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  2. Good afternoon everyone. I want to appeal to all players who are unhappy with the balance in the game. Let's send the game and the developers on the dick? The fact is that a month has passed and the developers are not going to change the balance. So the best way that these freaks began to work is to remove this game or not play for a while, so that the online players are down. I believe that in the game after the update there is a lot of imbalance in the direction of the shadow and the dragon. I am the owner of the account of Dragon, who arrived from the beginner to the master for 21 days. I'm not interested in this game, but now there is one super class shadow and all the rest. Dragon even less, but the rest of the classes in complete ****. I suggest removing the game or not playing it for a week. If by the end of the month the developers do not introduce a patch with a balance, then I suggest going to play other games, and the profit of the shadver will be reduced. Need nerf: - nerf storm skill Zell - remove ramp effect Sibyl - need banished Aegis - remove prince of catacomb - remove Shadow Reaper - cost Demonlord Eachtar 10pp - remove 9pp fanfare Albert
  3. All statistics depend on the particular matchup. If the sequence at the beginning of the game is good, then not one opponent has no chance to win, unless I make a mistake or I'll hurry and take chances. I think 60% or more winrate is an excellent indicator. It could be better if agro deck were more lucky with wards.
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