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  1. Belgium saves gaming

    Alternative title: Governments don't like private enterprises encroaching on their monopolies.
  2. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Virtually everyone will agree that D-Shift utterly destroys slower control deck by design. We now have the most prominent instance of D-shift ever (to my knowledge) and a almost complete absence of control. Could these facts be related? Nah.. must be aggro's fault. That's why we haven't seen any controls decks trying to counter aggro whatsoever in months, right? /s
  3. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    But but but... my context-free statistics!
  4. D-Shift...

    That aggro is too strong, storm being a part of it and control generally being in a bad spot I think most, if not all, can pretty much agree with. However throughout WD I still kept maining SunAegis and it was performing decently enough, everything considered. I pulled this unchanged deck out again now to test and find it's still holding itself, being centred around warding up, healing and a good dose of removal. Against aggro you can still heal/ward up, meanwhile Shift thanks you for playing something to target and then OTK's you anyway. The reason I stopped playing Aegis altogether is the prevalence of Shift, period. What you're cooking up there looks like conjecture to me. Aegis kills one (1) enemy follower when it comes into play (IF you have an evo point) and then just sits there as a beat stick. Chimera kills the entire enemy board or outright OTK's or both just by hitting the board and leaves a for the pp cost mediocre, almost irrelevant body behind. I don't quite see the similarity. Seraph rather comes to mind, no? See above. Against aggro you can do something, not against Shift, other than killing them first.
  5. Normal games at Master rank

    Since grand master was released, it's virtually nothing but try-hard meta decks 24/7 as well. Dane's shadowlog reports should give you a good idea of what exactly is being played right now and you better come with a deck prepared for the meta reported, or you're in for a bad time. The overwhelming majority is plain net decks which you can probably identify from the first card played on and the majority of those that aren't are net decks in which maybe 2, at most 3, cards were changed.
  6. D-Shift...

    I've said it before and I say it again: D-Shift can never be allowed to be anything more than mediocre at best. The win rate you people are talking about is in context of a meta in which control decks virtually don't even exist anymore. Shift's win rate is 47% in a almost pure aggro meta that previously would have eaten it for breakfast and asked for more free points. The issue is not how good (or not) exactly it is, but that being as good as it is is enough to make control decks no longer viable and create the kind of disgusting environment we have now.
  7. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Looks like I spent my luck for the year.
  8. The salt mega thread.

    Joining the notion. 0 interaction, 0 fun, all face; absolutely disgusting and tier 1 shift assures it stays that way. Although rotation may change something, I still think that this what Cy originally wanted. Focus on mobile players with attention spans no longer than 2 minutes and a bit. Either way, I won't continue to waste my time on this as well. Screw your chests.
  9. The salt mega thread.

    I'm sure all of this has nothing to do with bringing classes in line with the predictably weak, new toy portalcraft.
  10. hahaha... no. For you to win a lot of rounds, there also have to be people losing a lot. I count it as a miracle to find a single good card in my drafts, the majority being mediocre at the very best. Since I've started playing I had a 4:1 maybe 3 times in total. While I try to get by somehow, I find opponents dropping 3 legends on me in a row (not even exaggerating) or a convenient out-of-nowhere Baha the one moment I somehow manage to gain board (can't begin to count how often that happened). I've taken to calling it "inevitably lose 4 times in a row because of pure unadulterated bull you never had any chance of doing anything about for a card pack since you got that free ticket" mode. So much for my experience.
  11. The anime thread

    If you haven't seen it already, try Mind Game. It should have just about anything you could ask for. Dead Leaves or Trava beats this by miles, I assure you.
  12. Portalcraft. An analysis

    If playing combo decks has taught me anything, then it's that everything conditional has a tendency to fail you. With a class mechanic as gimmicky as this, I see no middle ground. Either they print effectively entire decks to ensure it works, eliminating nigh all options for personal creativity, or it will bomb hard. With the entire deck relying on combo-ing, with the closest resemblance: D-Shift taking from standard to now to get good, does the idea of introducing this new class without a huge pool from the get-go seem back-breaking to me.
  13. Shadowlog Report October 29th

    Please not again!
  14. so we vial PDK now?

    Boohoo the world is ending!... what a load of crap. When dragon has 7pp then they also have 8. Absolutely nothing will change.