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  1. Dragon Zell should be hurt from Lightning blast change, especially against EchtarCraft. Playing Greedy dragoncraft should become dangerous again. EchtarCraft should suffer as well, it's much easier to react with one more turn early game, but I don't see it being that weaker. The main problem remains unchanged (guess they do NOT want to give that free vial pack from legendaries). Anyway, hope guys your body is ready, it's time for 20 turn Aegis meta.
  2. Pack the Sybil/Forte/Urd/Genesis package and you shouldn't see much of a difference.
  3. Why on the earth... Do you even read what I wrote. I mentionned making them a BIT worse, not killing them the Blizzard way. Dang. And Catacomb is fine, Eachtar is not. If you really want a suggestion, again : Eachtar give +1 attack instead of +2 attack OR make each zombie 5 shadow.
  4. I'm kinda aware that the nerf of a card is always the buff of another. But at some point some card are so versatile something has to be done. ****load of players play Israfil regardless of their playstyle. Also Midrange sword became OP because of the lack of consistent heal and Albert existence, and now fell in oblivion because Albert is the only OP thing in Sword.... unless your opponent never get under 10. Because Albert is strong BUT Swordcraft lacks of others finisher solutions, Swordcraft ain't nearly strong now. But I guarantee you that if Sword get anything noticeable soon, they'll be OP again because of Albert. Let's take Havencraft example now. Havencraft is filled with decent tools but lacks a good finisher. But they got Aegis&Test of Strength, and because their consistency is overall better than Swordcraft on "best class card" quality, they are a pain to encounter now. Now what about Dragoncraft. Do you even noticed how BAD are old overload cards on a general manner, you pay for a subpar minion which barely get any better afterward. But suddently they got the magic formula of Shadowverse : Heal, Storm. Shut down your brain, ramp, storm (or Zell-storm, same s**t in expensive), win. Those class have a couple of card which should be adressed (Aegis, Sybil, Zell), but not killed. It's not about killing a style, it's about making them a BIT less good. Shadowcraft case is a bit tougher. The class consistency is fairly good from as far as I remember, but too slow paced for the quick SV style of having Storm & 20 Defense. But suddently Echtar happened, and suddently everything got crazy. A decent, well balanced, stable class became insanely OP (Catacomb prince doesn't look even that good to me, unless TRIPLE ECHTAR LOLZ) because of a SINGLE card. Nephtys Shadowcraft was an example of strong, working, fun mechanic. But Echtar ruins the fun and GREATLY limits deck construction because you know that in the current meta, you do NOT want to let anything remaining on a Shadowcraft board at any given turn, while it would barely ever matter without him.
  5. It seems hard to me when you create the game, but barely when it's launched. It should not be that hard to do some statistics and check for the most used/highest winrate cards.
  6. I always thought a tech card against last breath is missing sooo... Anti - Shadowcraft (and some others stuff) Grave Robbery - Neutral spell, 3 PP All followers lose their Last Breath effect. Your opponent take 1 damage for each affected follower they control and your restore 1 defense for each affected follower you control.
  7. I can't possibly find any good reason to be THIS slow to balance a game. It's so hard to do small quick tweaks to make a card a bit less strong without killing it? That's likely what I hate the most about SV. Much more wild than others TCG but still really slow balancing. It's not rocket science dammit. It's so hard to guess that Aegis just need -1 attack (7/8) so it needs 3 attack at any given time to kill opponent instead of 2, that Sybil should have -1 attack, that Echtar should need 5 shadow per zombie or give rush and only +1 attack, that Zell should not get +2/+2 while giving Storm, that Israfil needs -1 attack (same reason as Aegis), etc.
  8. I'm more concerned about Shadowcraft arts. I mean, the follower is either a skeleton/zombie/whatever or a sex symbol female. But well, here comes Sekstor.
  9. If you've any concern about opponent cleaning your board you're doing it wrong. Dragon is the Storm class, you don't care about your biggies surviving or not. Aegis is a slow **** which does virtually nothing the turn it's played. Forest Roach decks can't cope with your healing. Runecraft is all about draw and luck, sometimes they do nothing and die. How can you have any concern about shadowcraft when Blazing breath, Unica, Fire Lizard and Dragon Warrior hard counter them ? All of those decks aren't weak at all, nor Dragoncraft is. You might consider lowering your curve cuz I'm pretty sure it's all about it. Meta and **** is fun but Zell Bahamut **** is not all about Dragoncraft. Sometimes all you need is a Forte - Urd combo, and not 12 legendaries.
