emperor 2-147L x2 Darkness. Back-ups: 20 Eiko 3-127R x3 Water Ysayle 6-022R x3 Ice Arcanist 5-028C x2 Ice Summoner 4-136C x3 Water Bard 2-032C x3 Ice Minwu - 1-171H x3 Water Jihl Nabaat 1-193S x3 Ice Summons: 5 Mateus, The Corrupt 5-044C x3 Ice Fairy 1-170C x2 Monsters: 3 Buccaboo 5-046R x3 hopefully all the links work, overall, I came Second, but meh, I still had a blast id recommend anyone to give it a go, regardless of card game, it’s a hell of a lot of fun meeting your fellow players, whether it’s a large get together or not.
  2. Talk About Whatever

    I’m considering getting the remaster, it’s the only one that’s been offically out in EU, the character portraits have been changes (and in same cases, appearances altered though I think that was just giving the princess long hair like it was originally) and gets topped off with being fully voice acted, which I know for some is very hit n miss. the game overall is great though, seems very rare (Least from personal experiences) to have a JRPG that’s so, morally grey, most of the time it’s much more basic in that “this guys an a.hole, kick his butt” well, except FF6 with Kefka, since by the time you get to the end, you kinda realise the guys right, despite being a total nut job, but maybe that’s just my inner nihilist showing rofl.
  3. Talk About Whatever

    Guess we’re oddly different I don’t really take my handhelds out n about with me, in case if damage, more just if I’m going round the grandparents or some family gathering, but if you got a decent PC set up going, you can always emulate games you like, though, like you finding handhelds uncomfortable, I find sitting at a pc for hours to be uncomfortable haha! But honestly though, things like the screen you’d adjust to, if you consider how close one would hold a screen to them, you got DSXL, and honestly, the switches screen is huge for a handheld. And if I’m being honest, even the handhelds hardware isn’t holding them back much, some of my fav OSTs are handhelds, prime example; (would seriously recommend this game to anyone, the original was rather rare, Least here in the UK, but it was so worth it) would also highly recommend checking out, “Earnest Desire of Grey” it’s the final boss theme, so you know it’s gonna be good just not gonna go into too much detail, cause spoilers!
  4. Talk About Whatever

    Idk, mean for the most part, lot of the “main” home consoles tend to have very little in the way of RPGs, most of it seems to end up the same ol’ recycled games. The handhelds have been awesome for RPGs for the most part,
  5. The salt mega thread.

    Well, I can agree with that, the split was rather horribly done, but going into it, it was always rotation for slow games, unlimited for fast games, control will rarely ever work in unlimited because of shift, in rotation, gchimera/phant are fine because of cards like Alexiel n Nilpotent, you’re gonna have to segregate the player base at some point or other, because like everything in these sort of games you’ll never get perfect balance, now, can correct me if I’m wrong, but HS as far as my knowledge goes, has never had a meta where all archetypes are equal, and instead bounce between control n tempo, so it just seems like an odd fantasy to ever get close to perfection for everyone. Mean, bit of a side topic, but eh, maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much time with the MMO genre, that I don’t expect balance at all, like I played FF11 since it’s EU release in 02, and despite eventually getting somewhere upwards of 24 classes only about 6 were ever viable, so, my mentality isn’t so much that, like you said, “give Rotation X, it’ll break unlimited” it becomes more, “you give rotation X, Unlimited then ends up with a choice of X or Y, but it’s not going to be a choice because 1 will inevitably be the stronger choice, even if it only makes a percent or two of difference” So I guess that overall, they really should just worry about unlimited less, in order to give rotation stuff it needs, otherwise they’ll just be printing new cards that are completely underpowered for the role they’re there for, and we’ll be forever stuck with Firstverse. One can hope that they can think of something, sooner rather than later anyway
  6. The salt mega thread.

    Wouldn’t know bout HS before “priestfest” since I’ve never played it, just watch the occasional video here n there, all I know is, I’d love more things like Defile, and cards like Shadow Madness, Control lock... dragon priest.... Malygos Druid and think it was Deadmans Warrior? I can’t remember what it was called, it basically got a perfect hand, then recycled itself over n over while milling the opponent.
  7. The salt mega thread.

