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  1. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    Tbh, I don't know. I'm playing a lot less, and Windmill just triggers me too much (as well as Daria). Against Windmill it's just a race: whoever gets to pull off the combo first wins. And it's usually Dragon, wether you go first or second, due to f***ing ramp. I've included Executions just to deal with the amulet. It works, but you need to draw them. With Daria, you need to save your Crimsonbow Elves and play them together Insect Lord, possibly on t5 after an Aria on t4. Crimsonbow + Wisp + evo Crimsonbow + smack a follower + Insect Lord is enough to clear a board, and next turn you've access to Cassy to clear board again, if needed. But you need a lot of cards, and sometimes you simply don't draw them. So, all in all, it's just a matter of drawing the right answer in time.
  2. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    Sorry for the late reply, being away for a while. Rayne is simply a worse version of Crimsonbow, most of the times: you need to waste your fairies to clear your opponent's board, while Crimsonbow preserves them for a mere +1pp and -1/-0 stats.
  3. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    In Rotation: both decent but not great. Zain is just a filler card, so anything else with the same cost will be better, unless some crazy aggro deck becomes dominant. The Rush guy is useful for board control in midrange-y lists (he's useless in aggro), but only if you include Aria as well and play+evo her on turn 4-5. In general you have better choices for the 6pp slot (Aerin and Cassy). In Unlimited: just don't use them.
  4. Let's make cards that resemble forum members

    Well, I have one! @Othello 3pp Haven follower 2/2 Fanfare: put a Heavenly Aegis from your deck into your hand. Then give all Heavenly Aegis in your hand Rush. If they already have Rush, then give them Storm instead. (it should work since it affects Aegis in hand, it doesn't have immunity yet )
  5. I run 2 Baha in my Control Forest list. There are a lot of greedy decks around, and Baha is simply too good against them. Not to mention that it helps a lot against Mid Shadow if you manage to survive up to turn 10.
  6. Need help with future

    Cassy forever. But save your vials: Elf Queen isn't mandatory. She can win you games, but it's rare: even if people usually remember those majestic 15 hp heals, she is not a must have, unlike Aerin.
  7. Shadowlog 1/1-7/2018

    If you can't read Moon Runes, you can try Google Translate on the page, and use some imagination while reading. Usually the translation is a bit "off", but if you know the game it shouldn't be hard to figure out the decks. Of course it's better if you know a bit of Japanese so that you don't need to rely on Google Translate.
  8. Shadowlog 1/1-7/2018

    Aria and Insect are optional. Aria in particular is not great. 2x Cassio might be OK, but you'll need more early game followers (and probably 2-3 Crimsonbow). In that case Aria might come in handy.
  9. Shadowlog 1/1-7/2018

    There are also lists that run Baha and Sahafil, for a 70k+ vials deck. So yeah, definitely not a deck for f2p newcomers, @zzMedVeDzz. The list I'm using is worth ~55k vials, and it's on the "budget" side.
  10. Albert De-appreciation Society of greater SV

    Sorry, where's the thread complaining about Portalcraft...?
  11. Arena appreciation thread

    Just wanted to drop by and say that the new Chronogenesis Take 2 is really enjoyable. Since I'm a bit tired of ladder and unranked, I've been using my t2 tickets lately, playing at least one match every day. And hey, classes seem to be a lot more balanced with the new cards and the recent bans. I've been able to go 4-1 with all the crafts I tried, so it seems like a great time to play Arena right now. Portal is a bit of an issue (the ability to stall effectively and put stuff in your deck in a format with 30-cards decks is probably too much), but it's not unbeatable (bricks happen). So, I'm moderately satisfied with my recent Arena experiences. Is it just my impression or did they really manage to improve it?
  12. Albert De-appreciation Society of greater SV

    Problem is, going second Wards are not enough. T3 Juliet, 2 to face, you play Grimnir. T4 Shield of Flame + Centaur for another 4 to face, total 6 to face in 2 turns (ignoring the rest of the board). At that point you can even ram Juliet into a ward, she already did 4 to face, she got plenty of value for her cost. That's why winrate going first vs second is so skewed with aggro Sword. If your opponent plays wards before your storm followers, those wards might be enough. After... well, they are not.
  13. Acceleratium is a problem

    Subjective impressions are always biased. Always. "What can actually be done with this" is just wishful thinking, with people describing perfect-draw scenarios as if they were the norm, while they are not. Just like those who think that Dragon always has Oracle on turn 2 and Sybil on turn 5 and has always access to Baha on turn 7. Deus Ex + Acceleratium on turn 6-7 is a 2 cards combo in a class that fills its deck with stuff more than the available draw power, thus making that very combo less reliable than every other 2 cards combo in any other class. If the combo comes one turn later, the deck is dead to most of midrange lists (Eachtar says hi). Data isn't everything, especially if it's so little. I know. In fact, I said we should wait a couple of weeks at least. Better than going into biased/wishful thinking, no?
  14. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    Insects are useful but not mandatory. I run 2x, you can avoid them if you're on a budget. Include a couple of Crimsonbow Elves instead, they're cheap and effective. Tempo, you mean the classic aggressive Forest deck? Well, my bad, but I haven't found a working deck for it yet, in Rotation. I mean, the list is very similar to the one I posted you weeks ago, but the loss of Roaches hurts more than I expected. Liza can be replaced by Leaf Man, and you can include 2x Felpurr Kittens instead of May. You need to max out Fairy Drivers and Ipiria to increase your face damage, so 3x each. You can try out Philosopher or Weed Man to buff your followers. Philosopher is fine, Weed Man is a bit fragile due to all the Puppets you face with Portal. Aria is a nice inclusion but not more than 2x, and if you include her the new 4/5 rush for 6pp is good too as 2x. But these are not mandatory at all.
  15. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    I've seen this on the ladder, with also Bahamut. It's super solid, and probably better than my list. Unfortunately, I don't have the Saha package (I only have 1 Saha and 0 Israfil), so I can't try it myself...