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  1. Question

    I have very bad rng. Whenever I pick a deck I end up playing against a deck that counter it and when it doens't happen, my hand is so bad that I still lose that's why I can't get 10 000 points on master
  2. Question

    One way to get the Grand Master flair is to get 25 000 score points over 3 months. But should I get these points in playing only in one format or can I cumulate points from the 2 formats like getting 15 000 points from unlimited and 10 000 from limited?
  3. Favourite moments?

    Can't believe I won against an aggro sword going secound
  4. Favourite moments?

    He played Deus Ex Machina on 6 and played altered fate but still couldn't reach 30 shadows on time lol
  5. 16million Download Event

    I really hate this chest event but cant resist the luna sleeves
  6. Favourite moments?

    Elana Haven never gets old <3
  7. Favourite moments?

    Best counter to bahamut v2 I took this screenshot from a ranked match in early January
  8. 400+ attack Tenko nerf

    if only he evolved it. It could double its stats
  9. Favourite moments?

    miscalculated lethal and got punished !
  10. Favourite moments?

    The one time sword had to go face, he traded instead
  11. Favourite moments?

    10/10 Elana board
  12. Favourite moments?

    u shouldn't have ignored my Ouroboros
  13. Favourite moments?

    Thnx for filling the board with Otohime <3
  14. I feel this game would be better if...

    Trust me, the real solution is to up HP to 30
  15. Favourite moments?

    He was trying to make the combo of the twins with Dshift. He played 3 Dshift but got only one of the twins so he skipped turns and let me kill him.