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  1. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    I think I'll just stop this game again for a moment until Shadowcraft drop to decent winrate in Unlimited. When I think about how much time it was dominating because of Echturd, and now they think it is a good idea to print a 5pp card worth roughtly 7pp... for Shadow, I start to understand why this game had very scarce interesting meta. They're a bloody bunch of incapable devs when it comes to balance. To think they had to do an emergency rework on Jabber and print such a stupid card for a class which had already too many months of domination, I can't even. They'd almost make HS look like a balanced game even if it never was. How the hell can you create this : and this : I'm virtually speechless. They're so flawed.
  2. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Hope the leak is a fake, or **** you CY.
  3. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Nice 59% winrate on Shadow, turns out unerfing Echtar and printing Gremory was pretty damn stupid.
  4. Favourite moments?

    I won against a Echturd deck ... because the opponent... reached fatigue (yea the death card). 15 minutes game. I can... die in peace...
  5. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    What, really ? Japan pls.
  6. Discord : Kinxil#7466 That's pretty much the only thing I use as social tool.
  7. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Seraph with 1 more turn delay (cuz body drop) ? Hmmm.
  8. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Valse buff : m'kay... Wait they actually buffed a card ? WTF ? Blood card buff : never saw it, not sure if relevant. Noah nerf : Joy ! Gremory limited to 1 in Unlimited : eeeerh okay Midrange shadow will drop 0.5% winrate or so... Wait nevermind new Neutral echtar lololol. Nicholas rework : It hardly matter, the card will remains bonker staple.
  9. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Jabber got modified, now it banish only followers. Given your deck got only 4+ pp followers, it will be a 11/11 the turn you play it and proc that turn. Now I consider the card quite playable, even if playing no 3- follower seems hard at first glance.
  10. The salt mega thread.

    Oooh. Now I do remember why I couldn't make it to Final Stage in my last Unlimited GP. Stupid game, why do you make every single Roach player have 3 Roach turn 6 and you leave me with that ?
  11. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Whoa. Guess there was some row in Reddit cuz Jabber 2.0 change made it from infinitely trash to... potentially decent card, if not strong. In order to have a guaranted first turn effect, your deck must run only 4+ PP follower. But now with spell amulets not concerned, this is very possible to achieve (yet it is still bothering to consider giving up on both Aiela, Filene and Somniferous). Having 2 spare 4 pp follower in the deck makes it 11/11, which is arguably beefier and prolly out of range of most damage based soft/hard removal, leaving only banish (5+ cards), Bane (annoying but not that used in Rotation) and Destroy (fair amount of sources). Even Roy will not counter it. Now, about fitting it in a deck, mmh. I really appreciate the idea to be able to run Dragon Warrior, because he's like the card you WANT to draw early on and do NOT want to draw later. So prolly a staple in a Jabber 2.0 deck. I think the deck will have to have some midgame breaking 4-5 pp follower to work, but Galmieux is coming at the right time for that. So does the new 4pp ward. I don't see it fitting a regular Ramp in Rotation (the loss of Roy and Aiela 2.0 is just impossible to consider), and obviously it won't fit a full Disdain set nor a PDK set. Which pretty much leave Jerva (can't spare Roy and Aiela so no) and Lindworm (I'm a bit more convinced here, even if it's hard to imagine giving up on Somniferous and Filene).
  12. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Icarus or Paracelsus, depending of whichever you like the less. Having the three of them in the same deck would be a evo mess. I'd keep Icarus I think despite Paracelsus being nearly a staple. Para is a worse turn 2 play if got no other 2pp follower.
  13. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    That Portal leg looks excellent to me, especially because full evo stat gain and can be safely played x3. Me gusta.
  14. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Oooooh snap the dragon spell is nuts. Very good addition to Disdain set which now look like a very solid midrange core. Just imagine the 2/2 which draw if surviving damage. Play it, evo trade with it anything with 2 attack or less, then use the spell. 3pp and evo point, draw two cards and trade/kill two followers. Also very good Galmieux enabler or evo 1-more damage source. It makes even Serpent drake looks a ponmtent card. Nuts ! Now Disdain PDK looks like a thing to deal with shadow and puppet alike.
  15. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    You could manage to convince me that a hard removal magnet can be good in a slower meta (one could expect Azi punishment after Jabber removal). But the real problem which is totally grinding my gears is how much control you opponent has on his fate. He can remove it the second turn if he feel like to. Or the first if it suits better his gameplan (likely against Rune). I thought about using that to trump opponent with Nyx but Bane remains an issue. Or just trading him, he's just a weaker BnB beforehand.