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  1. What platforms are supported?
  2. If it is neutral, would be ran in every deck and make olivia see play
  3. I have came to realisation, that Haven is a more annoying version of HS priest. Plays Candelabra You want to play 2 minions? Death sentence. You will play another 2 minions? Another death sentence. You try to fill up your board? Themis. You activated your vengeance? Aegis evolve b*tch. Ohh look at those cute spiderweb imps that try to protect you... TOPDECK THEMIS ****ER!!!!
  4. Is Gwent for free? F2P intensifies
  5. Ehm... Played D-shift against Pepe Sword. He got it to 7/8 by the time i was able to calamitous him. And i don't run mutagenic in my deck, so i had no way to removing that piece of ****
  6. Im meeting NepNep shadow more oftenly than midrange or aggro. No dragons, except one discard dragon, who used double altered fate with dragomancers rites without that minion that deals 1 dmg to enemy leader for each discarded card, one-shotting himself and losing to fatique
  7. No, you need to remove this, as haven can run elana's with aegis and get it back up
  8. I made a lobby 51925
  9. For people that i have not played yet with. Lobby is open 96023. For people i have played with i have the 30 rupee quest.
  10. Dude, thanks for this deck. I made it and instantly fell in love. I replaced 1 Merlin (dont have 2) with a mutagenic bolt. Should i replace the bolt with 3rd calamitous?
  11. Welp, i guess that is nice. If he eachtars your snakes, you play more snakes
  12. I see Catacombs being a 4 drop as kinda buff to it. T1 skull beast->t2 spartoi sergeant->t3 bone chimera->T4 catacombs. This actually allows more consistent on-curve aggression for shadow
  13. Dude, this stage was brutal for me. NepNep into leonidas and mordecai was insta gg for me.
  14. You say dragon is unfair? Haven will give you cancer then. I have a nice way of dealing with dragons using my forest deck, but Haven is just cancer. Try to put few threats? Renoved. Powerful last words effects? Banished. Flooded board? AOE BANISH B*TCHES! Its lategame and you have an empty board? An irremovable 8/8 should seal the deal.