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  1. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Looking forward to Haven and GChimera in the expansion, still fairly wallet-ish though, Omen... Another Garuda so I have 3.... Seraph.... but at least we got some decent cheap cards, well....Unicorn Knight.... and Realm of Repose, but so far the legendaries and the Golds seem to be must crafts. Apostle of Repose being a continual effect is so nice, Love ended with Lorena though, you stay in Tenko... that now doesn’t have Tenko, boo.... need legendary Tenko reprint. I sense Chimera is gonna be busted though, it’s hard not looking forward to it... lol. I want me some Adjudication and Apostle, Raio is gonna go in a deck of his own me thinks.
  2. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    I don’t know, i still think even all that, a t5 11/11 spread can be fairly oppressive to anything, not Haven really lol. At least the Cheron translation is this turn only, but it’s any Shadowcraft Card, thought of a 2pp Eachtar is frightening
  3. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Well reveals are starting for the last lot, seems the leaks are correct (at least for shadowcraft anyway so far) so err... RIP unlimited?
  4. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    @Eclipse/Zer0 lol, it’s more than 6/6, if you take into account Cheron.... draw 5pp cost card (unless it’s a mistranslation, and it’s 5 or more.) Which is basically only Cerberus... 5pp 11/11... hmmmm. Not oppressive at alll.... also more Cerb? Wtf, isn’t this like the 4th card art? Also for anyone wondering Zoe’s City is officially translated as whenever you play an allied amulet, so.... turn 2, 2 drop, turn 3, Globe -> tutor City, turn 4, double countdown 1 turtles...? I guess? But god damn it, why you no work for new seraph!? Now I has a sad.
  5. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    From what seems to be the case where SV is concerned sword is good when shadow ain’t and vice versa, though for me, as much as I enjoy sword, for how powerful, and consistent it can be, mechanically, it’s dull as hell (never understood that phrase I’d imagine hell to be quite fun ) it’s main mechanic is commander and officer interaction.... yeah.. that barely freaking matters, just play whatever, since swords main gimmick just seems to be overvaluing with rushes and token removal, just look at stuff it’s received, Dragon Knights (and Vane being a prime example) are completely ridiculous, amount of times I’ve won from evoing Vane on T5 is pretty insane 6/7 for the opponent to deal with, is icky enough, but when it’d take multiple resources, or hard removal, the swordies won. Like gee. What fun this match was. >.> (also Erika as a character is freaking annoying n I can’t stand her, )
  6. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Best part is the twitter description.... “you’re looking down on me cause I’m a women” .... in SV..... In Swordcraft.... yes... >.> It’s like she doesn’t know what game she’s going into overall, fairly meh, packfiller kind.
  7. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Aye, I know, I ran Seraph a lot. It’s such a fun deck, I look forward to it. she certainly seems like something you can’t ignore, between Tenko pinging you down, this beatstick alt wincon, etc, I imagine quite a few folks are gonna end up running FFG or the new shadow silence things... (anyone else find that weird...? Lol)
  8. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    True, and well, if we take into account, what @Eclipse/Zer0 said, the new golden city amulet, is whenever an amulet comes into play.... so Seraph dies, drops amulet, amulet takes -1, then it’s your turn which reduces it by -1 again, meaning only need 2 Reducers..... lol. I quite like Seraph though, either way she is something of a beast, you either trade her... and die... leave her.... and die... or kill the opponent cause this still screams firstverse.... lol.
  9. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    As long as seraph leaves the field, so destruction or Banish will proc the amulet, so you’d need basically FFG or something similar,
  10. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Well, it sorta entirely depends on if your opponent kills her, in which case,instantly get a -1 countdown, so OTK turn 9 easy, otherwise, they leave her up, and you smash em in the face, I don’t think they’d appreciate either choice really
  11. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    It’s not really slower though, the amulet is still 8pp, it just means to pop it, you have to have: 3 dogma’s 1 Garuda, 3 Garuda and anything, or wait a turn and use the more expensive things, the new amulet is also a self tutoring candelabra of prayer, it’s just depend entirely on if it’s comes into play, or on play.
  12. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    No? If you ignore her, we just trade, and get a 0pp seraph, which we then pop pretty much instantly on turn 9 like always. Between Dogma (2pp) Garuda, (1pp accelerate cost) star torrent (3pp) and at a push... our Omen. (4pp) also bare in mind, new gold amulet is either when something comes into play, reduce its countdown by 1, or when it’s played, and that comes onto the field for free... (so I’m expecting it’s the latter, otherwise, that amulet would just instantly pop seraph for free lol)
  13. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    some more reveals dragon bronze spell: give an allied dragoncraft follower +2/+2 last words: put a dragon nest into your hand. Enh 10 give +5+5 instead. Dragon silver: at the start of the opponent’s turn, heal all allied followers for 2. Haven Gold amulet: Invocation: at the end of your turn, if you don’t have Golden City in play, and you have 2 play points or more, put a golden City into play. Effect: whenever you play an allied countdown amulet, reduce its countdown by 1.
  14. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    @Astraea @zzMedVeDzz look guys! Seraph reprint! 8pp 7/6 if this card leaves the field (so anything except transform) summon enstatued seraph onto the field.
  15. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Realm of Repose is damn sweet, it’ll certainly help bide time for Alexiel, though I still think she’ll be ran as a two of for consistencies sake, since Chimera is getting some nice things too Unicorn Rider I think may possibly be our Snow White replacement, she’s not as great, but for a silver, she’s pretty sweet and versatile. Servent of Repose is another I rather like, she’s unfortunately occupies the same spot as DLF, but at the same time, she’s technically better after 1 DLF has been played so I don’t know if I can fit her in or not. Holy Bird Priestess, is gonna be a lot of help for Garuda, since the amulets a 3 turn 3/4 Storm, so it’s much wanted extra chip damage. (Though the spell we got, Feather Rush? That just seems meh, outside of giving turtle storm in summit decks, which yeah, works cause Petra can then defend its turn 5, 5/7 glory SkY TuRtLeS PrEPaRe FoR BaTtLe!) Though I must say, my personal favourite is our new gold, Apostle of Repose, yeah, 1/4 is pretty meh, but combine her with Realm of Repose, and you have a can’t be attacked infinite Tribunal nuking the strongest things the opponent plays, meaning at minimum, it’ll take 2 things down, which is rather standard, but it has so much potential in it, I am personally stoked by it lol. I’m still waiting to see what else we are getting, we’re still missing our legendary.