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  1. Tenko Seraph Haven

    I personally prefer Teatime over Priest or Radiance for a couple of reasons. First, because I want a minimum of 5 aggressive evolves in the deck to ensure tempo evos - that's x 3 Exorcist, x 2 Teatime. Second, because Teatime has the capability to hit followers behind wards or injure for banish, but Radiance can't on evo. Teatime also has much better trading stats at 5/6. Third, because Teatime leaves an amulet, so you can ostensibly curve T4 Tribunal T5 Teatime T6 Hind or some other combo, to ensure 2 amulets for Hind proc.
  2. Tenko Seraph Haven

    It's actually possible, with 2 Dogmas + Hind, but we'll set that technicality aside for now. I built this deck to experiment with an alternative to the super combo-focused Seraph list most Havens usually run; the one with all the 3PP CD reducers to guarantee Turn 9 proc. The reason is that, bluntly put, most of those typical Seraph cards suck as standalones. 3PP for Healing Prayer, or Star Torrent, or Sister Initiate is a ridiculously overpriced cost to pay for an effect that rarely affects board. Turn 9 Seraph decks can T9 pop because they have all these CD reducers, but they also have to T9 because they'd lose a lot otherwise. Problem is, even T9 Seraph is still very draw-dependent on the right mix of Arias, Tribunals, and CD reducers, which more often that not just leads to some sort of mess/brick that doesn't keep up with the tempo level of current decks. So I decided to build a tempo control list that focuses on cheap, PP-efficient removal and tempo plays that aim to keep up with most decks. The price is T10 Seraph - the usual victory comes from T8 Seraph, and then 2 CD reducers (2 Hinds, or 1 Hind 1 Dogma usually) spread out across both turns for the win. The benefit is that you can cut all those useless 3PP cards, and commit fully to good cards like Hind. Sure, there's a doubled chance you will lose to face over two turns. I think the risk is worth it, given the additional benefits you get from stronger pre-8 board retention as well as a much reduced chance of drawing useless cards like 2 Beastcalls + a Star Torrent in hand on Turn 6. If a Seraph list doesn't drop Seraph on 8, they've lost. This list can stay alive for a few more. It also doesn't have to spam Themis and pray for Tribunal to hard remove an entire board. Try it out. It's not bad provided you don't start 2nd vs. Aggro Sword into perfect draw.
  3. Tenko Seraph Haven

    More updates.
  4. "Python is good." Oh boy.
  5. AHAHA you got a good laugh out of me, thanks
  6. At least with an Aegis leader all those salty people over Aegis Haven can finally hear his death line . "I tumble ... to the earth."
  7. People here talking about Unlimited Masters with some ridiculously simplified reasoning. Please, your own experiences don't automatically validate every judgement you try to make. People who have had their heads stuck in Rotation saying things about Unlimited despite almost never playing matches there. People who've never played any Sword deck but Mid Sword saying "what, Aggro's a problem?" and "I've never had to run a 6PP+ Commander in my deck before". People saying "all of UL ladder is Atomy or Roaches", "every UL match ends by Turn 7." It's fine to generalize, just don't expect that to be valid reasoning. Just because you run a deck that has 30% storm composition and no wards doesn't mean every UL match has to end by Turn 7, it just means your deck sucks at control and by Turn 7 either you or your opponent would be dead. TL;DR if you only play Aggro Sword on ladder of course you're going to say Turn 6 is too late for everything. If you've never had to draw cards in a Sword deck yourself rather than have Arthur spoonfeed them to you in Mid Sword, of course you're going to say that Spartacus effect is useless. If you've never tried to win an Aegis Haven or Purgatory Forest vs. Dimension Shift match before, of course you're going to say something that doesn't make sense like "9PP finishers for Haven that take effect on Turn 11 make total sense. Oh boy, and also, Sword got really screwed over by that trash 6PP Spartacus finisher, huh. I have no idea why other classes are even complaining, I can't even make room for this card in my Mid Sword deck because I'd have to take out other broken s***." Think Spartacus is too slow? How about 80% of the archetypes available to Shadow, Haven, Forest and Dragon? Do you think Haven players want to be dropping Seraph only on Turn 8? Boo hoo, 6PP is too slow for you. Get in line to complain, there are people living off Turn 9 wincons down here in reality. You can't beat control-killer decks like Mysteria Burn or Portal? Like that only suddenly becomes a problem for you when it's a Sword card? Cute, but I didn't see you for all those months when people were like "nonono T8 Neph is completely fine at a 43% winrate" or "nonono, I don't care if T9 Aegis has a 47% winrate, it's a broken deck". Jesus, talk about being entitled. Spartacus is slow on Turn 6, but complaining about it is like moaning about how your full harvest came a couple weeks late when your neighboring countries are looking at a drought that will last until next year on Turn 11.
  8. Tenko Seraph Haven

    Quick list update. Still wondering whether x 2 Healing Prayer is the best choice, since x 3 is much more consistent for Seraph pop.
  9. If you're going to comment on cards, you probably should have at least some knowledge of both formats and what we're talking about. You can't really say that X doesn't exist just because you don't look at anything that's not in the current rotation and don't play anything else. I think it's not a good card, like Tier 1, but acceptable for a Tier 2-3ish deck in Unlimited ... like where most of other decks with Discard/Purgatory mechanics are, for Discard Dragon, Purgatory Forest, Hinterland Shadow.
  10. tbh it's pretty easy to put Spartacus in a Control Sword deck. RTA, Hedgehog, Cuhu, Frontline pretty much clean up anything that doesn't burn you for 20HP.
  11. Give me any other effective Shadow archetype outside of Atomy Revive in any format, and tell me with a straight face that it's playable and its win condition isn't Turn 8 or later.
  12. Yes, it bothers me. Because this shows that they are willing to print cards of this power level or type, but not to give it to other classes.
  13. Not until Acceleratium is nerfed to 8PP as well.
  14. You've missed the point of the entire post. They're both trash. I'm not saying that Spartacus is good, I'm saying that it's terrible because even trash like that card is better than 80% of the finishers other classes get.
  15. It's not so much the question of "will it be broken" as "trash that Sword doesn't even want to run is better that 90% of what other classes receive and call 'support'". See what I mean? It's not an issue of Spartacus being broken, it's more that you sort of realize there are entire classes like Forest or Haven still playing on Tempest & DE era win conditions that make Spartacus look like a racecar in terms of speed. Tell me with a straight face that Spartacus is trash because you play him on 6PP, which is too slow, and then tell me again that Haven has viable decks other than Summit/Storm because Aegis or Seraph are CLEARLY not too slow, and are viable, and fair, and balanced, and deserve to be nerfed, and are better than Sword, yada yada. Yes, Spartacus is trash, but it's sadder that I want him for another class because even Sword's leavings are better than my Hinterland Meme crap. Mill deck can't be played? 8PP wincon can't be played? Go find me 30 f****** shadows first by Turn 8, please. If 6/5 8PP needs 30 shadows is removable only deals 6 to face is considered a f****** "finisher" then Spartacus is literally a God card.