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  1. Before I go

    Eh, ironically I've been mocking couple of people here when they were boasting about leaving blahblah. Eh, and here I am. Well nobody care. That's kinda normal. But leaving I thought about giving hints on why. Maybe it could move things a bit while I'll be somewhere else. Feedbacks are always useful if you know how to extract informations to make the best of it. I used to enjoy SV, sort of. Well yeah I did enjoyed it a lot, when I could play discard Dragon. Oh you see me coming. Aldos, pack leader, blah blah. Well that’s one of the main reason I got disgusted of this game, eh, quite the main in fact, now you know, so we’re done with it. Next, this game design space is shredding quicker and quicker. For a couple of days I thought some were right about nerfs killing deck one after another. But nah, it’s freakin’ way worse because, well we do see Echtar and PDK and Sybil. Oh BTW sorry for having used the later so often, she’s kinda lovely when you’re playing Dragon, doesn’t she ? The issue is entangling itself deeply in the roots of SV, choking it. As a game with is innerly Aggro keen since its beginning, your Duty, CY, was to be extremely careful about aggressive tools. But you kinda adressed this with a mortar, spreading 50 shades of Storm, tokens and poor control tools. Wards were piece of crap as far as I remember, and it took, surprisingly to me, quite a long time for people to realise how terrible is Rahab. When you evo a Ward to defend yourself, you lost. When you evo a leftover minion to smorc, you’re nearer to victory. One is never fine, the other is often fine. But you were kinda crystal clear that you didn’t want this game to have long games. So can I be so mad at it ? Yep. Because making a game tempo/aggressive based could have been fine if you made a firework from it. There is plenty of ways to make agressive stuff, not just Storm and Tokens and buff. Make some kind of counter storm (storm gaining attack if your opponent has one on the board), more Seraph like ideas, spell damage, steamrolling replicators, whatever. But nah, we saw the same things all over again with little variation, at a point players mysteriously considered that Dshift was actually fun to play and encounter. Frankly if it wasn’t so one sided (draw & remove & kill), it could have been interesting. Coupled to a legendary quality which is… so unstable it just piss me off. How the flying duck could you release Chronos and Aisha in the same expansion ? How can a game hold Albert, Forte, and Loki in the same pool of cards ? Python and Sybil, for the same class ? Chronogenesis was the finishing blow, with Portalcraft which is the pinnacle of everything which is wrong in this game now : Storm wincons, starking card quality variation, no plan (but storm lolz), no crazy play. Only the quickest and the dirtiest (yea, I picked that word purposely). That’s too bad, because the idea behind was great on so many points. Puppets are cool. Artifacts are cool. Resonance is SUPER cool. But the magic wore off and this class can’t cope with its own flaws and the other side of the fence, filled with hatred from few cards mocking on your hopes. There is some others issues (english voices, win only dailies, …), but the lack of possibility to have ANY fun in this game due to previous points kicked me off for good. So see ya
  2. Talk About Whatever

    Well I'm joining you, but not sure for how long. The magic definitely wore off for me, the mere lack of interesting decks (anything which is not Dshift, latest trendy tempo, or Aegis) didn't help, and the permaggro Unlimited. Gah. I'm not enjoying a single game. Guess I gotta give up on the CCG at a whole genre. Feed up with the lack of play mode made for meme stuff, all of them are always coming to perma netlisting soon or late even in normal games. *** the daily quest system. Oh and uh screw you CY. Dragon discard lover, no Aldos. Backstabing at finest the niche players.
  3. Kinda surprising, how many games did you do ? Since I've been in AA ranks, I never met anything below A0 in normal/ranked games, only in Arena. I'm kinda baffled you could meet so many playerd having good netdeck and low ladder rank. What are they doing for a livin ? Forever attempting primary school classes ? Must be fun.
  4. Talk About Whatever

    Betting on 2 months.
  5. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Who cares about the world tournament anyway, it has always been a scam. Tell me about Pavel, the topdeck lord. The only worthy thing to watch are youtube funny/crazy plays, not a bunch of RNG bidders take 1 min and an half per turn to bid.
  6. Ambush need support

    No. No more pepe meta. I prefer Stormverse.
  7. I tend to have a slight preference for Analyzing artifact. It cycles through your deck and makes Acceleratum abusable. However without Acceleratum or with Deux Ex played, Ancient is prolly the best.
  8. Would have been worse before rotation. Aggrofest doesn't even need but a couple of abusable legendaries (Skillbert so "I'm midrange, see"). That would also kill Dragon, Haven, both having staple legendaries as ramp or wincon, which is kinda normal as midrange/control keen classes. Most important point, beside legendaries, others rarity are largely irrelevant as card quality is roughly the same for gold/silver, and bronze is barely behind (Acceleratum much ?).
  9. Aye Overfeel turn 4 ! Now we know why Rowen can get crazy. Pesky Flowey.
  10. Welcome to Faceverse - feedback

    Well if you're concerned about all deck going face you... go face. I've been preaching this since Bahamut : A game with almost Hearthstone level based cards but 20 hp will forever be locked to face unless storm cards are removed all at once. At this point if it obsess you pick another game (something I've been considering since SFL)
  11. Oh my, infinite meme possibilities. Gib !
  12. Welcome to Faceverse - feedback

    On a general manner you deal with Non board based runecraft (D-shift likes) with cancerous/boarf stuff. So if your concern is Chimera, bet on an Aggro or Shadowcraft. Avoid slow decks or OTKs which does not consistenly kill by turn 9 (all rotation ones expect maybe Azi Queen).
  13. @A Large Ding-Dong Ding Dong ! 6 pp neutral spell : Summon a Bellringer Angel. Repeat until your board side is full. Enhance 10 : Summon Shining Bellringer Angel instead. Flavor text : Nobody expect the Ding Dong inquisition.
  14. Welcome to Faceverse - feedback

    There is doubtlessly an issue in SV when it comes to deck building. Ironically I've been enjoying SV better than HS... before rotation. But SV deck building quality dropped by a lot since Wonderland dreams with boring cards, staple wincons and no help for old decks (Disco dragon, ginger rune, ...). Now pretty much everything boil down to the Tempo X Face damage alchemy. Heck, even pre rotation dragon was all about ramp & storm, or even Queen OTK storm. Even my fav deck is storm based (Windmill OTK). Portalcraft had interesting ideas and win (when it ever does)... with storms (Noah/Safira). The only two exceptions are Echtar which is not frankly better (face to left anything ? lel gg) and Aegis (still the biggest piece of crap of this game). I've come to a point I'm no longer enjoying building decks in this game, because anything which is non storm/otk based is miserable even in godamn normal games.
  15. Hamelin's limitations

    I can confirm the bane, at least, is not copied.