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  1. hmm I would go with Forest: Aerin, Beauty and Beast, Roach Sword: Quickblader, Mars, Luminous Mage Rune: Oz, Oracle of the sun Pascale, Professor of taboos Dragon: Filene, Prime Dragon keeper, Jerva Shadow: Ceres, NepNep, Khawy Blood: Belphegor, Fenrir, Beast Dominator Haven: Aegis, Tenko, Snow white Portal: exactly the same
  2. the issue with that is you need to use outside sources like discord to find people and even then its not a perfect way to practice for the full 5 game gauntlet. This really shouldnt be the case so I think it would be a nice change if they just let you play for free but earn no gold. They lose nothing here and it just gives people a more convenient way to play without risk.
  3. I really want in game chat (which you can choose to disable obviously) private messaging between friends and a new game mode that mixes up how the game is played. I want some more variety in this game darn it! Also being able to play take 2 for free at the cost of not earning any prizes for your wins would be nice. It would give people who hate the meta in unlimited and rotation a way to play that format without having to worry about going infinite. Would be a good way to let people "train" to get good enough to try and go infinite as well because right now there are not many opportunities to practice take 2.
  4. a self mill deck eh? Perhaps fangore wont hate this variant of sword since you actually need to build around him.
  5. sigh... if they are not willing to fix the broke decks "cuz lol sword" then why would they buff everything else to compete with sword which will just make the sword players upset because they are no longer curbstomping everyone? Cygames has no motivation to do EITHER option if they want to pander to the sword fans. So you are wrong, they have every reason not to. And we have no reason to even ask them to consider it because it ultimately solves nothing. They either fix the meta or we should move on. Simple as that.
  6. I am talking about in general not this specific case.
  7. its valid for some people but not all of them. The problem with everything being broken is that everything becomes uncompetitive since you cant stop your opponents busted combo once it goes off. This leads to formats where none of your choices actually matter because the decks go off and destroy each other effortlessly. The main merit this has is that it is great for casual players since there is a variety of decks to play and the skill ceiling for the formats tends to be very low. Cardfight vanguard is currently in this state which is why they are currently starting rotation for the very first time since it got REALLY bad. The issue with 1-2 deck metas is obvious but the merits for why some prefer it over everything being broken is dependent on how skillful mirror matches can be and how balanced tier 2 and under is. Necroz format in yugioh is pretty infamous but the people who loved it praised it because the mirrors were very skillful with all kinds of wonky techs coming out to get any edge they possibly could to win the mirror. In both these cases, the formats are terrible but the question is which poison you would rather drink. Competitive players tend to prefer the 1-2 deck metas so long as the mirror is skillful while casuals tend to prefer the "everything is busted beyond belief format". Both formats are terrible though and should be avoided if possible.
  8. The salt mega thread.

    Summit+tenko shrine sounds like a hell of a meme in unlimited. I would love to play it but I know after I get nuked by screeching roaches, daria highrolled turn 4 and torn apart by skyknights that I will be in such a foul mood by the time the deck actually works that I wont be having a good time.
  9. The anime thread

    Well considering how long it has been since the first season I will have to rewatch it or else I wont know what the hell is going on. As for steins gate, when Darling in the Franxx is finally over I shall watch it next assuming I can ever make decent progress on all the other things I am backed up on.
  10. Matter of opinion really. Both are actually quite terrible its just a matter of which you can stomach better and this varies from person to person. Personally, I dont care for either one which is why I am currently planning on jumping ship soon. Again, spreading the cancer doesnt make the game better, it just replaces the problem with a different one. And that is not something I wish to see when I actually want this game to redeem itself and become something I can love again.
  11. Except sword isnt getting a pass. Again, only reddit is pretending nothing is wrong so stop with this farce. We dont need more cancer in the game. Doing the second sends people running for the hills because you turn the game into an uncompetitive mindless mess like unlimited currently is. We dont need more of this crap, we need less. You are just solving one problem while creating another and this will not save the game from its current downward spiral. At best it will just make you laugh because the sword fanboys will be especially peeved that they arent the only ones with cancer. If you take away the nerf requests from blatant sword fanboys you would be surprised by how little complaints we have about classes in general. We actually did have plenty of sword nerfing discussion before your return but since you complain about sword constantly its basically redundant at this point. Cygames doesnt even pay attention to these forums which is why they are still broken and Mouse is dead forever. There is no point in beating a dead horse here especially since they seem to pay more attention to reddit. So again, if you want to complain endlessly in the hopes they will take notice then do it over there where they seem to actually pay attention.
  12. The salt mega thread.

    The memes disappeared from unlimited unranked after we started to get unlimited GPs which made people take the format more seriously. Now its no different from rotation where thanks to our quests and stuff only rewarding wins everyone just plays the best decks available for each class. Unranked has no point anymore and arguably never did.
  13. oh cool just what I always wanted, more unpreventable burn damage. And this one would be 3 minimum, and can be cheesed to 10+ without much effort. That would be god awful card design especially when you factor in that its already insane as is in take 2. Games in rotation frequently reach turn 7-10 and in unlimited 7 is the main finisher turn. (as in, its the highest the turn count ever reaches normally) Your version of the card would be cancer in rotation and still be absurd with the right build in rotation. Likely wouldnt dethrone roach and daria or midsword but those are decks that should be fixed rather then having everyone bumped up to their level. >put up with swords crap and never complain Just because we dont screech endlessly like you do that doesnt mean we are ok with things as they currently are. Take that attitude to reddit where people actually believe nothing is wrong.
  14. RIP PUPPETS. Cygames clearly hates them! Anyway rhino memes could be a cute deck and I wouldnt be surprised if people tried to make them work with god bullet golem (dont, pls just stick to the mordecai artifact) but I think most people are just going to run this as a 1-of tech at best. Ah I somehow missed that dragon legendary. Lindworm and pdk are going to love her and if I am not mistaken, she could possibly be the strongest 2 drop dragon has? If that is the case then dragon as a craft just got even more wallet
  15. >swipes face She only gets storm if you enhance her so no, you cant always do that. Often times once you hit 10 necromancy she is a worthless brick in your hand since she can spell doom for you if you play her since she eats all your resources. >misplays LITERALLY JUST HAVE IT WORK THE SAME WAY AS CHOOSE. It doesnt slow anything down especially if they only have it pop up if you can actually pay the cost. There is no actual defense for the current way these abilities are handled especially since it makes the game more rng focused because of it since by pure luck your cards can turn into bricks. And lol, at games being much slower. It doesnt take long for people to play choose cards and those choices can actually require a good bit of thought. In no way would this actually slow the game down by any major amount >_>