    Like I said before, when I joined it was Tempest, and even then, when the power level of cards were generally, much higher, roach, shift n dragoncraft, Eachtar shadow etc, I still found time to actually play down Aegis without worry of getting instantly punished by a storm that deals 50% of my health, as time went on, it got less n less likely, but it was still somewhat manageable, Least till we got close to the format split, and decks were just way too fast at that point, you really have to look at the average range of the good removal, usually it was able t4-6, but nowadays it’s more like t7-9, so there’s literally no room to manuever, because it takes you’re entire turn, (Though to be fair, it mostly did anyway), it’s the same reasoning people still moaned about Shrine, even though we got Seraphic for it, it cost too much to actually make any meaningful impact, do I like cards like Themis’ Purge? Yeah, does it help me at all? No, because everything from t7 onwards in majority of decks don’t give a damn about staying on the board, so it’s like “Whoopee, I cleared a big thing.” Elaborate? Aggro deals with combo, combo deals with control, control feeds on all the aggro, but I would still like you to elaborate a bit on why rotation screwed em please,
  8. The salt mega thread.

    It’s true that Cygames wants games to end turn 10, that’s fine and all, but at the same time, removing all choices from the player is equally stupid, if I want to play a deck that, rather than win from out of hand burst hitting face, and instead, play a deck that basically toys with people till they have to just concede, freaking let us, you’re better off accommodating for every play style, not just pidgeon hole people into playing decks they don’t like, for competitive play, aggressive decks are always going to be the go-to, but when eeeeeverything is an aggressive deck, or made to be as aggressive as possible cause “oh ****, turn 11 isn’t supposed to be a thing” you end up in the same situation we have now, where it comes down to only going first, or hoping the person going first, bricks like hell, and I really don’t see how that can be fun for anyone.
  9. The salt mega thread.

    I’ve looked into both HS and SV, at the time I did end up picking SV cause of style, and it looked cool to me, buuut both have their ups n downs, HS takes a while for balance changes, but at least it has some fun decks from what i’ve seen of it.... Dragon Priest, Control Lock etc, in some regards SV should take a page from HS when it comes to designs, SVs just sorta devolved into “who gets storm first because we undercosted the crap out of it statwise that completely negates wards or vanillas from being feasible” HS isn’t that appealing because it relies on RNG way too much, from discover mechanics, (I like consistency ) but at least they can do wards correctly, 3/5 for 3, hell, that void lords a 3/9, with 3x 1/3s when it dies, what does SV have? (Purely defensively speaking) a 4/6 for 6, or a 5/5 for 8, like... gee... that’s sure going to help, their effects might be strong, but they’re 1 offs, so the body after that becomes useless when every turn it’s a stormer with way more stats than it should, closest we got to a “balanced” stormer was Forte, >.> I joined during Tempest. Fell in love with havencraft right off the bat, but even I gotta admit, that the fun of its gone waaaay down, and the only other time Haven has been as fun as it was during ToTG the deck got nerfed with 2 weeks of expansion because folks can’t deal with it when it highrolls.
  10. Favourite moments?

    Dark Alice with 9 turns of ToS, against 2 Tenkos n 3 Elana getting +6/+6 an attack, Summit in this case would be as god awful as it is, their defenses from trading are abysmal
  11. Talk About Whatever

    Tbh, Cyrus’ story, (the scholar) has stuff like that from the get go, like the very first area has skeletons that can basically 2 shot him, because they have this ability that deals 3 hits at once, that was my first game over the sentinels were like 20-30 damage and I’m like “it’s not much, I’ll get to the save point then heal” games like, nope.
  12. Talk About Whatever

    Well, I’d recommend it on the charm and art style alone, and tbh, considering how much of a pain even the first chapter I ever did was, I imagine it’d last a long time, its not as linear as a modern ff. but it also doesn’t seem as grindy as like, Bravely Second, I’d probably see it lasting me a good while, even if I want to level up everyone, since there’s no party exp share mechanic for those of the group not in the party. The first boss for Cyrus is a pain, but him and his 2 elemental adds deal like 90 damage a turn, and when Cyrus only has like 250 at level 4... yeah lot of time healing and defending when he charges up, but on the topic of Cyrus, as far as I’ve played, his analyse ability, is the only thing so far to reveal HP and additional weapon/elemental weaknesses.
  13. The salt mega thread.

    You do make a valid point. But that’s why I put in candle, makes those countdown 1 nuke something amulets a whole lot more deadly! Though I imagine with the seraphic you could swap father for priest, gives you another evo and 4 health procs the sun.
  14. Talk About Whatever

    Enjoying it? Not gotten that far into it, but I’m loving the charm it has
  15. Talk About Whatever

    Anyone else here been playing Octopath Traveller? I’m thoroughly enjoying it.