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  1. Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. (Warning, spoilers ) Ah, the memories! Thank you @Morrigan, now I want to watch that movie again.
  2. Interesting list as usual. I'll try this as well. I have only 1 Lecia though... So I suppose I need to fall back to the previous strategy. I already tried Avant Blader I must say, and I liked her... but I found her a bit too slow against classes which fight for the board (Shadow and Forest, and Vengeance Blood in a way). I'll try and see how she works here.
  3. This seems tailored to my collection. I will probably switch 1 Alwida for 1 Lumi Mage, as I only have 2 Alwidas. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Warfiend + Gaze actually does exactly what's written on those cards: Warfiend gains Medusa ability, thus kills before retaliation damage. Then the draw ability triggers. With the update, it won't work this way anymore. Support Cannon has always been a strange beast (see Lumi Mage interaction when there's only one enemy follower on the board), but at least the buff interaction was coherent: first Cannon procs, then all buffs apply. Now we will have buffs that apply before Cannon, and other that will apply after. And no explanation why. In the end, Leonidas' Resolve just buffs exactly like Standard does... why the latter counts towards Cannon and the former doesn't?
  5. I can confirm at A2. Over 70% winrate. When high rolling it's unstoppable. Sometimes you brick, but it's consistent overall. I don't run DJs (I have none), but run Moon. There are many flavours around, you only need to pick the one that suits you the most.
  6. Maybe. But I think it's "sad" because Cygames are not going to explain why these buffs work while other don't. Same goes for their weird decision about Warfiend + Gaze. We already have one of the poorest worded CCG (see Roland, ToS, etc), now we also have inexplicable interactions that make no sense... especially when new players will try them.
  7. Well, we can agree that Cygames has crappy English wording (I don't play in Japanese so I can't judge that). Test of Strength, Belph... Now with the new update we also have buffs that apply before Support Cannon triggers, and others that apply after... with no real explanation why. Not to mention the "nerf" to Warfiend + Gaze, which makes no sense at all, since both cards do exactly what it's written, but after the change they won't, for some obscure reason. This is probably the worst aspect of SV.
  8. They didn't mention buff cards other than Standard and Aurelia's innate ability. So I'm assuming that only those 2 are affecting Support Cannon.
  9. This. Is. Great.
  10. And I'm glad of that. It's already disgusting seeing Dragon dropping Baha on turn 6, I don't want him to come out on turn 4.
  11. Does it work on ladder? Or is it just for unranked? As a "poor" Sword player, I'm definitely interested in this.
  12. I can agree on everything here, but since there was such a need for a good 3pp 2/3 Ward, why not printing some good class-specific 3pp drops? I could easily accept a 3pp 2/3 Ward Grimnir, just like I accept Unica, Lyrial and DoD. But Unica, Lyrial and DoD are used mainly in specific archetypes (control/midrange for Unica, aggro for L/DoD). Grimnir is used everywhere. And that's because of his enhance: he's good early in the game to stop aggression (thus, it could be a control/midrange tool), but he's also good late game as AoE (again, control/midrange) and reach (every aggressive archetype). It's this last bit that makes him a no-brainer include in 99% of the decks. Reach. Aggressive decks don't care about a 2/3 Ward or a 10pp AoE. But they do care about reach. Grimnir can be used as a solid anti aggro/mirror tech early in the game (I've seen some aggro running 1-2x Unica for the same reason), and if the games drags for too long he is a perfect lethal topdeck. Remove the reach, and he'll be pretty useless for aggressive decks. Change the stats... and he'll be pretty useless. Period. So maybe if they remove the face damage it would be better.
  13. I can't speak for DE meta, I wasn't there, but I can easily believe you. As for Daria, you're right, I can remember having seen DoD used a couple of times. But it was far from being a staple in the deck. At least, I can remember a lot of games played without DoD being used a single time (while it's hard to remember a single game without Levi, PRune, etc.).
  14. DoD didn't push out all craft specific removal... at least, not in my experience. All Haven decks run class specific removal, only some variants of Storm Haven run DoD. In Forest, Lily and DoD are interchangeable, depending on the strategy (Roach decks prefer DoD for the chip damage, Wolf Bolt decks are more into Lily for consistence). And let's be honest, Forest never had good class removal (Entangling Vines is a joke). Dragon prefers Scyther over DoD, because it's cheaper with Ramp, with the exception of Face Dragon that might run some DoD for extra face damage. Never saw Rune running DoD. Not in meta decks at least. Shadow doesn't run DoD, and I never saw any deck running any removal that wasn't class specific. The only classes that run consistently DoD are Blood and Sword. But they mostly use it in aggro variants, where the 2 extra face damage are worth the inclusion. Vengeance Blood prefers Diabolic Drain over DoD because it's cheaper and heals. Control decks doesn't care about the face damage, so they don't include it. Midrange Sword has so many rush/storm followers that usually DoD is not needed. And Tsubaki is way better there. Also, you say that what pushed Temple Defender out of the meta were all the 2pp 3 damage spells around, but as you say Grimnir suffers the same weakness. So you really think that Haven players choose Grimnir over Defender just for the improved trading ability? I think that, all things being equal, people choose Grimnir simply because it's too versatile. If you topdeck Defender on t10, it's a dead draw, as it's a weak Ward, nothing else. If you topdeck Grimnir, you now have in hand a Ward AND and AoE AND 4 face damage, all in one card. It's the same with Albert. Why every single competitive Sword deck runs him 3x? Supreme versatility is the key.
  15. The problem is, even when craft-specific 3pp defensive drop already existed, Grimnir pushed them into oblivion. He is this strong. One name above all: Temple Defender. Now, you look in the mirror and keep a straight face when saying that TD was not good enough to stop early aggression. Defensively, he's way better than Grimnir. She can eat Skeletons for breakfast, while Grimnir dies after 3. She ignores May pings. She can face a full power WotF or Phantom Howl (or Grimnir enhance!) and live to tell the tale. Yet, she almost sees no play, if not as a very specific tech card Shadow. Everybody uses Grimnir instead. So, essentially a neutral card pushed out a perfectly balanced craft card...