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  1. Hard to say how useful this guy will or won't be. The 7 defense is a bit concerning. Usually rush followers are statted to suicide trade. Hero of Antiquity being a big exception that rule but he also can't infinitely respawn. On the other hand, he's not often run specifically because spending most or all of your turn rushing down a single target often isn't enough.
  2. Seems fair it only gains +1/+1 on eco since this thing has utility for days. 1/3 is still full stats though a bit of an unusual spread. The 1/3 spread can help in some match-ups while in others it's a hindrance. Still, this thing could potentially go 3 for 1. Evo trade into something. The ping on evo will set up its spell for a kill, and then it still needs to be dealt with. The reduced stats on evo will make that less of a hassle for opponents so that seems way more than a fair trade off. Of course it also procs PDK and helps Lindwurm. Seems like a card that will become a Dragon staple which again, just adds to the cost of SV decks, does Cygames really want to do that? But, they obviously don't care if they ruin the game in a rush to make more profit. I'm not against them making a profit but you can't do that at the expense of your consumers.
  3. He's an interesting card but hard to make a solid prediction how much or little of an impact he will have. He's going to eat sigils like crazy, which can be a problem as sometimes you need to save Sigils for Halo Golem, Levi, etc. Also, big stat sticks aren't necessarily always better in this game thanks to removal like Momo and Scyther. On the other hand, big stat sticks have been better in DBNE than in the past. There's a reason a lot of Sword lists are running Barbarossa now, you need his chunky 5 attack to remove big followers. My instinct is he would be useful less in a burn deck and more some kind of Golem focused board deck. Which ER doesn't really have right now but maybe can make work or maybe this is a preview of next expansion?? Of course, this contributes to my general dislike of the mini-expansion. Blood decks next expansion are probably going to new that Waltz guy. ER decks this Faust guy. PLUS, whatever new legendaries are released with the next expansion. So this is just making decks even MORE expensive. Heck even that Sword gold isn't too useful right now but has the potential to become useful next expansion depending on what is released, he could absolutely become an essential part of the Arthur pull. Maybe, maybe not, but if he does then again, deck prices are going up, up, up and Sword already is a wallet deck right now. Also, assuming his effect stacking makes you eat two sigils, that doesn't really sound like a plus to me. Of course I still want to see Silver Blade Golem become viable but this guy has anti-synergy with Silver Blade as SB wants to hoard sigils, not eat them every turn. Who knows, I could be proven completely wrong on that point.
  4. buff or nerf next month

    Yeah that's fair. I noticed the same thing in Chronogenesis. Sword had a lot of cards that were serious threats if not dealt with . . . it's just in CG they could nearly always be dealt with. That's lessened somewhat in DBNE so combined with the new cards, that's led to Sword's current powerful state. Thing is, it'd be pretty easy to reverse Sword's current state depending on what Cygames prints next expansion . . . Anyway, yes, the current Mid Sword is a decently consistent deck. Even if you can't drop Arthur turn 7, doing something like Lumi Mage and ward bear or Hedgehog isn't a bad play either. I think Cygames is purposefully not giving Reanimate the support it needs because Zeus is such a stupid card. I expect they'll push the archetype harder once it has a more fair reanimate target. Which cycles back to my constant complaint about the old design direction vs the new and Cygames refusal to do enough to address that imbalance. I appreciate Rotation, it's helped a ton. It's not enough. Stuff like consistency bothers me when it comes to a deck like Neutral Rune or the old Ramp Dragon. Does a deck like that lose because of any actual weaknesses? Or just because it's so greedy it has a high chance of bricking?
  5. buff or nerf next month

    Someone give this man a prize. And hey, if we're going to be buffing Sword how about reducing the cost of Hemera and Magnus to 3 PP? In all seriousness when it comes to balance I do think it's surprising how delicate things are there. I mean, Arthur came out last expansion and was pretty solidly "meh". Gawain has been in the game since Tempest and been hot garbage for most of that run. Eachtar was completely dominant, got nerfed and disappeared for a bit, and then came roaring back. D-shift was a meme deck, or at least not great, until suddenly it was absolutely bonkers. Vagabond Frog used to be a meme deck, then Ambush Sword suddenly became a threat, and now it's back to being mostly a meme deck. So I have to give Cygames some credit in that balance isn't exactly an easy thing, as we've seen from the many shifts and cards that previously were garbage suddenly becoming powerhouses (Atomy anyone?). My biggest complaint remains that they have not even put any effort into normalizing the power level of the old cards with the new cards and this creates issues in both Rotation and Unlimited (to hear everyone else talk about Unlimited). I also still have some questions as far as fundamental design of the game as decks are so big and some cards have such unique effects that it creates a lot of natural inconsistency. So if a deck doesn't have a bonkers winrate, is that because of any actual weaknesses in the deck or just because decks are naturally so inconsistent that you're going to have a lot of losses simply due to bricking?
  6. buff or nerf next month

    I would predict no card changes whatsoever next month. They'll cite a diverse meta with several decks that have a good winrate, same as they did before. They tried to buff Shadow some but I doubt they'll want to push too hard in that direction so I would guess they'll just let Shadow suffer until the next expansion. And that proposed Arthur nerf would make the card worthless. Thumbs down.
  7. The salt mega thread.

