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  1. Cygames, please delete ambush!!!

    there are a total of 4 cards that have ambush and 1 of them is neutral, 1 is shadow, 1 is rune and 1 is blood. I just chose to not mention every card.
  2. Talk About Whatever

    This forum is like, dead... Cant wait for the spoiler season to kick back some life.
  3. Ambush as a mechanic is already uninteractive and it doesnt help, that it is limited to only 1 class (having spawn doesnt include blood in the list). So I propose just deleting it, because it currently has 0 support cards in rotation and all it brings is hate and braindead gameplay.
  4. Dragoncraft is ...

    Hello, please refer to the suggestions or the salt mega thread.
  5. Unlimited Nep Works

    I was angry at rotation for not supporting Nep. And it rotates out next expo
  6. Unlimited Nep Works

    Mid shadow list: Nep deck: In Mid shadow deck, you can remove Twilight Queen and Abyss Straddler. I just put them there to meme around a bit. As for Nep, well, I have kinda forgotten how to make Nep lists, but I got quite close IMO. Here is a base for improvement.
  7. Unlimited Nep Works

    I dont play unlimited, sadly. I will try to make them. But i do have a great mid shadow list
  8. Unlimited Nep Works

    Nep is good in unlimited, since you can abuse sow death reap life for some rng mordes. but you need a way around aggro. Mid shadow is really cool, but draw dependant. If you can get nice curve/a lot of shadows, you become unstoppable
  9. New flare ?

    I prefer Luna sleeves
  10. The salt mega thread.

    Cmon Cy, where is the next expansion??? Cant wait for Skillbert to rotate out. Oh yeah, and nerf him and other storm cards. And give Shadow ablility to restore evolve points.
  11. Mid shadow has the best board clear, it is called survive till turn 7
  12. Favourite moments?

    Finally, the grind is over!!!
  13. Longest match in time??

    The only way to deckout is via deus. If i hadnt topdecked my last radiant, I would have lost due to deckout
  14. Longest match in time??