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  1. meta report 2/12-18/2018

    I wonder how Shadowlog catalogs Forest decks. I've seen "Neutral" Forest decks that run the Saha-Isra-Zeus top end. I've seen decks that start out neutral and run BnB and Arriet, but then run White Wolf and Elephant for the top end. Won with a deck like that the other day, kind of felt sorry for the Rune player. They were trying to make Silver Blade work (I'm personally disappointed at how bad a card Silver Blade is because I love his card art and the idea behind him) but I had King Elephant and Arriet in hand so that was a OTK even if they hadn't been at 15 HP. Wards suck so hard in this game. Then of course there are control forest decks that focus on White Wolf and Elephant and skip BnB. Anyway, here's hoping Daria does go down because even when you run a counter deck, fighting Daria is nothing I would call "fun". I'm not surprised Sword is doing poorly as it is the class least equipped to deal with Daria among its several other weaknesses. Overall, I'm pretty tired of the Saha-Isra-Baha-Zeus package. For its faults, Beauty and the Beast at least requires actual deck construction to work. Same with King Elephant. Dragon has interesting cards that require actual thinking and deck construction to use, like Frenzied Drake, but no one in their right mind would use Frenzied Drake when Baha is a thing. Cygames really needs to step up their game when it comes to creating interesting synergies and put actual requirements/conditions on powerful effects, rather than cards that just do awesome things simply for existing. Thing is they seem content to wait for all the garbage to rotate out rather than trying to do anything about it. I believe Saha is rotating out, hopefully they don't print a Saha replacement then at least Israfil may become less played. I really can't count Portal's rise as a benefit. It's right behind Daria in the "zero fun match-up" department. Sorry, but nothing about 1 PP 3/1 Rush, Acceleratium, or Deus Ex is okay. Portal is a disaster waiting to happen.
  2. Need help for deck to reach Grand master!

    To be perfectly honest, I would not want to use Swordcraft to reach Grandmaster's right now. No Sword deck is really strong enough for that. You could probably do it, but if possible it's a rough road. Taking a quick look at your card list, you need 1 more Albert to make any Sword deck viable. Mid Sword needs to run Arthur, so unless you're willing to craft him, that's out. So that would leave some flavor of Aggro Sword. Fair warning, any and all wards shut down aggro sword hard. It's an easy deck to pilot but also far too easily countered in the current meta. Aggro Sword Neutral Aggro Sword
  3. The salt mega thread.

    They don't drop regularly enough to be worth grinding for. Not to mention the fact that they're win based. Which, okay, I understand they want to avoid concede farming but it still leads to the fact that if you go on an unlucky losing streak, that adds even more time to the chest grind. I'm with you, I just take whatever chests I can get and be done with it, but it still means the event is pretty poorly designed IMO. Not to mention the fact that once you get the sleeves and emblems all they have is rupees (the occasional card sure, but mine have been all rupees so far), which are nice, but hardly very exciting.
  4. Changes to Cards in the February 14 Release

    Seriously. Also, I know it's not popular but we do have to remember that at the end of the day this is a game and it is supposed to be fun. What is enjoyable about facing Daria high rolls and constantly dealing with Saha-Isra-Baha-Zeus? Yes, I fully understand that we need to use data for balance decisions and can't rely solely on feelings. Sure, that makes sense and I agree with it. But if the Shadowlog numbers are even remotely correct, Daria dwarfs everything else in play rate. I just don't see how Cygames could look at that, plus consider the fact that most crafts have no answer for a Daria board, and go "yup, everything is ok!".
  5. Changes to Cards in the February 14 Release

    That is disappointing.
  6. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    Saha does seem the better nerf target. Will help both Rotation and Unlimited and frees up space for designing big neutral legends again if Saha can't abuse them. I'm honestly a bit iffy on the entire concept of big neutral legends though. Pretty boring if the meta decks just turn into "survive until you can play Isra/Zeus/Baha".
  7. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    I'll second the call the nerf Saha+Isra. We'll see what Cygames does.
  8. 16million Download Event

