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  1. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Sword as a craft has 2 main problems: 1) It's main class gimmick (commander & officer) is very finniky: its sort of like earth rite except you have effects that work both ways - officers need commanders and vice versa. This makes your plays inconsistant based on draw rng. 2) Sword appears to have the design constraint of needing to do everything with minions. Even moreso then shadow, the class is very much constrained to: we have the best all-around minions. Due to problems caused by 1, Cygames has increasingly ignored C&O synergies and just focused on making individually good cards, but paradoxically this also prevents them from making very powerful C&O effects since it's so binary and there are so many good standalone cards. Because Sword has to do everything via minions, it really limits what they can do with the class overall without stepping on other class' toes. Simply put, if the meta is such that sword can preserve minions on board, sword will be decent to strong as minion to minion interactions is the class's strength, but if you can't keep boards sword becomes crap since shadow has much stickier minions, and more minion flood. It's a shame because I like swords more gimmicky stuff (like Rogue's Creed). But these things are just too slow nowadays.
  2. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    There's far too much token removal in the game as it is That said I think the card is perfectly good for a control shadow list - I might be able to slot it into my Nephtis deck. I don't know if there are any other control shadow decks that are really a thing though - everything is just more push for midrange shadow. As far as highrolling goes, the current game and upcoming expansion feels like ToTG 2.0 where the game devolves into who wins between drawing their board flood vs removal cards only now the minions come with removal already baked in. What the hell is Cygames thinking? Can't a man just play a vanilla 2/3 : 3/2 on 3 in peace?
  3. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    The shadow card is more versatile than you think - I've used the black sword from Portal to good effect just as a silence. Silence + Kill is basically a banish. Whoa, THEY JUST GAVE SHADOW A BANISH. That dragon card is completely busted though, are they trying to kill tempo decks that don't involve multiple board flood cards?
  4. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Don't the new -attack forest cards completely wreck this thing though? Also, it eats 2 cards the turn it's played, but a silence can also nip this thing in the bud, especially if it rolls low on the cards pulled.
  5. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    It's a silver instead of a legendary? I mean, I don't have either of those cards so...
  6. How do I beat darkfeast bat?

    Hmm, a fast aggro deck or Alexiel. Well I don't have Alexiel, and only one Seraph Blade, but I should be able to pack in some executes. So far my various decks that I've built seem to not stand up to even normal other decks, but I'll keep at it.
  7. It seems like effects dependent on self damage on the bloodcraft side are taking effect even when the damage effects are blocked. We also have Vira as an ambassador giving the blood player diplomatic immunity. That's rough man. What kind of deck do I need to play to push through all of this masochistic stuff?
  8. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    This card would go perfectly with my Rogue's Creed deck... Amazing.
  9. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    So, outside of the possibility of shroud haven or some kind of ambush deck, is it even possible to have a singleton deck that plays 1 follower a turn that won't just get that follower auto-killed every single turn? This looks very reminiscent of the dog monster hallucination from Berserk. In any case, maybe it'll work with portal, they have multiple 1/4's for 2pp. You could throw out 2 of these things on turn 4, then boop face for 4 next turn. Feels like a worse Hector though.
  10. The salt mega thread.

    Every single deck I face is either pingy Bloodcraft or Elana Haven. There is nothing else, save for some control decks which have every broken neutral legendary ever printed. Why are you even playing unranked with these decks?
  11. It makes sense from a pure business perspective to close the forums since there's so little activity. Nevertheless I wish you all well.
  12. Post Mini-Expansion meta report (general)

    I think the fact that so many decks necessitate large numbers of legendary cards is problematic, since those tend to be the most impactful and swingy cards; especially the "You just lost the game" type of legendaries (Lookin' at you Elephant King). Dragon in particular is held hostage to this design - why is the only way they're allowed to be viable to have 12+ mandatory legendaries in a deck? Their very design ruins neutral cards for everyone (rip my queen). When the game devolves into "If I draw my super-legendary I win, if I don't I lose" you have a problem, and this problem will only continue to get worse in unlimited as new expansions get added to the game.
  13. Post Mini-Expansion meta report (general)

    Just limit decks in unlimited to max 5 legendaries, or have dust value tiers for decks. Or maybe that would just crush the balance?
  14. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Still need help?
  15. Favourite moments?

    It's even better when you dark sword the bear and it no longer even gives puppets to the enemy.