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  1. Deepwood Anomaly - 8 pp 8/8 - One shot the opponent if you attack him with this follower. Release Fanfare : Nobody will try this card. EVER. (Seriously I never saw it even day 1 :<)
  2. Oh, it's kinda soon ! What about the 10 WD packs when you did tutorial long time ago :<?
  3. This should be final update as all cards seems to have been revealed. I'd like some of your own views, we didn't exchange much (something more than "It's crapTM")
  4. So that's how you become Taker of Two. Hmm. (Aegis you massive piece of ... urgh.... gah....)
  5. I did played Krosmaga and even bought a founder pack as I loved the system. And well I'm French and it's a French game :P. But I really quickly gave up on it due to three reasons (which maybe changed but I got enough games I'm not wlling to check again) : - Terrible new player experience, with 90% of Cra on normal games. - Terrible balancing overall (yea please snipe my dofus and gamble your games, 200% skill) - Not allowed to dust cards unless you've a certain count, leaving you with plenting of bad cards and, worse plenty of class card while you'll never play those.
  6. Let's Speed Things Up : 1/1 swordcraft foll... - TOO SLOW ! -
  7. Zodiac Demon. Wait, too early?
  8. I'll buy a truck of Champagne and organize a Champagne shower party. (Not taking any risk. Tier 1 ? LOL)
  9. Stronk Damn the SFL pack is beautiful. I'll feel so graceful at opening meme stuff.
  10. Note that this deck is kinda experimental (I'm too busy with meme to deal with a proper storm deck lately) but it should allow you to have quick games to secure quests. If you don't have Jabber it's fine, I'm experimenting with him but currently he's nearly useless. You can also replace Bellringer with Unica if you prefer. You can replace Zeus for Israfil/Lucifer.
  11. How to survive cansur 101 : - Ramp - Heal - Storm - Removal - Teena - Bahamut If your deck contains anything else, wrong deck building. But you can also try neutral with Forte finisher. Neutral is broken on virtually every class anyway.
  12. Mmmh. Theorycrafting... to have a strong start... < Overfeelcraft player Haha nah.
  13. Nope that would still be a piece of ****. With the current state of the game, Dragoncraft is only allowed to do 2 actions turn 2 : ramping or playing a 2/2 which doesn't die to any turn 1 (that's mostly why you don't see fire lizard anymore). The onlybdecks which could have use of it is Jabber (well still 3 mana to play both so no double sacrifice) and Dragonkeeper (yet to see if any good).
  14. Wait, are we really discussing Hearthstone competitive scene legitimacy ? This is the biggest scam of the e-sport history , period.