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  1. Tia is interesting, the problem is when you're able to trigger Band with her. I'm always starting from the assumption that whenever your opponent sees you playing Band he'll clear your board... which is likely, since the amulet itself is quite a tempo loss. So, you always have to build your board from scratch. You can't do it on turn 5 with Tia, as your only source of 0pp followers are Fairy Bringer and EPM and they only provide Fairies. You have to wait until 6 at least (a 0pp Fairy, any other 1pp drop and Tia). What I wonder is: does really Band provide enough payoff for such a difficult setup before being able to trigger it on turn 6-7? I don't think so, especially since there are other decks like Tempo Haven that are able to build similar power plays with similar setup but turns earlier.
  2. Hm, I see your point. Still, I think we are talking about 2 different "meme" definitions. There's the "classic" definition: a cultural/behavioural that passes to other individuals by imitation. On this, the Internet "meme" definition has born: an element, typically humorous, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. The latter definition is a subset of the first, as it's more specific. But it's also the most known nowadays, and I think it's the one which is taken into consideration when you talk about "meme decks": hilarious and unreliable decks/combos that you see here and there from time to time, copied and spread around by players who just want to have fun.
  3. Well, to me a "meme" is something hilarious, referred usually to something ironic or sarcastic. And I don't think that Alice Spawn fits any of those definitions. But that's the way I always perceived "memes". For example, a popular show like "Game of Thrones" is just... popular. It's not a meme. Even if everyone watches it and talks about it.
  4. Terrible card in action too. Given the requirement, it's not suitable as support card, so you have to build a deck around it if you want to trigger it reliably. The best deck you can build this way that procs the effect as soon as possible is an highlander one, with many 1 ofs 1pp and 2pp followers. But this means you also need to include absolute garbage like Felpurr Kitten or Fairy Champion. Also, Band can only be good when going first, because if you are going second you're probably behind on the board and your 1pp followers won't live long enough. That said, the main issue is that you are not able to curve properly and proc it. Even if you play 3 1pp followers in the first 2 turns and they survive, if you play Band t3 you can't proc it. So, if you're lucky enough you can only trigger the effect at the end of turn 4. But this is not going to happen, because as soon as your opponent sees the amulet, he's going to remove all your followers on the board. So, if you want to use it, you need to save it up to turn 6-7, so that you can play followers and Band at the same time. But if you're running a lot of 1pp followers, you're probably running out of fuel on those turns, so... Nope. That card is garbage.
  5. 50% deckbuilding, 25% piloting, 25% rng, more or less. Thus, 75% of the games COULD depend on skill, to me. ...pity that one can netdeck, so you can "cheat" at least 50% of skill, if you want. In fact, tournaments are usually great to watch. Sure, rng is always a thing, but there you really can tell apart the netdecker from the really skillful players, who usually manage to reach the top 8 or top 16.
  6. I have no idea. The only neutral Forest I know is the usual B&B + Arriet build, with Wolf Bolt as a backup plan.
  7. You can always learn. Those numbers are the costs of the followers you are running. So, if you play a 2478 Nep deck, you are running only 2pp followers, 3pp followers, 7pp followers and 8pp followers. This means that Nep on an empty board will always pull one 2pp follower, one 3pp follower etc. An all-Shadow Nep deck only runs Shadow followers, with no neutrals. This means that you usually can't run Ledgers, as Ledgers pulls only Shadow followers, but you usually don't have enough good last words effects to trigger (e.g. you don't want to play Ledger and pull, say, a Skullcradle Widow that only draws you a card, or even worse a Demon Eater that dies doing nothing). So, when you run Ledger you usually put in your 2-3-4pp slots some neutral followers, and only a small portion of Shadow followers (usually Lurching Corpse, Attendant, Unleasher), so that you are certain that Ledger will pull something useful in the early game. EDIT: Ninjed by Morrigan!
  8. This iteration of the deck seems OK to me. I prefer DoD over Execution in aggro decks, but that's it. Your deck is not control, nor combo, you don't care about things like Durandal, Support Cannon or Polyphonic Roar, so you shouldn't care about amulets (and no, you don't need to spend 5pp and a "do nothing" turn 5 to remove Elana which is 2pp cheaper and it's a "do nothing" turn 3).
