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  1. You have a point but still without broken things to finish the game you lose in the moment that you run out of direct damage. That is the little problem. And yes i know pretty well the context of the class. But is the context relevant for the designers when they just throw cards like this ?. With Forest is ever the same, a lot* of understimate cards and the one legendary and the one gold that have tons of value in late game. I miss when Forest Aggro was a thing (and i hate the roach more than any other card in the game) because aggro forest (aka zoo) was a little difficult to play if we dont count the roach-free win factor. Now forest become in a class of stall the early if you cant rush down and throw bombs in late until the end. Like dragon but...with sparkle thigs
  2. For the same reason that any good midrange-late game Forest follower have good stats and broken effects. Forestcraft is the class with probably the worst common followers list. For that reason instead of making good early followers Cygames choose to make the competitive Forest cards brokens so they "can win" just luke the Monkeys with Enhance 10: why they have storm instead of rush? or why Aerith recovers 1 evol point? why B&B cost 6 instead of 7? blahblahblah. Forestcraft is blessed with the most efficient finishers in the game that cost less than 9 PP.
  3. Cygames transfers al the storm power of dragoncraft to...Forest? that seems pretty nasty. Now with 3 big storm finishers Forest is going to be crazy (this wolf, the monkey, the elephant...) Also the Enhace ward that storms for 8...i feel fear to face a Forescraft deck in the next meta, its gonna be BRU TAL
  4. i love the castlevania style of the Disciple.
  5. Grand Prix: strategies and stuff

    i know how you feel. I dont how people never bricked their Darias, yes i only run 2 in my version of tempo daria but still i bricked the 2 in my hand most of the times (its not like it matters cause you actually win with just 1 Daria activation)
  6. Dragoncraft needs to be nerfed

    Even with a solid wincon cause Storm in dragon is so fair "balanced" that can mate 14 damages or more just with a Queen and a Windmill
  7. Favourite moments?

    I dont like to play Daria Tempo but i was SO SALTY this night that i just remember that i have 2 Darias and also all the cards neededs to play this monstruosity....oh men i almost forget how feels to full the board with animals that have "fair stats" and "fair effects" ---Still the brave Portalcraft player manages to clear 3 of the followers that you see in the image e_e infinite PPs op (but i win in the end)
  8. The salt mega thread.

    Can people stop topdecking perfect answer when i am already winning? like for real is just the most annoying thing in the ***** world some times i just want to throw my laptop in the face of someone
  9. when i open my Chronogenesis first 10 packs i get a play set of God Bullet Golem, i like what i see now
  10. acceleratium fix that problem.
  11. i just get destroyed by a perfect draw aggro sword. I dont lose a match against sword with midrange shadow until now neither agains haven but also get faced by...haven temple e_e. Both first matches were like "oh my god these guys are blessing by the rng" i got 3 wins 2 loses still. I just destroy Daria, Elephant forest and Mirror match.
  12. Dragoncraft needs to be nerfed

    i have a control blood deck in rotation but my best control and vengeance blood decks are unlimited. In rotation i plenty play midrange whatever (sword, rune cofcofdirtcofcof, shadow cause is the deck that i craft for rotation specially, neutral forest, "aggro cheap dragon" just for fun). My control decks in rotation are the little janky blood and a haven Great Taurus deck.
  13. Dragoncraft needs to be nerfed

    I ever forget that seraph is turn 8 XD---sorry about that. And yeah Isra nerf isnt just for Dragoncraft but the Follower itself have pretty stats even for a legendary turn 9 with that effects, its more a salty thing but with some good thinking about the card. My principal concern is about how in this game ramp is less punisheable that in others cause: followers ramps with good stats on the curve, heal spells ramps and ALL rampo spells have a good part even when you actually get the turn 7. What you said is very true the lose tempo but they dont lose all the tempo ramping.
  14. Dragoncraft needs to be nerfed

    Aegis = Control Jorm = Control/"combo" Big Chimera = Control (and its more like Seraph) Seraph isnt exactly a "fair control slow deck" i mean you throw Seraph on 9 your opponent have 2 options: Win or concede. Most of the times the will not banish the Seraph. And banish the seraphs its like "ok now you can concede" i dont see the point to said "there are not other cards like Seraph" when the number of cards that do a similar job are still good? (Elephant---Seraph, instead of keep search 4 cards to auto win after Seraph you put your opponent at 10 aaaand....auto win. That is what controls means in this game and most of the games. The only different between seraph and control warrior from hearthstone or grixis shadow is that Seraph insta win before you opponent cant do something and in the other case your opponent (an smart one) auto concedes when you get you win conditions and he cant answer the cars or amount of health cause he knows that he will never be able to win. Control = Make your opponent accept defeat NO ONE wants to lose to a control win condition
  15. Dragoncraft needs to be nerfed

    i play Either midrange and control (blood). but what have control decks to be with Dragoncraft (ramp =/= control, ramp beats control) ??