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  1. Favourite moments?

    Now that's a fatty Adra.
  2. The salt mega thread.

    Hmmm. Maybe I ought to use some Take Two ticket, haven't been doing it since ages, got 30 spare. *3 win then suddently BAM. Lion Haven* Ooooh right. That's why I gave up on it. ****in ****.
  3. This being said, if you had time to play 3 freakin cannon, your opponent is bricking hard
  4. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    I thought Adra wouldn't fit the meta but oh boy was I wrong. The card is godlike. Drawing with it is good. Past turn 6 it's a remove anything (expect BnB), and even having low spell count it's a fine play to kill a small follower and trading another. EDIT : Oh, I managed to do it again against another Rune. You need to chill the fack out Sanic.
  5. That doesn't sound like a correct behaviour to me. It means that they all analyse board before the first trigger. That is weird and not the behaviour I'd expect at all.
  6. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    Well I don't remember exactly the turns but I did played : Somniferous x2, Oracle, Fervor, Salamander breath (simple effect), Filene. Deck list : The deck has lethal usually at turn 9-10, don't expect turn 7 often at all. I'm not yet sure of bad matchups, I don't play Lind that much honestly. I'd say best OTK decks should counter it fairly easily (Roach, Chimera), Aggro decks going first as well. Good matchups would be PDK unless they abuse Forte, Dirt Rune, Res Shadow, Tenko. Sanctum is debatable, but I prefer it slightly over Roy (only on Lindworm case, in any other deck it's terrible). Zooey should be okay at 2 exemplary. Most others cards are mandatory to me.
  7. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    5 - 0 Run with Lindworm 1st - Rune Earthrite : Long time I didn't have such a quick go on Lindworm. Turn 6 Lind, turn 7 Lind lethal. Sorry not sorry Rune player. (won) 2nd - Lindworm Dragon : He's going slower than me, I'm afraid. His deck was featuring too clunky cards you can't afford as Lind on Unlimited (Canyon, Galua). But well the main thing is that I had ramp quicker, that's prolly the main reason it was a easy go. (won) 3rd - Weird Resurrect Shadow : I'm slower than two previous games and raise Spell counter slowly. He's playing a weird deck and he's bricking as well so it's kinda a dull game. Well double Lind at turn, erh, like 10-11, do it. (won) 4th - Weird Mid Shadow : He's playing fairly slowly and I don't quite get the point of his deck, but it does look like a exotic version of Echtar (he played none so not sure), with Khawy, Immortal Thane. Got several AOE packed and despite being fairly slow, Zooey (before Khawy) & Lind will make it easy. (won) 5th - Weird Resurrect Shadow : Kinda the same kind of weird deck that 3rd. Dunno if it's a competitive netlisted dekc or what, but it's clunky af. The game was long but I was quietly removing everything until Lind > Zooey. (won) Kinda surprised to do a 5-0 going second 4 times, but my opponents obviously played half assed, prolly already A group by now.
  8. So I’ve been playing Dragon consistently since Darkness Evolved and I thought ‘bout giving a clue to what’s up in Dragoncraft cards. This tier list is not really serious nor being from a competitive player but I’m kinda confident it should give some hints. Three key points: - Cards are reviewed as if it were in their most relevant deck. For example, Imperial Dragoon will be rated as if it was in a Discard deck. - Cards are reviewed independently from their most relevant deck performance. You’ll not see much god tier cards in an underperforming deck, but it might happen. - Neutral cards are rated from a dragoncraft player point of view despite previous points. Also, I historically already did a legendary tier list, and it might have changed a bit. Due to lazyness, the card names will be partly used to identify card (mostly character name or most relevant information to identify). Lastly, you’ll notice several 2/2 followers in meh tier, as I consider every single 2/2 for 2 as an okay play but could do better. Tiers are: - Archdragon/Legend : Significantly over average performing cards, staples or niche powerhouses - Dragon/Veteran : Slightly over average performing cards or niche strong cards - Hatchling/Knight : Average (or slightly under) performing cards - Worshipper/Recruit : Under average performing cards or hard to use niche cards - Cesspit : Heavily underperforming cards, card which never fitted any deck, has too many better alternative or niche cards working once in a blue moon - Egg/Hermit : I never played the card but acknowledge that it could be tried in a suitable deck Dragon cards Archdragon Fire Lizard, Dragon Oracle, Dragon Scyther, Dragon Afficionado, Sybil, Forte, Adramelech, Imperial Dragoon, Lindworm Dragon Ivory Dragon, Blazing Breath, Mushussu, Dragon Summoner, Somniferous, Filene, Breath of the Salamander, Waters of the Orca, both Aiela, Aqua Nereid, Red Ragewyrm, Roy, Force of the Dragonewt, Dragon Warrior, Siegfried, Prime Dragon Keeper, Dragonslayer’s Price, Seabrand, Hyppogriph rider, Aina, Canyon, Jabberwock, Frenzied Drake, Genesis Dragon, Azi, Zooey, Draconic Fervor Hatchling Maelstrom Dragon, Dragon Horde, Dragon’s