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  1. Talk About Whatever

    The eternal balance of adapting pre-released games into a different format, balance for the games competitiveness, or keep the original flavour of the character personally I’d go for the latter, but having most things be neutral seems kinda meh.
  2. Talk About Whatever

    Psaro sounds like he’s a barrel of fun to play against Though on ridiculousness front, from Opus 5 for fftcg (hurry up March.... I want to buy another box!) tthhhhis Guy! Everyone remembers him being a pain in the butt on ff9, well, now he’s an equally ridiculous card, costs 5 to play, and he’s a monster... except every time you use his ability it nukes your opponents board: reduces power of opponents forwards by 2000 multiplied by cost, so 2,000 for 1 cost, 4,000 for 2 cost, etc etc, which, unless a follower is above curve, stat wise, it’s dead. Ozma, also becomes a 8,000 power forward on your turn, so pretty good on curve stats, except as soon as you end turn, it becomes a monster again meaning it’s basically immune to removal.... lol. This guys gonna be nuts in mono-water. So, play it, next turn, board wipe, attack freely, then become immune to removal, which, considering in the tcg, you can only take 7 attacks to “face” can basically end the game then and there, and it’s not like Water is gonna have issues since it has a tutor for literally everything in the deck.... lol.
  3. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    Guess so, it might also be something similar to ramp/storm ramp when it comes to deciding which deck it is.
  4. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    Might want the whole line before you make fun of it. if Danes report on Reddit is anything to go by, Daria is 30% of matches played, so 50% win rates down to mirrors... real fun. One thing I like, @Chappie is this report mentions Aegis, while Danes basically says it’s non-existent I don’t know which I’m meant to believe! Lol.
  5. As far as I know, these are more just for new players, they have higher amounts of golds, and you can only buy the packs once. Or so I’ve been led to believe.
  6. 16million Download Event

    It’s true, but my utter contempt for the game right now, won’t let me.
  7. Didn’t see any post on this here, so just a FYI for those out of the know. https://shadowverse.com/news/?announce_id=534 1 Card pack a day, and chest event for Luna Sleeves n emblem, have fun guys, good luck if anyone bothers (certainly doesn’t seem like it going by the rest of forums, lol) wish they’d give up on the chest event though, ‘tis stupid.
  8. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    Yeah, I more or less just log on to do daily solo missions for packs, (woo, gambling addictions! joking.) game in general is just, not fun to really stomach, playing physical card games by comparison seem much more fun and involved, Least right now. It depends on how you look at it, d.shift in itself is a very polarising deck, it auto-won to Control, it auto-lost to aggro decks, so the deck in itself was basically just a limiting factor in control match ups, the deck was basically another form of control Rune, but it’s win con was a combo instead of something with infinite value (say, Aegis, Mordecai, and so on) shift and roach, rather than be a combo nowadays is more a case of “okay, game has reached turn 9, end this match” with fixed pp costs in elephant and Chimera. Daria, as folks have mentioned, is almost purely luck (Well, less so nowadays, with cards like Mystic Ring) but without outright aoe removal, in the forms of Themis, and Revelation, and so on, a Daria that high rolls is basically unstoppable, because you can’t possibly clear the whole board in one turn anymore, while she refills and boosts what cards she draws into, all that tempo in one burst, is ridiculously difficult to deal with, it was a similar case with Lion Haven, except Lion has a slower start, and doesn’t refill hands. Daria never really needed toned down before now, she always popped up on t5 give or take, so, was fairly easily dealt with, but what does deal with her, is gone, meaning a big enough roll, and yeah, it’s busted, so, if you’re gonna compare the two, Daria is heavily luck based, cause it needs to come out early, shift on the other hand, could go as slow as it wanted, since unless it bricked that badly, (like, all 3 shifts are bottom of the deck level) it wasn’t ever under pressure by anything other than aggro decks, Least that’s how I look at it, my main gripe with the whole meta though is it’s basically high roll, or bust, we have.... what now? Daria, Ramp Dragons, Reanimate Shadow? Probably a few more I’m missing, but there’s just too many games, that are decided by luck alone with all the high roll decks about, that doesn’t make the game fun, it makes it annoying.
  9. The salt mega thread.

    Queen + Loki + Aether, yes please! But in a few expansions, no Aegis. ;-;
  10. Shadowlog 2/4/2018

    So, this is how the meta is now, gee, sure makes me miss Themis. Doesn’t look like rotations gonna be anything to write home about for the foreseeable future. Really get the feeling they should have just waited longer for rotation or just to make a second client so everyone started off fresh, it’s gonna be a looong wait for Tempest, n WD to rotate out.
  11. The salt mega thread.

    More or less have, kinda only log on for solo mission dailies, but yes, the reliance on perfect answers is getting irritating, lol, as mentioned before, comparing this game to final fantasy’s is kinda showing how bare bones this game can be, yeah, completely different beasts, but considering I’ve been able to chain card draw, and pull 6 cards in 1 turn? Most of which are specific? It’s damn nice, Summon Steiner, he pulls a category FF IX Card, So pulls Eiko, Which when played, pulls specifically FF IX forwards, so get Garnet, which then let’s me search for a Summon in my deck, and long as it’s 2 cost or less, it gets cast for free, so, use Moogle to then draw a further 2 cards, so plenty of deck cycling, and plenty of fodder to be discarded to continue putting threats down on the board. Card draw is always gonna be RNG based, but there’s ways to negate the impact, like my example above, if I don’t draw Steiner, or Eiko it won’t work, (since they can tutor each other) but if I end up discarding Steiner. Cause I took damage? Still activates because it’s an ExBurst since powerwise he’s below curve,
  12. 400+ attack Tenko nerf

    Lmao holy crap, wow that...is beautiful
  13. Yeah, but you can trade the physical ones, not so much tiny bits of game data... lol. Well people make new account, find the first hurdle, ask online what to do, get told go to xyz site, get net deck, then they blitz through ranks then get stopped dead cause of having no collection, when you take out that newbie learner phase, the whole game becomes less enjoyable, (least for me that’s the case, with like, any kind of game tbh)
  14. The salt mega thread.

    Kinda glad I’m done with this game tbh, trying to play anything, almost nothing I make a decision on matters, only thing that does is card draw, I went a game vs another haven, played nothing for turns 5, 6 or 7, still won cause I got Aegis out first, reaaal good skill that is game. This games such a joke. It’d actually be funny if it wasn’t sad. Haven? Draw reliant, sword? Draw reliant to keep board floods going, Shadow? Basically entirely card draw spam, Rune? Same deal. Absolutely freaking brilliant.
  15. The salt mega thread.

    Yeah, I mean, between the likes of Counciller (Which, to be honest, I have no clue how you’re meant to use, he ain’t living a turn to use a enhance) and enhance being a mechanic quite prominent in Sword I can see flexible cards being it’s “go to” so I like you idea! but not liking 9 Though, were definitely not friends,