    Eh, chest event is largely fine IMO. My complaint would be the same one I have about the dailies, it's all win win win. At least that makes some sense with the chest event to avoid concede farming and I have to give them props that once the chest appears, it won't go away until you win it. Pretty sure they've set it so that the sleeves and emblems should be in your first chests though, as far as I could tell from reddit and the forums the Erika sleeves and emblem were like that. Another nice touch I have to give Cygames kudos for and makes it easy to get the sleeves and then just move on with your life. They still need to balance pass this game ASAP (Daria being the worst offender but hardly the only one), I hope it's true they're doing a mid-month balance pass. I also remain convinced that once Portal gets support people are going to hate it and be crying for nerfs. I know I'm in a minority there though.
  9. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    Or they should have released a massive balance patch when Rotation & CG dropped. They had the time to test out everything internally. They had to know Rotation was coming well before they announced it. Oh well, what's done is done.
  10. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    Well, thanks for the support folks. I didn't expect it. Much appreciated. Hopefully Cygames will nerf Daria and I'll gladly come back if they do. Lots of people said really great things but I wanted to highlight this The new direction is fine and good. I could be wrong but I think Cygames biggest mistake with Rotation is not nerfing down the old OP cards to match the new direction. Better to be proactive here rather than wait for a cancer deck to arrive and then nerfing. At least, that's my opinion. I wish the best for this game but can safely say I'm not having fun right now. It's one thing to lose because you mis-played or because you happened to get a bad draw. It's another thing to lose when your deck/craft just literally doesn't have answers for your opponent's plays. Peace.
  11. Probably a waste of time and I'm only one person but FWIW . . . Cygames, I'm taking a break from SV until you take care of Daria. It's zero fun and unfair. It's all the same problems D-shift had, I'm just interrupting Isabelle's solitaire game. She gets to make all the interesting and powerful plays, I get to sit back and hope she bricks. In my dreams I'm one person in a multitude that is abandoning the game for this same reason, but who knows? I certainly don't. I don't even know if Cygames bothers to read these things or what the Japanese fanbase is saying. Well, that's my feedback. If Daria's deck gets nerfed propely, I'll come back. Until then, I'm out.
  12. Can't blame you for going with Daria.
  13. To each their own. My brother really likes Duel Links but I can't get into it myself. Meanwhile I love Shadowverse but he tried it and doesn't care for it. If you care to keep trying through, you can use prebuilts in the story mode if you fail enough times. The new set 3 prebuilts especially should help you to clear story mode no problem. You should be able to build a decent deck too for free if you aggressively vial cards. Midrange Shadow or Dirt Rune are both good but cheap decks and you can find lists online or I could even share some with you.
  14. Sword noob here, need help

    Thanks about Portal. I'm really worried Sword will be dead in the water once Portal gets more support, but we'll see what happens. I want to give Cygames credit and put some faith in them. Portal is obviously a weak craft now but as I've said many times, the future is what I'm most concerned about when it comes to Portal. We will see, but if I end up being right (I hope I end up wrong), I will not hesitate to say "I told you so". Have fun with Sword, I really enjoy the class because you play the board so something about it feels more "honest" to me than playing something like Daria. You can pull off some fun tricks with Mars but be forewarned that the odds of her living if you play her on turn 3 are next to none. Funny enough, this is one of the only fun things about fighting Rune. Unless they've played Mysteria Knowledge and pulled the Missile, they have no way to kill a turn 3 Mars. It's really refreshing, makes me wish not everyone and their grandmother has a 2 PP 3 damage spell. Of course once Daria shenanigans get rolling you're probably dead, but it's nice to have Mars actually live for a turn.
  15. Shadowlog 2/4/2018

    I will forever maintain the biggest issue with Rotation is that they should have just been more aggressive in nerfing some of the old cards. Stuff like Clarke, Magic Owl, Ceres, Emeralda, Odile, are all clearly overtuned BS cards. The decks they're in may or may not suffer because of weaknesses elsewhere but such cards are just insanely powerful. Anyway, as for the meta right now. I have to give Cygames credit for it being better then in the past. I have to chide everyone who was worried about tilting Bahamut, it's an annoying meme but hardly unbeatable. As we should have realized all along, of course Cygames realized how new Baha would interact with tilting and weren't concerned about it. I have to chide Cygames for allowing Daria to exist in the first place and hope they nerf her ASAP. You can't have one craft able to spit out 15/16 worth of stats for little to no cost while leaving other crafts with no way to either do the same or nuke the board. Yet again, they've lowered so many power levels to help the game be more fair, they should have been more proactive in dealing with Daria. Waiting for a deck to become troublesome and then nerfing it is just a great way to upset your players. Well, Cygames will do as they do. Here's hoping rumors I'm hearing of a mid-month balance pass are true and Daria is hit.