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  1. I wonder. Still, I'm far from having 5000 vial to "waste", so gotta hope the announced nerfs is Spawn, that would net me 7k straight. Edit : Wait. I just learnt that animated Forte is not special but I was rather looking for the alternative art... Guess I'm doubting now... Feel 100% scammed. Well will likely be one of those : Israfil (unlikely, it's my fav animated art but she smell nerf), Queen of the Dread Sea (the animation quiet but that's what you would expect from an underwater terror) or Dark Angel Olivia (fair chance to be the case as I'll forever play her in my control decks in 1 exemplary, my third fav card behind Forte (which regular animated version sucks) and Dragon Warrior).
  2. Out of 26 pack. What. I don't even. Whoa. Edit : And the pack just after. Wtf.
  3. That's kinda what's wrong with this game lately, few class card rule the others because those are merely worse. Remove Albert and Swordcraft is the worst. Remove Echtar and Shadowcraft is back to mehland. Remove Aegis and Havencraft is back to memeland. Remove Roach and, eh, who is Arisa? Some classes are just filled with strong but not OP cards (Runecraft, Dragoncraft, Bloodcraft) and therefore stand out of the mass whenever a slightly too strong presence make them immediately dominate. That's the right way. Some others are just here because of a (very) limited set of card, to make us forget how the majority is underwhelming (the most striking example is Forestcraft, by FAR). It's likely why Roach, Echtar, Aegis, should and should NOT at the same time, be nerfed. Because they are stupidly strong and because without them the classes concerned are merely behind. It's also why I can't really have a clear mind of what solution there could be to fix that (without the overhelming job of buffing smartly standard set cards which should be more and more painful for devs as sets get released). Everything is OP so nothing is, is really fun when you love wild plays and shattering turns. But unfortunately, some legendaries are TOO strong for a class which is TOO weak. So you're pretty much forced to play that card and fill with what could make your OP core more OP (for example, lot of tokens and last breath for Echtar).
  4. I'm kinda bothered for the future of this game by obvious Cygames reluctance to touch any card when it involves... Legendary grade. Echtar Frienzy ? Better nerf Shadow reaper Aegis frienzy ? Better nerf Test of strength Bahamut frienzy ? Better nerf Lightning Blast And soon Beauty and the Beast frienzy ? Better nerf Roach
  5. Now I'm kinda convinced they're tweaking odds on event packs. On the whole anniversary event, most of the time I would get at least 1 legendary per 5 pack, and on final 10 packs : Zeus, Daria, Deepwood Anomaly. waw.
  6. Jabber best potential is making a triple Genesis Invocation, for the sake of making your opponent uninstall this game.
  7. Polyphonic Roar won me several games by itself. Meta is so that amulet removal aren't played THAT much (you marginally encounter those), so Polyphonic Roar can help you in those particular cases when opponent seems to have answers to all your treats (noticeably against Runecraft, Havencraft). This being said, I'm kind convinced it's good solely in one exemplary, in ramp decks, because it's kinda slow and doesn't help a single bit against aggro/midrange decks, which are 80% of the meta. But it does push up your win chance against control. To counter vengeance blood, erm. Not sure if a particular method is needed, I'm winning often against them regardless of my Dragoncraft deck (Ramp, Discard). As long as they don't do the big play (Soul dealer/Belphegor into some nasty combo), doing 10 damages is a piece of cake, especially when you have triple Forte, triple Seabrand dragon in your deck. Sybil should help too in case they rush your face.
  8. Likely. KYS blood was already good by itself, the adding of First boucer bar (which can act as a cheap and decent, more controlish alternative to Soul Dealer), Emarada which is versatile enough to have a spot in that deck (I mean, it even counter test of strength, it's something !), and Spawn of the abyss with is just dreadful by itself (but maybe not good for Kys as it's risky to playing such a high costed creature which does nothing immediately).
  9. Isn't Carbosse merely meant to be played x3 in AGGRO anyway? I mean, the 6/6 body looks cool but 1 card draw / 1 damage per turn is nothing impressive for a control deck, which has usually better to do by that time (let's say, survive.). But putting this after having kept pressure then 5 previous turn is like, "Kay dude, I give you a turn to deal with that 6/6 and what was remaining, and then the Face party start again". For an Aggro deck, 1 damage per turn ain't something either, but the card draw sure IS really good to top deck that last storm follower/burn spell.
  10. Obviously a big entry for Discard Dragoncraft. Running this for a 0 mana Israfil/Urd/etc, 0 mana Dragon Emperor/Forte/etc, redraw your hand anyway, sounds marvelous. Likely what Discard dragon missed to be more than decent. I gotta work hard for this to happen, the potential has to be gigantic.
  11. 1k3 rupies, 10K vial (likely more to come with the free packs). However gotta be short for now, need so many legendaries and gold (triple wonder seeker Alice, 1-2 witch of the demonic sea, triple Rapunzel, 2-3 Hector, 1 Dragon godess, triple Carbosse, 2 murder knife, 2-3 Demon officer Emarada, 2-3 Spawn of the Abyss).
  12. Nayh. The reason Storm dragon is so popular is because it packs enough heal (Mostly Israfil, Sybil) to **** on aggro decks. Heal is extremely precious in this game because you have 20 hp, and past turn 7 having less than 10 hp is almost a guaranted death.
  13. Out of 10 pack 2 legendary : Alexander and a random Earth rite runecraft follower I never saw before. It's raining dust !
  14. You don't really need Stryx to do a Neutral deck, he's just a good fatty to add
  15. Nah, high chance forte will be 5/1 after Urd, if the summoned/played system is the same that Hearthstone.