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  1. You're all noobs
  2. I really like this idea in terms of new game mechanics. IE the introduction of a card skill that says " Fanfare: You lose an evolution point/play point orb. Deal 3 damage to all enemies. However I dont think the cards should cost 0pp. That could get abused.
  3. Temptress vampire is a stable for control blood decks. She is a beast. Esp if you pull her for 5pp with baph. Id run 3 scarlets, imps and yuries and airjammers. Diabolic drains also staple. Don't be shy running 3 revelations its a great card.
  4. Cards that are very important for aggro and gaining and keeping tempo with a fast and hard hitting sword deck are, played in order- quickblader, any 2 drop thats 2/2 storm trooper, fencer, lumi mage if behind on board or even and Albert if ahead on board then your a' s command. Follow that flow and you're golden.
  5. I why no luminous mages? Shes the best 5turn drop sword has. Works aggro since you can buff your guys by evo'ing lumi knight
  6. Nerfs sound delicious
  7. Well we know it has 3 red rages and 3 arriets in it 😂
  8. He is a noob. Lol what does he know Frog is memecraft for sure and awesome in Arena.
  9. I can compete in ranked but ranked is boring unranked is boring as well nothing but 2 different decks maybe 3 you play over and over again and they make the same plays after same play. Just boring
  10. error code

    @Mouse Can help, Or You can just uninstall and reinstall the game. Will probably fix the issue
  11. I'd remove the shield of flames for blitz lancers. Having a body with rush is better than just a 2pp removal because you already have 3 ninja strikes. Remove the 2 enraged and the hero of antiquity and put in x3 frontguard general. He will save your life with all of the aggro running around.
  12. If you're going control then go control. No blood wolfs, no vengeance activaters. Vampiric kiss x3. Run some temptress vampires..shes a great late game threat. Righteous devil is an amazing card for its 4point heal on evo. You're looking for total board control. You'll lose too much tempo keeping the blood wolf's and I guess keeping the bolphs is kinda okay but again you are doing control not vengeance. Here's mine see what you think and edit your cards as you see fit. Hope it helps. https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.6.67RX2.67RX2.67RX2.6F3pC.6F3pC.6F3pC.6BIrA.6BIrA.6BIrA.67SGY.67SGY.67SGY.6BI6S.6BI6S.6BI6S.63iH0.63iH0.63iH0.6ItyC.6ItyC.6ItyC.6IwOI.6IwOI.6IwOI.63i_Q.63i_Q.63fqw.63fqw.6IyqY.6IyqY.6IyqY.63i_a.63i_a.63i_a.63iHA.63iHA.67WPY.67WPY.6CsCi.6CsCi
  13. The 5/5 flame rat would transform into a 1/1 again. No matter what you case bolt on it will always become a 1/1 rat unless its Aegis which is unaffected.
  14. Tove - 2pp 3/2 BKB - 4pp 3/4 Evolve - Destroy a follower with 3 defense or less. Both seem more like bronze level cards this way I think.
  15. Shut up noob