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  1. The salt mega thread.

    How dare you insult the great Albert. shame on you sir.
  2. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Forest of all things. I've never gotten this far with Forest. Lucky me I guess.
  3. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Here we go. My drought is over.
  4. Arena salt mega thread

    yeah don't play it. you'll waste your rupees.
  5. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Did you ever look at your whopping 1 5-0 run on record, then realize that you have the selector supreme flair? I think I understand loss quite frankly. I consistently get 3-4 wins most of the time. I just can't seem to pull off the fifth. Never fails
  6. no kidding. I love playing my new Dragon deck. I call it Zell's CoC. Does same damage as the baha combo and on the same turn with 2 cards in the deck instead of 3. It's actually better. that's 3 extra slots to use for something else
  7. How does this work??

    support cannon is not a commander. It activates when commanders hit the field. Also. Roland's Durandal amulet is considered a commander too. plus arthurian light
  8. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    You people make me cry. Am I a bad luck magnet or something?
  9. Welcome to my world. I don't know how many times I should have gone 5/0 and lost one match. because the opponent I faced had a god draft and a god draw it seemed. Almost as if Cygames themselves are saying to me. No we don't want you to win. we want you to suffer and be miserable. Only when we get a generous donation of cash for crystals do we change our minds for a few days and let you have a fair shot.
  10. replacement for soul dealer?

    Indeed. I always put 3x Belphegors and 3x Soul Dealer. Idea is knowing what he is there for. He was always one of the best if not the best cards for vengeance from the first set. Problem was, outside of being fodder for a Mary Control Deck to be used t9, he was utterly useless by himself because he put you in the danger zone and blood had nothing really to effectively back him up. Now he does. and boy does it look nice.
  11. May 22nd Nerfs

    They better not nerf luminous. it's the only thing making sword viable at all right now.
  12. May 22nd Nerfs

    yes I believe so. Aegis is now a massive problem. It was one of the most powerful decks only overshadowed by dragon's zell baha combo and shadow's speed. Now Aegis is the king. put a kaguya in as a defense against mirror matches, and you have a recipe for dominance
  13. May 22nd Nerfs

    No reason to play dragon out side storm variant
  14. May 22nd Nerfs

    so much for the sahaquiel package
  15. well the info for the update tomorrow is out. no more lightning blast enhanced and zell is a 4 drop now with a 3/4 body and prince catacomb is now a 4 drop. SO no more dragon and shadow oppression. supposedly