  9. @Blue Draxel, no deck is a waste of vials as long as you enjoy it. Only, don't expect to climb up to Master with it. You will probably be able to go through C and probably B rank using your list. But once you hit rank A, and you'll face a lot more meta decks, your winrates will drop dramatically. It's not a because your deck is inherently "bad", but because Forest can't do well in this meta. As for your questions. Your build is aggro, so you DON'T want to reach late game. You MUST finish your games by turn 7-9, possibly with a Driver or Roach burst. The more the game goes on, the less resources you'll have in hand, and in the end even if you draw Driver or Roach you won't have enough Fairies to deal a significant amount of damage. So yes, you don't have good late game options here. You can add a couple if you want: there's always Jungle Warden, you could include 2x in order to deal an extra 8 damage on turn 10. But it doesn't fit well in this list. Your early game must rely on Sylvan Justice, May, Brambles and Ancient Elf. There are no real alternatives for Forest nowadays (and that's why Forest is such in a bad spot), unless you play Neutral Forest (in which case Elf Twins Assault becomes good). Against aggro your best friends are May and Ancient Elf. Remove as many followers as you can, try to prevent face damage and swam your board. In the long run you have a chance to win thanks to your better finishers, but if your opponent manages to take board control AND cash a lot of face damage (say, 10 damage up to turn 5), you're screwed.
  10. Fairy Dragon, as well as Ancient Elf, is not a late game wincon. A wincon/finisher in SV is a damage source that cannot be interacted with (e.g. Roach, DShift and most OTK combos, as they happen during your turn and your opponent can't interfere), that can deal damage immediately (e.g. Roach again, Forte, Genesis Dragon and big storm followers, Eachtar on a full board, Path to Purgatory once you reach 30 shadows, etc.) or that are impossible or very hard to remove in a single turn or at all (Seraph, Aegis, Beauty and the Beast, Mordecai, etc.). Everything else is NOT a win condition. Sure, Ancient Elves and Fairy Dragons will help you. They are pretty good followers, and they are a good defense option, as they have Ward. But don't rely on them to deal damage to face after turn 6. They don't have storm, and pretty much every decent deck that's not a pure aggro has many ways to deal with big dudes after turn 6 in a single turn (also because, your other "kill on sight" followers won't require many spells, and instead your opponent will evolve and ram his followers into them, as they are pretty fragile). Sometimes your big Elf or Dragon will survive. But it's only because your opponent didn't draw the right answer. Big dudes are never a good way to win late in the game, at least in SV. Dragoncraft has a vanilla 8/8 for 8pp and a ton of big roaring monsters starting from 6pp to 9pp... and nobody plays them. The reason is the same I explained here. Starting from turn 6 your followers need to do something immediately as they hit the board.
  11. I hope you can find a way to use Lionel then. I already tried, in my WD Tempo Forest deck, with little to no success. It only has the benefit of being a surprise play against slower decks. And yes, in some of those cases he can pull off quite amazing combos. The problem comes when you face faster decks. Which I think is the main problem here. Modern aggro decks like Neutral Rune, Neutral Sword, Aggro Shadow and Carabosse Blood have better statted followers than your 1/1 (or even buffed 2/1) Fairies, have more reach (= burn spells and standalone storm followers), they can flood the board more efficiently (e.g. with a single card which gives better stats and abilities, like Council of Card Knights) and in general have a lot of ways to refill their hands, so that they don't run out of fuel (Carabosse, Oz, Rabbit Ear Attendant). Your deck only relies on Fairy sinergies, and its only strong point are the finishers (Roach, Driver), as no other class can deal 8+ damage in a single turn by turn 7. This means that you need to keep board control so that you're not overwhelmed by your opponent better resources, and try to survive until your better finishers can make the difference. Now, let's take a look at Lionel. He's a 5pp 2/2. It's like you are playing a Fighter on turn 5. And nothing else. It's probably the worse tempo play on turn 5, together with the old Baphomet. So, you won't be able to play it if you're behind on the board... unless you want to be killed by aggro on turn 6, swarmed by their better board. And, moreover, his combos are not even that good. Your Fairy Driver + Ephemera + Fairies combo deals 9 damage to face (Driver + Ephemera + 3 Fairies). A "normal" Driver combo deals 8. And in both cases you need 0pp fairies in hand to make it work. So, you're essentially sacrificing your WHOLE turn 5 tempo to gain 1 more damage face one turn later... not a good strategy. You want to summon Ephemera + Driver + 2x 0pp Fairies + Roach on turn 6? It's still 12 damage face at most. The usual Roach combo with 2x 0pp Fairies + 0pp Goblin Mage + any 1pp card + Roach + Guidance + Roach can deal 14. And you don't have to sacrifice tempo on turn 5 (as you play Feena, which is a 5/6 evolved, not a 4/4 like Lionel). Remember that you only have 5 slots on the board. So, your "dram scenario" with 16 face damage cannot happen (Ephemera + Driver + 3 Fairies + Roach is 6 slots). Also, you seem to be a bit confused regarding Roach and Cynthia. Cynthia summons fairies to the board directly, so they don't affect Roaches' attack (you need to play cards from hand, in order to buff a Roach).
