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  1. Yeah, I've noticed that. I ended up going 3 wins - 2 losses in my attempt with the deck, which is honestly quite good. I went against only meta decks, (2 mid swords, 2 mid portals and 1 summit,) and ended up playing pretty close games for all five matches. The first game I lost I lost because I simply bricked too hard in the early game, (had two Zeuses and an Azi in my hand on turn 3... like, ugh...) and then I was simply too far behind when I finally started getting back towards the late game. Still, a good game overall. The second one was just two heavenly knights to my face in a row, so... not much to do there I'm really liking the deck! The PDK + the jabber combo is tons of fun. Going to play more with it on ranked for sure. Need to level my dragon anyways, so.
  2. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Holy crap, last try and I got a flawless run. Phew... was getting worried I wouldn't make it for a bit there. Vania sleeves, YAY!
  3. Man, I have been testing this for the past two hours, and it's so much fun! I'll definitely try it for my grand prix games tonight. Will post the results once I finish.
  4. Lol, yeah. He was most likely in a panic. "Oh crap, gotta clear this with Sky Fortre... WAIT, NOOOOOO!"
  5. Ah, I see. I'll give it a try later today!
  6. This looks really fun! Got a decklist?
  7. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Why didnt they do this last time too : ( now I have no Deus sleeve, cuz I lost my first finals game >,< oh well, Vania is best girl, so. Rather have her sleeve.
  8. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Alright, had a better run today. Decided to drop the Yggdrasil deck, as I was bricking so hard with it yesterday, and built a Chimera deck instead. Fun fact, if there is an Aegis on the field and you have lethal with Chimera, you still win. The Chimera thinks it can kill the Aegis, and simply hits him for 8, (10 if evolved,) then the rest goes face. (Thankfully. If not for that, I'd be 3-2 )
  9. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    I feel violated... Literally bricked every single game. Fun part is, I'm on a 9 win streak on the master ladder with this deck. RNG just decided to be an a$$ for my tournament games. Thanks, RNG-chan. Guess I'll try again with the same deck tomorrow.
  10. Games are automatically saved as replays. Could you find the replay of the game and double check if you are correct? If you are, then that is clearly a bug, and you should report it to the support team.
  11. What is the Unlimited Experience like?

    It's a pretty fast meta, seeing as D-shift auto wins after turn 7, and you have a bunch of highroll decks that win quite fast when they get good opening hands. But, I'd say it's balanced, yes. It's not a chaotic hell dominated by nothing but a single class, if that's what you worry about. Each class has at least one viable deck, and many good decks that do well as long as the opponent isn't D-shift. (D-shift is sadly still a massive issue, even after its nerf.) I still love playing my seraph deck, which does quite well against most things, other than D-shift. You can definitely still play budget decks, too, even at master rank.
  12. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    This is the first meta where I am actually playing rotation instead of unlimited. Feels pretty cool, actually! I still plan on playing both, of course, but for this month I have been focusing exclusively on rotation, to get a feel for it. I have to say, Summit bishop and Chimera witch bothers me a bit. Chimera now runs the 15PP speelboostable 7DMG a turn bomb, + the chimera, essentially making it a more consistent D-shift. You have two amazing win conditions to rely on, and tons of removal to back it up. I feel like adding all these "just keep spellboosting without interacting!" cards to witch after finally getting rid of D-shift was a big step back... they should have added new, cool things like Oz and Daria, that gives new archtypes to witch, not give them the same old trick, just better. Summit is EXTREMELY annoying. Freaking 9 storm on T7 is just absurd, + those 3/5 tokens with Snow white and summit = an insanely strong board on turn 4/5 that can hit you hard, and control your board. Very hard deck to win against when it highrolls, and it usually runs Aegis as backup, so you can't rely on trying to outlast in the cases where they don't get summit, either. So, I'm at least hoping these two get some kind of minor nerf. But, overall, I like the rotation ladder. Each class seems to have at least one viable deck, and that's really cool. My favorite decks so far are puppet nemesis, yggdrasil elf, reanimate necromancer, (staying true to its class name ) and PDK dragon. I also play a LOT of artifact nemesis, which is sadly not great yet, but it is getting pretty good. Hopefully it sees a tiny bit more viable win con type cards next expo to really get it started as a good deck.
  13. Dawnbreak Early Impressions

    Lindworm is... dumb. Loving the new puppet support. Quite a lot of fun playing Puppet Nemesis. Might not be an amazing deck yet, but it's a lot of fun.
  14. I'm back for the new expansion, and this is my first time playing f2P for a new expo. So, I only had a bit over 30 packs to open. Pulled 5 legends, which is not that bad I guess. 1x Lindworm, 1x Hinterland Ghoul, 1x Vampi-chan, 1x Hind, 1x That Which Erases. I also had 50k vials to spend, so I managed to craft all the new Nemesis cards that I want to try. Feels a bit weird though, as I'm used to buying 100-200 packs. But hey, maybe this will motivate me more to actually farm for rupies.
  15. 500,000 gold?!

    If you have a PC and a smartphone, you can continue to make new accounts on your smartphone, (on Iphone, simply deleting the app and downloading it again leads to a full reset of your account, so it's very easy,) then play games with a new account each day from your main account on your PC. This is how I do all my private match missions.