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  1. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Still better than Blizzard nerf scheme. "But Ben, it has been 6 months of Dr Boom Secretladin - Hahahahaha - 6 more should be fine."
  2. Talk About Whatever

    I must admit that I really had an issue with this game when I was forced to admit that Discard Dragon was too meh for this game, even as meme. Windmill OTK somewhat gave me a second enjoyable breath (the thrill of basing your game plan on a 7 PP card which will do nothing the turn it lands but almost guarantee an OTK). But with some after thought I didn't really enjoyed it more than Hearthstone. And now both just leave me a bad taste. HS slightly less, cuz Burgle Rogue is now a new level of troll.
  3. Talk About Whatever

    I think I'm more like giving up on CCG. HS level is too high for me, I'm stuck to rank 20, filled with netdecks. SV, in the end, always had a turn 6-7 gg meta, whichever it was (Roach, Echtarcraft, Neutral, Fifty shade of Blood Aggro, Sahaquiel highroll). I'm keen to think balancing a card game must be quite harder that one would believe (or I'd have found another game which is not Gwent (prolly appreciable game but I don't like it). I'm not keen to suffer such a curse for long. I mean, my latest game : Just when I thought we got ride of this bull****. ****in 6 month Owl with now more Sword perma curved skilless ****.
  4. You can expect 4 expansion a year, so a card lifespan is 1 year and 3 months. I believe, if you're a regular player, that a legendary is worth 6 months. So not the oldest rotation expansion if possible, and second oldest only for serious cards.
  5. Talk About Whatever

    I hate Magic mana system :{
  6. Talk About Whatever

    SV meta sucks (Aggro x Ginger x Fortress) and HS meta sucks (Cube-Odd). What am I supposed to play when both do >.< ?
  7. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    A single card does not reflect the state of a class, and you have to be seriously clueless not to believe old Echtar was not broken. Another example is Sword versus Albert. Albert is an abusively strong card but quickly fall short whenever the class does not have something to deal with its inner weakness : lack of draw and value. So yea when The 5 pp 3 x 1/3 got released, it had so much of it Sword instantly became insufferable, as it is right now due to Arthur and Fortress. Shadow lacks consistency and suffer aggro (similarly to dragon), and without old Echtar, can only count for now on highroll plays such as Atomeme or Zeus resurrect.
  8. Really ? Vagabond is one of the worst card currently.
  9. Discuss Hearthstone here

    **** odd decks seriously. 3 damage face or 2 token an hero power in an aggro deck. RIP fun.
  10. Favourite moments?

    Matrix bug .
  11. What is the Unlimited Experience like?

    I'd say okayish, at least at AA1. Currently, it's a bit plagged with Mid Sword and Summit Haven, but that's likely cuz some nerfs need to be made, as you meet those in Rotation as well very often lately. Before the plague it was several Blood decks. Yet I meet less netdecks than on standard, you meet also fun stuff (Tenko decks, ...).
  12. How expensive is a Lindworm deck?

    I assume you intend to play it on Unlimited. Well even if you didn't, do. The cheapest version you could make would be Staircase one, which requires 1 Lindworm instead of 3. Here's the list. You can remove both Rites and Flute, it was here for experiment and none are concluant. You can instead add a couple of Conflagration, Dragon Horde or a third Mystic Ring, or any Amulet/Spell you'd like to consider, as long as it's not a follower which would break the Staircase effect. If you don't have Moon and Sun you can try somewhat to use something else, but I heavily encourage you, if you like the deck, to get two of those. Moon and Sun are really helping a lot both for surviving and raising spell count.
  13. Bug with Tenko shrine + Drain

    It does count. When the opponent use Monastic Holy Water on his leader it triggers Tenko Shrine.
  14. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    Dude Loki is such a lose play I'd like to see any deck works with it. Most of the time you've better playing twice the card you intended to play anyway.
  15. meta report april 2nd- april 8th

    Okay now the zombies catched up and it's starting to become extremely bothersome to do any Rotation game. Half of my games are either Mid Sword or Summit. GEEZ.