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  1. meta report 2/12-18/2018

    Not sure if i willingly called these 'neutral decks' an identity of thier own.... But damn sure does Beauty or Saha carry their winrates hard. Nasty.
  2. Unlimited Nep Works

    Ill take it nonetheless. Thanks
  3. Unlimited Nep Works

    Uhm been a long time waiting for a reply like this... Do you have workable list for both format? I feel like i should try back mid ones for once.
  4. Changes to Cards in the February 14 Release

    Heh, didnt matter that much anyway. But since when all people become nerf addicts so much right now?
  5. Unlimited Nep Works question. Is Neph workable in unlimited? Likewise Rotation mode she is just....unplayable. A pure joke and insult at finest.... Not sure about Mid shadow after thane nerf though. Never touched it anymore after first PDK craze month.
  6. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    Not a good meta in rotation for Haven main like me. Sigh. BTW pls nerf saha-isra boardsweep pls.
  7. Sword noob here, need help

    Its fine man. I couldnt care less about win rate, just wanna tried out this class for ages. My haven decks cant do anything by now... But yeah, remember the portal rant you created once? Probably for once i have to agreed with you. Constant refilling is awful at finest..
  8. Sword noob here, need help

    Okay, i guess i missed out on this thread. My bad.
  9. Sword noob here, need help

    Looking for any decent sword decks since my Haven decks are bummed out and yeah, gonna tried out the class for once. Any will do?
  10. The game landscape?

    Hello, where did you been? Its quite a mess when you gone.
  11. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    @midgardsormr Hello, where did you been? Hm one question... C.Forest have been struggling right now due to Daria plus Windmill Dregs, so....the build needs to be changed? I have been playing Haven back after this happens....
  12. Cygames, Fix Portalcraft Now Not Later

    So a new class that has its own board flood needs to be changed ? Seems legit.
  13. Card changes for January 30

    Turns out having one card that gives removal or ward on curve while spellboosting twice is pretty good. meta report?
  14. Prebuilt Decks Set 3 Previews

    Snek tokens? Nahh i dont think they gonna ever work. Sigh.
  15. Prebuilt Decks Set 3 Previews

    Lmao looks like all powerful Neutral leggos are belong only to Dragon now. Not even wanna include Wyrm Goddess herself or gacha beast.....No comment.