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  1. Yue, I don't actually care what your expectations are or what guesses you have. I want answers from people who actually know how it works. Reading the tea leaves and the card text is clealry useless because the only FAQ entries we have on these subjects refute the card text but don't tell us what the underlying logic is. The thing you're missing is that the Frozen Mammoth amulet is also destroyed by you playing a 9 cost follower like Lord Atomy. Since Frozen Mammoth would be to the left of Lord Atomy, if its flag triggers before Lord Atomy's Fanfare, then there will be a live Mammoth for Lord Atomy to destroy. If it doesn't, or the Last Words don't take effect until after Lord Atomy's fanfare goes off, then you'll end with a live mammoth (and a probably concession by your opponent).
  2. That Heavenly Aegis FAQ entry opens up more questions than it answers, because Test of Strength does not affect followers at all. It gives Leaders the ability that the other Leader can't choose to attack them if there's a follower they could choose instead. So when they say Heavenly Aegis isn't affected by that ability, do they mean that Heavenly Aegis can attack face despite it being in play? Do they mean that the other player's followers can attack face if Heavenly Aegis is the only follower on the other side? I don't know! That FAQ answer is way too terse and doesn't explain anything. Lord Atomy will certainly destroy the Amulet. The question is whether the Amulet is destroyed and a Mammoth put into play before Lord Atomy destroys everything in play. You either end up with a live Mammoth or a dead Mammoth. Obviously you'd rather have a 6/7 than an extra shadow. The Minty FAQ entry also explains nothing. Ghostly Grasp says "If you have enough shadows, you can choose to use Necromancy (8) to destroy an enemy follower with 2 defense or more instead." But Minthe is in play "Your Necromancy effects cost 0 shadows" How or why is 0 not "enough shadows"? Does Minty fail to change the targeting protocols so that Ghostly Grasp can't select a 4 Defense target? Does Minty actually give you a rebate on all your Shadow expenditures, so no Necromancy effects will trigger if you don't have enough Shadows, but your totals won't go down if you do? I don't know! No one knows, because that FAQ entry doesn't explain what it's doing and contravenes the English card text. All it tells us is that the actual programming doesn't match the English text, but it doesn't tell us how it actually works. Belephegor's actual text is "Deal damage to your leader until their defense drops to 10 if Vengeance is not active for you." That text is completely different from "deal damage equal to your current defense total minus 10" And by the wording it actually has, if you have a damage prevention ability it should keep doing damage until your defense hits 10 or the game ends. And that would do 20 damage to your opponent if you had Bloody Mary in play. I assume that's not how it works, but that's the way the text is written. Luminious Mage - you should be able to evolve for zero points if you have zero points. But as per the Minty ruling I don't know if that's how it really works. If it's just giving you a rebate on your evo points, you won't be able to select the evo option when your reserve is empty.
  3. So Tempest of the Gods is launching soon and all the cards have been spoiled. A lot of the cards are quite terse considering how complicated their effects and potential interactions with other cards are. Let's use this thread to collect questions about how specific cards work, with the idea of either getting solid answers before we spend tens of thousands of vials on spec. Maybe even get some of these cards reworded so they are more clear before March 30th. If you can think of any unclear interactions, please put the questions here and let's see if we can get them answered. HAVENCRAFT Heavenly Aegis - The mother of all quanderies. What does it mean to target? What does it mean to affect? Can we destroy it with untargeted effects? Triggered effects? What is an effect? Are passive global modifiers like the inability to declare attacks to face from Test of Strength an effect? What about spell text or amulet triggers? Does Yurius the Levin Duke trigger when Heavenly Aegis comes into play? Does Guardian Sun? Can Heavenly Aegis attack face when your opponent has a Ward creature? Can it be transformed? Is its damage reduced by Durandal? SHADOWCRAFT Lord Atomy - How does Lord Atomy interact with the Frozen Mammoth? How does he interact with Wandering Bard Elta? Minthe of the Underworld - How does Minty interact with optional Necromancy effects like Deathbrand? How does Minty interact with non-optional Necromancy effects like Goblin Zombie? In either case, does it matter how many Shadows you have? BLOODCRAFT Belphegor - What happens if damage from Belphegor is prevented? What happens if some of the damage is prevented? If I have a 15 Defense and a Plague Mask, do I take 0 damage or 5? If I have Bloody Mary, how much damage does my opponent take? SWORDCRAFT Support Cannon - When does Support Cannon check my follower's attack? If I have Luminous Banner, does the Cannon see the increased attack or the original attack? Does it go in normal left to right order? Luminous Mage - When I evolve a follower without using evolution points, do I still have to have at least one evolution point left? Can I evolve more than once per turn?
