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  1. November 28 update Notice

    so basically the announcement that rotation wont be happening or that it will only hit standard so that DE sticks around for 3 more months.
  2. Belgium saves gaming

    "how is purchasing loot crates gambling? u purchase loot crates for gear, character cards, crafting material etc. If u get a legendary, its a bonus" Flipped it to apply to battlefront 2 which is currently under investigation. I dont know why this needs to be explained multiple times but they define gambling as spending money on something without knowing the outcome AKA "not knowing what you are buying" This applies to card packs because you dont know what cards you are buying, you just know you will get cards. Stating your odds of pulls and stating its random chance doesnt change anything according to their definition.
  3. Belgium saves gaming

    Out of those I think the prevention of under aged players from spending money (or playing the game entirely) to be the most likely outcome since that is what these people are most angry about. After all, putting a cap on the money that can be spent doesnt stop the kids from gambling it just keeps their losses in check.
  4. Belgium saves gaming

    Whales are what keeps this game afloat man. There are people who spend over a 100 bucks per set to make sure they get everything they need or to dig for animated cards or to get alt leaders (apparently a guy spent 1000 bucks trying to get her....) Without the whales, the f2p model cannot exist since they would only make money off of the prebuilts and some sleeves. SV would have to scrap their current system and make it to where you buy vials or something akin to that in order to make sure they dont count as gambling.
  5. Belgium saves gaming

    being able to grind for something doesnt mean that buying packs suddenly isnt gambling especially since there are things you can only get from packs such as animated cards and alt leaders. Again, the law being pushed doesnt give a single **** if you can grind for something because if that were the case then even the star wars game would be fine since technically you could still grind for things. Also % chance of legends doesnt change anything. That literally just tells you the odds of getting something. Just because you have say... a 1/20 chance to pull something that doesnt suddenly mean you WILL get it if you try 20 times. You are still gambling. A strict spending cap just limits the risk but it doesnt eliminate it. If you limit a game to 50 bucks or so you are still gambling 50 bucks and can walk away with nothing. Is it better then losing everything? Sure, but its still gambling which is what this law cares about. That is ultimately my issue here, this law doesnt seek to keep gambling under control. It wants to eliminate it which sounds nice on paper but that has horrific effects on gaming as a whole. Hopefully the people pushing this have some common sense and try to add stipulations to let certain things slide by but in its current state things like SV will have to change.
  6. Belgium saves gaming

    Going by their definition of gambling, SV isnt safe. You can still spend actual money on something when you have no clue what it is you are buying. You could literally buy a pack with nothing but 1 silver.... And lets not forget the ****show that was aldos and daria. Being able to grind for stuff is literally not even in the equation here and worse still, SV's cards do impact gameplay so you cant just hand wave it as aesthetics. If this gets big then SV is going to either change its model or become a jpn only game. This could also effect physical tcgs as well btw, sure you have the secondary market but those people had to "gamble" as well plus that doesnt excuse the people who made the cards in the first place from "promoting" gambling in the first place.
  7. 5pp spell Choose one spell in your hand and add a copy of it to your hand then spell boost it by 5. spellboost reduce this cards cost by 1 gotta increase the consistency of dshift stacking. Nerf- Nepthys 8pp follower last words, randomly put 4 followers of different costs (excluding nepthys) into play and then destroy them. Slows nep down and since she ALWAYS pulls 4 you end up banishing things and milling faster.
  8. Belgium saves gaming

    EA ruins everything.... as usual.
  9. Portalcraft is coming

    ..... well that is disappointing to hear.
  10. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    I am baffled as well so you are not alone. I even checked the individual match up data just to see if it was aggro donking down its winrate while it was destroying everything else but that is still not the case. Even in the tournament scene where dshift is stronger its still not exactly dominating. My only guess is that the word of mouth is more powerful then data because among streamers and standard players people have the impression that dshift is now OP. But I am not exactly satisfied with that answer.
  11. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Its always something with this forum. Before pdk, every thread was getting derailed to the 2nd month of WD nerfs. Before that, ouroboros and snow white. give it time, pdk will be replaced with new drama soon enough.
  12. Portalcraft is coming

    We will probably just get 5 free packs or so and that will be it. As Othello said, we are already getting another campaign which will give us more evergreen cards as well as gold, vials and even take 2 tickets so that should be plenty.
  13. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    difference here is that PDK's data showed she was one of the top decks in the format. Dshift's doesnt. Its not even close.....
  14. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    I would be perfectly willing to discuss nerfing dshift if control actually did its job against aggro but since control in this game is garbage (seriously, Nep is like the only control deck that has ever had consistent success in this game) I dont see the point. Seriously, Nep is the only relevant control deck that is being "oppressed" by dshift. Everything else is just being kicked while they are already down. When the archetype triangle is finally functioning like it is supposed to then we can consider nerfs.
  15. Anytime I have to go second. Seriously.... **** going second. For shadow, with nep I hate life whenever I draw into all my khawy or mordecai ESPECIALLY before I can even drop a nep. I also get super triggered whenever I draw into my sacrifice cards but no fodder or vice versa (nothing quite like having 3 lurching corpse on the board that cant friggen trade....) For heaven, having any of my amulets bounced back 1 turn away from popping is one of the most tilting things I have ever experienced. As if taking a massive tempo loss and locking a space on the board wasnt enough of a cost I GET NOTHING OUT OF IT.