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  1. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    I'm here ^.^
  2. Will eidolon be meta one day ?

    I'll sentence you to death by torture... For typing an additional, so-called "space" in-between the "is" and the "not". If you'd like to know what kind of torture it will be~ I always wanted to dehydrate a person by making them cry ^.^ Did you know~? Crying is, basically, a reflex... You cannot stop yourself from doing it, under certain circumstances. Sooo... If I sprinkle some salt in your eyes, you will cry. And I can sprinkle salt in them until you die by dehydration, in theory. Cry yourself to death... That is your sentence...! I'm a benevolent judge ^-^
  3. Changing evolution like that, while welcomed by me, would kill aggro decks as they are. Which may actually be a good thing - makes evolution just be what is it made to be: A board control/tempo swing tool. However, I think one should rather concoct better defensive tools rather than gimping offence like that. Seraph's "Survive 4 turns" thing could be more accentuated. It feels just bad, for any control deck, to simply die right at turn 9. D-Shift is kinda annoying as good d-shift draws are just crushing. Other than that... D-Shift's style lends itself towards extremely one-sided matchups: Always lose vs some, always win vs some others. Daria is pretty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... Simply nerfing her to have a minimum cost would be good enough. However, I feel the tempo-plays resulting from spellboost(Id est: Followers that get their cost reduced) are the worst offenders here. Nephtys is... difficult to evaluate. However, I can say for sure: She will, some day, be extremely problematic. Her design severely oppresses the creation of powerful Last Words effects. Forest is also difficult to evaluate: The amount of value faeries attain is quite a nightmare to balance... And making forest continuously take hits to their tempo will leave it in a bad state, aside from a few wtf-like comboes. Roach and PtP probably need to be touched to enable proper design for forest, following into more possible changes/nerfs.
  4. Will eidolon be meta one day ?

    Well, if you are not used to speaking and/or hearing english, listening exercises are bound to be difficult. But~ Sorry for correcting out of the blue - just saw this mistake a lot(You like to use that word =P), so I thought(heh) it may be worth your time to stand corrected =P
  5. Will eidolon be meta one day ?

    Ahh, think I know that one... a friend of mine made me take it for fun. But well, just learning or remembering something wrong happens to the best of us. Sidenote: 510 out of how many possible points?
  6. Will eidolon be meta one day ?

    Compeltely wrong - as "though" is neither a verb nor past tense. "Thought" refers to "thinking" - it is either the past tense of "To think", as in... "I thought I played that right, last game." or it is the noun: Thought. "I just had a thought". "Though", on the other hand, is a completely different word. Funnily enough, though(heh)~ you are using it correctly.
  7. Best budget decks for every craft

    Sword is pretty simple: You've got a number of strong face-damage cards and rely on filling up the board with small stuff, making it difficult to deal with all you have. AoE won't happen before turn 6 and you should have gotten the enemy low enough to get him with your reach tools and board-fillers. Not much of an idea on aggro shadow... But you basically encapsulated what I think makes it strong.
  8. Will eidolon be meta one day ?

    Seeing it to often now..... It is "though" not "thought". Man, the grammar nazi in me.... But I'll try that decklist! I've got most of the cards for it sitting around anyway(Just missing Moon).
  9. Elf Girl Liza - Suggestion

    Hm, true enough.
  10. Help With a Roach Deck

    Yeah, I thought something like that could be decent. Imma try it when I get a few new cards.
  11. Help With a Roach Deck

    Just wondering~ What would be a good replacement for AE, as it is a legendary?
  12. Elf Girl Liza - Suggestion

    Rarity does not necessarily mean powerlevel. That said, Liza is rather cheap and might not need a buff, but I do see where you are coming from. I'd propose a phrasing like~ "Cannot be targeted by enemy spells and effects". Makes her weak vs AoE as a tradeoff, though. But VERY effective at keeping a big drop of yours alive.
  13. I'd prefer to take his burst away. Changing his keyword to rush instead of storm(Regardless of enhance) seems most fair. A funny idea would be: If he evolves, he loses storm(Id est, still has rush due to evolve).
  14. Exactly. Doing such obscene amounts of damage should actually be difficult. If every swordcraft deck can do it, it becomes a problem. Turning Albert into a 9-10 mana card would help combat this problem - he wouldn't be as ubiquitous anymore. But I'd argue he'd still do too much - being still the "1-card deal 10" and having still the flexibility to be a powerful comeback tool.
  15. An abundance of burst tools will end in non-interactive playstyles - but I don't want to harp too long on that. abruptly ending the game on turn 10 is still unhealthy, especially seeing as Sword really does not need to do much prior work to do it: With the abundance of storm-cards and midgame tools, it is quite easy to get 10 damage in if you want to. Additionally, this 1-card 10 damage thing puts quite a limiter on card design choices: It now is much more dangerous to print more storm followers. And still, the flexibility becomes a problem here: No opportunity cost to use Albert means... It will be used everywhere. Albert is basically the new class mechanic... Which is quite evident, seeing as many sword decks opt to only use Albert as a commander to tutor for him. As long as it is worth it to do so, Albert oppresses the whole class mechanic. As @Chinadude101 mentioned: Changing him to a 9-cost without enhance would even help with the problem. This gives Albert an actual opportunity cost to use and limit his flexibility. Lastly, just to mention it: Albert does not just turn the Bloodcraft matchup into a favored one, but every matchup vs slower decks, especially as heal is not awfully abundant in this game. He does turn many matchups lopsided, not just a select few. Now, if we get more strong cards for sword, the problem will just worsen... As Albert will still be there.