  4. Heavenly Aegis has now been given two different English translations, and neither one of them is clear. It is unclear what it means that it can't be targeted and it is unclear what it means that it can't be affected. So to begin with, the following things might be able to remove it: Bane (non-targeted destroy post combat) Medusa (non-targeted destroy pre-combat) Themis' Decree (non-targeted destroy) Lightning Blast (exile all creatures) Lurching Corpse (destroy random) Khawy (destroy specific but not selected) Petrification (transformation, may count as stat change) Mutagenic Bolt (transformation, non-targeted) And on the player's end, we need to know if it gets Ward from Guardian Sun and the like. If it's just "neither player can select it as a target plus all damage is reduce to zero" that's fine. We can work with that. If it's weirder than that, we need to know how it works. Of course, if it actually ignores all cards and all damage and just swings for 8 every turn, it's complete garbage. But even so, we need to know.
  5. The obvious use for Death's Ledger is as a turn 4 play in 3478 Nephthys that grinds out some value. But it's very interesting that it skips Urd and Unica. You could also make a Sahaquiel deck that doesn't Nephthys at all, but happens to have Attendant, Hell's Unleasher, Khawy, Mordecai, and possibly Lurching Corpse as the only Shadowcraft follower cards. With everything else being spells or Neutral followers. 2 Liches for 4 PP is legit. And getting a Khawy activation and a Mordecai for 4 PP is even more legit. Finally a reason for Shadowcraft to run Zeus.
  6. There's a 2 PP spell. New Tyrant can face for 13 through a Ward on turn 7. Well, subject to finding out how Minty actually works.
  7. The big problem right now is that there are build around golds and legendaries where we don't know how they work and people have "theories." That's not cool. So if you have "theory" that Minty works one way and you fabricate the cards to make a deck based on that, and your theory is wrong you're out over 10,000 vials just for the Minties. If you have a theory that Heavenly Aegis is a good finisher for Guardian Sun and build a deck, and your theory is wrong, then you'll be out seven thousand or more vials. If you have a "theory" that Bard and Frozen Mammoth work with Atomy and you build the deck, and your theory is wrong, you're out over ten thousand vials for the Atomy alone. Lord help you if you have some theory about Ginger Rune that turns out to be wrong, because that deck is going to cost 50k or more since it runs two Legendaries with fanfares that affect other Legendaries in your hand. And how about if you have a theory about how Luminous Banner works with Support Cannon that turns out to be wrong and you are left with a bunch of Lathams and Gemstaff Commanders you aren't going to use. The documentation for how these new effects work is horrible. And since they went for "no new keywords" we are talking about different unexplained mechanics in virtually every class. And these are not minor edge cases. We're talking build-around tentpole cards for decks which each have major open questions that could make or break entire archetypes. And people have access to the text of the cards and they can't answer these questions because the writing is way too terse for how complicated these new effects actually are.
