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  1. Ik, but since he said he's going to be a full time translator I thought that he already have a team. I 'd really want to read Reminiscence and its sequel Re: Collect
  2. wait ur a translator? can u translate "reminiscence " PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  3. How do I beat darkfeast bat?

    heal Haven with Alexiel
  4. Favourite moments?

    If he traded he could have avoided lethal 100% but since he didn't trade, he gave me 50% chance to win so it was a bad play
  5. Favourite moments?

    To trade or not to trade?
  6. Favourite moments?

    The unseen Forte is the deadliest
  7. Favourite moments?

    Plus, I had "De la fille" effect
  8. Favourite moments?

    That's the secound time I win against the apocalypse deck. I could have ended earlier but decided to make my tenkos bigger. I played Alexiel before so he couldn't drop my hp to 1 with that 10pp spell.
  9. Tie in event ended early?!?!

    Haha I saw that coming. I knew that they will end the event before the scheduled date. I didn't get my Jean d'arc sleeves in the previous Tie-in so when I got a secound chance I made sure to finish all the missions during the 1st week of the event
  10. The salt mega thread.

    Blood is still good in unlimited
  11. Favourite moments?

  12. Favourite moments?

    Since her effect trigger on his turn, it benefits from the pendant's buff
  13. Favourite moments?

    Nacht dealt 2 dmg to him thanks to pendant lol
  14. Favourite moments?

    It seems like this is the new Azazel OTK