    Yet again I feel the need to point out that there is nothing okay about Neutral Rune. Nothing.
  8. Favourite moments?

    Oh yeah, I feel the interaction while I sit there and have Yuwan throw 20 Analyzing Artifacts at me. So interactive.
  9. Favourite moments?

    Yeah, stuff like that just leaves me scratching my head. I just sometimes wish I could just give somebody all my replays and be like, "You find the misplays, I don't see them!" My streak was finally ended, by a Portal deck of course, because Portal is the anti-Sword. I'm not too salty, I mean, the streak couldn't last forever, but still just do not like the design of Portal. I worry about next expansion, if Portal gets any better, Sword is going to need its own version of Brambles to have a chance.
  10. If Ainz were in this game he'd be 10 PP, 13/13, and have the Aegis effect plus Storm. Hell, let's throw in the Isra board wipe effect too. As for the gold Shadow card, seems a solid 2 drop for Shadow. So yay? Sorry, I have little pity for Shadow mains, I still have PTSD from the days of Eachtar.
  11. Favourite moments?

    It’s a lot of fun. I think the main reason it’s viable now is that the deck doesn’t really rely on the cannon to win. You can execute the standard midrange sword strategy if you don’t draw cannon though obviously my list is a bit different from Mid Sword to maximize cannon value. The number of good low cost commanders you can field now also helps. Allows playing the cannon to not be s complete tempo loss if you wait for turn 7+.
  12. Favourite moments?

    So, it's been a weird few SV days for me and I figured I'd post here than creating a brand new topic since the story has a happy ending so I guess it qualifies as a favorite moment. So, I've been liking Support Cannon this expansion. Still, all the tier lists keep saying Mid Sword is better than Cannon Sword so I figure they know something I don't. Latest scuttlebutt on Reddit is Cannon is legit now. So I decide some Cannon will be fun because I've always liked Cannon. Now, I have some decks of my own but decide I'll get serious and netdeck a list. Honestly, not too different from my own but hey, I figure other people know something I don't, netdeck away. Go on an EPIC losing streak. I mean, I was about ready to just up and quit the game. In desperation I make a few small adjustments to the list to match up more with what I typically like to run for Cannon Sword. I'm now sitting on a 14 match winstreak in Rotation Masters which I think might be the biggest winstreak I've ever had, period. I'm happy but confused. I don't think I'm playing any differently. Did such minor adjustments to the list really make such a big difference? Am I just in a really lucky streak right now? List is below in case anyone is interested. My additions are the Chancellor and Prim, who both allow you to proc the cannon on turn 7, which I find helpful. Prim is also a great target for Sky Fortress. The netdeck contribution is only running two Valse and two Cannons, which I figured would be too few on the Cannon front. I mean, yes, you will never ever ever ever need to play three cannons but I figured the risk of bricking was worth increasing your odds of drawing the darn thing in the first place. Two cannons works out fine though. Actually had a mirror match against someone where he played two cannons and I played two cannons. I won but not sure how much of that was skill and how much was that I was going first. It was a pretty funny match though, a whole lot of "Fire! Fire!" going on.
  13. The salt mega thread.

    I'm glad I'm not the only person who just finds themselves befuddled by the evo system. There are way too many cards that don't need evos to function, especially in my much beloved Sword. Now sure, these kind of things are common in these games, just look at Hearthstone. However, if we're going to have so many cards that don't need evos, what's the point of the evo system anymore? I mean, Sword decks have quit running Frontline Cavalier specifically because she's only useful with an evo and most players have wisely judged that's not a price worth paying. The evo system might need a complete re-tool, though that's probably a pipe dream. It definitely needs to be looked at though because right now it just seems pretty pointless. Most decks choose to run all the stuff that doesn't need an evo to be worthwhile and only really powerful evo effects like Aiela are run. Or broken cards like Hector who just, I can't stand that card anymore, cannot stand it. I see red every time that guy gets dropped down. Board clears seem fine in Rotation to me though, the problem is broken stuff like Ginger has been left behind when all the clears that could deal with that BS are gone. That's just plain stupid. There's no sugar coating that. Just plain stupidity and short-sightedness which is a constant problem with Cygames. And rather than deal with it, they call it fine because the deck doesn't have a bonkers winrate and of course it doesn't have a bonkers winrate, it's a stupidly greedy deck that can brick. How many of the losses of a deck like Neutral Rune are because people outplayed the Rune player and how many simply because the deck bricked? Stupid.
  14. The salt mega thread.

    There is absolutely nothing okay about Neutral Rune. Nothing.
  15. I’m in the same boat as you so have no suggestions. Not really sure it’s worth continuing on at this point. Half the reason I still play is simply the time and money I’ve invested. I really don’t want to start from scratch with a new game.