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  1. November 28 update Notice

    Stop da heresy !
  2. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Hearthstone, as far as I can remember.
  3. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Aggro is supposed to ruin control and combo, which are fatty decks so it's normal. What should usually beat aggro is midrange, with enough tempo to follow and take over with healing/storm/aggressive midrange tools. No wonder why only Midrange shadow and Dragon forte baha Sibyl can compete. Well they should have higher winrate against aggro blood, but you got the point. Why is the meta not that much midrange ? Because control kill it, and quite more importantly Dshift kill it unless crazy tempo and storm, being one of the fatest combo deck.
  4. November 28 update Notice

    Let's be naughty. My nerf list : Sybil (-1 attack, everyone has enough of her), Carabosse (-2 attack +1 armor, control tool used as aggro), Owl (-1 spellboost, provide too much), Arrow Barrage (-1 damage, just too good), Stairway to Heaven (+2 Countdown, -9 on enhance, too strong for tempo decks, but enhance should remains instant), Levi (3/3 instead of 4/4 on evolve). Alright I'm ready to get all the bullets.
  5. Belgium saves gaming

    I'm the pinacle of not giving a ****. If it's good for them, fine. Not concerned anyway. Also that's a false issue, gambling ban would force Game industry to adapt, they won't leave their lambs that easily, would they ?
  6. Blood wolf. 5/1 Storm, fanfare : deal 2 damage to both leaders for 2. Prime dragon keeper. 1/3 for 4. Same text. Wait.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    Anyway Europe is a slow cow. Gambling games has plenty of time ahead.
  8. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Midrange and aggro definition has always been tedious in this game, sometimes those are really close. Best example would be Neutral decks Alice pre nerf. They would vomit their hand to kill you asap as any aggro and could sport enough tempo until, let's say, turn 7-8, to widely dominate board like a midrange until you miraculously survives and wipe it with Bahamut/Themis.
  9. Rerolling

    Remaking an account and trash it if you don't get anything interesting from the free stuffs given to new accounts. This guy is smart tho, he's not paying a kopek for gambling.
  10. Belgium saves gaming

    And err, it's just Star wars ? Fan or not if you can cope to check for a couple of minutes (especially for an already bad reviewed company) the reviews about thz game before jumping the bandwagon then you deserves your milking cow status. But well, star wars fan base have proven countless time how good they are at spending on goodies, fair outcome. Lucas would be proud.
  11. Talk About Whatever

    Is has to be unless Europe is invaded by Japanese people desu.
  12. Belgium saves gaming

    There is several games which does not count on gambling at the first place. LoL, for example, did introduced loot boxes but comes from a long past of pay this, have this, and it worked damn well. But yea, several games are banging on the trend. GW2 and their busted mount boxes, Overwatch, CS:GO (the trigger?) etc. What's annoying is that it's difficult to find when the limit of acceptable behaviour is reached. As an example of acceptable trend, I'd call some of the collectible card games (even SV before SFL) which is the base of the game, so the player can't be busted, he knows what he grind/pay for. As a non obvious example of unacceptable trend (Battlefront lolilolz), the old but damn good player of this game was Atlantica Online, with loot boxes which were, err, really tempting when the upper mercenaries where kinda unsustainable for non hardcore players. And there is plenty of shades of this issue, and I have an hard time staying serious on the matter when it implies cosmetics only. Might be linked to the fact I've never been a show-off addict. But still, as long as it doesn't alter the game experience of your opponent, it's fine. I do aknowledge the pledge about younger people but well, you do not put a credit card between a kiddo hands, and you try at least a bit to figure out what they do about their pocket money. Even then if parents are reasonable, the best a kiddo could waste would be like, uh 20-50 euros ?
  13. Also the Sahaquiel moaners. That's kinda ironic because, well, Bahamut is the legacy braindead non storm control killer. D-shift just happened to become better at this game, for the worst. But before that, here's an honest illustration of Bahamut at TOTG era, below.