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  1. I make fun of public "I quit" posts so I won't make one out on the main forum. I will post this to explain myself, in the vain hope Cygames will see it, and to get stuff off my chest. I'm just going to be taking a breather from this game. Since I've reached Master's I've been having a lot less fun. Part of it is probably just natural burn out, this has been my only mobile game since June-ish and it hasn't given me time to play any other mobile game. 

    Part of it is the competition is so fierce I'm losing a lot more and frankly, I don't like losing. I can admit that. I can accept it in doses but when I'm on a 5+ game losing streak, I start to question what I'm even doing. I play games for fun, I've never understood the "work hard to git gud" mentality when it comes to games. Great mentality to have with a job or some worthwhile pursuit, this is a video game. As far as I'm concerned "work hard" and "play video game" are two contradictory ideas. 

    Part of it is game mechanics. I hate all the removal, I like to play the board but can't with all of the cheap spell removal and AOE removal. I hate D-shift and it's meta right now. I'm honestly a bit sick of all pvp in every game right now. I get the thrill of competing against others but it also just gets exhausting and I want to just relax and enjoy myself sometimes. Other games have good PvE options, Shadowverse doesn't as there's really no point to replaying the story or fighting practice AI. As I've already complained in a thread, dailies suck. Either they're too hard in PvP to be enjoyable or you get crap rewards in PvE matches that are so easy I could sleep through them. 

    Overall, I play this game (a bit more than I should :ph34r:) in my "off" moments and I'm just finding more and more often I leave those "off" moments frustrated and upset, not feeling like I just had an enjoyable time. If Cygames sees this, I really cannot stress enough that dailies need to stop being win based. It would ease a lot of pressure and make losing games feel less like a complete waste of time because that's how I leave my "off" moments if I have had a losing streak. Feeling like it was just a total and very little fun waste of time. 

    I'll check out Rotation and see if it slows down the meta any and introduces legendary cards that are actually worth owning.