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  1. The anime thread

    While replying to your post, and when i remembered Btooom!, i wasnt sure how the name was exactly. so while looking into it, i found out that the series now have a game, and it seems very interesting, on first sight(for my taste). and apparentely if the game enters top 5 in Japan, then there probably will be a season 2 for Btooom!. i dont think i can play it thought unfortunately, since i only have PC. here is a video in case someone is curious..
  2. The anime thread

    LOL. yea. i know of one example also. i usualy only watch the animes, but in some cases i have read the manga as well.. and "Claymore" had a radical change in the anime(which i personaly prefered). in one other case, i have also seen such a well done job, in putting the usualy larger content of the manga onto the anime version, that it almost seemed like magic. which was the case of "Btooom!". they were able to put all(or almost) the stuff from the manga(at the time), into a short anime season. at least i think thats the feeling i got at the time(was years ago).
  3. Talk About Whatever

    So i was asked for proof on another topic, by a certain user. i will now drop that proof here. little did that user know however, that as complex and hard to prove it is, it thus requires a deep understanding of what as been/is/will be going on in our world. but it just so happens i have just thing to prove it, while indirectly proving just about EVERYTHING else. here it is.. (this documentary, is composed of 10 parts in total. i leave here the first part, you seek the rest of it(its easy) ) (the proof i was asked to provide, was that the jews are being every war.) Ok.. but why reply to me?.. he is the one who pushed the subject. and i didnt say i would myself initiate the debate, on the anime topic. i said that "he" could reply on the anime topic, if he wanted a response from me. so clearly i wouldnt reply unless he did. i do agree that this conversation is offtopic, on the anime topic. in which case i perhaps shouldnt have suggested he replied there, but thats where the offtopic conversation(which i didnt initiate) was going on. and i did bring the video to this topic, instead of posting it there.
  4. The anime thread

    Thats basicaly a copy paste of all your other posts towards me on this subject, except with different words/insults(you may as well have literaly copy pasted them). why do you keep repeating the same thing over and over again? are you hoping you will be able to confuse actual humans, with your low IQ tricks/schemes? you know, its curious that your the one who started directing posts at me here, which by the way were completely offtopic(since they were basicaly an atack on my person), and then proceed to telling me to not reply to you anymore LOL. it would have been easier, if you didnt decide to butt in on an healthy conversation i was having, with someone who actualy presents arguments, and just kept your trolling fingers, up your asshole. CLEARLY you wanted to start a mindless "flame war", since you know you dont have any arguments, on the subject. you are just desperately trying to shut down, the "marxist propaganda on the anime" subject, because your a marxist yourself.
  5. The anime thread

    (You didnt wait for me to finish the post. oh well..) Then why do you keep replying?. you made your "last" post on the matter and i made mine. you didnt have to reply to it, i didnt force you to. I am not "confused" about it. and as i thought, you were mixing your manga knowledge with the anime. i know very well as you can see from my posts, how the manga/anime works, BUT i claimed that the "anime", made "Germany" look.. evil/bully. and a LOT of people(like myself) dont usualy read the mangas, and just watch the anime. so what matters to those people, is whats on the anime, not whats on the manga. because propaganda wise, the people watching ONLY the anime, will have a VERY different opinion of the "empire", than yours. because on the anime, the slaughter is completely one sided. and its not written in a stone anywhere, that anime viewers must read the manga. its like for example making a movie, where you make someone you dont like seem extremely evil, but then you write this litle book, where it explains that he actualy had good reason to do it. thats propaganda, with a bull**** excuse to do it, because A LOT of people will not read the little book, and will/may have a slight (or more) hate/distrust increase for that person. bottom line is, the people watching ONLY the anime, will have a VERY different view of the empire, than those who also read the manga. and the existance of the manga, which according with you is more "balanced", is no excuse to make "Germany" look evil on the anime(and what a COINCIDENCE indeed, that its "Germany" getting the short end of the stick). Same goes to you, you could have move on to. i am ok with agreeing to disagree. you dont see it ever, because(perhaps) you are always among leftists. leftists will never apologize for anything(unless under special conditions), because they are so corrupted, that they believe in their own bullcrap. i do apologize when i am wrong(or dont have enough evidence). i am not perfect, and so i make mistakes sometimes.
  6. The anime thread

