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  1. ALice + Elf Guardian

    Helo guys, i just Wonder, is there some viable deck with those two legendary card?? Or may be anyone have som good deck with Elf guardian?? Id like to use my 3 copies
  2. Helo guys i got an idea how to stop incredible Dragoncraft decks cost and winratio. May be some new decks appear when this think will be accepted by Shadowverse team The point is: Change the power "Gain empty play point orb" to "Gain a empty play point orb and destroy tchem an the end of next turn" What You think guys about this??
  3. Snow White nerf and auto Liquefy.

    Hey all, after a Snow white nerf i liquefy here for 7000 vials and swap here in my aegis for Healing Angel. What was Your's Actions? Liquefy and swap, or stay with this legendary??
  4. Angel of the word and Israfil, Rowen.

    Definitely boobs, i hope You see what i wrote on this
  5. Helo, i got two suggestion, hope somone agree with me. First: Like all see this little angel have tits, but in Japanese version his voice is man. May be little suggestion to change te voice to girl?? Second: (8/8 now) This card is a little bit OP, i think this card need nerf. IMO they stats should be change to 6\6 that prevent it from actions like when some control deck combo it with Saha and not only trade Your biggest card, it also wrekt your whole board. Third: Rowen is most powerful champion here but many times die when play against agro or midrange, but it's not a problem. Let's see on others Craft's all other have many variations of good an playable decks, Dragon only control like decks cause come on... who gona play discard dragon?? Storm and Ramp dragon have horible prizes in vials so maybe, just maybe in new expansion focus on lower cards for dragon and some people can play with this champion to around 15-25k vials and do god ratio?? If there is deck like this please show me. It's all from me cheer!
  6. Beauty and The Beast and Elf Queen

    Helo, at last i made my beloved forest roach deck fuly complete. But now i have question. I use this one and work good for doing quests, but it is god idea to add Beauty And the Beastx1 Elf Queenx1 And for witch one card?? What You Boyz and Girls think??
  7. Creating good ranked DECK

    A2 for now. I create those carabosse deck but not have many time to test. I play around 3-5 matches and work very well. thank's midgardsormr
  8. Finding Hard to end story line

    Face work until i fight with dragon. But when wild crazy priest appear face end the line... is there any option to beat this snowballing as f... enemy?? anyway thanks, face work well.
  9. Finding Hard to end story line

    Helo, i end all of story line missions except dragoncraft. Any good budget decks to won with this dragon??
  10. Creating good ranked DECK

    I'm sorry for putting this here. But anyway can You give me link to good Agro Bat Carabosse Blood deck?? I will be thankfoul.
  11. Creating good ranked DECK

    Helo, i try to find some good ranked deck to farm points, it's sure i don't get vials for storm ramp so may be someone can tell me where can i see some statistics or just find some good decks. Or just tell me what sould i create. I try gamepress but i not trust this website much. I got the most of Forestcraft and Heavencraft legendary and i think about this deck But i need asvice to not waste my 15k vials and may be some burn golden cards. Anyone?
  12. 5200 rupies and no Vials i rip them for some legendaries from standard and ToG.
  13. Creating Legendary Question

    Helo, 2 days ago i craft 2 cerberus, shadow reaper and phantom howl. I start for creating some decks from GP but i think this is old decks and don't fit meta. I create one on my own and now testing them on normal matches. Work pretty well, i play some more and may be go for ranked's. May be some of You guys give me some advice to make it better here it is:
  14. Creating Legendary Question

    Thanx all for answers. I realy dont wanna made mistake and Your's help is very helpful. But if anyone cal answer me last qestion. If i will go to craft two legendary what should it be?? Now i got 1x Eachtar and 1x Cerberus. I thin 2 more cerberus would be nice cause they generate two powerful cards for combo.
  15. Creating Legendary Question

    I got 3 immortal Thane and 0 phantom howls. If You can Frank pls send me Your deck or some other i can take patter of. And if i craft extra shadow reaper How many Phantom hollows will be enough. 2 of them?