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  1. July 17th Card Changes

    Tenko nerf? YES plz give me more CyGames----Also Valse nerfed to? oh god you will make me ----imean i just overreact a little
  2. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    First stage 4-1 With aggro sword with the new ambush gold. When people dont tech against you this deck is just first win in almost every match. Agent gives you a 0 2/2 to combo with Celia, then play agent againt an get TWO 2/2 0PP to combo again. You can finish your opponent pretty easy on turns 5 to 7 if you not winning already with the standard aggro ambush set-up. Second stage, everyone tech against regular aggro decks and playing for tempo matches so i switch to my favorite deck this rotation: Zoo-Bats (aggro-combo bats). I still dont have that many tools to experiment with Shadowcraft new cards but this deck right here its pretty much a game winner. So much tempo plays now and more board presence that are also combo tools. The new Enhance 4 bat generator its just a ****ing Vampire Queen FOR 4 mana so you can also Claw your opponent? yes plz 4+3+2 (with evol) damage burst + OldBlood damage, you can dealt 12 damages with just 2 cards in hand. That is a super upgrade to this deck. Also the blood amulet let you combo OldBlood with Redtalon strike and Bullet for 3 (oldpre-evol) + 3 (talon strike) + 3 (bullet effect) + 2 (evol of turn) to get a massive total of 12 damage too (cause you have a second bat that is buffed)
  3. Why are so many people complaining about GP?

    I mean is really hard to get a deck that can compete un GPrix cause each stage people changes their deck to counter what wins in the last stages. I get 4 4-1 in a row with aggro sword first stage. Next stage everyone play WhiteVanara in aggro forest just to counter other aggro decks (cause the 5/4 ambush is still better against any other type of deck). So you cant play a normal Aggro deck anymore. You play a lot of control? people play Ambush sword. A lot of tempo decks? vengeance and summit temple appears suddenly. You need to NOT JUST play a good deck but make one or two run if you are not lucky to see what decks you cant play. This time i win 5 times in a row with aggro comobo bats cause everyone underestimate my favorite deck in this rotation
  4. Opinions on the new cards so far?

    i told you it was good guys (?)
  5. phoenix let him play whatever 2 followers in his hand so the only way to not lose is actually that first i have a ward, second i dont take another type of damage in the match and third he dont have a 1 PP bane storm follower or another kind of removal and he also dont have another Zooey in hand for buy another turn. Them again the problem is not Zooey in particular, my problem is that really the fact that you cant counter any leader effect its becoming a problem.
  6. let me ask you in this way: if dragon gets a card that let them with the game if they go to turn 10 for said something. And your only way to win if by damage, How can you win if the turn 9 is Zooey?
  7. i supposed you forget cause the laughs every turn XDD whatever. Yes this is exactly the problem with the card, with leader effects in general. You have a card that literally saids "you oponent cant win the game but you can win the game" and there is not counter play for that card? is stupid as hell
  8. The proble its not the storm part. Ask @Eclipse/Zer0 what is the problem with the card, i am pretty sure he can answer you very easy
  9. Zooey is pretty much like i expected, a card that make me repeat the question: When we gonna get able to get rip of Leader effects to punish greedy plays?
  10. balance changes!

    Also agree with BluReboot opinion.
  11. balance changes!

    can you imagine? 2 shadows per 4/2 rush zombie? Maximun powah
  12. balance changes!

    Baphomet was te culprit, you can retain all you HP on 20 when Spawn comes on 6 but you still are going down to 0 next turn. Sorry Bapho should never regain the exactly effect cause he make the only but most broken finisher that Bloodcraft has in legendary stupidly better than any other finisher.
  13. balance changes!

    like everyone but technically not class has been nerfed neither and with 2 nerf reverted we can agree that this is an ideal answer to Midsword in unlimited cause NOW we have again the best 7 PP legendary back to his original (and not that broken) state in Shadowcraft. I mean in all senses Eachtar is a better Arthur.
  14. balance changes!

    Now eachtar is not a under statet kill 2 weak followers on empty board that drain 8 Shadows for nothing again. Can fangore even forget about sword one time? Eachtar is again a 5/6 Arthur that dont drain the fanfare of your 2drops and still summons 4 4/2 rush followers. Someone tell him to be happy... I was expecting they restric Cerid but this nerf also works in someway.
  15. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    first time i get salty in a grand prix but i supposed you cant beat luck in Take 2. I feel for first time i play better than my opponent in anymeans but he literally got Belphegor and Maelstorm serpent in his initial hand (for the way he plays the deck) and also get a lot of vengeance staple cards in the draws...so yeah you cant beat constructed decks on Take 2 XDD really i feel a LOT angry about that result.