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  1. You've done your best to transform every craft into Sword. Then gave it a sprinkle of Rune, because that wasn't cancerous enough. Everything is rush, storm and 100% uninteractive horse manure effects one can do nothing about other than sit through and wait for the animations to finish. I started up the game, did 3 matches, then alt+f4'd. There is nothing to come back to and even if you did a 180 in design direction this very moment, it would take a year for this nonsense to rotate out. After more than 1300 hours logged on Steam I'm positively done.
  2. Opinions on the new cards so far?

    tard game for tard playerbase.
  3. Opinions on the new cards so far?

    Not that I intend to defend Tenko, but the question posing itself here is: As opposed to... what? Who are you trying to kid here? Dropping Arthur into Fortress? Maintaining a hand size to OTK via Elephant? Ramping into 10/10 storm, ward ignore? And new cards with even more removal, transform and now effect deletion will ensure that absolutely nothing that isn't cancer will ever be viable. Now if only you had a damn clue what you're talking about. Tenko is a Support cannon. A burn deck is ER, which goes face 100% of the time, regardless of the board state.
  4. Hahahaha...*breathes in* hahahaha No, seriously. Were you expecting anything else?
  5. More storm. More unavoidable direct face damage from hand. More trashy meme legends for crafts that are already trash. More copies of existing effects/mechanics for other crafts that have no business using them, further dissolving their identity.
  6. The future of Shadowverse, in a nutshell (low effort version): /thread
  7. I can't believe they actually did this...

    I'm not disagreeing and this was more intended for those wanting to claim that forest hasn't been on the preferred list for quite some time now aswell. Pardon me for forgetting that your entire universe circles around sword exclusively.
  8. I can't believe they actually did this...

    The argument that winrates are in any way indicative of how biased Cykagames is towards a certain craft is inherently flawed, to put it politely, as it bases itself on the naive assumption that their design process would be accurate in predicting the result thereof. The list of examples proving this wrong is at least as long as this thread. Look at the cards, since clearly they were also designed in a vacuum.
  9. I can't believe they actually did this...

    Nope, I meant exactly what I said. Thank you very much.
  10. I can't believe they actually did this...

    Well, the Ephy nerf was effectively also a ASword nerf.
  11. I can't believe they actually did this...

    Sword this, sword that. Reminder that forest has a very similar win rate right now according to the so often here deified Shadowlog, last I checked. It's not that Cykagames has it so much for sword alone (for the last 3 xp sword had a place in the sun, if you could call it that, for merely 1month max each), it's simply that they never stopped pushing certain crafts, screw the balance, despite all promises to the contrary. After the FUBAR of WD they gave us promises, then printed pic related and we all should have know by then that it's over. Then CG happened and now here we are, with Cykagames at their last straw: blatant obfuscation, games of pretend and transparent lies. The tournament chart will as usual be compromised to like 85% of 3 virtually identical decks, but "everything is fine, just trust us". You've been had.
  12. The salt mega thread.

    Not nip enough. Or maybe you should have been a streamer.
  13. What is the Unlimited Experience like?

    Unlim as a flow chart: Either way game ends by turn 3 at the latest, anything beyond that is mere formality.
  14. True, but cannon actually varies dmg according to follower played, while pdk and all those new amulets/effects are fixed, hence I prefer to call them pdk's, or more correctly, pdk amulets.
  15. Yet another PDK/cannon and this time it's vengeance dragon... I don't even know what to say anymore. And a completely powercreeped Forte that in the meta she's supposed to meet only justifies her as bronze, down from her legendary status. Great design as always. Nah, I've been calling bull for a while now and just a few pages ago called it on course to overtake shadow and catch up with dragon as the get-literally-everything-for-free craft. Now they get another storm/ward monkey and a "give your entire board storm", just to make sure. Meanwhile other classes get bad memes.