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  1. Is there a reason you're running Looking Glass over Monastics? It only changes Monk and Prism Priestess to neutral, no? Seems kinda meh to me when you could probably do with the self healing o:
  2. Curses, that Aegis is awesome dooo want! But probably never get lol.
  3. Don't suppose anyone has the alternate set for Aegis? Must see o: should be impressive if it's anything like Nephys, quite a great piece, but I'm stuck her originals for now
  4. I've only had one game where Merman was actually useful to me, it was only after they were double buffed by Alice, though I'll admit, having to switch out my 7 drops were also very painful x.x think I might have to find a sweet spot for the deck.
  5. Huh... actually had to check the link to check if this was indeed legit.... wtf on the plus side, I guess we can now joke about Juventus being OP and having a 60% win rate when they kick off first.
  6. Someone's salty but at the same time I love it s it bad I really wouldn't mind these changes? What? It is? Well, off to the corner I go! Seriously though, hate using the phrase, but even switching to bloodcraft the so-called OP craft.... this meta is still cancer >.> my matches today were entirely down to my draw RNG and absolutely nothing else. P.S. I'm also really sick of seeing the rank lost screen... rofl
  7. Very...very slowly, I got to A1 this month, considering at the start I was A0 I got 3k points to rank up.... yeeeeeet my score rewards nearing 15k at the moment, which considering the table in the "can shadowverse survive" thread is about right, considering it's a hybrid deck, and natural variance and how much player skill seems to go up once at A rank...... go 36% win rate decks \o/ and this is why control is very much dead outside of Aegis for the most part, we got nothing mean Haven has Forbidden Ritual to kill all 1 or 2 holes followers but it's turn 3 to play, pops t4 which.... is basically too late cause going first they won't play anything t3, and if your going second, well guess who? Alice pops everything outta range of it, hoo-sodding-ray.
  8. Yeah, it does seem like it needs both, lot of blood seems to be bored control, yet in the meta were stuck with, gotta fight fire with Fire I suppose
  9. Know the feeling, played bit of blood, got all these control decks.... so I went back to my Elana-Aegis hybrid. Aggro after aggro kinda wanna give up on ranked play since I can't seem to catch a break.... this is what I get for wanting to play control in an aggro meta
  10. Really? 6 1-drops? That seems a lil much, or is it...? Can't say I'm the biggest fan of aggro decks, that's why I went with this one as a base but eh, I got 3 goblins in it atm, so maybe I can find the space
  11. Can agree, only at A1 and barely seeing blood, unless I'm just lucky but then I'd rather get to master.... least that way I know what deck I'm fighting 75% of the exaggerated amount though blood does need to get lucky like anything else st this point, too many swords and the odd forest or haven at A1 today, bleh lol.
  12. I'd use mine on Aegis without a doubt, after all what's worse than indestructible shiny armour? Indestructible Extra Shiny Armour! *evil cackle*
  13. So, a whole lot of "better have removal " though if they're going first, you could probably or rather, should be able to remove a lot of that.... but then t5 Alice I'd rather like... my sodding Forbidden Ritual may actually kill something beyond a weakened freakin Goblin. *shakes angry fist at Alice* well, long as they're going 2nd I suppose... and have no Feria.... god damn removal always too late isn't it?! Lol. Ow I've made my inner Havencrafter cry.
  14. Yeah, it's quite a catch 22 situation, more so if the bloods going second, use themis to survive his board, or try to use alternatives so you can survive spawn
  15. I put in 3 goblins and an extra razor claw, instead of the goblin mages and drain, and my win rate did actually improve since the early board was smoother for when I was going 2nd, though bare in mind this was just playing in unranked for practice at that point. did get a bit ridiculous at one point though, was playing a shadow and they dropped 3 things, and evolved to buff their board on t6 I somehow managed to clear it and still have my scarlet in play, like.... really? Wtf bloodcraft. One of those moments where you're scared, but impressed at the same time.....