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  1. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    This one would have been (and will be) perfect for Roach OTK: a 0pp stuff that doesn't take space on the board! Useful also if you play it later to activate those "play 2" effects: if you play it as first or second piece it doesn't activate the fanfare, so it's neat. It's actually a decent replacement for EPM, also because it doesn't require an evo.
  2. Does anyone hate this queue algorithm?

    Was it the same user? Sometimes it happens.
  3. About the Internet

    Well, you know about the stuff they tell about controls and tools to "intercept" communications on the internet? The NSA scandal and whatnot? I have worked on stuff like that. Not directly, and of course the "legal" way (no privacy infringement lol ). But I had to implement anti-terrorism checks and apps like that, so I started to learn many things that others might simply don't know or imagine. There's a lot of "control" going on through the internet, even if it's not made public or advertised. This awareness could enforce my personal view of the internet as "part of the real world" (thus, undergoing the same rules). Could be the cause of the cognitive dissonance you've highlighted.
  4. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Yes. And not only that. The new 1pp spell that transforms any follower into Windblast Dragon is probably PDK support as well. You now don't need things like Forte in the deck, you can simply play tons of 1-2-3pp stuff and replace the unused ones into storm finishers (not to mention that the spell will also revive any of your Star Phoenixes). The new Aiela works fine in PDK as well, as she is 1pp cheaper.
  5. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Flute is DE though. It will rotate out.
  6. About the Internet

    @Hikaru, thanks for your explanation. First, I am perfectly fine with jargon, I studied sociology a bit in my university career, so I can follow you easily. Had I told you that before, you could have saved quite some time and many paragraphs. Second, I agree and understand. My "problem", if you want to call it a problem, is the fact that people don't seem to be aware that you take responsibility for your own actions, both IRL and on the internet. When I say that the internet is part of the real world, I mean it. I didn't agree with your "empty land" comparison for this reason. You're on the internet, but real world rules and laws still apply: you can't steal stuff on the internet, and if you download things illegally you're a thief. Same goes for selling drugs or weapons through Tor or something similar: still illegal, if they catch you, you go to jail. That's why I think that the "empty land" image is not fitting: an empty land has no rules, and you can create your own rules once you settle. But on the internet, rules are already in place. If anything people may feel like it's an empty land because of lack of control... or at least that's what they think. I've been working on web programming for years, and I'm a bit into security as well. I've seen things you people... It could be that my "rule awareness" on the internet is enforced by my knowledge of what lies below the surface. Hm... never thought about that.
  7. About the Internet

    The real issue was that mods also joined conversations like regular users sometimes, and in those cases many users, especially newcomers, couldn't tell when a mod was just talking or when he was "doing his mod job". At a certain point, a group of veteran users (including me) proposed a change to the rules, in order to distinguish between normal posts and "official posts" (changing the color of the font for official posts, for example). @Hikaru, we live in a civil world, which has rules of course. You will (almost) never find a troll or a flamer in real life. You say that internet is like an empty land with no rules. But I can't see it that way, to me the internet is part of the real world, with all the attached rules. It's not like you're teleported to another planet when you post your stuff on forums or social networks, you're probably at home, maybe with your parents: people who usually don't agree with you on many topics but that you probably will never insult like one could do on the web.
  8. About the Internet

    Well, there was a list of things that were prohibited, the classic "no spam, no pornography, etc". "Offense" was among them, and moderators had a lot of "room" to interpret what "offense" was. The rule most people found unjust was "users are not allowed to publicly reply to moderators", when they officially intervened to give warnings or cut a flame war, because users felt they had no way to explain their reasons (well, you could also use PMs, but people seemed not to like them ). Half of the bans were due to this rule, and users called moderators "nazi" for this reason, mostly.
  9. About the Internet

    Yeah, anonymity and the echo-chamber stuff is really what makes the internet a "not so civil place" sometimes. Some years ago I subscribed to a writers' forum. It was probably the biggest community in my country, with hundreds of users active everyday. And it was the most civil community on the internet I've ever joined. But. It was civil because it had super-strict rules and moderators were extremely active. And in fact a lot of users left because they saw moderators as "nazis". We had at least one user banned every other day, no kidding. Sure, if you accepted those rules you had an incredibly interesting community to discuss and exchange ideas with. But I've always wondered if all those rules were really needed. And after a few years I must say that the answer is probably yes. And somehow, this sucks, to me. Maybe I'm just too naive.
  10. What did I miss?

