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  1. Hm OK. Seems like you don't like the new gold amulet for Blood. As far as I understand, you see it like "cheating". I don't understand all the rant about the leftists and the like... nobody asked the devs to create that. It was a decision Cygames made, an I think they made it for good. So what? I like that card instead. It adds complexity to the game. Do you think Haven is cheating with Seraph? Isn't that the same? Or Forest with the new follower that puts you at 0hp if he attacks you? You say that Vengeance mechanic was a sort of gambling... but isn't the same if you hope to make your deck work around a single amulet? "Oh, look, you have a nice deck that revolves around Blood Moon. Here, take my Execution, and say goodbye to all your synergies". "Oh, look, you haven't drawn your cool amulet. What a pity SABER STRIKE SABER STRIKE". I don't see your point. Really.
  2. Are you sure? I remember this one... and it's legal in every format. This one is even stronger than DShift itself. DShift only lets you play 2 turns in a row. Mindslaver lets you disrupt your opponent's turn, hand and board AND play another turn after that one, since it's your turn then. One of the strongest deck around during Mirrodin expansion was exactly Mindslaver Combo. So, let's just avoid "assumptions" like that. The "take another turn" cards are perfectly legit. Problem is, in every CCG or TCG you cannot simply play the "grinding game" up to turn 25 or 30. You need to have a finisher, and you need to get it asap. Otherwise you simply get crushed by combo decks, like DShift. It was like that in Magic the Gathering since the very first expansions, I don't see why it should be any different in Shadowverse.
  3. Good idea indeed... EDIT: Owlcat will rule the world.
  4. Well, Anomaly should be tested out a bit. But yes, I am glad I am retarded, at least I know my decks are gonna work from day 1.
  5. I suppose Shadowverse will become Testverse starting from March 29th after the release.
  6. If it's like Test of Strength, Aegis just ignores it. But it's worded differently, so I'm not sure.
  7. Anyway, in one of their latest tweet they said that Aegis is not affected by Test of Strength, which is a card that doesn't target anything. So Aegis is probably immortal and untouchable.
  8. Cygames and Shadowverse are great, but this last expansion they seem to troll players... All cards have been revealed, and still no one is sure how Aegis works. They misworded Ouroboros and Dragon players were on the barricades. Now this...
  9. I hope it's like that. At least Minthe retains her potential. The FAQ isn't very clear in that regard.
  10. I don't think so. Grasp explicitly says that you can't target any follower if you don't have at least 8 shadows. It's a restriction printed on the card, not a Necromancy cost. Tyrant buff is a Fanfare effect with no restrictions, so it should work.
  11. Minthe "nerfed" even before the expansion hit... wow.
  12. It could be nice if we could share our first TotG decks after the release, maybe in a specific thread, just to see if and how our ideas work and which decks we are going to face. It could help other players as well. I'm pretty interested in Blood, Shadow and Sword, as I probably won't be able to build decks for such classes, in the beginning at least.
  13. Control forest will be my first try, as it's the only class I have all the legendaries of, atm. Next will be Rune... or anything else if I get enough stuff from the packs. But first of all I'll try to set up an aggro Forest. Most of the decks will need some time to be refined, and I'm pretty sure that a list including Ivy Spellbomb and Beetle Warrior will shine until mid-April.
  14. Sybil. But Owlcat rules.
  15. Hm, now I see. Haven't thought about Khawy too much, I believed that Morde was the main issue... but sure, Dragon has big bodies and Khawy gets ton of value out of them. Well, thanks for the explanation, now I understand the issue at least.