  10. I've been myself surprised how consistent discard deck can be (I use a kinda quicker version with more low cost minions and few ramp cards (triple Sybil)). The main issue with Discard style is that you're greatly dependant of Dracomancer rite (not played on turn 3 > hard game), and the fact you quickly run out of cards (did you noticed that if the draw effect happened at the very end of the game you would have 0 remaining cards in the deck ? Risky !).
  11. Note that you're addressing a market which is likely at its maximum momentum unless some crazy move happen (who knows, that's could be your team move !). Some ideas, note that's it's a personal point of view from experience and preferences (from Magic the gathering, Urban Rivals, Hearthstone, Krosmaga and Shadowverse, mainly) : - Free player chance. A free player must be allowed in the long run to have significant ressources to play some meta tailored decks (Hearthstone, Shadowverse). - Rules simple to understand (most game manage it but I believe it's still extremely important, don't miss it) - Catchy arts you'll remember easily (Urban Rivals, Krosmaga). An art with simple shadows and colors are often better than a complex "draft" (problem in both HS, Shadowverse and MTG) - Not too verbose but explicit (shortest possible effect text), with keywords (most games) - Short-medium game length (7-15 minutes in average) (most) - Craft system to get any card at some given point Now some problems you could avoid : - Lack of game balance reactivity (all online TCG I know) , which does not really profit from online advantages (a card can be modified indefinitely). Of course you must also avoid to change everything too often, but there seems to be a general agreement that online TCG are not reactive in balance (powercreep is not balancing, right Echtar?). - Lack of consistency in cards interactions and they text (mostly Hearthstone) - Too many classes (HS, SV) which greatly divide your work in limited design spaces. Best would be 4-5. - Lack of concern for specialisation (players wanting to focus on 1-2 classes max and make the most of it) (Krosmaga, you can't junk a card if you don't have X exemplary of that card. I stopped Krosmaga just because of THAT).
  12. Frankly I don't own any but I never ever encountered it nor found any purpose he would serve. I think I might have encountered him against some players who pulled a couple of removal and Baphomet. I guess he can do a fun deck running, as mentionned above, a Bloody Mary-Dealer combo. It likely implies careful deck building management because your remaining life amount is half your damage output, rounded down, with the combo. It also implies legendaries used for a very specific style of deck. If you wanna try it, you might want to explore further. BUT I'm 100% convinced that at the current state of the game, you do NOT want to run this card regardless of your point unless it's the playstyle mentionned above, because the following cards exists according to what you're seeking : Goblinmount Demon, Dire Bond, Full Moon, Belphegor.
  13. First thing first, note that dragon decks are kinda expensive whichever flavor you pick. This being said, the quick start would be to blindly include in your deck x3 : Dragon Oracle, Dragon emissary, Aelia, Seabrand Dragon, Dragon Warrior, Fire Lizard, Goblinmount demon. That's the cheap set I used to quickstart and worked really well .... as a newcomer. Both salamender are sure picks. Grimnir is okay (but I prefer both Rahab and Goblinmount), and good if you intend to play Dragon pendant. After that quickstart, Dragoncraft decks are mostly centered like : - Self Storm Ramp (Ramp + Storm followers), medium cost (triple Forte mandatory, at least double genesis, both lucifer or Israfil heavily adviced) - Zell Storm Ramp (Ramp + Zell + Saha + fatties), heavy cost - Discard Tempo (discard set and medium costed cards), medium/heavy cost (triple Forte mandatory as well, triple Sybil adviced, double/triple Imperial Dragon mandatory)
  14. Thanks for the ideas. I did a reasonnable amount of games now and am happy with the results, it allowed me to rank up to C2 kinda quick with some moderated ranked concern (quests). But for now I'm experiencing with my own flavor Urd Discard Dragon which seems so far to be a blast (~80% winrate on about 15 games @ C2 rank or unranked).
  15. My general belief in Shadowverse since I started (pre bahamut release) is that Storm minions are too strong compaired to total HP amount, and extremely limiting for the meta possibilities. At a point they had to release monsters like Aegis, Daria and Echtar (which are just stupidly broken by themselves) to allow others decks to compete. Pre Old God, full Swordcraft/Forestcraft/Runecraft presence with Albert the spellboosting Daria Rhinoroach presence in most games, and a tendency for aggro decks. Post Old God, full Dragoncraft/Shadowcraft presence with Dank Dragoon Meme or Too Expensive for you Zell decks, or any Shadowcraft deck with half concerned deck building and Echtar, and some Aegis Test of Surrender Havencraft. As long as Storm minions will remains this influencing, you'll eat : - Storm decks (call it ramp) - Broken cards decks (call it Echtar until next nerf) - Aggro decks (because cheap, and Shadowverse/HS ladder rush syndrome)