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  1. Hey guys, just gathered most of the special voice lines (missing fafnir - Siegfried) but hopefully you guys enjoy!
  2. Current meta in a nutshell

    Hmm I can agree I'm seeing more control blood in ranked now. But it's still irrelevant compared to how many shadow and dragon there are in rank. I'm in AA2 but 70% of the games are against shadow or dragon and like 20% blood or Haven and others. I feel like the biggest problem is ramp dragon now. They are too powerful in late game
  3. Current meta in a nutshell

    I agree with you that this meta is a bit 1 sided for 2 class atm. But lately I'm starting to see more control vamp the otk azazel. No luck on going against forest and rune though, they are like the odds of getting a legendary lol they r extinct
  4. Current meta in a nutshell

    I've also been using storm Haven and surprisingly, it's doing pretty good in the current meta. I'm really loving the azazel otk atm. Here's a clip of the azazel otk
  5. Azazel + laura OTK 2.0

    As this deck is just a budget deck atm, it def isn't optimal yet. Once I have enough vials, I would get a 3rd Laura and pop her in for sure. I would take out 1 bloodkin for the Laura. And yes, this should totally be on blood thread. I'm a bit new to this forum take for letting me know
  6. Current meta in a nutshell

    RoB felt perfectly fine to me, honestly. Sure there were a bit more of Darias and Roach in the meta but I never really felt... "Oh god, am I gonna be facing a daria or roach again?" But in ToTG, I'm having to deal with dragons and shadowcrafts everyday. It's very demoralizing just seeing two kinds of deck that dominates the current meta. When do you ever see forests and runes in ranked. I am Currently ranked AA0 so I don't know what the metas like in masters.