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  1. Dragoncraft needs to be nerfed

    Do you play control blood in rotation? Rotation control blood is actually decent against amulet reliant decks (excluding Haven.) So if you are facing windmill dragon you actually have a decent chance of winning. The only thing is you are very reliant on mask of black death to win you games, which makes it inconsistent to be played regularly on ranked, in my opinion. Yes, you can win against elephant with control blood. You just need great timing (you should also try to use fall from grace on white wolf.)
  2. I usually dislike rune, but that 7 cost is actually attractive. First thought that comes to mind is alternate spellboost, interestingly.
  3. Favourite moments?

    Can't believe this deck is fast enough.
  4. Anyone here is playing 1 deck for ranks?

    In ranked, PDK w/ Chronos is insanely fun though regardless of win or lose. Sadly, instead of discard ....
  5. The simple solution is there needs to be more cards like Naoise. I've won a fair share against elephant only when playing as Haven. Funny how it works. A slow deck beating elephant.
  6. When are they going to bring back Incandescent dragon? Cygames, please control the powercreep.
  7. Custom Card Creation Central

    The Traitor Neutral, Legendary Follower 7PP 5/5 Evolve 7/7 Fanfare: Restore 10 defense to your leader. Then, draw 3 cards. At the end of your turn, this card moves to your opponent's area. Last Words: Destroy the follower that destroyed this card. ---------------------------------- PRDTR Bloodcraft, Legendary Follower 9PP 5/9 Evolve 7/11 Storm Clash: If the enemy follower has a Last Words ability, banish it before it can deal any damage in return. --------------------------------- Lethe, Dark Bishop Havencraft, Legendary Follower 10PP 4/4 Evolve 6/6 Fanfare: Summon an Incandescent Dragon. Then, give all enemy followers in play -1/-0. Evolve: Give all enemy followers in play -1/-0.
  8. Fun game ...

    You have to feel sorry for Dragon though after watching Blaze's video. Can't believe he didn't laugh. 9:11.
  9. My main targets are the two blood legendaries. Definitely would like to see jorm and control blood be more consistent in ranked. I cannot believe I'm playing rune in ranked right now. I despise rune since forever (d-shift, daria). I don't even like OZ (I think she's too OP). Somehow, I ignored playing ginger even though I have enough copies of her until now when Saha is about to rotate. Neutral rune is actually fun. Biggest slap in the face.
  10. need hlep which deck to build

    if you are willing to spend money, bulit a neutral rune deck. The only thing it lacks is healing. You can use the neutral cards for other crafts.
  11. Thoughts on RoB rotating out?

    For blood the biggest loss is hungering horde, not yurius. Aggro blood is already lost without Vania. Why people shift to neutral for aggro blood I wonder. Vengeance blood has lost it's spicyness. I have tried many different vengeance blood decks, for my own to net decking. Had it been different, yurius would probably had more value. It's just too risky to play Belphegor without blood moon right now. Mid-range blood uses yurius but it is not a must. I prefer to use galretto for midrange, because you need to able to get to soul dominator/spawn. Rotation control blood does not use yurius. Hungering horde is used in all these blood decks.
  12. Favourite moments?

    Beating ramp dragon with control blood in rotation. Give me your amulets. Muhaha.
  13. Favourite moments?

    Death by Matriarch
  14. Wow. Cygames actually did something I like. Blood is one of the four crafts I actually play. Control blood comeback in rotation? Yes plz.
  15. Is there too much storm in this game though? - part 2

    In my opinion, cards with storm should not be able to attack twice or evolve without spending an evo point. Otherwise, as annoying as some cards are, I'm fine with storm.