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  1. Next Expansion Card Theory Fun

    Holy Guard is a good card yes but it doesn't shield them from board clears or destruction only dmg.
  2. Next Expansion Card Theory Fun

    Here is my little contribution to the post. Giving some love to sword craft.
  3. Next Expansion Card Theory Fun

    As a sword main let me just say that I wish sword Lancer would have came out in this expansion haha what a card
  4. Next Expansion Card Theory Fun

    Please tell me how you guys are making these cards?
  5. Next Expansion Card Theory Fun

    How are you guys making these cards ? I want to make some too
  6. Ok.....

  7. Next Expansion Card Theory Fun

    Strikethrough should be the difference between attack and defence. Not the cards attack as dmg.
  8. Ok.....

    @Mouse what will it take for me to get some red html text in here? Hook me up.
  9. Ok.....

    Ah the Achient Egyption God card Hamsa. Only two more God cards left to be uncovered . Gorok the Mythical Goat and Murok the Diabolical Turtle .
  10. Ok.....

    Just deleted 1 duck. Wanna try for the whole collection? Don't test me I'm edgy from all of drugs.
  11. Ok.....

    It's not wise to bribe administration. Consider yourself warned . Next time it happens I'll delete all of the Hamsas from your account. Yes. I will ban them immediately
  12. Ok.....

    Which one of you noobs deleted my admin thread? That's my job. 😂 nobody deletes my posts unless its me. Don't worry if you confess now and make full reckoning of your transgressions the punishment won't be as bad as it could be..
  13. Next Expansion Card Theory Fun

    Ya know with this kind of attitude you're not really building good favor with the new administration.
  14. Next Expansion Card Theory Fun

    The F is a chucklenut card? 😂
  15. Let's Remove D-Shift from the Game

    Its annoying but if they don't get the right cards at the right times they lose or if you are playing any aggro deck chances are they will lose by turn 5. So that's why it won't be nerfed or removed its just not that good of a card. It's a finisher but it just requires way too much and requires an entire deck built around it. Plus hardly anyone plays it. Maybe at low ranks. If you're low ranked just play some cheap sword aggro deck. You'll move up fast.