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  1. I'm using the slower Sahaquiel version, with Queen of the Dread sea and D-shift at the top. It still has a pretty strong early/ mid-game because of Alice and friends, then a very strong late game. (Screenshot from a game I literally just finished. This was fun, lol.)
  2. Huh, I had no idea so many people were switching to neutral rune. I have been playing neutral rune myself the past week, and it has been doing quite well. Though, I just decided to test it on a whim. I had no clue so many others were using it, and that the deck was so stong. Neat.
  3. A few of my favorite touhou songs:
  4. Yeah, I have been seeing different forest PtP decks on ladder recently. Seems like it's becoming a thing again. They are actually pretty fast. Last PtP deck I lost to had PtP set up on T8, and had already pecked me down to 12 HP before that, so I was screwed.
  5. That is of course true. I was merely being a bit trolly at the idea that there are no good sword legendaries. Albert is obviously one of the better cards in the game. Of course, I do agree that sword has seen a pretty heavy lack of synergy in the cards printed in the recent expansions, and it would be very cool to see something that changes that in the future. It seems like Cygames kind of abandoned their own plan for sword, which sucks. I actually loved the idea of the token swarming mechanic when I started the game, and played only sword for a good month or so after joining because of that. That is honestly one of the reasons why I switched from maining sword to maining blood. Blood got cooler toys that actually did stuff. Sword, not so much. A bit on topic though, I do have to say, I like Cinderella. Her synergy with neutral decks makes her a cool and powerful card to include in neutral aggro decks, which is a fun arctype. (Though, I agree that it would have been much cooler to see a legendary that helps buff up the swordcraft token playstyle, which is what they are kinda supposed to do. Crossing my fingers, hoping that will happen in the next expansion, as I do miss playing that type of sword deck.)
  6. Managed to do this with my waifu card earlier today. (Sun Oracle) My life is now complete.
  7. Bump. Would be kinda nice to see a response to this... It does seem like an overly excessive system, especially considering that this is a forum for a Japanese game.
  8. Man, playing ranked is starting to wear me down. I have not moved an inch from 0 MP this season... every time I get up to 200-300, I just lose 4 times in a row to aggro decks that go first, and sit at 0 again. Then it just repeats. Going first has become such a massive advantage, the meta feels like it is simply "Play aggro, hope you go first, ignore your opponents cards and simply just hit face, win T5". I keep trying to play different decks, but the game just keeps on forcing me into aggro, which I just don't feel like playing. AGGGHHH, I'm so frustrated. Sitting at 8k BP, and yet my MP is at 0, as I just can't win more than I lose. Went on a 5 win-streak earlier and thought "YES, I finally broke the dry-streak!" Then I just faced aggro deck after aggro deck, and went right back to 0. Haven't won a game today since. The worst part is that I can't even catch a break in unranked. All I face in unranked is grandmaster players clearly play-testing their meta aggro decks... I haven't seen a single meme, or heck, even a bloody D-sfhit deck in days. All I see is blood aggro and ambush sword. I'm getting so exhausted from this. The most frustrating thing is that it really has nothing to do with my skill, as I literally can't stop aggro decks that goes frist from snowballing, regardless of what I play. AGGGHHHHHH! Tl;dr, salt. [Insert Japanese curse words that I can't type because the post would get hidden automatically, something that I'm also salty about. It's a stupid feature. This is a Japanese game. Let us type Japanese words. Ugh. Okay, salt rage = over. Kind of.]
  9. Well, I'm not the biggest steam user myself, so my knowledge on that is pretty limited, but Valkyrie Drive is pretty darn entertaining. (It is a bit... lewder than Hyperdimension Neptunia. Whether that is a good thing or not is up to you. ) We all know it's a good thing. Oh and welcome to all the new people! o/
  10. Well, they keep trying to nerf mid shadow, and fail every time so... how about we just nerf Luna instead? I can see the patch notes already: "We ran out of stuff to nerf, and yet mid shadow still has a 54% win rate, so... we reduced Luna's HP to 10 down from 20 instead. She will also automatically lose if she is going first. This is a smart change, cuz reasons."
  11. Not a bug. If the fortress can't spawn a bat on its own, (so if the field is full,) it won't proc at all, making it just sit there. You need a maximum of 3 followers, with at least 1 being a bat, for it to proc.
  12. Using her in my NepNep deck! Kinda like her more than Skullcradle because of the ward. Helps delay aggro by a tiny bit. Also, Dingdong, dingdong!
  13. Fite me IRL
  14. Oh, they do. They are the best of friends. If only I was seeing Dorothy decks... I miss hearing her lines, as I haven't even played Dorothy myself since last expansion. Maybe I should make one for the hell of it. (Edit: Ah, you meant seeing the D-shift card and hearing her line there. That makes sense. Ah yeah, screw that line. Whenever I hear "Saa, tobu wa yo!" I want to smash something, lol.) Ugh, but yeah, all these D-shift decks are driving me nuts. It's not that I lose against them all that much, it's just that playing against a D-shift deck in general is incredibly exhausting and irritating.