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  1. Triggering last words without killing them? ALL last words no less meaning you can just replace urd and get nothing but strict benefits? (with the exception of tyrant who wants that shadow boost and can be combo'd with urd for mult-attacks) Please, this isnt forest or sword. Cygames isnt trying to push this craft ya know? >_>
  2. >buys time Look unless they have a SECOND aegis this thing is only going to ping you for 1 each turn and cannot threaten anything you put on the board. Aegis is a control deck, not an aggro one so reducing its finisher to a goblin is pretty much GG because you will still have around 15+ health by turn 9 (they are banking on two shotting you with aegis+evo after all)
  3. The thing nep got was the second shadow legend which is very questionable in the first place. It might be playable in 2,4,7,8 nep but its output is still very.... well Loki tier meaning its highly questionable. Turn 4 do nothing in an aggro meta isnt exactly appealing now is it? It has some stiff competition with Urd and assassin (who need a field but DO things on play while scaling well late game). The best thing it really has going for it is if you RNG hard and pull her followed by mordecai on your nep drop to summon 2 of them at once. But you need to be VERY lucky there..... Now does this sound like its enough support to keep this deck relevant? A single card who needs luck on your turn 8 play to be great and otherwise struggles with value at every other point of the game?
  4. I was referring to the eacthars. I no longer even slightly like him in the deck and would cut him out for either more mordecai, some pacts or tyrants. A 7 cost sage commander is just garbage value and even when he does summon zombies its not even slightly cost efficient. As for Olivia I am not saying she isnt good in the deck, just that I have never tried it or seen anybody else try it.
  5. with his nerfed form I am not a fan of eachtar in this deck.... like at all (he is just a sage commander now....) but if ran him it would be at 1-2 rather then the full playset you have going here. Personally I would cut 1 for an extra mord, and the other 2 for pacts so that you have some more removal options. Olivia is an interesting tech I suppose? I dont think I have ever seen that before nor have I ever tried it. I would rather use a surprise tyrant tech myself to donk the opponent late game.
  6. That makes FAR more sense Yeah Dark Jeanne isnt a bad card she is just a double edged sword. Something that can be AMAZING, possibly even game winning, or a gigantic flop that could make you lose even harder. I can understand people hating on something like her but I personally wont because she at least has good pay offs when played appropriately.
  7. >haven deck Wut? Does this stand for something or have you mixed it up with another card? And more importantly, memes can win games on occasion but so what? This is about bad cards which means they have to have basically zero competitive merit which is exactly what dark alice is. She has too many restrictions for what she does and her wincon basically comes out at turn 11 at the earliest which is horrific in this meta even more so when you consider the work needed to pull her off. I, among many others, have played the deck and numerous variations of it to try and make her work. She can win sometimes but she is bad. Really, REALLY, REALLY fuggin bad.
  8. Look on the brightside, come next set you just need to draft mr. moon and make them hate life.
  9. she needs to die in order to double your last words. that turn 9 play of urd and twilight can only be done if you possess the last piece of exodia, Soul conversion. Why not just double urd? At least then you dont give up things like assassin or orthrus which are far more useful in mid shadow. Mid shadow is forever dead.... eachtar..... give him back his head......
  10. And the terrible memes have started. I want to cry......
  11. Mordecai the Duelist 8 PP follower 5/5 Add this card to your opening hand -this card will return to your hand if you mulligan- Last words: summon a mordecai Nepthys 8 pp follower 5/5 Add this card to your opening hand -this card will return to your hand if you mulligan- Fanfare: Summon a mordecai and destroy your opponents strongest follower and gain life equal to its attack.
  12. Probably Dark Alice? So many darn restrictions with hilariously low pay offs. Heck even with the new zodiac legend coming out she still isnt looking to be anything but the bottom of the barrel in meme land.
  13. Oh twilight.... you are nothing but a turn 4 loki and I do not mean that as a compliment. So doubling last words is a cute concept but just like loki it only triggers once. So what are you doubling? Lurching corpse? All you did was get an assassin in that case and you needed MORE CARDS to pull it off. SKull cradle? Draw 2? Big whoop. Ah yes the clear target for this must be lich spawning or with khawy right? Well Urd achieves VERY similar results outside of ledger decks and since this card is a shadow running it IN ledger decks is a risk because it makes it harder to pull your liches. Khawy is pretty much the only great target here and even then your opponent needs a rather impressive field AND you need to survive at least 1 turn while playing a 4 mana do nothing. Still, I guess this just means that she is a terrible card for current decks but mayhaps she can have something built around her using previously terrible last words. I highly doubt it but perhaps a nifty but terrible meme can be born from this card. So my impressions of the set overall? Not happy. Forest and sword were pushed hard despite cygames saying they werent going to do this and they printed plenty of overvalue cards to push certain decks (yet another lie). Toss in this garbage treatment of shadow and I am quite rustled. Sure I should be happy because I play heaven and blood too and their support was good (blood especially) but that can only mean so much when everything else is so bad. The balance is just all over the place and it is incredibly disappointing. I see cygames has learned nothing from WD and will continue to repeat their mistakes over and over.
  14. Well faster games tend to be more convenient for mobile players so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that cygames continues to push midrange and aggro over control and combo. Heck even the reward and ranking systems heavily favor these types of decks.
  15. This is all true which is why powercrept skull is literally only going to be played (once people realize how bad it is to evolve) in ptp (you wont live to pull it off), Tyrant (you still wont live to pull it off) and antomy (MAYBE you can pull him off but he will die in 1 turn anyway because vanilla beatstick) Zodiac is literally only good for dark alice since it gives you a 5 damage ping and a mordecai while deck thinning so you can lockdown with Tos, Gimnir spam, arriet donk or drop satan. These flaws you mentioned however only highlight my point, at best shadows meme decks are getting SLIGHT buffs. There is literally nothing competitive in this set for shadow and we are not even getting a new janky meme deck to tinker with to boot! Shadowcraft as a class is literally pack filler :<