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  1. this then
  2. No no, I was just meaning it by the fact you're using Kel, and Tenko, which is similar to how Aru did it. :3 I'm just struggling to see how it'd work, t1 globe, pulls Aria for t2, t3 Elana, t4 likely to be removal, t5 Tenko, n aria pops, that's all 5 slots taken up, but if you are trying to get your plan out, you can only have a single follower left on board. Since you'd need Kel, Aether, which pulls Tenko, and at least 1 Elana prayer, (though for my preference I like 2) so, more something I'd have to see in action.
  3. Sounds more like you are attempting a variation of @Aru'res storm Elana hybrid, which I'm all for, personally, not sure it'll be strong enough in SFL, but I look forward to it. the only problem I see, is finding the room on board for what you are trying to do.
  4. I'm happy either way, people will either ignore it. So I can poke em in the face like I do with my corpses and attendants. And evolving them for extra giggles. Or, much like people do with Wyrm God, they kill them off asap, and outside of corpse+Assassin combo, I don't have anything last words related post turn 4 outside of Mordecai or Thanes lol.
  5. Not really, might help mid shadow cause god knows we need it
  6. Twilight, Morde, Urd... tripling up. O:
  7. Heavenly Aegis 9pp 8/8 can't be damaged, can't be effected by spells and effects except those that change this cards attack or defence. fanfare: trigger all last words, fanfares (and players) and add a dimension shift, changing cost to 0. I fixed Aegis problem. O: (also probably doing this wrong but I wanted to try )
  8. How is it shaming?! If anything it's true! Everything dragon plays is fat! Fat! With stats. That aren't labelled kg or lb :3
  9. Poor skullfane, gonna be replaced by the new one lol. And yes, good ol Fafnir, I want him to be playable. But till then he's just gonna... "faf" 'about,.... I regret nothing. C:
  10. Someone doesn't like control decks it seems. on topic, st the moment, no. There's nothing interesting to mr outside the new sacred plea for Haven, that star globe or whatever its called, and maybe some of the sword cards like that Saha effect spell, but outside of that, naaaah. All look far too poor to use.
  11. Besides the +0/1 fairly sure that's basically Jabber just more refined
  12. Yes, yes it does. >.> mean it won't effect Aegis... so no big deal but makes it slightly less crap statwise lol And what did we learn? Don't make me dream of Aegis, and bad things won't happen to the non believers.
  13. Dat Haven legendary o: so Aegis t9, Tribunal and this guy for a second one.
  14. Hmm I'd say the hatters, they're nice n all, but they're the same cost and effect as your khawy, so.... I guess it's up to you, can combo those pretty well if khawy survives a turn, as for what else you'd need, I wouldn't be too sure, would need to try the deck out myself n see what's lacking.
  15. Imp. Resurrection looks rather out of place to me, and have you considered that, Goblinmount Demon, or whatever it's called? That's a pretty good one to have, though since you're on about Tyrant, don't forget midnight Haunt is s thing, that's what I combo it with. o: