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  1. Card changes for January 30

    Stop limiting cards in unlimited, lmao.
  2. Prebuilt Decks Set 3 Previews

    Took a look at the tweets, and yeah, no alt art for these. You get the special sleeve instead. (JP players LOVES unique sleeves. Probably a marketing thing to get more people to buy them just for the sleeve.)
  3. Well uhh, playing haven vs ramp dragon just got a lot harder. Yay...
  4. (Edit) Cygames wants me back

    I stop by from time to time, though I'm not super active at the moment. I play unlimited now and then for my dailies. Not that familiar with how rotation is doing.
  5. ?? Does your game not have the "unlimited" button or...?
  6. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    Nice. I've been spending the past day making unlimited decks. Now I have a rotation deck, yay. (And an excuse to use my animated Insect King. Wait, just checked, did they call him Insect "Lord" in the English version? B-But his JP card says king... HE IS A KING, DAMNIT!) *Cough* Anyways... I'll test out the deck and tell you what I think. (/・ω・)/
  7. I am literal salt mine right now. I opened about 100 packs myself, no leaders. Then I just did my 10 free packs on my phone, an account which I never use, and... Albert. AHHHHH! *Rips out hair*
  8. Yeah, it's the same for everyone. The server is simply overloaded atm.
  9. A Japanese player recorded all the voiced lines and the evolution animation for Cerberus, if anyone who didn't get her wants to see: (You might have to open the tweet in order to display the video)
  10. She is so pretty... x_x Share pls.
  11. Lucky bastard. x_X Did it pop up like a legend when you got it in the pack, or is it just displayed the same boring way as a normal bronze?
  12. Yeah. Ugh, I want them so bad, but have no more money to spend, lol. Y u do dis, Cygames...
  13. Well, not like it matters. Since Cerberus has a 0.03% drop rate, most players won't even get her... Me included, it would seem. *Sigh*
  14. The expansion is up, and just like we feared, all three leaders are locked behind a 0.03% drop chance. In other words, most players won't see them, ever. (Even Dark General, despite being a bronze card.) This is honestly just so irritating. We as a community voted on the leaders we wanted to see in game. This is something we all want, and yet, very few of us can actually get it. I'd love to just pay real money for the leaders and call it a day. But, instead I had to spend what I could on packs. Guess what? No leaders. Man, this system is such a kick in the balls. Why did they choose to do this? They didn't get any more money from me, as what money I could have spent on leaders, I had to sink into packs. All it does is make me less willing to buy more, simply because I know how little the chance of getting them really is... Seriously Cygames, what the hell?