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  1. 1 phantom cat? I wouldn’t know, probably need all 3, or 2 n 1 carabosse
  2. Looks like it’s trying to do two different aggro types at the same time o: either get phantom cats n go full neutral or get some mor bloodcraft cards in instead of the neutrals, but Mr @Greevilz forgot one important question; do you, or do you not have Vampy leader? O:
  3. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Tbf your example is bit of an outlier, (and too little info really) since it can change what you do depending on first/second, and what happens turn 2, since you’d get a 2pp 2/2 on field for t3 or get it when skull ring pops, if haven spent t3 destroying it with red hot boots (for example)
  4. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Eh, I suppose it depends on how you look at things, I feel like, Summit (as an example) relies so much in Summit being in play, you can safely take out a couple while working on your own board state, and cleaning up the Havens if it gets too much, after all, you’ve basically taken their wincon from them multiple times, Knight in itself is easily dealt with by momo or the 2pp (don’t make me spell it,) Which leaves.... 1 Aegis as a hard wincon, and aegis is easy enough to work around, especially if there’s only 1 of them to worry about. though at the same time, I feel decks are the opposite, they’re too small and consistent, especially on the aggro front, but that’s more or less our style differences (by comparison, FFTCG deck size is 50 cards)
  5. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    See, this is a decent write up, I think the 4/5/6pp bracket is good enough considering it is outright destruction, but the thing that gets my goat about it is, people know they’re gonna be running into portal n haven a lot, so pack amulet removal, do they bother? No, just say it’s oppressive, they have the tools there, they just don’t want to use em cause “mah tempo curve, nuuuuu” this is what I was pointing at with Hollow, there’s no attrition in the game, like, if you expect to win against Summit, you should have at least 2 cards like FFG, because it then sllloooows the game down allowing wards to..... actually ward, what a shock. We got tools for destroying acceleratium n summits/shrines/Lions people just don’t use em, we unfortunately don’t have much in the way of board nuking/resetting, which doesn’t help the whole first v second thing either.
  6. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Seems like everyday I see more people jump on cards cause they have to spend more pp to deal with it than it costs, and it’s like why? o: personally it’s tech options, so putting them in the deck should be a major negative, otherwise it’s then not a choice, it’s like all people give a damn about is tempo, now whether that’s just the way things are or not, idk, but plenty of people seem adverse to such things, n rather just complain bout things like temple, PDK, or god knows what else people think of. makes me rather curious
  7. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    You’re kinda under the assumption I run Summit there, which I don’t. I may run Knights but I don’t run Summit, or any other storm followers, way things are, is that you basically can’t leave things alive, not after turn 7/8, at that point you risk too much on them having/not having what they need and nothing else, there isn’t any sort of Battle of Attrition going on at that point, because nearly everything ends up needing evos, which then means to compensate you need to be greedier, but most other decks in this meta, don’t need to be, once Portal has deus out, they’re fine, sword just board fills constantly then wham, you’re dead cause you left something. Know I bring it up a lot, but it’s like when I was talking to Eclipse before, making references to final fantasy’s tcg, I play mostly, Ice/Water, Which you can imagine from the names is prevention and resource management, cards like Ultimecia prevents storm equivalents from activating, Kuja forces card discards, (So, think of things like, old discard dragon, where to play fist of dragonnewt, you had to discard another card) if you try to remove him with spells, which is strong since you can only have a 5 card hand, sorta, you can draw more than 5 cards, but can’t have more than 5 at end of turn, which is where Water comes into play, most Water cards, (especially the FF9 variant) tutors into other water cards, so resources aren’t an issue for me cause I can deck cycle, so I can cycle my deck of water cards, use them to ramp out bigger threats quicker, cause of general game mechanics, and then to make matters worse for my opponent, if they’re unlucky enough anyway, I can then bounce their cards back to them, it’s so infuriating for folks to play against when it works, but that’s not to say aggro isn’t a thing either, when it comes to fire/wind decks.... bleh
  8. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Jeanne might be able to *possibly* clear a midrange sword board, but at a cost of an evo point? Not a hope in hells chance you’ll have 1 spare at that point, because you’ll automatically be down 1 for Aegis play, since the amount of storm n such cards is too great to play him without an evo, (Though it would be plausible if TOS was still the same) you just need to look at the amount of evos a haven goes through controlling the board, papa Banish, tea time, Hind, Aegis, it’s simply too evo hungry to expect t7 Jeanne to have a evolve spare, in which case you just played a 7pp 2/3 that leaves a prime sky fortress target, might as well just conceed cause you’d be dead.
