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  1. Cygames, please delete ambush!!!

    while I do agree this mechanic is uninteractive I dont see any reason to remove it considering storm is here to stay and that is a mechanic that is strictly better then ambush in a vast majority of situations while being even more uninteractive.
  2. Well after cygames controversial inaction lets see how things have played out. Midrange shadow with 7200 games and a winrate of 51.5% Aggro Dirt with 6690 games and a winrate of of 51.6% Neutral Rune with 1967 games and a winrate of 56.9% Neutral Forest with 5627 games and a winrate of 55.6% aggro forest with 2197 games and a winrate of 55.9% White wolf with 1201 games and a winrate of 56.7% Aegis with 1347 games and a winrate of 52.9% (dragged down by "church" heaven's 1851 games and 51.9% winrate) Neutral Blood with 3729 games and a winrate of 50.3% The meta appears to be reasonably diverse with 7 viable decks though there is a noticeable difference in power between n-blood, dirt, and shadow vs the rest of the pack. Daria maintains her position as the most played deck of the format though her winrates this week dropped below the 50% threshold. Its possible this is just a bad week for her so dont get too excited however it is also possible counters have been worked out. Neutral Forest in particular seems to be a reasonable counter due to elf twins assault allowing you to answer some of darias threats cheaply. Meanwhile Dragon continues to dip in and out of the 50% threshold making it decidedly "average" in this meta while Sword seems to be having a bad week. If I had to guess, it may actually begin to decline in viability as roland becomes less useful due to the increased aggression in the format. On the brightside portal is slowly on the rise. This is its best week so far and while it is possible it will dip back into the low 40% range this still pleases me. Onto the tournament results in the interest of seeing more data. JCGR 4-9 FEB 12 1st place neutral Forest and a ramp dragon (its tilting memes) 2nd place daria and vengeance 3rd place aggro dirt and ramp dragon / White Wolf and aggro dirt JCGR 4-12 FEB 17 1st place Aggro Dirt and ramp dragon (more tilting memes) 2nd place Neutral Forest and ramp dragon (more windmills) 3rd place aggro dirt and vengeance / Neutral Forest and Ramp Dragon JCGR 4-13 FEB 18 1st place Neutral Forest and Midshadow 2nd place daria and Ramp Dragon (NO WINDMILLS) 3rd place Midshadow and Aggro Dirt / Aggro Dirt and Ramp Dragon Looking at these results we have 7 ramp dragon tops, 6 aggro dirt tops, 4 neutral forest tops, 2 daria tops, 2 midshadow tops, 1 white wolf top, and finally 1 vengeance top. Overall rune is leading the pack with 8 overall tops with dragon right behind it followed by forest. Interesting to see how dragon seems to be doing so much better in this format. Perhaps shadowlog really isnt terribly reliable at recording that crafts games due to the insane amount of overlap? This is why I decided to start including these reports since it gives us more to work with which can only improve our insight into the meta.
  3. MTG Arena Discussion

    I agree they probably dont want a limit to the field size for the sake of accuracy but game limitations often require compromises so I would appreciate it if you can confirm this the next time you play.
  4. MTG Arena Discussion

    Sounds great so far but do you know the answer to my previous question? What is the max field size?
  5. I love how their post tells us literally nothing. They say nothing was overplayed or overpowered yet they dont give us any data to work with AND they claim the meta was diverse with many deck types seeing play but fail to list even a single one.
  6. MTG Arena Discussion

