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  1. more logic to the game

    Easy because that card doesnt exist, i believe your talking about prophecy of doom and that is not in the slightest how that card works
  2. How often are cards nerfed?

    Cards are nerfed around the end of every month
  3. Thoughts on RoB rotating out?

    According to an ign interview there are certain "key cards" they plan on reprinting/making a new version of with the rotation, weve already seen it with the new salamander card
  4. Any changes to casual matchmaking?

    Midshadow is still a strong deck if you got eachtars
  5. need hlep which deck to build

    Is there any deck in particular youre interested in building?
  6. need hlep which deck to build

    You dont have enough copies of any of the leggos/golds to lean towards playing any 1 deck so i would just recommend making a relatively budget deck something like dirt burn or any other deck that only needs 1-2 playsets of leggos and some golds
  7. Portalcraft Ruining Meta

    Have you looked at the stats of their bronze cards? Theyre all very average at best
  8. Dragoncraft Ramp needs to be balanced

    Is this in rotation or unlimited?
  9. Cygames, Nerf Daria

    I mean daria isnt THAT good its pretty much just a slightly better atomeme deck in that you get daria into daria into daria or you scoop because the deck runs out of resources by turn 5 without daria to reload its hand
  10. Come, gather 'round!

    My daria rune deck has been doing okay in rotation as long as i dont get screwed by hands with multiple darias