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  1. The Japanese version basically says "if you are not in vengeance, you'll take enough damage to put you at 10 HP." The Japanese text feels a tiny bit more elegant to me.
  2. Finally managed to get a 5-0 run. (My first ever. I always get shafted after 4 wins, lol.) Deck:
  3. Hey again! So, I have been trying the deck, and it's quite a lot of fun. Maybe not the most competitive deck in higher ratings, but still fun to use in unranked. I'm personally an AA1 player. I made some changes to the deck, and my version is here. To explain a bit what the changes I made were, and why: I chose to replace Flood Behemoth with Queen Vampire. She has great synergy with the deck, as she gives ward to your bats, AND she spawns 2 extra bats when she comes into play, making it much easier to set up some trades for T7 when the Soul Dominator comes out. I also added 1x more Wardrobe Raider, as that really is a card you want to try and pull on T4/5 every game, in order to evolve it and clear the field + get some healing up. I personally also dropped all copies of the Righteous Devil, as I feel he doesn't fit that well, and dropped 1x Blood Pact, as I really didn't rely on this card much, and felt 1x was enough. Then, lastly, I added in 2x Excecutioner's Axe. (I like this card in this deck as another means of attacking the turn you play a card, in order to keep your opponents field clear.) Definitely a fun deck! I'd recommend at least adding in Queen Vampire's if you have them, as she truly shines in this type bat token oriented deck.
  4. Alright, here is my collection: Just realized now that I have 4x Aegis, lol. Since it's favorited, it doesn't get turned into vials automatically when you have over 3. Guess I'll destroy that 4th one now, lol.
  5. She is a fan favorite among Japanese players. It's basically the mascot of the Necromancer class as a whole, so I'd be very surprised if she doesn't win. As for the Japanese players voting for voice actors more than the leaders themselves, (gotta admit, I also thought about the VAs when I voted,) that's usually how it goes in Japan. VAs are a huge deal there, and shadowverse has a big roster of incredibly talented VAs in the Japanese version. And so, it becomes a big factor when voting for something like this. (For instance, the VA for Dark General is one of my favorite female VAs. Seems like a lot of people agree.) I still voted for Beast Dom though, because waifu Still, the vote will be up until the 27th, so the numbers will change. Nothing is set in stone yet.
  6. Oh wow, I so want Beast Dominator, Otohime and Cerberus leaders. Time to buy a million phones to vote!
  7. This is an interesting idea. I'll test the deck and let you know what I think!
  8. Here is a face dragon deck. It's cheap to craft compared to most dragon decks, and pretty strong. You seem to be thinking of ramp as the only viable dragon deck, which is wrong. If you want to be mad at something, be mad at RNG. The video you showed in the first post was a case of literally 100% flawless draws from the shadow oppoent, + bad draws for you. (No removal, no Rahab, + your first ramp card was Sibyl.) That isn't the result of the game being imbalanced, it's simply the result of someone having a well built deck, getting fantastic RNG vs. you getting rather bad RNG with your draws. It happens.
  9. Only faced one all day and won without him getting a single roach out. But yeah, that is a rough matchup. A single roach can end you, if you aren't careful Also, vengeance blood vs vengeance blood is rather tricky to play right. Gotta be real careful with your moves, as you can both end the game in 1 turn with the right cards.
  10. Can confirm, vengeance blood is pretty good now. I used to struggle with shadow setting up too many cards on the field too early with the 3PP Catacomb, and being OKed by Ouroboros + Zell by ramps, since you usually sit on 10HP. Now with that out of the way, it's an even stronger deck. Been going on win streaks like this all day
  11. Exactly. As someone who plays a very aggressive vengeance blood deck in A3, whenever I see ramp dragon decks I think, "Yes, a free win!" They play so passively on T1-4, which is where my deck tries to push out as much damage as possible. Ramp dragon is incredibly strong in the late game, yes, but good aggressive decks can stop them before they get to that point quite easily. I personally struggle a bit more with Haven, actually, because of their large amount of early game heals, banishes and wards. An aggro decks nemesis. I have nightmares about Temple Defender and Blackened Scripture, lol.
  12. I'm honestly thinking there will be no nerfs. When roach and Daria were "nerfed", there was a singular card that was clearly the thing thing that made the decks overpowered. Goblin mage made finding roaches too easy, and 1 cast cost piercing runes were just too cost effective when used with Daria. Mid shadow and ramp dragon just happen to have seriously strong synergy. I don't really think a singular card is at fault in either of the two. People will tire of using these eventually, and the meta will change. Then we will all complain about something else. It's how things goes every time. First it was PtP forest, now it's mid shadow and ramp dragon. Next it will be something else.
  13. Ah right, that deck. Seen a few people use it against me on ladder. My vengeance blood deck tears it apart completely. It's a bit slow, though I'm sure it's pretty dangerous when you actually get to the later turns. Issue is that the deck essentially needs to go to T4+ before it really does anything. I still think the more aggressive nep decks fits better in this meta, as you need a decently strong early game now, or you won't make it to the late game half the time, like you said. And the times you DO make it to the late game, there is always Aegis and ramp dragon to wreck you. In my opinion, Nep should be more of a finisher than anything in this meta.
  14. Best I got was an animated silver. RIP.