  8. Mix in Goblin Princess and Israfil and you have a real deck.
  9. Daria Rune obviously only came into being in RoB because without Daria there is no Daria Rune. Silverbolt also doesn't exist without the White Wolf, which was also a RoB card. Darkness Evolved created Seraph. Also some bad archetypes like Discard Dragon OTK which obviously cannot exist without Wildfang Dragonewt. Anyway, the Heavenly Aegis' new text says you can't target or damage it, so the going assumption is that non-targeted destruction effects (Bane, Themis) still apply. Most decks will not be able to remove it, but there are effects that would do so. It also implies that you could give it Ward, which would be game over for most decks. Havencraft getting a combo win on Turn 9 is nothing new (Seraph), but obviously Guardian Sun is going to be a much better deck now that they have an end game that isn't just playing more high defense followers and grinding. As for new archetypes: Ginger Rune. Cheap removal and tempo cards to stay alive long enough to drop a bunch of Neutralcraft bombs like Lucifer and Israfil. 3 Gingers, 3 Sahaquiels, and enough angels, dragons, gods and demons to fill the board with crazy. We're talking Zeus, Lucifer, and Israfil hitting the table on Turn 9. Control Forest. Available with standard hand filling Silverbolt/Rose Queen finisher or with late game bombs like a normal control deck. Play wards, healing, and removal for the first 7 turns of the game. Combo Blood. Want to play five 5/5 followers on turn 6? Of course you do. All you gotta do is play a 2/1 on turn 5 and pass. Midrange Necromancy Shadow. Minty lets you use Necromancy for free, so if you play her on Turn 5, you can Ghost Grasp away any creature for 1 PP. Then you have a must-kill on the board because if you open turn 6 with free necromancy effects you might play a 13/13 storm Tyrant. In the meantime, your Zombie Goblin gets +2/+2 every turn it stays alive. Commander Sword. There are enough Commander synergies to make a Sword deck where almost all of the followers are Commanders. Turn 4 Gawain, Turn 5 Support Cannon, Turn 6 Luminous Mage + Gemstaff Commander - Freevolve the Mage and you've done 7 points of direct damage and put 9 power on the board on turn 6. Only Dragon and Haven don't gain any new archetypes. But Goblin Princess and War Cyclone probably are enough to make Pendant a good archetype instead of a bad one, and Havencraft's Seraph, Elana, and Guardian Sun all got very good tricks indeed and may now be powerful enough to be oppressive.
  10. Seraph Havencraft got one of the most impactful cards: Candelabra. T3: Candelabra T4: Death Sentence - Kill 2 enemies T5: Death Sentence - Kill 2 enemies (1 PP spare) T6: Tribunal - Kill 1 Enemy and putt counter on 2. (2 PP spare) T7: Themis - Kill all enemies. (1 PP spare) T8: 1 Enemy killed at start of turn, Seraph, Advance Counter by 1. T9: Advance Counter by 1 more. Play two counter advancement cards, Win game. The fact that you don't have to wait for Death Sentences to trigger starting on turn 4 means that most "fair" decks (Sword very much included) simply can't do anything. Storm or GTFO. And it has to be a lot of Storm because your followers are going to die as soon as you hit end turn. You wanna swarm? Well new Seraph is running 3 Forbidden Rituals, because it doesn't have to wait for that either. Candelabra is to Seraph as Goblin Mage was to Rhinoroach. When you have a Candelabra you can play hyper efficient removal spells without having to wait and get smacked in the face. And it counts as one of your Healing Prayers/ Hollowed Dogmas / Whatever towards getting a clean turn 9 combo kill.
  11. Uhhh... it's literally impossible to not have enough Shadows to Deathbrand after playing a Nephthys. She gives you a minimum of four shadows. Yes, if they then Banish her in response you will have less shadows than you would have, but you will have enough shadows to Deathbrand the next thing your opponent plays. If you spend your turn mass banishing a Nephthys board, you aren't actually ahead. You haven't put anything on the board, and you've only killed the board presence from one card with your one card. But when Nephthys goes off, you also gain Shadows and you often also do damage to the opponent, or heal, or kill opponents' followers. Lightningramp does not actually undo any of those benefits for the Nephthys player. When it goes back to the Nephthys player's turn 9, they are in a better position than they were at the beginning of turn 8 when they reached to play their Nephthys in the first place. The sky is not falling and Nephthys is still favored in this matchup.
