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  1. New player needs help with Runcraft

    Sorry about posting so late but I haven't been looking at the class specific threads so I just saw this now don't know if it helps but I'll go over a bit of my own experience with these decks. Ok so honestly I would recommend that you don't play dshift it's actually pretty terrible and really only good against slower control decks, aggro recks it. Considering there's lots of faster decks running around it's a poor choice and is inconsistent as hell. Now getting to daria the thing about this is it can be nearly unstoppable or fall apart when you get especially clunky draws. You want to prioritize your cards that draw over pretty much everything else besides Daria in mulligan. This helps you find D and whatever else you may need, always throw away piercing rune and usually any larger follower they will just slow you down in the early game. If you have magic missle and conjure golem on the second turn just missle the face it draws and spellboosts while conjure only SB. Now as far as getting two Daria's in the same hand that's just part of card game RNG it happens, just because Daria is a good deck doesn't mean you will win Everytime. And that's all I can think of if you have any specific questions let me know.
  2. I don't know if that fits the flavour of forest, seems like it would be a haven card if anything. It would work well in shadow but once again doesn't match the design of shadow since it's the craft that happily kills off it's own followers.
  3. Might be a good time to run roach since people use to tech heavy against and it seems to have mostly dissapeared. Still has plenty of great cards, now that gobi's nerfed though do you find the deck suffers much in getting the OTK?
  4. Aggro is always a problem in card games, unless there is a alternative deck that can completely shut it down it's often the best choice. Speed obviously but it's upon the other player to have answers which is less consistent then just dropping little stuff. But yea I agree all this aggro is really boring. I'm thinking about just crafting a shadow aggro deck and then playing whatever until I reach master, I'm at A2 at the moment.
  5. Based on my experience so far shadow is usually favored over dragon because of all the board removal. Dragon is typicaly dependent on gaining board control I'd assume storm dragon less so however. So really any deck that can clear the board fairly easily should do fine also aggro that can swing in before ramp matters. It could depend on what type of dragon you have been up against though, OTK discard might be trickier aggro should still do good though.
  6. Do you not have abe or what was the reason for not including it, also have you had any issues with mass clears against your small wards? I ask because I've had a fair amount of games against c blood and haven some dragon too.
  7. I feel your A rank pain, I just recently got to A1 after being stuck at A0 for about 3 days. I was using a variety of so-so decks nep, aggro blood and a few others it was midrange sword that got me through the slump though. However recently I have hit another wall because of all the anti sword cards being used right now and I'm going to try out ramp dragon bahamut a bit, seems decent and has a good win rate something like 55 percent I think. So IMO sword or dragon ramp our the way to go, if you do pick sword keep in mind the anti sword tech is likely to just get worse.