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  1. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    just sent me invite if u like, I`m here
  2. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    well, actually the time I pointed there is starting on me just like right now, on the timing of this message, so I`m open for queue. but for me its an unstable time, just on average I will be there about around this period of time, that`s it.
  3. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    hi there, just looking for friends to complete quest, but also it could be nice to play with someone else I guess And just hope to see something else instead of this aegiss and dragons happening there... hope this will help, bye ID - 430 125 678 usually playing around 5:00PM - 9:00PM (RF Novosibirsk, converts to UTC+7) P.S.: gonna keep and eye on this topic, just to say
  4. storm swordcraft doesn`t seem to change, well they just run a luminous mage now.
  5. How to beat *** heaven decks

    well, not quite I suppose, I guess a bunch of control and ultimate finisher works pretty well. Just need to calculate a lot
  6. How to beat *** heaven decks

    not actually a ER deck, but it`s pretty funny to play, try this one, sv.bagoum.com/db/1EF maybe it will give u some thoughts about ER building, but I just wanted so show this deck
  7. I hate new update

    well, shadow, dragon, heaven are became so powerful this update that it`s hardly to see any other decks. Actually heaven control is so way powerful than other classes control decks(all that heals, wards, boardclears are so incredible on heaven) that its just much more pointless to play... ----- btw, I kind`a pieced of developers by giving heaven Aegis and to rune they gave 2 useless legendries(yeah, golem is alright, but it`s not enough), especially Ginger... what even a point of this card? Yeah I can imagine to play her and than play 3 luci & reina > evolve reina > deal 12 damage to opponent, but that`s so incredible, that is simply never going to happen... just wanted to say (mad cause I love rune)
  8. About Agro decks

    how do I start it?... just played sometime until rank A1 and then I just noticed that the control deck are became useless against agro. And like its not the only problem I just found that almost every deck I played against was agro or the ***t aegis thing. So I was thinking - why? yeah ofc I understand that everyone wants an easy rank up, but it just breaks all the fun from a game. Maybe I`m wrong, but its more enjoyable when u outsmarting your opponent and not just smorking through. So I suggest to reconsider agro constituent of the game. This grown up even more after new expansion, so if this goes further, the game will just crush its enjoyment... P.S: I`m hoping that developers will actually respond to this problem
  9. I hate new update

    the overall problem of this expansion is that agro decks became too powerful. U simply can`t play control
  10. How to beat *** heaven decks

    the ER match up is about control anyway so yeah its slow, but it can be faster more than u think. Besides, when u play control deck its all depends on your skill, so ofc the winrate can be different on several users. Its better to try and watch for yourself to see what cards u think is weak and then replace with some more familiar to you.