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  1. Looks pretty fun. I'll give it a try later. Starting to grow tired of my storm deck. I'll post my thoughts on the deck after I have tried it out.
  2. Yeah storm is a big pain. I can't believe how they have just kept on printing sword storm cards. It's clearly too much. Even if they tweak Juliet, the amount of storm in Sword will continue to limit stuff. Storm simply has too much value, as the card has already done its job when you played it, rendering removal pointless.
  3. What is this "10pp" card that you speak of? I was under the impression that no such thing existed!
  4. Although I strongly disagree, that would just be all the more reason to use it. Again, this is a game where you play to win. Using the strongest deck for that is only logical. Using a deck you know is weaker than the rest of the meta would mean putting yourself at a disatvantage. (Which you are free to do, but don't go complaining over it later. It was your choice, after all.) I personally got masters when neutral blood was a thing. That deck WAS broken. I still spent a good 8 hours a day grinding for it, over a decently long period, and am proud of my achievement. I used what was good because that means I could win more. Again, it's only logical in a stratergy game.
  5. I finally got my Daria after over 300 packs last night.
  6. Congrats! People getting triggered because you used a good deck to rank confuses me... this is a stratergy game where we play to win, guys. What did you expect, someone running a deck full of fairies going on 12 winstreaks?
  7. Lol
  9. Phew, that does sound horrible. Luckily this isn't HS
  10. Still just seems weak in this game to me. Just throw a dance of death on him. Is there no removal in HS? Why do you have to trade into it in the first place?
  11. Cant you just ping it with any form of 4 drop evolve effect like Tina, then trade into it? I'd also imagine the card itself would be at least a 5 drop, so that kill effects can reach it, and most 5 cast removal is neutral anyways. Overall seems rather underwhelming in this game to me, unless it's a 4 drop or lower, and at that point its stats would be so small, it wouldn't be THAT bad.
  12. But it can just get removed by literally any kill effect, right? Seems rather underwhelming to me, with the insane amount of removal effects in game.
  13. Huh, I see. Well, there is that new bishop 2 drop that gets that as an effect, but only till the end of the turn. Might be an interesting card, though we already have stuff like beauty and the beast, so it's already kind of in game. EDIT: brainfart, that's a completely different effect.
  14. I mean, blood already does in mask of the black death. It absorbs a hit/(hits), even above 5, then dies. So, a 2 drop?
  15. Thanks! Feel like I got more of an idea of what to go for now. Phew, this makes me realize how little I actually know about the Forest cards, and forest as a whole. It's good we have people who know so much about it around here. Out of curiosity, could you post your list for me to look at?