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  1. Huh... never knew he ran anomaly and roland. I just stormed his **** with forte and genesis.
  2. Emeralda destroys without vengeance. She only gains storm on vengeance
  3. This is what I was looking for in terms off carabosse deck. Sadly have only 1 carabosse
  4. Noice suggestions. 1. Don't know why I added that card. Probably gonna look for some replacement card draw. 1a. Dark general is usually active when i drop her, because i am getting rushed dowm by Alice&Friends, but i will look for some replacements. 2. Was thinking of dropping Yurius for Vampiric fortresses. Actually don't play a lot off blood. Maybe add some goblins? 3. Stolen life is kinda slow, and it doesn't remove things like bahamut, but the buff is nice. Will have to do some playtesting in the depths of A0 Abyss hell. 4) I just opened my first one, and currently am out of vials. I see why she is nice, because the dmg and card draw stack, and she is a nice body on her own 5) I like hungering horde, because rip goblins and fairies and death's breath. Might still leave one. Sabreur was a card i actually forgot about. Will probably save some vials and improve on this deck on a later day.
  5. How the actual *** do you rank up. Like, my best deck for ranking up is my Rose forest, which is supposed to be a meme (Brambles too op, plz Cygames, no nerf)
  6. I pulled a certain new toy, whose card design i really love. So I made a deck with her (it is not belph). Please critique my deck and tell me, what is there to improve, as i am getting really tired of spawn, although i have 2.
  7. Merlin should get full evolve stats.
  8. Naruto fanboys unite
  9. So you are new here, huh? You can post your misworded cards in this tread. May people have been complaining about poorly worded cards, so you can just post these there and make the collection even bigger.
  10. Was doing my dailies with rune. Playing against neutral blood, me going first,who didn't draw alice, but was still dropping T5 baphomet. T6 drops the first spawn, I mutagenic it. So he drops a goblin and a feria and ends T7. I had 14 health. On my T8 i had to clean up the board with levi, as well as dropping Lou. On T8 he used his 2nd spawn. I come to my turn. All i had was a levi and a Lou, 2 7 cost Dshift and my opponent at 17. So i just went 3 turns in a row and killed my opponent without the need for Flame destroyers
  11. Storm or Aegis,or maybe Elana?
  12. That just includes more skillful gameplay unlike blind spam rush face
  13. Atleast you play her in the midlane and not in support(God, i hate support lux on both sides). I just love to get drunk on mushroom juice and charge down top lane.
  14. LeBlanc was reworked and is really bad nowadays.