    We are speaking of the anime, not the manga or whatever. naturaly i can only speak of what i saw on the anime, and thats what matters for the anime case. dont forget that my issue, was that "Germany" was being demonized, "on the anime". and by the way.. the studios that produce manga and the studios that produce anime, are not the same. the manga artist is connected to a studio to whom he works for, and if he makes a successful manga, then it may or may not have an anime version of it, made. but in what it comes to the anime, the artist has little influence. the anime is almost completely made, by a different team, while the autor, continues to work on the manga. so it could be that, the artist didnt intend for his story to demonize "Germany", but the anime studio had a different agenda, for it(clearly to me). They are bullcrap excuses, because they are clearly using small time reasons, to exterminate a civilian population. one of the claims is even false.. the one where they are claiming that the civilians are being used as hostages. thats was a lie.. the civilians were willingly fighting to defend their city(they especificaly say it on the episode themselves). you claim that the empire had to invade/destroy that city, because they were trying to block their trading routes(i think it was?), but where did you see that information?.. it could be that i saw it on the anime and forgot, but i dont recall that being mentioned on the anime. did you see that on the anime or on the manga? ofcorse i will think that "Germany" is being made to look like the bad/bully. because the only ones exterminating civilians and sending childreen to war to do it, are the "empire". the other sides of the conflict are weak as fuk, and they are nowhere near in a position, to kill "German" civilians. the wars are going on on their own cities, so the slaughter is mostly one sided. how would you know what most people think of the series?. well its not easy to have faith on the avarage viewer at this point, considering how easy the public tends to be to deceived. i know that a lot of people that see right through it, but a LOT will not. so the best thing is to stop the propaganda, because Germany as suffered enough. are you sure your not mixing what you saw on the manga(or whatever) with whats on the anime?.. dont forget this is about the anime, not the manga. sorry that i called you dishonest, i seem to have misunderstood something. maybe you didnt review the episode and so didnt remember in full what happened, or perhaps you were replying based on what you read in the manga, or perhaps something else.. but after reading your reply, i dont think you were being dishonest anymore, so i take that back. Ok, but in the anime the only ones with child soldiers and exterminating civilians, are the "Germans". so whatever the "allies" do after that, can be seen as a "desperate" response, and therefore not nearly as bad. because "the Germans started it". i think that you are mixing the knowledge you have of the manga, with the anime. but i mentioned only, propaganda in the anime, which is made by a seperate studio. i never thought you were trying to "hide" anything like that. i said you were dishonest, because you seemed to be purposly pretending not to remember, the part in episode 8, when they decide to exterminate civilians, simply because "they may become a threat in the future". but i dont think you were playing dumb anymore. well.. i did ask you if the anime made the "germans" look bad, but that was pretty much it. you responded based on your own opinion, but then when i watched it myself, i concluded otherwise. no need to be so dramatic about it. but ok, lets again agree to disagree. you did present arguments(unlike others), and i think it was a overall civilized debate.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    Mission accomplished!?.. lol.. all you did was show the world how detached from reality you are, buddy. in the real world, people do pay mind to proof, such as these. and i see more than proof enough, for what the documentary claims. far more than the "holocaust" provides, since its just outright testimonies(with ludicrous claims), against actual scientific evidence, which say it didnt happen. and so you are basicaly saying, that pretty much most things in history cant be proven, because its never enough evidence "for you". however, since the world does NOT circle around you, its realy not up for you to decide. each person can decide for themselves, if it is or not enough evidence. naturaly... if someone is to trutly comit himself/herself to not believing evidence, then NOTHING can be proven. and what a "convinient" stance for you to take, considering the situation. i doubt you truly believe what you just claimed however.. . likely you are temporarily changing your standards now, when its "convinient" to you. its also curious to note, how cheerful you are after watching that(look at all those smiles).. i am REALY starting to think you are a kike... in which case your current stance and cheerfulness, is nothing to wonder about. HOWEVER.. lets let people decide for themselves shall we. i wont reply to you further after this(on this topic), because possibly you maybe thinking of flooding this topic, to burry the video(altough if that happens i will "bump" it). if you want to further debate this, do it on the anime topic.
  8. Talk About Whatever

