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  1. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    a Heavencraft match literally the guy spam 3 turns in a row just because he have forever storm in hand xDDD i was not even in 10 HP it was reaaally annoying.
  2. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    is just me or people is just super jerking a lot in the second stage? EVERY player i face no matter if i am winning or losing just spamn emotes like a *** i REALLY wish this game have some kind of chat or report system lol
  3. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    insect lord + Airbound barrage > Fairy + Airbound barrage lol. My oponent has a 4/4 and a 2/2, i play insect lord. If i hit the 4/4 i Airbound the lord, kill the 4/4 them i play him again kill the 2/2. Can fail by rng? yes but i can do that play in that many ways if i have other followers in play to secure the results that is waste just ONE CARD to destroy 2 followers without evol in most of the scenarios. I dont see how the card is bad, cause cost 1 pp more? we also need become this a 3PP play destroy 2 followers? - Really guys are you just so tired about midrange decks that you literally claim that need super OP removal cards WITH body? tell us just that and probably @Karahi and me can stop argue cause yeah if that is the point you two are right this card and insect lord are not broken enough
  4. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

  5. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    do you know how annoying Insect lord is in aggro and control forest? the card is suuuuper good. Forest dont need big removal effects Forest is a class with a LOT of removal options and when i said a lot...i said A LOOOOOOT. They can use just 2 cards to remove 3 followers without losing that much tempo. Refresh their amulets, etc, not losing board pressence in the process, getting more hand size too. I dont see why you think this legendary need to dealt like 3 AoE damage or by a 4/5 or even a 5/5. That would be stupidly broken as hell
  6. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    its more easy combine cards with 5 PP than 6 PP so its actually an upgrade
  7. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    maybe i finally will like to play againt forestcraft this rotation format.
  8. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    its a 5 PP ward that dealst damage also...how exactly is mediocre the body? we already agree with Sybil that multiple effect followers cant have all the stats for they PP cost, is just too busted EVEN for legend cards
  9. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    I just read ferry official. Yeah you need 3 spaces to make her effect work. Atleast that how the translation said that works. "if you perform Burial Rite twice" - But know there is the question: She only said "give all other followers attack 3 times this turn" she dont said "in play". So whatever follower enter in the field that turn gains the effect? i guess this is one of those effects that need to be tested cause the rules of the card are not very clear. ================================== About the forest legend: omfg a control tool in forest that not get Storm or super value in Late game? is this real life?
  10. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    i think this is not even as broken as people think. This is the first combo in this game that can be stopped just playing on defense (a 1/4 ward keep you alive if you are high on HP and something like a 6 or 8 defense ward makes the storm win imposible). In other hand its a OTK that bypass any damage reduction effect. In that sense is pretty damn strong against Haven and Portal (and Roland) because you cant just prevent a 2X amount of damage, you will get that damage in small portions. But this vs others OTK well this is pretty weak in comparation.
  11. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    First give us some stuff to stop combo decks really, them you can increase their power level. You cant mess with your oponent hand in this game neither the leader effects...make combo decks betters will stricly broke the game cause broken decks on curve are what this game is supposed to handle but broken decks on combo has like almost 0 counter. And not "win before he can combo" is not counter, its just have either luck or your opponent bad luck with the draws.
  12. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Dragon craft has other weakness. They midgame cards are also not that good and you have more chances to get bad cards than other classes cause dragon basic cards and classic expansion are suuuper bad except for Forte or storm cards. Your best chance is to get something like polyphonic roar and hope to ramp into the card too early for your oponnent get answers. Dragon is a interesting option but i dont like it and dont recommended the class cause is the most draft sensitive of all the classes in mine opinion. I draft 3 times with dragon in total, only one of thoses i get a good deck to get a 4-1 (today) with 2 polyphonic, 1 sybil and a bunch of ramp followers. So every time you dont get enough ramp you will never get your late game fast enough, if you pick too much control spells (the only really good for T2 is salamander) you can also lose to beat down. Shadow and Sword have cheap removal, stronger followers on curve the first 5 turns, and in shadow case good win conditions on late game too. Atleast for me is pretty more easy get a 4-1 or 5-0 with both classes than Dragon.
  13. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    If you need to play her at the last card well. Just play a 2PP follower, sac one ghost, play Bad Ha, you have now 4 2/1 ghost (one of them is a 3/1) Now you can play the girl and still get a combo kill that is 10 times more fair than Elephant King, D shift and Chimera.
  14. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    you wanna know what is the combo? play her, get the effect, play the neutral legend of Chrono Genesis. Get 5 2/1 ghost that can attack 3 times. (one of the ghost is also a 3/1) get lethal without wards on board regardless the defense of your enemy. 4x3= 12 * 2 24 + 3*3 = 33 storm damage. PD: and everyone said that Arcus will be not good enough to see play :V
  15. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    Arcus plus this girl...become a 3 PP follower into 9 storm damage ghost split in 3, OTK is real. Oh god if you give to the ghost +1 attack those are 18 Damages. YEEAH! MIDSHADOW IS NOT OVER YEP!!!! *need to craft a bunch of legends* i save 70K vials for this moment. Also about the puppet lego: first puppet card low cost that not sucks ? Yes thanks.