Nest, Wildfang Dragonewt, Matilda, Heroic Dragonslayer, Dragon Wings, Dragon Emissary, Dragonewt Fist, Dragon Foresight, Griffon Knight, Beowulf, Star Phoenix, Awoved Strike, Dracomancer’s Rites, Flute, Rahab, Elder Tortoise, Basilisk rider, Pyrewirm commander, Dragonrend Quake, Wrath Drake, Draconic Singer, Galua, Scathacha, Tail Swing, Phoenix Roost, Dragonclaw pendant, Wynerm Cavalier, Owl Guardian, both Zirnitra, Conflagration, Ouroboros, Dragonplate Warrior, Wyrm God, Jerva, Polyphonic Roar Worshipper Stormborne Wings, Dragonrider, Dragonewt Scholar, Shapeshifting Mage, Dragontamer, Luxfang Kit, Masamune, Marion, Dragon Huntress, Hatchling, Wild Hunt, Golden Dragon Den, Firstborn Dragon, Trinity Dragon, Ethica, Eyfa, Master of draconic arts, Dramatic Dragonblader, Estrella, Dragonclad Blademaster, Dragon Sanctum, Grim Reaper, Deadmist Dragon, Noxious Dragon, Adelle, Serpent Wrath, Dragon Sculpture, Disaster Dragon, Lightning Behemoth, Queen Serpent, Cunning Wynerm, Venomous Pucewyrm, Beast Rider, Drakewing Assassin, Dragonguard, Lightning Blast, Draconic Lance, Dread Dragon, Shenlong, Neptune, Ebon Beast Warrior, Tilting at Windmills, Orb Dragon, Fafnir, Fortress Crab, Cetus Cesspit Sandstorm Dragon, Twin Headed Dragon, Roc, Ironscale Dragonfolk, Dragon cry, Death Dragon, Glint Dragon, Serpent Force, Draconification, Dragon Counsel, Hippocampus, Dragonrider devil, Mist Dragon, Island Whale, Scaled Berserker, Coda, Wyrm Spire, Skull Dragon, Glacial Dragon, Hydra, Inferno Dragon, Python Egg Dragonewt Princess, Imprisoned Dragon, Ace Dragoon, Venomtail Salamander, Aliza, Leviathan, (new) Zell, Transmogrified, Albacore, Frostfire dragon Neutral cards Legend Hector Veteran Unica, Lyrial, Happy Pig, Altered Fate, Staircase to Paradise, Night’s way, Teena, Sahaquiel, Lucifer, Israfil, Bahamut, Zeus Knight Goblin, Mystic Ring, Fount of Angels, Feria, Into the Looking Glass, Seraphic Blade, Angel of the word, Grimnir, Purehearted Singer, Pitfall, Moon And Sun, Urd, Uriel, Shining Bellringer Angel, Oceanus, Fall From Grace, Feena, Gruff, Snow, Helblindi, Altaia, Dance of Death, Gabriel, Arriet, Earthshock Ogre, Proto Bahamut Recruit Wise Mermaid, Angelic Snipe, Treasure Map, Fighter, Bellringer Angel, Sektor, Hamsa, Owlcat, Elta, Evelisia, Valkyrie of Order, Paradise Vanguard, (not that) Legendary fighter, Trail of Light, Investigation, Well of destiny, Valkyrie Spear, Shield Angel, Healing angel, Lizardman, Goblin mage, Khaiza, Angelic Knight, Nyx, Chloe, Goblinmount ogre, Goblin Emperor, Badb Catha, Lowain, Surefire Bullet, Test of Strength, Frozen Mammoth, Humpty, Impartial Strix, Goblin Leader, Rackam, Demonic Strike, Angelic Sword Maiden, Goblinmout Demon, Wind God, Goblin Princess, Ephemera, Execution, Call of Cocytus, Lion Champion, Mr Full Moon, Suttungr, Katalina, Spellbook Decryption, Gigas, Zodiac Demon, Reina, Odin, Rampaging Mammoth, Chronos, Olivia, Prince of Darkness Cesspit Minotaur, Keen Enchantment, Mercenary Drifter, Harnessed duo, Axe Fighter, Burly Axewielder, Valkyrie of Chaos, Cloud Chorus, Angelic Barrage, Goliath, Desert Rider, Purgatory, Qilin, Divine Retribution, Raging Ettin, Imperial Mammoth, Eggsplosion, Gilgamesh, Loki, Queen of the Dread Sea Hermit Tart Man, Lyria, Genesis of Legend, Marduk
  9. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    Well it's my main class pal. So I play it to secure my way to final. Y'know, I reeeeally want that sleeve. But I've been Unli champion already at previous Cup (with PDK). So I don't care the A Final itself and will certainly not use Aggro in that final (I'll prolly go either on PDK, Lindworm, Greedy Roost Jabber or Discard, the last if I don't mind the 0 victory). And I think you can do it as well with Vegeance which seems particularly strong with Vira which is tier 0 grade quality card (and am really happy to see blood getting a top notch DEFENSIVE card), Roach, any aggro variant, Mid shadow, Mid sword, Ramp Dragon (if built properly), and prolly with at least one deck per class.
  10. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    First run 3-2 with PDK. Got roflstomped by 2 aggro, roflstomped 2 shadow and tedious game against a vengeance blood. 2nd run 4-1 with Aggro Dragon. Stomped 1 aggro blood, 1 vengeance, 1 whatever was that **** Haven (Tenko Lion at the same time), 1 mid sword (they still don't like Aina I'm afraid). Lost to a weird Atomy Shadow.
  11. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    Guess I'm going for PDK again ~
  12. Honestly 99% of decks I identified as Neutral Forest play a BnB and evolve it at turn 6. Its limitations are irrelevant.
  13. I like Genesis of Legend

    Honestly not that much. Beside some crazy ones, some of the most stupid decks barely use legs : Aggro sword, aggro forest, Roach, Lion. Limiting legs to 2 will only drag others deck lower. And it would slaughter Portal, most of its wincons/draw source/AOE are legs.
  14. I do ****in care when it mean instant lose if you don't have 10 worth of follower damage or a banish. This is not as trash as Atomy used to be, but it's definitely a piece of crap of a highroll play.
  15. Favourite moments?

    No, sir, two Sky Fortress and two Arthur won't do it. You gotta do better. Glad to see once in a blue moon you can beat tempo monkeys with Lind.