    So i was asked for proof on another topic, by a certain user. i will now drop that proof here. little did that user know however, that as complex and hard to prove it is, it thus requires a deep understanding of what as been/is/will be going on in our world. but it just so happens i have just thing to prove it, while indirectly proving just about EVERYTHING else. here it is.. (this documentary, is composed of 10 parts in total. i leave here the first part, you seek the rest of it(its easy) )
  9. The anime thread

    Hhahahaha.. i was so sure that if you would in fact ask me for proof, it would be that one. i think i know VERY well what your thinking. you probably thought, thats the hardest for me to prove(and that on itself increases my suspicion, that your jewish). what you dont know yet, is that you have just opened Pandoras Box. amongst the things i said on that post, that was the last thing you should have asked me, for proof for. well as you wish, i shall provide proof for that. not on this topic though.. i will drop it on the "offtopic" section, on the topic "Talk about whatever" soon..
  10. The anime thread

    WTF are you talking about!?. i said i could prove everything i claimed, "on that especific post" i made to you. the one that you claimed to be conspiracy theory... you know that.
  11. The anime thread

    Prove what? be more especific.
  12. The anime thread

    Who knows what i will use. its a surprise
  13. The anime thread

    I dont know what you are thinking. neither do you know if your claims about me are accurate. whats the matter? dont like "an eye for an eye"?.. you started it. Hey hey.. i can prove everything i say buddy. i cant prove that your a jew, but everything else, sure. i dont think you will ask me for proof though its also relevant to mention, that from my very first post on this forum, i have never hidden who i am and what i stand for. on my very first post, i said that i respect "Adolf Hitler". and since then i have also mentioned that i am a Nationalist. so i am not hidding, like some...
  14. The anime thread

    HAHAHA. all bull****. your entire text is an excuse out of your ****, to be able to go around accusing/insulting people, without giving any explaination for it. you could do that and in fact likely do that, to anyone and everyone with a diferent view than yours. but the fact of the matter, is you dont have any arguments. thats text book example of someone, with nothing to say but insults. i could play that game to you know(anyone can)... for example.. "ok... its pretty clear to me at this point, that you are a women abuser Hikaru. you clearly must have abused women, at some point in your life. its pretty clear based on the things you say, that you have raped women before. there is no doubt about it.. and i think you should be ashamed of yourself and ba arrested soon, because your clearly a danger to society." see? i could shoot random insults/accusations to. anyone can do that and then make afirmations, of how "sure" because its so "obvious" to anyone "with a brain". and then when asked for evidence or even a basic explaination, i could just do what you did and say that, there is no need to explain myself, because anyone with "comon sense", can see that i am "obviously" correct. its like 1+1=2, so its absurd for me to even explain anything. and so if you cant see as i see, then you must be "***". your a tipical leftist fruitcake, with nothing but bull**** to say. your living in a fantasy world. in the real world you have to present arguments and evidence for your claims, or no one will take you seriously(except other fruitcakes ofcorse). otherwise people would unfairly go to jail all the time, on false claims of scumbags like you(which they unfortunately do sometimes). thats what your all about... false claims. and they shall be false(in the real world), until proven otherwise. in a civilized world, you dont shoot accusations in all directions, and expect people to be taken down "on your word"(your not a king here). but go ahead and keep riding your high horse of fantasy, pretending that your better than everyone else.
  15. The anime thread

    That would be all you actualy. go back to your jew supremacist holywood fables, of the 6 gorillian. you will always be right there.. even if you think its possible to reduce thousands of people on a hole on the ground, to ash in 5 minutes, by lighting them on fire with gas. even if you think its plausible for a gas chamber, to have a door made of wood with a standard glass on it. even if your actualy the ones who killed around 66 million Russians with your communism. even if you killed around 70 million in China, with your communism yet again. even if you actualy the ones behind every single war in the world. even if you were thrown out of nations 109 times through history, everyone is bad and your good.