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  1. Hey! So, I have been trying to make a Haven deck I can use for dailies, and just got my third Heavenly Aegis, so I'm trying to build a deck around it. Here is what I have so far. I have seen a lot of people run Test of Strength with Aegis, but that combo only works once Aegis is out, and I think actually hanging on until T9 is the hardest part with Haven in this meta, so I'm thinking those slots are better used for some ward/ banish cards, which is what I went for in this deck. Anyways, any feedback on what changes I can make / how the deck looks would be appreciated! This is my first Haven deck, so it might not be super good.
  2. Really sucks that we can't buy them with rupies, like the other leaders. If I'm going to buy crystals, I'll use it on packs, not cosmetic stuff.
  3. Hello there. Today I thought I'd share a pretty darn cool control blood deck that I have been testing out the past few days. The actual deck was not made by me, (though I made a slight change to the deck, so the version I run is a tiny bit different.) The original deck was made by p4n0pt1c0n, and you can check out his original post about on the deck here. My version is here. The only difference is that I replaced the 1x Alucard for a third Mary, as I feel like she is a pretty important card in the deck, and I wanted to draw her more consistently. She offers nice burst damage, can even end games herself if you don't draw the right cards for Azazel, or simply have your opponent quite low on HP. And, as dumb as it sounds, she makes for a great target dummy to draw fire from yourself while you stall. Few people will allow Mary to stay on the field for a turn, so she soaks up some hits for you if you absolutely need her to. I really want to see more control decks on ladder, as I do not believe the control matchup for most classes is as bad as people think. There is ways around aggro/ mid shadow and ramp dragon -- it just takes a bit of getting used to. This particular deck is quite good at controling your own HP, and since it has an OTK component that you can get out on T10, it's not that slow, all things considered, and can therefore do okay against Aegis haven etc, too. (All you need is to have a singular HP remaining by the time you drop Azazel, and you can do several combos to literally bring you opponent to 1 HP a few ways as early as T7-8.) Of course decks like these will never be absolute top tier, but the fact that they can actually win against common meta decks pretty often, and that they have a clear, consistent win condition makes them at least somewhat viable and justifies their usage. The general idea behind the deck is to bring out Baphomet on T5 to draw a now 5 cast cost Azazel. Then play him + Demon Commander on T10, and finish off the opponents last HP with a razor claw. (5+3+2, making it possible to do the OTK on T10.) Because the razor claw does 3 damage, and Azazel's attack is 7, you do not actually need to evolve him to finish the game, as long as you have a razor claw, so you CAN spend all your evolves defending if you need to. Here is an example game of how the OTK combo works, played against a mid shadow deck in A1. I am sadly not as highly ranked as the original creator of the deck, (who is in masters,) but the deck has been doing very well for me in A1 so far, and I recommend giving it a try if you want a fun blood control deck. (I added a random song I had lying around to the video, as I don't play with in game music, because I honestly do not like it. It should be available in 60FPS. It always annoys me that people post replays that are in like, 10 FPS ) Oh and the reason I sacked the Mary at the end was just so I can show how the OTK works as an actual OTK on its own. Lemme know how you do with the deck if you try it out.
  4. I have been using a variant of your deck @Kharaxx, and it has been working quite well, so thanks again. Been getting some pretty nice win streaks actually, and ranked up to A1 yesterday using it. Pretty fun being able to utilize Nep again. Was afraid Nep decks were completely dead this expansion.
  5. Have to say I agree. The card is just a bit too versatile in its current state. Perhaps changing his enhance effect slightly or lowering his attack a bit would be in order.
  6. That does probably fit more in this meta. Thanks. My list was really just a result of how I was used to running the deck last expansion. No real reason beyond that. I'll give this list a go, thanks for sharing it.
  7. Indeed. Thanks for the feedback, I changed around a lot of cards and this is what I have now: deck
  8. Yeah the list I use isn't that good. I added execution because of all the annoying amulets that were going around. (I made the deck originally in like, the first week of the launch of the expansion.) Test of Strength with Aegis was just so incredibly pesky, as not only was there an immortal card on the field that Nep couldn't kill with any card she spawned, but I now also just had to sit there for 2 turns and let Aegis hit me in the face, which = a loss. Durandal the Incorruptible + ambush frog were using amulets, and during the first week they were extremely common, so I thought amulet removal would be super important. In retrospect I probably don't need those at all.
  9. I love this card and played a Nephthys deck pretty much all of last expansion. I have been trying to make a deck with her work, but with Aegis and ramp dragon being a thing, she is just too slow and doesn't carry enough punch in this meta. A slow, win-condition-less control deck is just not cutting it. Mass banishes, (poor mordecai,) and completely unkillable units, (poor lurching corpse and underworld watchman), really just poked a giant stick in the wheel of this deck. Does anyone have a version of this deck that does at least somewhat good in this meta? This is the list I use at the moment. If anyone has a list that is built for this meta, or at least has some tips on what one could tech into a Nephthys deck in this expansion, I'd appriciate it.