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  1. Great replays. I use 2x Phantom Dragons as well in one of my Aggro Shadow list, they can win games by themselves, sometimes.
  2. @Kinxil WotF has a meaning only if you managed to control the board during the first few turns with cards like Ancient Elf and Wood of Brambles, which both help you maintaining a decent hand size and contest the board. In every other case WotF is simply not worth the investment. But it's also true that you can't compare Themis or Salamander to WotF. Those spells belong to crafts with very poor early game proactive followers, they need a powerful comeback tool in the midgame, otherwise they will be screwed 100% of the times. Forest has one of the best early game among all crafts, and if you put that into the equation you see that WotF is not that bad, as your opponent will rarely have enough board advantage to nullify your board clear. Of course this also means that you need to play in a certain way to maximize the effect of the spell (e.g. no "pure reactive control" strategy is available, because otherwise you will indeed find yourself too much behind on the board for WotF to be useful). If you think about it, it's the same reason why Sword has an even worse boardclear in Cyclone Blade. It's the class with the best early game followers, so you should be able to control the board with those, without relying on AoE.
  3. Nooo! Don't leave us.
  4. @cypherhalo, +1. Not only this, but the dailies you suggest would help increasing the variety, at least in unranked. I've been pushing this for ages. "Survive until turn 8" -> great, time to brush up on my PtP Golem Concede Rune.
  5. Yu-gi-oh is a weird beast. It's a game based on a manga that was trying to mock MtG, in a sense. It has a lot of design flaws because of the way it was born. Back in the days Konami tried to cover these flaws increasing the complexity of certain cards. But the problem is that such a high complexity also brings balance issues, and in fact YGO is kinda infamous for printing completely broken cards that become banned after a short while.
  6. More complexity = more choices = better meta. Unfortunately, this also tends to scare newcomers. Cards like PDK, Nep or Ginger are great, design-wise, but also overwhelming for newbies, who won't be able to use them effectively. SV is a mobile game after all, so the "casual gamer" is one of Cygames' target. I don't think we'll see a lot more "complex" cards in the future, not more than the amount they usually print, at least. Unless they decide to abandon the "casual" market and focus on more "hardcore" players. But it seems really unlikely.
  7. OK then, Morri. Enlighten us!
  8. And when necessary they shouldn't kill the archetype outright. For example, with PDK they might want to address only the "difficult to remove" mechanic, either by allowing her to be attacked in Overflow or tuning down her HP a bit. Knocking out of existence decks like they did with Eachtar, Lion or Alice nerfs shouldn't happen.
  9. Now, that's a constructive comment. /s Care to share what you would do in order to create a "proper card game", possibly explaining the reasons behind your choices? (and maybe using commas when needed...)
  10. Powerful cards define archetypes. Unless you want to build decks that only contain Fighters and Goliaths... fun, right? As far as nerfs are concerned, I can understand nerfs when they are dictated by abnormous winrate + playrate (e.g. Alice Spawn), but everything else should be left as is. For example, I can't support nerfs on cards like Airbound Barrage or Atomy (among the most common requests, nowadays), just because someone thinks they're "too powerful". Data says otherwise, so they should be left untouched.
  11. While I agree that storm is a bit too overtuned, I can't agree on removing it from the game. Do it, and pure combo decks like DShift, Chimera or Seraph will become unstoppable, as their only weakness (beside bricking) is storm. Remove storm from the game and DShift will start including AoE, because it wouldn't be slow anymore, making all zoo decks cry. Not to mention a lot of other stuff they already include to improve survivability like Chimera (the one that deals 4 damage to a follower). And Dshift with good winrate means "no control decks allowed". It's not storm the main problem of the game. It's the fact you can't interact with high value stuff your opponent plays on his turn (including, but not only, storm followers). Burn? No way to stop it. Storm? You can stop it with wards, but you have to guess (and hope they don't get removed). Spells? Hello, "real magic". Atomy drawing 6 cards and cashing 8 shadows on turn 3? Well, GG. Unless Cygames introduces some sort of interrupt/trap mechanism, all these stuff will stay relevant, and there's nothing that can be done. You can print cards like Mask, Naoise and Durandal, but they'll share the same fate of wards: you have to play them preemptively, thus "losing" their value, while the opponent can hold onto his cards and play them later to get full value.
  12. Huawei P8 Lite. To play there I need to switch off pretty much everything, leader animations, cards animations... not that I mind too much, but still...
  13. @Unryuu, great games! (and on a side note, great avatar... I love Draconic Singer!)
  14. You're not late, I think Morri is still waiting for other applicants.
  15. Uuh, nice pull. I envy you for Stella, I haven't found one yet, and I'd like to get her emblem.