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  1. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    I was playing Eachtar vs that.
  2. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    In todays GP adventures: 50 shades of Rune AKA Chimera, Shift, Burn, Ginger and Daria
  3. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Ekhm... Obligated new expansion post inc... In August 7th, HS gonna experience the 2nd Year of the Raven expansion, The Boomsday project. Its gonna feature many mechs, mechs attaching to new mechs(Magnetic Keyword), project cards(symetric effects), omega projects (enhance 10), and Heartstones first Legendary spells. Warrior is going to get a new Hero card, Dr. Boom, Mad genius. You can buy 2 pre-purchase bundles: 50€ one for 50 packs, Mecha-Jarraxus card back, and a random Golden legendary from the new set, and an 80€ one for all of the things in the 50€ one, 30 more packs, and MECHA-JARRAXUS WARLOCK HERO!!!!(you can get both bundles). Also, Midsummer fire festival is on, which means: DOUBLE GOLD FROM QUESTS!!!!
  4. Please Nerf / Rebalance Beauty & the Beast

    Out with the ****post boi, if B&B was as broken as you think, it would have been nerfed a long time ago.
  5. Well...blood and shadow are 2 of the worst classes in rotation, blood taking the crown.
  6. Talk About Whatever

    Did you go past the superhero? There is a very interesting upgrade
  7. July 17th Card Changes

    Well, since Tenko shrine got hit.... wont have to make the deck now(phew)
  8. Talk About Whatever

    Yes, the City is a place of emotions, you will need to revisit it later...It doesnt hurt to AFK there for the music either. Royal waterways are damn annoying if you dont know your ways, it also holds many secrets.
  9. Isnt Silva a bit too much?

    Yeah, sorry, keep mixing those 2 up. Also, need to see staircaise in action
  10. Favourite moments?

    yaass, THIS is what we needed
  11. Isnt Silva a bit too much?

    She may have accelerate, but that efect has a requirement of its own, which may lead to game-losing turns. It doesnt sound as easy as it looks, believe to those who actually play the card
  12. Shadowlog 7/8/2018 (Unlimited version)

    You seem to not have encountered t7 triple FD into shift? Add in things like Chimera and (yeah) Witch, and you got a full anti control and Anti midrange package
  13. Shadowlog 7/8/2018 (Unlimited version)

    D-shift called, it wants its 2k earned rank points back
  14. Isnt Silva a bit too much?

    It is actually a low tempo play, and it doesnt allow to activate Fanfares (limiting actually good targets in hand). It also cannot be activated if you have no/too expensive followers in hand. She is perfectly balanced, maybe tad bit strong