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  1. November 28 update Notice

    Meh, I don’t want it nerfed either, it’s been a strong deck since WD, but kinda in the same situation as storm, it’s fairly strong but ridiculously easy to use, direct to face damage, n people complain still bout d shift being uninteractive lol.
  2. November 28 update Notice

    Dirt runes an odd deck to nerf, mean I’d like to see illusionist get nerfed cause it’s a mini Mordecai, and full stats to boot which is just silly, old Levi’s rotating out so that’s not much of an issue, so besides those I’d only want to see young Levi changed, if dirts on the field, his effect is aoe, but can’t damage face, and vice versa, can go face with the single target from not having dirt on the field, he’s sorta just an obnoxious card, but like Eachtar pre-nerf.
  3. Forestcraft convert here, Need help.

    If you want a cheap deck, just to practice forest, I’m using a tempo token forest that works, it’ll lose some things in rotation, roach, guidance, Elf child may, fairy dancer, but you can always replace em with cards like fairy driver and fairy cage, it’s fairly good, but for me, it’s way too reliant on elf song and brambles, but maybe that’s just cause I’m not used to it that much
  4. Artworks

    Yeah, she tried to make a Demon overlord feel love...no...wait... that’s disgaea... erm.... not too sure on SV version.
  5. Lol. I quite like that first one. I’m still struggling to think of any decks I dislike.... or where to buff em... lol.
  6. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Well, it’s like I said earlier in this thread, the way the game works, is basically getting control decks and splitting it into two. You have those who handle aggro very easy (so, something like blood, Sword, and forest) and the decks that are value generators (say, Aegis, Nephy, and, Control ER, maybe Ginger) the latter decks, and crafts, are very good at using removal over followers, because their wincon basically generate value constantly, Aegis, Morde, etc, the former, rely purely on reach to close the game out, Spawn, Albert, Temptress, and things like that. going with the ward route it’s basically covers the middle ground of both types, Blood has a tonne of self heal to sustain itself, but generally leaves itself open to storm and burn damage, Sword basically shuts down followers from ward vomits n rush effects, but lacks sustainability due to no form of healing, (think Sword in itself has literally 0, outside of neutrals, but can correct me if I’m wrong on that) forest can shut down followers just as well, but it can’t build boards as well, since it either involve bouncing things back (Ancient Elf for example) or keeping things in hand (Cassiopeia), so really giving a wider variety of wards, everyone should be happy with, because controls no longer basically d shift levels of uninteractivity, and we don’t get instantly wrecked because they’re more heavily statted, and (least if you ask me) it makes storm as a mechanic look considerably less cheap, cause right now, you can use a 2/3 ward, whichll likely die to removal cheaper than it, or, you play a storm follower, which is basically just direct damage on a vanilla statted body. (Being able to attack instantly for the price of a singular stat point, in a game where 2=3 as far as removal is concerned, is t exactly a hefty price)
  7. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Controls never gonna be THAT great, we got elephant to keep us down now, and even without that, the fact we can’t do anything during the opponents turn, means we’re always playing reactively, so basically it’s until the board swings in our favour enough, (something akin to pre-nerf Eachtar is a decent example) or they run out of steam, but if I’m being honest, I’d like to see them work on Wards more, more stats for their pp, maybe more with cool effects like. Erm... how you spell it. aerin? Ward, heal, and possible evolution point recharge, and her stats are pretty decent to boot, we do need better startted wards though in general, since we can’t interact during opponents turns, we need something that we know is gonna last more than a single turn of combat, even something as simple +1/+1 to their general stats, would probably be more than enough,
  8. Or the opposite since the titles most hated deck. But yeah, gotta nerf your cards too.
  9. Don’t hate on bahamut. He’s awesome! Gonna be sad when he rotates out
  10. Belgium saves gaming

    As I said, cards are likely fine, because you kno your gonna get X amount of cards per pack.
  11. Belgium saves gaming

    It’s more because loot boxes don’t have a defined chance displayed more than anything, they just tell you, that you pay X for a chance at <insert item here> If it applied to everything, we wouldn’t even get card packs, but you know you’re getting Y number of cards, so it’s all good pretty much. while I dislike the concept of loot boxes, at the same time they debated it on the most bare bones definition, anything that’s not fixed could be considered gambling or so some of the early articles I’ve seen springing up have read as.
  12. The salt mega thread.

    Well the only amulet we have that heals is that Pegasus sculpture one, wouldn’t run prism priestess though, between staircase n Globe you should be able to get something out of Heresy, the issue is finding what though, cause in most cases, Heresy ends up WORSE than just playing the amulet. (Iron maiden, Tribunal, etc) Tribunal you want to stay on the board, especially against decks like ramp dragon, deter that bahamut play.
  13. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    We need more cards like Ceres honestly, can all agree for what she does, she’s damn well unfair, but at the same time, she does her job marvellously, just a shame nepnep isn’t a thing this expansion, and won’t be for the foreseeable future since Mordes going, we no longer have a wincon lol.
  14. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    While I can appreciate some control decks working, Hell, I’ve used Control Sword myself, though the only deck I’ve been able to reliably beat with it was Neutral forest, you’ve also opened up another can of worms, Control Sword and blood, are great for dealing with aggro, but other control decks, they struggle with because they don’t have anything that generates a lot of value, (Aegis, Mordecai, etc) but instead go into the same ball park of control as forest, in that, it relies more on being able to finish the games fast, (spawn n azazel, Albert, Elephant/bolts) and so on. Rather than be able to go for the long game, but take a typical game, (least for me with control sword) most prominent aggro deck I encounter is Aggro Blood, or the vengeance-Aggro hybrid that’s running around, early game it becomes fine for the most part, since it’s a lot of small twiddly things, but by the time our major tools become available (RTA on t5, Gawain is t4/6 usually, Roland is 7 etc) bloods just gonna ping you down with Carabosse, Razory etc, and well, Sword lacks in the healing department, so then we kinda have to hope we can just stall till t9 for albert. Obviously, more experienced swordies can do it differently, but that’s the general game plan. Same can sorta be said of Haven, we got a few tools, but nothing that can really do well against both storms, and burns, since it’s either a countdown, or it’s a ward OR healing, (Unica vs Snow White, Healing Angel vs Temple Defender, etc) stuff like that, it’s rather hard to find the balance, but I can understand where you’re coming from.
  15. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Well, he’s not wrong, least in the sense Shift is meant to able to beat control easy, but these turn 7 double triple shifts people go on about are rare as hell. Only part I’d say Danes wrong on is Aggro being destroyed by Control, atm that’s not the case because Control tools aren’t suitable for dealing with excessive storm and burn damage in single decks, with most control tools being in standard n DE ain’t helping the future for control whether Shift is a thing or not.