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  1. In Unlimited you have the whole host of horrid tempo plays that all mean an instant lose around Turns 6-7, and most of them aren't even highrolls. Daria, instalose if no AoE, Hulking Giant, instalose if no Bane, Eachtar, instalose if no AoE Banish the previous turn for the board ... notice how Ceridwen got balanced around Reanimate (8), which means, to echo others, that it considers an unkillable 5/5 which will seal the match if there is no immediate answer or Banish balanced for Unlimited format. In that context B&B is hardly anywhere near broken, specially considering the conditions you need to meet to proc the stats. The Unlimited meta is already balanced around the idea that "no AoE, Banish or answer to 'Can't be Destroyed'" on Turn 6 = autoloss. It's a piece of crap play, sure, but it's perfectly acceptable for the spot on curve it occupies in the format it occupies.
  2. Talk About Whatever

    I've personally never caught on to handhelds, but it's mostly my issue - I find it pretty uncomfortable to be playing games on the road or outside, and the small screen doesn't help for someone who likes to appreciate video game art but can't stand low resolution or badly pieced-together animation. Tell me about platform lock; I used to play on XBOX (with Ace Combat 6 being MS's f-u to Sony) and then switched over to PS4 when my 360 became obsolete. Either way I've missed out on a bunch of franchises like Halo along the way. I think Steam is somewhat on the right track at least with the PC-port idea (no comment on individually terrible ports or the management) and I've enjoyed being able to find games from other platforms I didn't have access to on there as a pleasant surprise. Final Fantasy XIII, would have never picked it up had they not ported it over from the PS3. So at least I have that to be grateful for.
  3. The salt mega thread.

    "Wards can stop Aggro Sword" - Reddit 2018
  4. Talk About Whatever

    Also I sort of wish games like Octopath or Bravely Default weren't locked behind platforms like the Switch or 3DS ... then again, they are what keeps those alive.
  5. Talk About Whatever

    Sounds like a lot of this forum .
  6. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    *breaks out Roach deck* Group A or we're heading home.
  7. Nep is sort of dead, yeah. Too much spam banish. Shadow has Eachtar, but it also has an okay list with Aggro Shadow in the old Cerberus-Phantom Howl-Lesser Mummy stuff people used to run way back. It's still solid. Blood ... I've seen a couple of effective variants in UL, mostly Aggro Bats, but also Carabosse Burn, Neutral Aggro (with Phantom Cat etc.). There's also Control with Spawn, which still works, and a sick Vengeance that can really do a number on you thanks to the new Vira/Naru. Mid/Control Blood got some nice toys to play with in Vira, Naru, Waltz, Alexandrite so it should be doing okay in Unlimited. Oh, and Darkfeast Bat. I've been pummeled by that a couple times. There's also like Soul Dominator I've seen a couple times, that's pretty good when you combo with some new cards like Old Blood King or Gift for Bloodkin.
  8. Heyo, nice, another returning player. I quit a bit later than you, at the outset of Rotation (so just at the start of Chrono). Mostly back into at this point after joining shortly before the DBNE mini expansion release. Mainly play Unlimited, so I can't help with Rotation. But feel free to chat me up and we can talk about good cards to top pick for your vial use to catch up, or whatever.
  9. July 17th Card Changes

    5PP is pretty terrible. Mid-game for Unlimited is between Turn 5 to 7, with most finishers/decisive plays coming down on 8. Rotation is a bit slower, but similar? The main advantage of TK Shrine is that you could get it down right before most tempo 5 drops hit the board, and abuse your midrange power. Past 7PP or so you start to run into a lot of powerful spells like AoE clears. Not to mention shifting back the pings an entire turn against Dimension Shift and Ramp Dragon is pretty lethal. Also, if you start 1st with TK Shrine you have to eat both their Turn 4 evolve and their Turn 5 evolve before you can start pings. The only reason TK Shrine could take on Aggro Sword etc. was because you could bite the bullet and TK on 4, then recover with first evolve. This is pretty much the final nail for fast decks ... no pings until 2 evos in.
  10. Thanks. I'll be sure to think of you the next time I have difficulty playing a harsh match in GP or Rotation, or the next time someone pulls a miracle topdeck against me. I'll remember your infinite wisdom in "was ez match, you just need to get good". Just what this forum needed. Seriously. Don't be an asshole. I don't even see the point in your sharing this thread. You're not showing a good match, only a good topdeck. You're not even trying to introduce people to a new deck, which is usually the only thing that justifies talking about a deck this way. You're not even playing an original deck, just a netdeck Summit. If I wanted to get a copy of Summit Haven, I'd just look it up myself, thanks. I don't need your advice on how to topdeck or how bad I am if I don't, even more so you ****ting on people who didn't qualify for Group A otherwise. And if I wanted to find assholes, I'd just look in some other cesspool corner of the internet.
  11. July 17th Card Changes

    !!! That is all I can say. RIP Tenko Shrine, you didn't deserve that nerf. Iperia ... what? Valse ... boy, Sword nerfs. Not that CSword really cares. Chromatic Duel is really RIP though. Sibyl reversion is amazing
  12. Favourite moments?

    YOu THinks I HaS No BOard LEthaL? I see Vengeance Blood has gotten a bit too complacent in Eachtar's absence. Our favorite supercarry is back, boys. P.S. Going to be working on pure curve Mid Shadow with no Reanimate later. Will post if it turns out okay.
  13. I like the version with Heavenly Aegis + Tenko Shrine vs. Support Cannon + Durandal + Leonidas' Resolve. That one is seriously fun, and I run into it now and then on ladder playing CSword. Now with Alexiel thrown into the mix occasionally as well. Match comes down to how many copies of Dragon Knights or Albert you draw vs. how many Themis or Grimnir copies they draw.
  14. Unranked against ranked

    I can understand it. Sometimes your main craft is, say, Haven, but you have dailies that require lists like Forest or Sword. So you built an Aggro list as the cheapest, fastest and also most efficient option to take into unranked and blitz the quests quickly.
  15. Favourite moments?

    Skreeee. That is all. Go forth, my children, and OTK from 18. Have to say, new Wisps in Roach are amazing. Neutral Blood with Phantom Cat, Strix, Feria and lots of burn couldn't race me down even after 4 Flower drops. Didn't quite have hand size management down pat for the first couple runs with the list, but after a few tweaks I've hardly ever had problems.