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  1. The salt mega thread.

    Don’t blame you. Cygames is two steps forward and one step back every time. Stuff is less oppressive than in the past but some of these cards are still stupid.
  2. The salt mega thread.

    Man, I’m about done here. Holy Lion is some of the biggest nonsense I’ve ever seen. I’m being polite here, the words I want to say aren’t fit for print. Call me when you learn how to make a fun game Cygames.
  3. The salt mega thread.

    Holy lion deck needs a nerf. Does Cygames even want anyone to play this game anymore? Terribly balanced.
  4. The salt mega thread.

    Portal needs less Storm or less removal. End of story.
  5. Favourite moments?

    Just beat a Dragon deck that deployed three adramalechs against me plus a virtuous and iniquitous lindworm. Turns out you can get a lot of healing off combining frontline lancer with Latham’s leader effect.
  6. The salt mega thread.

    Holy Lion deck needs a nerf and prism swing is straight bs. That is all.
  7. I'm surprised going first is so advantaged when you've got stuff like Paracelsus and the new Lorena. Paracelsus was actually making me salty but the more I think about him the more fair he seems. Still annoying though. I do have to say I've had some good back and forth games though and some where I just had to throw the dice and see if my plan would succeed. Had others though where it was just a curbstomp either in or against my favor. There's an option in the settings to disable seeing opponent emotes. I love it and always have it on. Further thoughts: When the Holy Lion engine gets going, it gets stupid. Uncool, I don't like it. Getting two temples down seems like it is basically GG. I'm sure it's a meme deck but still uncool. Nicholas is kind of stupid powerful. Paracelsus annoys me but the more I think about him, the more fair I realize he is, very comparable to Hemera. Vane is awesome, what Homebound Mercenary always wanted to be. Percival is worthless without Siegfried. I mean, not that I'd change about the card, it's already very powerful. It's just a minor quibble. Latham's leader effect is surprisingly powerful. I find it hilarious how Cygames has solved Sword's card draw issues, by giving them a bunch of cards that have more than one cost. That's one way to do it. While there are still things that make me salty, I'm actually warming up to the game. The new design direction really shines through sometimes with cards that are more interesting than flat-out broken and present you with some real decision making. The dude who mass banishes on evolve triggers me. Don't think he needs a nerf, just irritating. I gather Blood isn't doing well, honestly, Vblood is always irritating as hell for me to fight. I don't mind it doing poorly. Vblood and Spellboost both seem like mechanics there's no way to make fun to fight. Wards seem to be a bit better. Still not as good as being offensive but less completely useless than in the past. Which probably is how they should be? Overall, new design direction is definitely good and I feel like this expansion seems a lot less marked by broken cards from the old terrible expansions?
  8. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Eh, more reason for me to dislike mini-expansions. From my personal perspective, this seems like a garbage card. Way too RNG reliant so that even on turn 6 it's likely useless and the enhance 9 is worthless except in a neutral deck so you could hard tutor something huge. Overall, mini-expansion just seems a way to drive up the price of the game and dilute the card pool.
  9. Hey all, Nice to see some names I recognize still posting. Really can't promise I'll stick around, new job is still bonkers busy. I was already a pretty "casual" player (in the sense that I wasn't trying to hit Grandmaster and didn't care much about Grand Prix and stuff), now I'm going to be even more casual and not even bother to try and clear all my dailies. Just do not have the time. Dear Cygames (don't know if you read anything we post here but . . . here goes nothing) I wanted to deliver some initial thoughts as a returning player who responded to the ads I've been getting on Facebook (they literally say something along the lines of "it's a great time to re-enter the Shadowverse"). These are initial impressions from about a day of play so I'm sure everyone is going to tell me how totally wrong I am. Ah well. Portal is still terrible. I dislike everything about the craft. Way too much rush, too much free stuff. Spellboost is just . . . just stop. There's nothing fun about 0 cost spellboost cards. Nothing at all. It's never going to be fun. Just stop trying to make it work. As a general theme, too many losses still feel down to luck, not skill. I could be 100% wrong but that's the way it feels. Not much skill in drawing 2 or 3 of a critical legendary and dropping them back to back. Another general theme is too often if feels like there's absolutely nothing I can do to stop my opponent's game plan. Rayne and Brambles are stupid cards. Rayne shouldn't give the shield to the other follower. Brambles should just be killed. This Sniper card portal got is kinda stupid. Does it need to give a leader effect and summon a follower and grant rush? I mean, why doesn't it give a buff too? Legendary neutral dude who can get bane and stuff seems neat. New Sword legends are cool and useful without being OP. Vane is fun and Charlotta is pretty fun too. The whole Dragon Knights card is cool. Less cool is nerfing Chromatic Duel. Ah well. So, another general theme is so far cards generally seem less bonkers than in the past while still being impactful. Still salty about how useless Darksaber Melissa. Still salty. Art is as cool as ever. Mini-expansions are still a terrible idea. Overall, as a player who is "returning to the Shadowverse", not sure I want to stick around. It's one thing to lose a match where we're fighting back and forth and it comes down to the wire. It's another to lose a match where I can see I clearly misplayed. It's something else entirely to lose because my opponent topdecked two legendaries or because they're deck follows some gameplay I can do absolutely nothing to interfere with. I can only try to kill them before they execute their game plan. I mean, I'm happy there's less Storm in the game but stuff like that makes me long for the days of Novice Trooper and Juliet shenanigans. Wish I could propose a fix and hey, maybe I'm just wrong. Just delivering my opinion on the official forum for giving opinions to Cygames.
  10. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