  12. @Blue Draxel, my advice would be: -2 Gemstone -2 Abby -2 Cybele -1 Fairy Bringer +3 Rhinoceroach +3 Sylvan Justice +1 Nature's Guidance. I always bring up Justice, even if you seem to ignore it every time. With this setup, your deck should work as follows: - in the first few turns (1-3), flood the board with weenies and cheap stuff, and generate even more weenies; - in the early midgame (turns 4-6), generate some more fairies, play some, and buff your board with Ephemera, Cynthia, etc. to get some more chip damage; - in the late midgame (turn 7-8) try to close the game with Fairy Driver + fairies or with a Roach burst. If you don't manage to win the game by turn 8-9, then you've probably lost. Your previous deck was already OK for the first 2 steps, but it lacked reliability on the last step, since you only had Driver as finisher, and you can't be guaranteed to draw one by turn 7 (also because Forest has crappy card draw). Now you have a backup plan at least. RNG could still make things difficult for you (e.g. you draw Driver AND Roach but not enough fairy generators), but it should be extremely unlikely. Notice that Driver and Roach could work well together if you have at least 2 0pp fairies on turn 7-8 (Driver + double 0pp Fairy face [4 damage] + Guidance on a Fairy + Fairy again [2 face] + Roach [6 face, for a total of 12, or 14 with an evo]). So try to keep your 0pp Fairies in hand until you can use them for the final blow. I'd advise you against putting Lionel in this deck, as it's anti synergy with your list: you're playing for tempo, you want to use your pp efficiently until you can lethal your opponent. Lionel might let you setup a powerful combo later, but it's a terrible turn 5 play: he doesn't push damage and he loses tempo because he's way too understatted, so he'll probably leave you without a board on turn 6, and you shouldn't be ready to lethal on turn 6, even with Lionel setup. Not to mention that the best target for Lionel is Fairy Driver, but even if you reduce his cost to 0, he can do 8 damage face at most (since you only have 5 slots on the board, Driver + 4 Fairies), unless you go for some crazy fairy-bouncing. If that's the best case scenario, then you'd better use 0pp Fairies as they work the same, and they can help you also with Roach bursts. And again, some early game removal should be added. A single 2/2 Ward or Unica on turn 2 screws you really hard if you don't draw Brambles or Ancient Elf, and especially if you go second. Just like you need to have a backup plan for your late game, you need to have one for your early game as well. That's why Sylvan Justice should be taken into account (also, an extra Fairy will come in handy during the midgame).
  13. Your Fairy Driver WILL get destroyed. No sane player would let him live more than one turn. The best use you can do of Driver is playing him on turn 7-8, then playing a bunch of Fairies in the same turn and hit face for 6-8 damage, leaving a board as a threat. Gemstone cannot do that, as she won't let you hit face. That's why she's bad. If you want a TRUE alternate finisher to avoid getting screwed by rng, you need to include the Roach package (Rhinoceroach, Nature's Guidance, Elven Princess Mage).
  14. Just wanted to drop here my "thank you guys" for your support. When I had to complete my Shadow dailies I used to rely on Midrange Shadow, but since I've crafted Nep I'm playing it 99% of the times. Easily my favourite archetype outside Forest. It's been a while since I last enjoyed so much a winning deck. Thanks to your help I've been able to put together 3 lists (2478, 2378 and 2378+Ledgers), and they all seem to work well, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. So thanks again, I'm glad I've become an adept.
  15. Your list is very similar to the one I've posted here last week. So I think it's fine. I've tried many different builds, and they perform more or less the same, so I think that many choices depend on the meta and your preferences. The main difference regards the cards you use to deal chip damage or to finish your opponent. We both are using Roaches, which I believe is the better choice, but there are also Fairy Driver variants. Those decks have usually more room for removal and defensive tools, but since they don't run EPM they usually cut Tia as well, and PtP is very evo-hungry, so I don't know if that's the right choice. For sure, it's better against aggro. If you have Fairy Dragon, I think he could be worth the inclusion. I have none unfortunately, so I can't do it myself. I now have a positive winrate with PtP in unranked and a ~45% in ranked (A2). Not bad, but not a deck you'd choose to rank up quickly. I must say though that the winrate is increasing, because the more you play it the more you become good at piloting it. And that deck is definitely difficult to pilot. I've also found neutral variants, like this one, which take advantage of the fact that PtP and Altered Fate are neutral cards as well. I found this variant a bit clunky, as you're usually able to proc PtP only by turn 9 if you're lucky (while the all-Forest variant can easily and consistently be pulled off one turn earlier). But it's true that in some circumstances you don't need PtP at all, thanks to B&B. And ETA and Hector are incredible tools to survive against aggro.