    Yeah, rotation is going to shake SV quite a bit. New achievements and stuff have been added (story mode, beat Elite 2 AI, levels up to 150 for each leader), so there's plenty of rupies available. If you start playing now and focus on those, you should be able to collect quite a lot of money to open recent packs and save some for the new expansion as well: Elite 2 gives you 100 x 7 rupies, then every 10 levels after 100 for each leader you get 400 rupies, so if you manage to grind all characters up to level 150 it's 14k rupies.
  11. What did I miss?

    Aggro Blood and aggro Shadow are still doing pretty good. If you've been active around Tempest of the Gods, you already have most of the core of those decks. Now everyone and their mothers seem to run Dirt Burn Rune, but there are a lot of viable decks (aggro Forest, Roach OTK, Mid Shadow, Nep, Storm Haven, Elana Haven, Ramp Dragon, Vengeance Blood, Neutral Forest, etc). The main thing you have to be aware of is that rotation is going to come online in 3 weeks: Standard and DE cards will be only playable in Unlimited format, while Rotation format will allow cards up to Rise of Bahamut. We are also going to have a shiny new craft (Portal).
  12. About the Internet

    I've never been a fan of the Internet, despite me being mainly a web developer. I always thought of the Net as a "shortcut" for lazy brains, in order to easily look for information they couldn't otherwise be able to grasp or understand through proper study. Not to mention all the social networks, which are mostly just an engine for egocentricity ("These are MY photos, of the places where I have been, look how cool I am..."). I know, I sound like a 90-year-old idiot, but that's how I've always been feeling. I spend my net-time time in forums only, just because threads give you a chance to discuss topics "more or less" like IRL (well, not really, but still...). Now I'm a bit tired of all this. Don't get me wrong, Internet brought us a bunch of good stuff. I can watch movies and videos on demand, I can do a quick research on Wikipedia in a minute (I have witnessed the old-world... good luck going to your closest library, praying that their outdated encyclopedia had an entry of what you were looking for), I can learn a lot of things without even moving from my chair thanks to countless tutorials and sites like Udemy or Edx. But. It seems like the Internet has pulled the worst out of most people. I've been insulted plenty of times, by people I usually label as ignorant. And despite all my efforts not to, I've insulted people myself, maybe looking like an even bigger ignorant. I've been subscribed to some online newspapers, and their forums just crawl with people insulting each other every other post. I spotted a single user who commented the same article 12 times just to insult 12 different people, without adding a single valuable element to the conversation. Jeez, even without going too far, in this very forum we've hardly had a single nerf-request thread that wasn't filled with sarcasm and insult in some form. Why that? I mean, having different opinions is good (I think), and discussing should be a way to meditate and learn. But it turns out to be just a way to vent one's frustration on others, most of the time. This week, I (agnostic) had this conversation about euthanasia, the Bible and dogmas with a fervent Christian user, who of course had a completely different opinion. The conversation went on and on for many posts, and we pointed out to each other passages and shards of the Scripture to enforce our points of view. It was such a nice and civil conversation, and it was such unusual in that forum, that when we finished discussing I felt compelled to thank him, and he did the same to me. Why should I thank someone for being civil? Shouldn't that be the norm? I don't know what to think anymore. I feel so frail, even if I'm behind a screen, that sometimes I just wish to delete all my accounts and live without any human interaction across the Internet. Just like it used to be when I was a kid, when even mobile phones and SMS were so uncommon that I didn't own one until I turned 16. ...aaaaand sorry about this rant. I just felt like venting a bit. It's been a hard week.
  13. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Gosh... why did they give him Last Words? Why not Fanfare?
  14. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    How can you think about bacon with such an art.
  15. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    OMG! O_O I want the sleeves. NOW! Thanks for reposting the cards here. I really hope that the 1pp Dragon spell transforms a follower in your hand. Otherwise it would be the most stupid card I've seen printed in any card game.