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  1. How in the world does someone get that many 2 drops that's insane
  2. Would be nice if they filtered this out tho
  3. So it's ok to insult them outside the salt thread........
  4. Lol on both of these. The irony.
  5. Now good sir. You want to complain about your ****ty luck, then apparently you have yet to deal with the crap I get handed on a regular basis. Allow me to ..show one such example. Observe... Care to explain this? This draft was more op than my 5-0 run awhile ago and yet....BEHOLD!!!!!
  6. don't even start
  7. Yknow, for something so obvious, I don't think I ever really got that mindset. Being flexible is true enough but knowing when and how even more so. Gonna try a run real quick see if I can work some magic.
  8. I still want easy mode so I don't have to try so hard. and still get rewards. Cuz players are gay and won't lay down and die for me so I can complete my missions in a timely manner. How dare they.
  9. jeez. I never understand how people do this on a regular basis. As if luck never betrays them.
  10. viable for me. I like it. plus it drives shadow players nuts
  11. Seraph is viable. You simply need to add the candelabra. Then tech in several countdown one cards. Such as, forbidden ritual, death sentence, heretical inquiry, and pious fox. SO countdown? what countdown?it also turns seraph into a two card requirement on reduction cards. On turn 9 atleast
  12. So true. Besides, since when do we want an amulet on the ground with sword? It;s a vomit deck for christ's sake. What it needs are cards that get enhanced from other cards getting played or by being on the board. I actually like Walfrid to be honest. He makes a nice win con if you can keep a board alive to do it. which never happens ofcourse unless you are using ambush cards.(koga) but that presents it's own risk too. I like the idea you had for those fake cards. summoning knights and buffing them? Heck yeah. I need to remake my Knightmare deck. Endless supply of 1/1 bodies with storm that paper cut you to death. Awesome synergy there but was relegated to a meme deck due to the reliance on a way too expensive amulet. I loved Arthurian Light. One of the neatest cards ever but not viable in the least. I have more fun playing those decks anyway. We need more stuff like that. Let the Ladder climbers use the Alberts and such.
  13. YEah you can do it for free sure but what if none of your friends are online? What if you have no one you can reliably contact to play in the first place? What if you don't know anyone personally who plays SV? We are then forced to pay otherwise we can't play it.
  14. What the ever lovin piss ant **** is this? Cygames. How dare you even allow this to be possible. I would say **** you Cygames over and over again for an hour and still it would not be enough to express the displeasure and bull****erry that this is. So I shall abstain henceforth.....you know what you have done. Prepare yourselves for hell cuz that's where you are going. Deservedly so in fact.
  15. Ofcourse it's more popular that they be disclosed. So your opponent knows what you have. I don't like that. I like secrets that I can unleash. If they know what to expect, then they will know what to play to which presents an unfair situation. course you can do it too I suppose. But , I still prefer surprise.