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  1. How do you deal with dragon players? Considering they can just spam bahamut or haven who know, themis? Its hard to drop ginger when facing these two players..
  2. How can jabber flute works? Considering the amulet factory requires a lot more of cheap followers to sustain its summoning..
  3. @Morrigan, teach me please interested... Allright, it works perfectly about your deck. Just kidding. Or maybe deck skeleton about Jabber...
  4. Uhh...we're talking about Jabby deck right?
  5. No no its fine, i guess i need more matches to see... Oh yeah, what is the basic of this deck?
  6. hm you mean? Oh yeah btw, about the nep deck you's just not...well..... Better we not talk about it okay?
  7. Hm Jabby deck? Is it fun? Uh nevermind.....
  8. Hmm, kinda funny when i tried playing meta decks like mid shadow, i always lose. But playing gritting non-meta deck, i win... Man, probably i should make c.blood again....
  9. Of course going sec is death sentence now...
  10. Keep losing going second.... Thats what i get for fixing 1st vs sec issue, Cygames? Oh lord....
  11. Uh, why dont we just ask nerfing all legendaries and call it a day? Nobody's gonna complain it right? hehehe..
  12. its hard to say at the moment.....but by no means, no i didnt dislike the ledger Nep. Hmm, time to test your variant sir.Off i go..
  13. @Kharaxxcan i see your variant too sir? I might wanna see how it works alongside Morrigan decks too. And then, probably i will give the feedbacks from the matches...
  14. @Morrigan, Okay ill sum up my own current matches with Nep, one with ledger and without ledger. IF any matches that i lost, its ledger version, where my opponent are playing FRIGGIN AGGRO AND NEUTS that just ignores my liches and just pound me in the face with buffed alices or bats, while my liches and removal spells arent enough to keep up with them.The shadowcraft one just topdecked eachtar so i can say nothing... The winnable ones are the deck i posted. But even then, i barely survives as they just either spam falise or spam discounted muta bolts. I cant show the upper matches because im using ramp gamble dragoncraft. Definitely, the neuts are disasters.....
  15. @Morriganrunning ledger right now is death sentence... I might swap skullcradle with something else. i already cutted morde again with thanes. Might wanna share yours?