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  1. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Well, as much as I don't like the idea of rotation, this does make a lot of sense. I'm looking at this from the perspective of a guy who already has most of the cards in game. Starting as a new player right now has to be harsh indeed. Add in 2-3 more expos and I can see how that would just be impossible for many. It saddens me that the game will change so drastically for the coming expos, but at the end of the day, it's still shadowverse, I suppose. I do hope that unlimited doesn't die out, though. If it actually died out completely, tons of cards, most of which are some of my favorite in game, would be completely unusable outside playing private matches with friends, I suppose. That is a scary thought. Hopefully it doesn't come to that. >.< After thinking about it, I do plan on giving rotation a go once it's out, but I will definitely spend most my time in unlimited.
  2. Not Coming Back

  3. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    I truly hope this isn't the case for Shadowverse... I have no problem with the rotation ladder being available for people who want that, but if it actually replaces the real format in tournaments etc, that's basically enforcing the rotation format on players. That would probably be the one thing that could drive me away from the game, tbh. I mean, if you take away all the cards that have been around since forever, and that makes shadowverse shadowverse, you're just left with a completely new game. That would make the game pointless to me. What I love about this game is the collection of cards I have collected over expansions, and the ability to play around with different decks using them. What would even happen with those cards if you can't even use them on ladder? Hundreds of hours down the drain. They will just be pretty to look at, I guess... Truly hope that doesn't happen to this game... I love it too much for that.
  4. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    ^ This I have absolutely no interest in rotation, and I bet there is a large amount of the veteran playerbase who thinks the same. Rotation will just be an alternative format. It won't replace the already existing one, Cygames clearly said this in their announcement.
  5. November Nerf Hitlist

    Remember that many people won't actually play the new rotation ladder. There will be a legacy ladder, which I assume most veterans will stick to. So, they need to keep that ladder in mind when balancing stuff. I for one have no plans to play rotation. I think a system that takes out parts of my collection of the game and limits what decks I can use is stupid. So glad they aren't enforcing the system.
  6. November Nerf Hitlist

    ^ So much this. I'd give you a like if I could, but the forum has been acting weird lately, and I can't find the like button for some reason.
  7. November Nerf Hitlist

    I have never seen a D-Shift kill on T7, especially against a deck like seraph, that barely plays any followers for them to kill. Most of the time they drop it on T8, after the Seraph has come out. So the matchup should be much better now.
  8. November Nerf Hitlist

    The target of the nerfs was not to even out the meta, but for future expos and formats, I'd imagine. If left untouched, D-shift would continue to limit unlimited, (lol, limit unlimited,) once rotations starts. Now I can finally use my seraph deck without worrying about consistent T8 D-shift shut downs. Yay. Cards like squasher just had way too much value for a vanilla 2/2, so setting her to 2/1 makes her less useful as a vanilla 2 slot. Makes sense in terms of general balance of stats vs effects. Same goes for Sybil and Carabosse. Staircase was probably the only card hit for actual balance this season. Too many decks used it as an auto include.
  9. November 26 Meta-report

    You are missing the point. All I was saying was that your claim that it's all a popularity contest is false. Chances are the devs haven't even heard the complaints from this site. Whether I agree to the nerfs or not is irrelevant. (I definitely agree some of them were unjust. Though, I liked most of them.) Let me re-phrase that one part of my post: The nerfs are done for other reasons, and most of the time that reason is balance, from the perspective of the devs. Whether I agree with their view of balance or not is not relevant to my post.
  10. November 26 Meta-report

    But this community is just a tiny, tiny fraction of the whole playerbase. The devs of a massive Japanese card game doesn't follow comments on a western forum for their balance changes, trust me. That's not to say community feedback doesn't play any role at all, of course, but it isn't the determining factor, not by a long shot. It's actually quite simple. People complain about strong cards. Cards that are too strong gets nerfed for balance. And so, some people think the cards were nerfed because of the complaining. It's similar to the placebo effect, really. You took a pill, your headache passed. So, the pill had to be the thing that cured it! (But in reality, the pill did absolutely nothing. It was just a sugar pill.) Someone complained, a card was nerfed. It was nerfed because of the complaining! (In reality, the reason was completely different.)
  11. November Nerf Hitlist

    I'm curious, why are you still here? You seem to post more than anyone else on the forum, yet you apparently quit ages ago. I don't mean to sound rude, just curious.
  12. I wonder, can you post Japanese status updates, or are even they auto flagged as spam?

    Let's find out.


    1. Dergonu


      Eyy, it works.


  13. Saving for 150+ Boosters in next set

    Because university over here in Japan has been keeping me so darn busy, I have barely had any time to play. I'm sitting here with 30 rupies, hehe. Haven't been able to do my dailies much at all this month. Someone, give me half of yours! I shall reward you with a cool emoji! #Worth. (;´・ω・) ------------------------------------------------------ When it comes to screen recording, I'd recommend just looking around on lists like these. Finding a good, free piece of recording software can be hard. They all usually have watermarks and recording limits. But, I totally understand that paying for these programs can be difficult for many. My suggestion would be to just test out a few of the free programs, see if any of them fit your needs. If not, you might need to look into one of the paid versions. I personally use Fraps for my recordings, but there are probably better programs out there nowadays. I have been using fraps since forever, and I've been super happy with it, which is why I never really looked for anything new. It can record most stuff smoothly in 60FPS, and has a bunch of nice settings you can tweak around. Downsides of fraps are huge files, (really, 5 mins of footage is like, 3GB or something,) and the program costs a decent chunk. (37$.) Here's Fraps' website.
  14. Net-decking on Ladder?

    That's only the rank. Your BP won't change. I'd say "good enough" is at least 2-3 of the core legends for your main class(es). Core legend here meaning the best ones for competitive use. Using budget decks is fine and all, but once you reach master, it does become harder to win with those. (Not impossible, though.)
  15. Finally Master Rank \o/

    Grats! Welcome to the meme club! ヽ(*^ω^*)ノ