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  1. How would you nerf Aegis?

    Now seriously. The first is very easy. Dimensional Shift is also a non-interactive deck, because the game was designed so. But you have to construct your deck in a way to abuse it. Aegis you don't. Well you can abuse it, but you don't need, you can just put it in any heaven deck. Aegis and the amulet were obviously designed with D-shift in mind, and that directly correlates with one of their design philosophy. And that is a horrible design option, create a problem to solve another. It is bound to explode eventually if the trend persists. Second is also very easy. You cannot interact with it. Period. You interact with the rest of the deck. With him, that is not any interaction whatsoever. You can make the rest of your deck without any other win condition because of that, just removal. You know he will do that for you and he cannot be contested. That in itself is reason enough, but let's continue for the sake of argument. Now imagine they decide to create a mini-Aegis, because they "loved" the "good design". It will cost 5 and be a 3/3 with the same ability. It is fair. It will need seven turns to win, right? The worst blind is the one who doesn't want to see.
  2. How would you nerf Aegis?

    I can't. It is not a question of opening the eyes. A blind is a blind.
  3. How would you nerf Aegis?

    True. And a blind man, also cannot see. That is a truth too.
  4. How would you nerf Aegis?

    Bad design can work as intended. It is still bad design. If you cannot see that, the problem is certainly not mine.
  5. How would you nerf Aegis?

    I have nothing against their concept of ending games early, but I have some complains against their design philosophy that are not directly related with Aegis. But then I have complains against all games, none is perfect. Some are just better than other. For example, I hate lands in MTG, but I have to live with them. But against Aegis is not my opinion that doesn't make sense, it is their design philosophy of making a card that doesn't interact. In MTG, even a card with Protection from Everything interacts and I don't remember any game that made a similar card. It is not because a small flaw that I will stop playing, but in the end, they will accumulate and I will be back to MTG. Not because I think it is perfect, but because it has flaws I can tolerate. A lot of other good games ended abandoned the same way. Not just by me, but by a all players.
  6. How would you nerf Aegis?

    Nah! Just one card, Aegis. And because of its lack of interaction. Some may find it passable now, but in the future... Well, it won't matter because Aegis will not interact with future expansions either.
  7. Survey: Are you having fun with the game.

    I agree. Almost everybody is trying control and because of that aggro is the best solution. I am an aggro fan, so I am loving my 10 wins streak at ranked.
  8. Attempt to getting aggro back on ladder

    2 sadistic night in place of the 1 cost vampire. But the change was almost irrelevant.
  9. Attempt to getting aggro back on ladder

    The cost doesnt matter. It is aggro all the way. You dont care for board control.
  10. How would you nerf Aegis?

    I disagree. The best possible nerf are if you nerf the forum members!
  11. Attempt to getting aggro back on ladder

    Played some more games with it and got 7-0. It is 12-0 now. My thanks to the creator. It is now my default Aggro Blood.
  12. How would you nerf Aegis?

    I find the name rather pleasing.
  13. How would you nerf Aegis?

    You should see it this way. If people are complaining, there must be a reason. It doesnt mean they are right, but there is a reason. I dont think the card is broken, but it is not interactive, and by this reason, a bad designed card. Most people in every game are casual gamers (I myself am a hardcore casual) and cards should reflect that, giving cards that both hardcore and casual can relate. Not everything should be based on numbers and winrates, because the ultimate reason is that they are trying to please people. So they should give people what they want. More or less. I wouldnt even say the card needs to be nerfed, and just redesigned properly with that in mind. It is the same thing they did with Deepwood Anomaly, they kept the card for the fun factor. And they should redesign Aegis for the same reason.
  14. How would you nerf Aegis?

    You cannot win all. And truth be told it wouldn't matter to forestcraft, as it simply doesn't use any of that to win against Aegis.
  15. How would you nerf Aegis?

    The obvious choice would be to give it some interaction. I think it cannot be targeted would not reach the desired intention for Cygames, really hard to deal, so instead I would give it: Cannot be damaged and Cannot be destroyed. It could still be banished, returned to hand and stopped from attacking, that would leave answers into Forescraft (many), Draqoncraft (one) and Havencraft (few). And of course Odin. That is fair.