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  1. The salt mega thread.

    Just another day in fun, balanced and interactiveTM-land. Dear Cy, also for the next expansion please don't miss out on the opportunity to print even more storm and pp cheating cards that in the past have invariably and inevitably shown themselves to provide a fair and fun environment for everyone.
  2. The only explanation I can think of is that after a moderately successful expansion launch all the senior staff went on a huge drinking party and now there's only the part timers sitting at HQ, waiting for someone competent with authority to sleep off his hang-over and tell them what to do. "In the meantime, let's just pretend that there is no work."
  3. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    And just in time: yet another gacha event.
  4. Shadowlog 2/4/2018

    For like 3 days we had the greatest meta since times only spoken of in legends, with nearly equal winrates and multiple viable decks for every class (safe for portal) and I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief that the ladder felt actually fair, fun and diverse for once. Then you had to come along and give us tilting Baha, a deck that kills without any chance of retaliation if you don't have amulet removal on demand by turn 4/5 and tweak your "rng" to make Daria, a deck that was for longest time sneered at for its inconsistency resembling Atomy, appear in virtually every player's opening hand or within 2 turns to make her come down on turn 5, maybe 6 at the latest , with a consistency that borders on comical. Well done Cy, you've really outdone yourself this time.
  5. Wrong. And that's why you won't get better than sarcasm from me. Not that I expect you to get that either.
  6. Great, lemme just dig out some statistics from 5 expansions ago then so that we can argue the current state of forest next. Here we go again. The eternal forum mantra. "muh winrates" Actually, SFL shift wasn't top win rate either and was rightfully nerfed for being absolute cancer. Didn't hear you defending them back then. How come?
  7. Apparently you missed it, so I'm taking the opportunity to educate you: There's this new thing around called rotation. You're welcome. Meanwhile I propose we introduce a new mode that only uses cards from standard which we can take as point of relation to declare that no dragon card ever should be nerfed again, since it's obviously weak.
  8. For the sole reason that WD was so full of even more broken stuff than ramp that it caused them to nerf a different deck each month, ultimately admit they messed up huge and promised to change their design direction... and then turn around and stuff dragon full of storm once again, continuing the cancer where it left of. That's the same "argument" that is brought up every time and the joke never gets old. "Dragon isn't op because there was the bloodocalypse somewhere inbetween" nice going friend.
  9. What? Do you honestly expect any sort of cognitive capability for realism or objectivity from someone playing a deck that has been broken and virtually unchanged for 4 expansions? Don't be ridiculous.
  10. Also Canyon. Also Baha can now storm face for free with Windmill. Because dragon needed more ways to storm and put value on the table. Once again nerfs left and right, deserved or not, and dragon, sitting at 60ish% with storm, as usual only changes that could be argued to be irrelevant to even a buff. Will Cykagames ever stop sucking dragon dong? I honestly don't think so.
  11. Shadowlog 1/15-21/2018

    I'm aware of that card. Considering you have to live to t9 while assembling all this non-sense, have both him and an evo just to spare, in a meta dominated by dragon and burn dirt, I can't call this anything but garbage. Want to rely on high roll crap? Go Daria.
  12. Shadowlog 1/15-21/2018

    Haven't encountered it yet personally, but that's probably it. In a meta where literally every class throws around Baha's left and right I wouldn't really bother, but next expansion she's going to be all kinds of broken, unless nerfed preemptively.
  13. Shadowlog 1/15-21/2018

    Surprisingly in unlimited control artifact shows a 50%ish win rate, though too few games to say anything for certain. Win rates in rotation continue be bad.
  14. Favourite moments?

    Glorious clash of the memes. https://vimeo.com/252029021 if you care for it.
  15. Favourite moments?