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  1. 5200 rupies and no Vials i rip them for some legendaries from standard and ToG.
  2. Helo, 2 days ago i craft 2 cerberus, shadow reaper and phantom howl. I start for creating some decks from GP but i think this is old decks and don't fit meta. I create one on my own and now testing them on normal matches. Work pretty well, i play some more and may be go for ranked's. May be some of You guys give me some advice to make it better here it is:
  3. Thanx all for answers. I realy dont wanna made mistake and Your's help is very helpful. But if anyone cal answer me last qestion. If i will go to craft two legendary what should it be?? Now i got 1x Eachtar and 1x Cerberus. I thin 2 more cerberus would be nice cause they generate two powerful cards for combo.
  4. I got 3 immortal Thane and 0 phantom howls. If You can Frank pls send me Your deck or some other i can take patter of. And if i craft extra shadow reaper How many Phantom hollows will be enough. 2 of them?
  5. Helo everyone. I collect 7750 dust. I was saving this for upcoming expansion but two last days i got two very stron legendaries for shadowcraft and i thinking about craft two more. First i got is Demonlord Eachtar and today i got Cerberus. I thnik about Creating two more but qestion is, should i create one of each this powerfull legendary or two of one of them to create my dreamd Shadowverse Midrange Deck.Anyway 800 will be needed for one more Shadowreaper i got two or phantom howl. What do You think guys it's worth of crafting? (Anyway im understand this will be good to save this for future expansion that's coming. But anyway i got now 4200 gold so many cards coming to for my collection ;P )
  6. One of my best lethal ever. I love mechanics of Runecraft <3
  7. Helo Aru're i try Your deck and i must said it's to slow. I can't do anything agains any of class. And i don't play against meta decks. I play against some theorycraft decks. (IDK is theory good way to call this) It's just other deck's some other people test. First i must tell there is many cards to change: Grimnir: it's good card, but i never was able to use his full power on 10 turn. So it's only 3 pp ward Medusa Gaze: i think You can find many other clear card's for this cost Like Razory Claw, Vampiric Kiss or Hungering Horde. Goblin princess: Idk why i saw this little baby here, no synergy, slow and no bats! You no need goblins. Ypu need bats. Flood Behemoth: Naah realy, it's weak card for now i think Imp Lancer is much better chose. Storm is 100 x better than deal 1 damage to all enemy since most decks like dragon, heaven, rune don't have 1 LP minions. If You want play Soul Dominator Deck You can try my version, i get this from SGP site and change it a little bit (I got queen Vampire but You can swap here for another Soul Dominator):
  8. In this moment i got only 3700 dust and 0xSeraph, you rhink it will work?? CAuse i have 1x Uroboros and thinking about craft second one and try some with this.
  9. Helo everyone, u have a qeston for players that have one of meta decks. Like all we know Ouroboros, Ekhar is now realy stron.. what i said... I;ts an Overpowered decks, mostly when i play my lower decks to make a qest i died when my enemy have 20 hp and full bord. Question is: Why You play normal games? If i will have that OP deck i will play only ranked games, what is the point? The low players that just start dont have a place to grow when we are owned by player like this...
  10. Hey, because for storm heaven i need to craft only 2 jane, and anyway i need tchem for control i try tchem. And i mad now more then before. I feel i realy waste my time on this game... I use this deck. and my stats are: 3W 7L I nearly drop back to A0 Anyway i must said, just 3 days ago i dont have this problem, my all decks work realy good i don use only Forest and dragon (reroll qest with those 2) But after those few days my luck drop to zero. When i play my frogcraft: I get smth like 60% - 80% win ratio. Rush Bloodcraft I get smth like 60% - 80% win ratio Control Aegis Just owned. all three on ranked plays. I use my nephneph, and daria on normal matches to dont drop on ranked but still 40% WR. I dont realy understand what happend, is there some patch? Meta update i dont notice? What's going on? I dont even have a mood to test heaven control now...
  11. Helo, i try to make realy strong deck to start climb up to master. I know since i am more free2play player (Buy maybe be 1 prebuilt deck and 20 packs for money) I need to create one strong deck before i get mad and spend more money I thinking about one of those two: I need create those cards to make this deck: 2x Dark Jane 1x Heavenly Aegis 1x Tribunal of Good and Evil I need create those cards to make this deck: 2x Dark Jane 1x Bahamut What You guys think?? Witch one of those help me to climb on ranked matches??
  12. iI doesn't know. Thanks! I go watch some stuff there
  13. Can i ask for Shadow Deck link?? May be i liquefy some animated craft and useless gloden, i have bunch of them. EDIT: I find some of them on teamexg and i must say, i dont have even a half needed dust. I see to handle easy and fast through ranks i need a deck with 6 or more legendary cards so i need to w8 for my payday to buy some prebuild shadow. This will bring me 3 cerb and some dust for eachtar. i try done qests but it;s realy hard. May be i go through this and dont drop this game to this time. (and i post my decks on section maded for this) Anyway if it will be not problem please send me a link for some cheap decks to handle quests. thanks!
  14. Helo all. SInce i was get in a rank A1 i find a real bad time when trying to done qest's and i wan't to ask is anyone there that find hard after A1 like me?? When i try to play my Bloodcraft mastema to done qest for just 1 win i lost something like 5 ranked games and may be 7 normal matches. This tripple me a bit. Anyway now i try to done qest for 4 swordcraft win with a Swordcraft frog deck and same thing, lost 4 matches in a row. When i get mad at least i was done and just pick my HeavenAegisControl deck and guess what.. 1w4 lost... i realy pissed off. But i wont give up. So i want to ask for some good decks to hande quest on that lvl, and one epick deck to go through A1 to master. Let me post my collection of legendaries and if somone find time please send me some good decks and tell me if i got any thrash legendaries to liquefy. Anyway if You need i can post golden to.
  15. Pluto 9PP 1/1 Destroy enemy follower add his attack and def to pluto stats. Most overpower legendary. I have a few idea: add some attack and def like 4/4 and stay on the effect lower the cost to 3 and stay on effect anyway a spell that enchanted summon pluto should be changed to. Or just deleted... Cause both cards now dont realy fit to the meta. Anyway Sexy Demon Elf is realy cool so it need an enchanse now!