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  1. May 29th update

    Ahh his story mode.It's quite unique. So, in this alternate land, whose people gonna get smacked by him next? Im sure he is going to pick a fight with the kingdom's governor, then the relatives.Kek.
  2. heh, i wanted every class to get super busted cards every single expansion.No more low power level exp. Then the game is balanced cuz everyone's class is so busted that devs cant have reason to nerf.
  3. Unlimited OTK Blood decks

    Okay! Change of plan. Feel free to add 2xRighteous devil and scorpius to increase odds against reanimate and sword shenanigans.
  4. Tempest Axeman 7pp 6/5 Rush Fanfare : Give your leader the following ability for the rest of the match : Whenever you play 3 or more cards, at the end of the turn, deal 2 damage to the enemy leader. This ability can stack. Wow, what..... I feel there is so much leader abilities right now.
  5. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    hm anyone up of private match?
  6. The salt mega thread.

    Well, i liked gold Cerid for once before.She is staple on my control shadow decks during RoB(my first month).Feels good reviving extra Khawy/Baha lol. Now? CG broke her in every way. From skull ring for Atomy into dragon caller.Such time has ended.... I didnt mind about resurrection thing as it is thematic, but..i guess Devs let it slipped somehow.
  7. Uh Oh...... As if they haven't enough of good stuff. Now they can deck out easily while others cant. Oh well, Chronos Sword cant come soon enough....
  8. The salt mega thread.

    ... So, did they really care about highroll decks or what in unlimited? Sigh, devs broke shadow for some reason. Too weak in rotation, too busted in unlimited. I cant even think about better tech for blood dealing turn 3 atomy except highroll mask into sab. Even then, its pointless when they straight up curve cerid>zeus>death dragon caller.ZZZZ
  9. Shadowverse quiz part 3

    Missed opportunity to join in... Btw, em check the crates.Apparently the game gives you free 3xDBNe tix. I dunno why....
  10. Uh, is it pre-nerf WD or? If we're talking about WD version, probably the reason you listed the chart?
  11. Unlimited OTK Blood decks

    Unlimited sure is wacky as hell, but boy screw that! More fun than rotation btw....
  12. Oh? Apparently Portal got a mech legendary!
  13. Unlimited OTK Blood decks

    Bloody Mary as your win con by cheating out early with demon key via self hurt tools and try to survive with massive control cards. Then assuming you get your win con at next turn, after you managed to proc the amulet, you can combo it with stuff like 0pp spell and else. Realisticly,It is indeed tricky to play actually, as it solely relies on demon key. But it sures satisfying once it works. Btw, you should look upon the better Dankfeast OTK blood i listed before too, and...Jorm doesnt make it unfortunately. I played both decks rn.
  14. Unlimited OTK Blood decks

    My newest recipe for OTK blood! Gahahaha! Worth all the trouble! PS:the missing ones is extra Bloody Mary copies.Add it to complete the deck.No replacement.