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  1. this is a fun deck I made and when you pop the combo of saq and Angel and evolve everything on your board its pretty awesome haha, thoughts?
  2. this has got to be the most egotistical post I have ever seen in my life omg lolol congrats tho but we didnt need a play by play
  3. stfu you whiney little biaaaaaatch
  4. Lol all the dragon ramp decks that get destroyed by my nepnep deck after the nerfs mohahaha. Cata being a 4 drop will not hurt shadow at all. Any shadow can build a board by turn 3 to get full effect off cata on turn 4. Aggro will lose a little bit of tempo but overall that nerf wont hurt shadow at all. Ladder will still be flooded with skelatons.
  5. This deck currently has a win ratio of 8 games won out of 10 played. Very consistent I feel. Heavy push in the beginning game and lots of chip damage and capable of killing early like any shadowcraft aggro with Tyrant added in as a finisher. Plus Demonlord is another finisher. I win most mirror matches. Only lost to shadowcraft once. This deck destroys dragoncraft and has trouble with havencraft obviously but they never expect the tyrant.
  6. ah..I see now lol
  7. Both are okay. If you really want to climb the ladder fast go with storm haven or aggro shadow. Control haven decks are great but the matches take forever. You'll be 100 years old before you reach master rank.
  8. Frog is amazing. Pop him on the board and evo to kill something then buff him with commanders and keep hitting the face. You don't even need him in an ambush deck. Just use him for the awesome chip damage in mid sword. Or for tempo in aggro sword.
  9. IF you drop Deaths Breath on shadow count 5...which then turns to 6 shadows once you use the breath should proc the +1 wards but doesn't resolve. Am I wrong in thinking the bonus should work? IE : You have 5 shadows, you pop deaths breath, gives you 6 shadows before the zombies hit the board but yet you don't get the ward + 1s. Totally dumb.
  10. Yes, you'd be correct on that one. Lol changing meta mid competition would be horribly stupid. I dont like nerfs.
  11. I run Ledger in my nepnep. 3 attendants plus 3 ledgers and youll mostly pop ledger turn 4 and basically thin your deck while creating shadows and getting those lichs on the board. If you get 2 ledgers on the board you can get more lichs out. Liches early arent easy to deal with. Plus you have tons of removal with lurching corpse, necroassiassion and my personal favorite mid combo goblin ridermount. Get that big 3/7 ward out while killing your lurching or attendants. Great combo. Late game is awesome with kawly and mord and nep and imperor t. I pretty much destroy ramp dragon, all you gotta worry about is lightning blasts. If you play smart you can outlast haven and dragon late game. If your hands decent you can survive aggro shadow and mid shadow. Plus nep deck is really fun to play. Top tier decks get boring.
  12. Youtube videos are a really good resource to utilize. Just type in whatever deck you want to learn about and watch master ranked players play those decks. Very quick and easy way to learn the best decks and strategies. Like everyone else is saying, storm haven is a good cheap way to go but I'd go with aggro shadow personally. As aggro shadow can usually put enough pressure on most decks early on to give you easy wins. Storm haven tends to be slower but still very affective.
  13. Works for me haha
  14. Honestly I think both players should have 3 evo points at the start of every game. Its silly that they take the point away from first player. Yes I get why they do it but its still silly and way too much of an advantage for player 2.
  15. When you win, show some class and just end the match as quickly as possible. Don't play around and show off, we all get good hands and bad hands but seriously, we already know we are going to lose and if we dont surrender just end it quick so we can play another game.