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  1. Any Marduk Decks?

    Title says it all. both unlimited and rotation is fine. Thanks.
  2. I wanna know if Abomination, Avatar, and Satan knows each other personally at all. I wanna know what Erika thinks of Albert.
  3. Introduce yourself here!

    Unfortunately, at some point everyone will play Rune. I have vowed never to play Rune and ended up playing Ginger only because Saha was rotating. How broken Ginger is with Bahamut gone.
  4. Ginger Rune

    Need help plz to improve this deck
  5. Hmm, Ginger + Zeus + Israfil + Witch + Elta. If witch survives, kill elta and play Runie, attack with Witch?
  6. 50 packs 1 of each: Runie Yggdrasil (animated) Hinterland Ghoul Unbodied Witch Sky Fortress Priority is fixing ginger rune and control blood deck no vania for rotation. Work begins.
  7. You are not the only Canadian. Here's my current deck. AA0.
  8. Neutral is funny. Have you tried Abomination + Shining Bell Ringer in ginger/neutral rune? The amount of misplays against that is astonishing. Excited for ginger. Who needs Saha when Abomination actually does most of the work.
  9. Favourite moments?

    Turn 4 Abomination is awesome
  10. Dragoncraft needs to be nerfed

    Do you play control blood in rotation? Rotation control blood is actually decent against amulet reliant decks (excluding Haven.) So if you are facing windmill dragon you actually have a decent chance of winning. The only thing is you are very reliant on mask of black death to win you games, which makes it inconsistent to be played regularly on ranked, in my opinion. Yes, you can win against elephant with control blood. You just need great timing (you should also try to use fall from grace on white wolf.)
  11. I usually dislike rune, but that 7 cost is actually attractive. First thought that comes to mind is alternate spellboost, interestingly.
  12. Favourite moments?

    Can't believe this deck is fast enough.
  13. Anyone here is playing 1 deck for ranks?

    In ranked, PDK w/ Chronos is insanely fun though regardless of win or lose. Sadly, instead of discard ....
  14. The simple solution is there needs to be more cards like Naoise. I've won a fair share against elephant only when playing as Haven. Funny how it works. A slow deck beating elephant.
  15. When are they going to bring back Incandescent dragon? Cygames, please control the powercreep.