  12. Nephthys, for obvious reasons, runs a lot of cards with Last Words. You could be staring down Khawy, Lurching Corpse, Mordecai, Attendant of the Night, Hell's Unleasher, or Rabbit Necromancer. It's an entirely realistic scenario that if you put Bahamut into play, you will be left with a dead Bahamut and your opponent having a Lich and a Mordecai. Bahamut also is epic fail against Seraph, where it just advances the countdown by 1, making it even more likely that you are about to lose. Ramp Dragon getting a mass banishment spell certainly gives it better game against those two turn 8 decks. But it is clearly better against Seraph than it is against Nephthys.
  13. It's obviously not an anti-Nep card. Nephthys only puts one card into play that you care about banishing on Turn 8, and Odin was already fine for dealing with Mordecai and available to every craft. It's an anti-Seraph card that is also anti-Guardian Sun now that Guardian Sun has Heavenly Aegis. It's an escape valve - if it turns out that Candelabra + Death Sentence makes it too easy for Havencraft decks to survive until they can combo off with Seraph or Aegis, Ramp Dragon is there to keep their winrate down.
  14. Lightning Blast isn't that great against Nephthys. You're using your turn to negate their turn, but they also gained value from Khawy. It's decent, but it doesn't put her out of the running. Lightning Blast is tech against Seraph. Dragon plays anything at all on Turn 7, Haven plays Seraph, hoping to survive one more turn to activate Seraph. Dragon Lightning Blasts. Seraph is gone, all the wards are gone, and now Dragon has at least two turns to punch Seraph's face in. Nephthys is going to go on being a decent positive winrate deck. This could seriously screw Seraph win percentages.
  15. Every class has decks with positive win rates and decks with negative win rates. Aggro Blood and Silverbolt Forest have positive win rates, but Vengeance Blood and Hadasu Forest have negative win rates. A class having high win rates overall just means that more people play the decks that are winning and less people are playing the decks that are losing. Sword is the top right now because Midrange Sword is a deck with a positive winrate that is "a pile of good cards." You don't have to have a deep collection or do a lot of crafting and you don't need to use a very specific list. If you use 3 Floral Fencers and 1 Swordsman or 2 Fencers and 2 Swordsmen, that's a personal choice and your win rate isn't going to tank because of it. If you decide to use Novice Trooper or Thief, that's a personal life choice. If you want to run Albert as your only commander so you can Maid him into your hand every time, that's reasonable. If you have Otohime and want to use Wind God or Sage Commander with that, that can work too. But Sword still has decks that are crap. Don't play Ambush Sword because the deck is really bad. The fact that Ambush followers actually lose ambush when they attack and don't collect Rogue's Creed bonuses anymore really makes the deck hurt. It means that if you play a ninja before the creed it doesn't get the bonus, and it also means that if you play a ninja and evolve it, it doesn't get the bonus. You can't have that kind of non-synergy in a synergy deck and not post terrible winrates. But it's also easy to not play Ambush Sword. Just use good cards and don't craft a bunch of pieces for a bad synergy deck. Asking what classes will be winners and losers doesn't make a lot of sense. You don't play a class, you play a deck. The question is what decks will win and lose. Decks like Daria will probably get a little worse because they haven't gained much ground (if you wanna use magic swords instead of blade mages that is a defensible life choice, but I doubt it will influence your winrate much). Decks like Midrange Shadow have gained a lot of good cards and will probably go from "obscure and bad" to "popular and good." And then there are decks that are created out of whole cloth like Commander Sword and Ginger Rune, which might be good and might be bad and it's too early to tell.