    Filene did seem crazy good. Which is nice but just ups the costs of decks because now there's yet another legendary you need on top of whatever two legendaries will be released next xpac. Paralegal, new job is similar to the old but I'm a bit higher up the food chain so I'm involved in making decisions that previously were made by others. Maybe eventually I'll get more free time and be able to jump back into SV. Yeah, well never say never. If I do come back I'll be sure to put something up here.
  11. Hey, I don't mean to be melodramatic here but I've enjoyed interacting with everyone on this forum and figured a farewell post would be appropriate. I started a new job which just does not leave me the time to play Shadowverse. I was mainly playing on (unofficial and extended) breaks and at lunch. New job is more responsibility so I'm way too busy to sneak off like that (it's really cutting into my reddit time too!). While SV is fun, I have a PS4 so I'm not going to play it at home when I have a PS4 and Monster Hunter World to keep me busy. On that note, go buy the new God of War, freaking amazing. If Cygames even bothers to read these things, I do think the game still could use some adjustment. It's still foolish they haven't rotated out the old garbage cards fast enough, that was driving me away from the game even without the new job. The mini-expansion has just struck me as stupid all around. Cards seem mostly lackluster and there's no way to get them before next xpac drops outside of spending boatloads of cash or vials. Bad move on Cygames part, blatantly greedy move that is of no benefit to the players. Balance is pretty good but too many games still seem to be decided by luck rather than skill. Cards need some more consistency. Rather than there being only one card in my deck that is the perfect answer for a situation, I need multiple options. You live or die on some games by whether or not you draw a specific card in time. Wish everyone the best.
  12. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    They just released the mini-expansion and now are announcing the next expansion? This mini-xpac was such a stupid idea.
  13. Hard to say how useful this guy will or won't be. The 7 defense is a bit concerning. Usually rush followers are statted to suicide trade. Hero of Antiquity being a big exception that rule but he also can't infinitely respawn. On the other hand, he's not often run specifically because spending most or all of your turn rushing down a single target often isn't enough.
  14. Seems fair it only gains +1/+1 on eco since this thing has utility for days. 1/3 is still full stats though a bit of an unusual spread. The 1/3 spread can help in some match-ups while in others it's a hindrance. Still, this thing could potentially go 3 for 1. Evo trade into something. The ping on evo will set up its spell for a kill, and then it still needs to be dealt with. The reduced stats on evo will make that less of a hassle for opponents so that seems way more than a fair trade off. Of course it also procs PDK and helps Lindwurm. Seems like a card that will become a Dragon staple which again, just adds to the cost of SV decks, does Cygames really want to do that? But, they obviously don't care if they ruin the game in a rush to make more profit. I'm not against them making a profit but you can't do that at the expense of your consumers.
  15. He's an interesting card but hard to make a solid prediction how much or little of an impact he will have. He's going to eat sigils like crazy, which can be a problem as sometimes you need to save Sigils for Halo Golem, Levi, etc. Also, big stat sticks aren't necessarily always better in this game thanks to removal like Momo and Scyther. On the other hand, big stat sticks have been better in DBNE than in the past. There's a reason a lot of Sword lists are running Barbarossa now, you need his chunky 5 attack to remove big followers. My instinct is he would be useful less in a burn deck and more some kind of Golem focused board deck. Which ER doesn't really have right now but maybe can make work or maybe this is a preview of next expansion?? Of course, this contributes to my general dislike of the mini-expansion. Blood decks next expansion are probably going to new that Waltz guy. ER decks this Faust guy. PLUS, whatever new legendaries are released with the next expansion. So this is just making decks even MORE expensive. Heck even that Sword gold isn't too useful right now but has the potential to become useful next expansion depending on what is released, he could absolutely become an essential part of the Arthur pull. Maybe, maybe not, but if he does then again, deck prices are going up, up, up and Sword already is a wallet deck right now. Also, assuming his effect stacking makes you eat two sigils, that doesn't really sound like a plus to me. Of course I still want to see Silver Blade Golem become viable but this guy has anti-synergy with Silver Blade as SB wants to hoard sigils, not eat them every turn. Who knows, I could be proven completely wrong on that point.