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  1. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    Wait what??? No nerfs to the top decks?. GJ Cygames, gonna enjoy this game.
  2. First list Im missing Badb Cathas, what can you replace there. 2nd list no Vampy Chan 3rd list I should just make Phantom Cats.
  3. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    I did and realised I am missing key cards for every single one.
  4. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    I think i figured out how nerfing is at Cygames HQ. Boss: Nerf dates are coming, we need to decide what we nerf. Employee: Well, according to our data, there is no oppress.... Boss: Screw data, I have Reddit. Let ne check what they want.(minutes later). So, we are nerfing eachtar, scarlet and Falise, because that is what community wants. Employee: But boss, none off the decks these cards fit in are problemat... Boss: We just made Wonderland dreams, where neutrals should be dominating. Curently we have 2 decks that are not aggro Neutrals in tier 1. We need to nerf them. Employee 2: But Alice and Albert are cancerous, are there really no people complaining about them? Boss: 2 things. No and You are fired for suggesting such nerfs.
  5. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Hmm, Fangores nerf history interpretation reminded me of a certain post waaaayyyy back when you could like posts. I'll copy it to here in a min.
  6. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    You know that HE created the salt thread, dont you
  7. Maybe he did, I dont remember, it was a while ago and Roland didnt matter as I did 4bursts of 4 to him
  8. Huh? He didnt drop any of those against me...Wouldnt have mattered, I won on t9
  9. The salt mega thread.

    And I am very glad that it is that way. I was too tired of hearing Sky knights every time on t5, t6 and t9
  10. The salt mega thread.

    No. Just no. I don't want another Albert in the game. I rather have a stormless sword than one with Albert
  11. Nvm I thought you were talking bout new vania and that is who I had. Also have 1 carabosse and I dont have Vania leader
  12. I had one...and got rid of that one...I could make 1...but is one enough?
  13. Favourite moments?

    How to not play Haven 101 Play against portal Play safe Tutor Aegis on 10 and evo kill something Continue smacking opponents board because why not Remember he is playing portal and lose because he made a 20 attack safira in one turn (i killed 9 artifacts last turn.)
  14. After getting my butt swooped in GP by Aggro blood nonsense, I decided to make it myself, it didnt seem expensive as I had unpacked most of the cards, but the result sucked and it did it HAAAAARRRRDDDD! Can someone help fix it?
  15. The salt mega thread.

    Don't let a control/combo player make an aggro deck and use it in GP...Bad things may happen.