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  1. Getting tired of trying to make this class work.

    today aint that bad either. Even tough it seems relly on highroll aspect, tbh u just need a good decision making, dont think like no t6 deus no win cuz u still can contest the game.
  2. Getting tired of trying to make this class work.

    this class is works well and balanced. Ive tried thier archtypes such as control puppet, hybrid one, and deus artifact. And the most successful is the deus portal one. Ive tried it few times 2 days ago. this class shines in rota, and still cant find its place in unlim
  3. thx the secretly t0 portal didnt get hit, its time to climb!
  4. Another Joke Nerf, man im getting bored lately. Its almost 3 expac they never tone down the freakin obvious OP archtypes. See ya next expac, when ****s still the same i better quit
  5. What are we supposed to do?

    yea, i really dont know what to do about that. So far im playing in master, theres ppl with high score, playin highroll deck (daria/atomy obv for climb ofc), and managed to pull the **** out of it fast. Im pretty sure they can manage to pull in oftenand cheat out their games
  6. Fix my deck

    Thats a decent deck, my preference probably like this
  7. mfw only have 3 page leggos
  8. Death Haven

    temple ogre is bad, 4 cudgel is mandatory !
  9. Death Haven

    yea thats one of the point i noted at yesterday post too , have fun climbing with that!
  10. Death Haven

    that what hard r8? facing real midshadow
  11. Death Haven

    @jpants that was a nc game
  12. Death Haven

    @jpants im here, 61124 come
  13. Death Haven

    i really want to know hows that deck works well against shadow. Can we somewhat have a private with that deck vs my midshadow @jpants? ping me when u ready, hope were online at the same time . well ive quit playin haven for now, meme queen feels more interesting to me. t6 lethal incoming !!!
  14. Death Haven

    heres some salt from my attempts, its very obvious shadow rotation rn is pretty balanced
  15. Death Haven

    1. Too much tempo loss even for the nukes, the deck only nukes are low dmg aoe (rip themis), then leave the big bodies live (thane, kektar) then you must wasting another evo pts 2. Aoe and banishes cant keep up with maggots generator, esp shadow have ****tons of draw 3. Aisha Mb it works with you, but i tried and still cant (sometimes its win ofc)