  9. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    I suppose with that example, yeah, but like I said, maybe it’s just the way I play, o: I might have a way to win then n there, but my mind is predominantly on surviving so rather than going “well, he has x/y/z on board I can play a n hope he doesn’t have, xx/yy/zz” I’m much more likely to focus on clearing your board turn, after turn, until your resources are exhausted, since that’s just how I play, but the way the game works with its severe lack of decent removal, (no Jeanne is not removal, it’s merely minor damage to me, removal is Destruction) I’m more or less forced into archetypes I dislike (aggro, n tempo) because if I don’t, I don’t have the tools I personally require to play how I want. It’s rather infuriating, so to me, all Storm is more or less bs I’d rather have some way of preventing, namely better wards, but can’t get everything you like considering the games current state.
  10. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Guess so but then for me, your example also confuses me,just in the sense of what deck isn’t running some form of hard removal? But maybe that’s just the way I play. Personally decks should be forced to run hard removal and amulet Destruction just to null most of the damn pain in the arse consistency, makes it very unfun for me to have to sit through “oh, I’m at x health” chance of them having the finisher? Prooobably 90% So, conceed time” tis absolutely thrilling. (Though to be fair, even with control tools like I’d want, my ice/water deck with final fantasy’s tcg is more than enough when I get to play it imagine Ramp Dragon, with Haven tools, and nigh infinite board locking potential, you’ll get the idea ) Well like I said to you before, midsword would be fine, if we actually got some decent wards n control tools, but that’s certainly not happening lol.
  11. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    So does Azi, most followers have to be removed, you can’t leave it up, and if ye running behind as dragon, I’m confused, my current dragon, (admittedly it’s lindwurm) runs 21 removal cards, and 8 heals. o:
  12. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    People...actually give a damn about the ward? Huh... whenever I’ve tried Summit they just spend 4 or 5pp to hard remove it then punch me
  13. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Just hit Temple, leave Knight alone, he’s not that ridiculous compared to any other finisher, I don’t think either are gonna be hit, they didn’t hit Daria and she’s horrible to play against, x.x a 7 damage storm with a specific amulet in play isn’t any more daft than other storm cards. Probably best compared to Azi, both are t7 and deal 6/7-8/9 damage for little or no requirement, so even though I hate Temple as a thing cause I’d rather more oppressive control tools in favour of sacrificing any tempo deck, it’s pretty much as fine as any other bs storm we have really.
  14. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Well, that’s more an issue with things like powercreep, look at most 4pp, dragon warrior/papa Banish are deal 3 damage gain +1/+1, go forward a bit, and you end up with things like original BKB, Which was those without the need for evo, or the one from portal Roan Winged Nexx I think? She’s sorta in between, gains full stats, effects tied behind the evo but is a bit heavier on the requirements. thing is, in a retroactive game like SV and I guess HS, the control tools do need to be slightly stronger to make up the disadvantage, a lot of cards nowadays, have strong effects at base, which means they’re gonna be rather ridiculous going first, since there’s very few limiting factors on how often you get to play them. I know creep is gonna happen, that’s a given, but some crafts so seem to still be stuck with being evo hungry, (like Control Haven, or Control Sword. Both decks are ridiculously evo hungry when it comes to effects they need)
  15. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Well. It effects me less cause I don’t play tempo, I play control, so I’m always behind till I can drop Aegis and then stabilise