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  1. Getting tired of trying to make this class work.

    Hey, you remember me. Thanks, that makes me happy Mmm, your covering of the issues makes a lot of sense. Wasn't this the primary concern that people prior to the introduction of the new class in the first place? That, being a new class they would not have a big enough library to support its archetypes neccessitating the player put in sub-optimal cards and leaving it as a shell-class until one or more expansions down the line? The class does seem mechanically distinct enough to justify its own existence, but it may simply need another expansion (hopefully with double the cards relative to other classes) to get up to par, I suppose.
  2. Getting tired of trying to make this class work.

    Is Portalcraft bad? I haven't been playing due to computer issues, but from what I've seen, they seem pretty good at controlling the board through an onslaught of rush tokens. What makes them not good, exactly?
  3. November Nerf Hitlist

    Not even remotely - if it were the same tier as Sibyl, it would have been a 2/2 fanfare kill a random enemy. It's a 1pp body on a 2 drop, which cannot willingly be traded into anything other than wards. The fact that you have to use another card in hand to kill it is a not insignificant cost, and the kill effect is unreliable. On the nerfs though, pretty good nerfs all around. Glad to see Cygames is concerned about deck diversity. They just really need to stop printing ubiquitous neutrals.
  4. Because it has no meaningful cost. It's a little strange that it doesn't discard your whole hand like Deathwing.
  5. Elite 2 ai is it difficult?

    I don't think they have chances of getting a good hand. I'm pretty sure they just have "card slots" and just pull whatever they card they need form the list of cards that composes their "deck". The AI is a cheating bastard.
  6. Dimension Shift Decks

    Well one thing, I don't think 3 angelic snipes are really good - 2 at most, and you could do with less or none honestly; it's just not that good of a card. Taking those out, you can have room for some levi's or clay golems, and your third concentrate. You may also want a petrification in there, just in case (b&b can ruin your day if you can't answer it). I may not be the best person to ask though, since I try to be fancy and win with Flame and Glass, which is somewhat awkward.
  7. Could First Curse Be Good In A Deck?

    I think Magic Gun Hunter does the first curse job better than first curse. I mean, how often do you want to spend 9 mana to kill an 8 health dude, that wouldn't have been killed with an execute. If final curse could hit face though...
  8. I don't believe you have 52 noble fangs in your deck.
  9. I don't think it's the same, I seem to be disconnecting at random times in the match.
  10. Like the title says, this is like the 5th game or so I've had interrupted with my computer just resetting in the middle of a match. My computer is kinda old, but it only seems to happen when I'm playing shadowverse.
  11. I use a very similar type of haven deck. You're mostly trying to play vanilla minions on curve, so it basically crushes control decks, but loses to midrange/tempo decks which can simply out-value it on board. It really only works because of the flood of d-shift decks running around right now.
  12. Normal games at Master rank

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't normals use your ranked MMR to determine who you're matched up against? I noticed as I ranked up my normals opponents got harder for some reason.
  13. D-Shift...

  14. D-Shift...

    I think it's male, cause the voice is male. Fun is hitting people in the face for TONS OF DAMAGE. The more damage you do in a single attack/spell, the more fun it is - the fun is multiplied for every point of damage over total maximum health in a single attack. Not fun is... anything that makes that not happen or reverses damage.