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  1. It would still be affected by Elanas Prayer pump, being a great finisher for that deck.
  2. Right now I have 12 slots filled. One for each Craft, but for Blood (2), Rune (2) and Haven (4). I feel that 21 slots would be the best size to have, instead of 18 slots, for people with the entire collection.
  3. For control, Dire Bond is better. No doubt about that. Maybe it is better too for an aggressive deck that needs massive card draw. Outside of that situations, Bloodmoon will be better.
  4. It doesn't need to depend only on that. Bloodmoon opens a lot of possibilities, but when you get that start it will be explosive.
  5. Bloodmoon. I personally don't like the card. It is against the spirit of Bloodcraft, but I like the effect. With it, it is very easy to set the field for Maelstrom Serpent at turn six. And there are very few decks that can survive 4 5/5 at turn six.
  6. Damage prevention for bloodcraft. Wow!
  7. Seems like destroying Bert is satisfying. Recently I got 2 matches in a row against it. the first one I lost due to a bad hand, but the second match... I was playing Elana. My opponent evolved a Bert, and I could not destroy it, so I opted to heal to 17, only for him to bring me to 2 in a single turn, with another Bert. But I was slowly chipping away his life and was able to deal the last 4 points with the storm follower from Beastcall Aria, and a evolution point. Sweet!
  8. You just play some cheap officers to hold the ground until you can play Support Cannon. They wont be dead later if you have Leonidas or if you play officers that are better with commanders in play, since the deck will have a lot of commanders.
  9. But then I would have nothing to brag about. 😝
  10. I just got my first Lucifer! My guardian sun deck will be pleased.
  11. It is a rock/paper/scissors situation. Accept wins when you face the right deck and your losses when you face the wrong ones.
  12. Nothing that will change established decks, but if you are lacking some cards, they can be replacements. Or maybe a new deck.
  13. If Aggro Blood is OP, what is Aggro Sword with Albert? My decks take both into consideration as they a huge part of the meta, but I have a better chance of winning against blood than sword. Blood wins faster, it is true, but also loses faster.
  14. Chance will tell, but I got your point. Earth Rite will have a finisher and the meta appears that it will be slower.