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  1. Still feeling PDK is "balanced" to you? Blood is in bad spot right now.... Sorry for saying this, but...yeah. Even my c.blood that is supposed to counter to these things still lose. Can confirm. I been avoiding ladder these days.Sorry.
  2. B-But PDK dragon and sword aggro is balanced right? Yeah...
  3. Looks like my midrange decks other than PDK will remain unplayable..... Please dont hate me though on this.Sigh........
  4. Then? Mid Shadow currently has its stick beaten down lately...i do not see any reason to play Mid shadow. Sure i can play Atomy since i have lucky drawing three of all now, but i detested highroll decks. Nah..... Hm whatever..its been a gloomy day for Eachtar.
  5. Hm? Nep? I stopped playing Shadow lately...
  6. Who is Taurus greatest rival then? Lore wise? Hm nevermind, what i am doing even....
  7. Hm...salty thread about legendaries? Well nothing to see here then. Hm......
  8. Thats a legit deck...TQ
  9. How do you find a slot for this card? My blood deck is too jammed with removals and necessary stuffs @.@....
  10. Morri, do you have free time now?
  11. Then how can i handle endless Genesis+Forte spam then? They are quite fast at cheating pp, like turn 6 at earliest..
  12. Suggest something then, m'dear? I can go back spamming attendant+urd back then...Heee.
  13. @Morrigan.There it is. He sums up well. I dont know what to do anymore, but i dont want Mid shadow to be unplayable . I just enjoyed it weeks ago... Wait, i think i been repeating this. My bad...
  14. @Morriganstill tinkering blood and dragon hard?
  15. Hm i know, i know! Dont need to remind this... It was just my Mid Shadow is struggling hard right now...