    this thread lives?
  7. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    If we go by playrate then Dane isnt entirely wrong. Almost everything listed here is "nonexistent" by comparison to daria. However deck strength is important too (so long as you have enough games to confirm it) which is why I listed aegis. His deck is doing reasonably well even if it isnt super popular right now.
  8. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    I wouldnt be that surprised to see at least one piece of the saha-isra combo getting hit since its a very important piece to neutral rune which is proving itself to be the best deck in terms of power. I am betting on saha personally, she eats up the most "design space" and is rotating out first anyway. Plus Israfil is pretty fair when played on curve even if ramp dragon ramps hard into her early. Unfortunately the other defensive neutral decks are going to feel a nerf to this combo so Neutral forest for example is going to suffer a bit but that is the nature of neutral cards.
  9. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018 Freaking Chest events always cause such a wave in the meta..... Anyway from the looks of things, the winrates of the big dogs have started to drop while the lower decks have risen some. Its pretty much like last month when things started to stabilize. LIMITED Daria sits at a staggering 16,489 games and a winrate of 50.8%. Aggro Dirt 5139 games and a winrate of 50.8% Neutral Rune has 2169 games and a winrate of 56.1% Though this is still high it has dropped by a bit compared to last week.... Midrange shadow has 6708 games and a winrate of 52.1% Neutral blood has 3935 games and a winrate of 51.4% Vengeance has 2272 games and a winrate of 50.2% Aegis has 1532 games and a winrate of 53.1% but is dragged down by church bishop (same deck with small changes) lower winrate of 49.6% winrate and 1952 games. Aggro sword has 1656 games and a winrate of 51.7% Its lower winrate is a relief since it shows that people really were just caught off guard by the decks existence last week. Neutral forest has 3729 games and a winrate of 54.4% Aggro Forest has 2111 games and a winrate of 51.1% white wolf has 1040 games and a winrate of 53.9%. And finally we have ramp dragon with 9364 games and a winrate of 49.8% boosted up by running ramp dragons 58.3% and "dragon in generals" 49% and with games totaling 2121 games they tip the scales for ramp dragon to be deemed competitive this week but not super dominant. Seems people who were saying dragon was trash last week were just as wrong as the people saying it was op. Its clearly somewhere in the middle of the road based on its performance thus far. (unless you are PDK ;~; ) Anyway from all this we can see the meta has become far more aggressive in order to farm chests as well as to better combat daria highrolls. Daria herself is of course, still omnipresent in the meta as she ends games fast in one form or another while being dirt cheap to craft. UNLIMITED OTK roach has 1728 games and a winrate of 57.8% (gasp, no way) Aggro roach has 1499 games and a winrate of 55% (make it stop) Aggro Blood has 3170 games and a winrate of 51.3% (bit lower this week) Vengeance has 3468 games and a winrate of 53.2% Aggro sword has 1461 games a winrate of 54.1% (dragged down slightly by "face swords" 51.5%) Mid-range sword has 1297 games and a winrate of 54% Daria has 3550 games and a winrate of 50.8% Dshift has 2365 games and a winrate of 50.9% (how? with all this aggro HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?) And finally classic Storm haven is still kicking with 1434 games and a winrate of 52.3% Aside from dshift doing well this week nothing of note has really changed here aside from a boom in the amount of games being played in unlimited.
  10. The anime thread

    holy crap I am in tears! Darling in the Franxx is like pacific Rim but if literally everything was an innuendo and they piloted moe mecha. I cannot for the life of me take this show seriously and I dont think the writers want me to anyway. Ep 2 forced me to pause the vid for like 10 minutes as I laughed my **** off at the MCs "performance issues". With only 2 eps down I cant say for certain if the show is going to be good or not at this point but since the animation is great and the show itself hilarious (perhaps not for the reasons they hoped) I am willing to stick with it for now. errr on one hand I would enjoy seeing more Balalaika but if it means a 4 part ova featuring the terminator maid I am kind of hesitant to go for it. I REALLY ****ing hate that maid man.... Does the OVA offer anything of substance to the series? Because if not I dont think I will bother. I find that it takes around 3 episodes to actually get to understand what a show is about. Some shows have REALLY slow starts or change so rapidly in tone and style after they establish the groundwork of their universe so its hard for me to ever justify dropping something sooner then that. A fine example would be Madoka Magica which went down a very different road then I was expecting on ep 3. Up until that point I thought I had just bumbled into another generic magical girl show.
  11. Dragoncraft Ramp needs to be balanced

    >rune is dominating Limited >forest and blood dominating unlimited Yeah this is probably not the best time to ask for dragon nerfs especially when it has a sub 50% winrate in both formats.
  12. The anime thread

    Best Waifu of this season? I will take that with a grain of salt but I will still give the show a chance tomorrow. I am usually not into fanservice heavy shows but since this has trigger involved I am willing to look past that. Anyway I finally finished Black Lagoon. It was..... ok I guess. The action and animation was all decent for its time but the story was very episodic and only Revy, Rock and Balalaika (towards the very end) get any real development as far as characters go making the cast feel a bit flat and one dimensional. My biggest gripe is the fluctuating tone because in some episodes its super gritty like the "vampire twins" arc and the next we have a terminator Maid chasing down cars, tanking bullets and effortlessly overpowering everyone to an extent that is quite comical. And we cant forget the chuuni gunman who spent most of his time monolouging and striking poses..... The show just cant decide if it wants to take itself seriously or be a soft comedy. All that said, I do adore Balalaika's character. Wish she had a bit more screentime actually because she was a pretty interesting character.
  13. The anime thread

    I am enjoying overlord as well. So far they have done a really solid job of adapting the books and not omitting relevant things. I am also incredibly excited for the entoma vs blue rose fight. I NEED to see her face so bad. I dont know much about Darling aside from it being a trigger anime. What is its plot?
  14. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    So you have reached the same opinion I had WAY back when cygames first announced their new balance philosophy. And to think, some people actually thought I was just being salty when I was complaining that cygames cherry picked nerfs back then rather then actually doing what they promised. We should have had a massive balance patch during WD and that would have mostly solved our problems now. But I doubt cygames will actually go back and fix things and instead will just wait for it all to rotate out. This means older decks will completely dominate rotation until WD finally rotates out and unlimited will remain stagnant because they are not even going to attempt to make something that can compete on par with roach and aggro blood.
  15. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    err..... no? Yes Daria is luck dependent and yes she can lose to those decks however she actually wins against them more often then not. She is actually the third best deck of the format based on current data and its possible that the decks above her could simply have their winrates inflated due to catching people off guard (seriously I had no idea aggro sword even existed in limited) Data can be found here