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  1. TIL that a Candelabra Aegis exists. And when you see all your followers being removed by Forbidden Rituals into Death Sentence into double Heretical Inquiry then Aegis evo into Aegis evo as the only 2 followers Haven plays during the entire match, you can feel a bit disappointed. A bit. FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!
  2. I'm here just to discuss what do you think about the last meta. But I won't talk about the usual "Shadow is broken", "please nerf Aegis" or "Storm Dragon is OP". Today I'd like to ask you if you, like me, are feeling that this meta has gone a bit wild in regard with face damage combos or OTK. I must admit that I like playing combo decks. But it's also true that I prefer decks built around combos, especially if they are powerful or game winning, while I don't like combos that come out of nowhere and don't require a true setup. SV has a peculiar design, in the sense that you can't do anything during your opponent turn. This means that you can't really counter a combo (like in other games, e.g. MtG), but only delay it by playing certain cards (i.e. Wards, Elta evo, ToS). Sometimes this delay is enough to win you the game, but usually it's not, at least in my experience (and in fact some combo-breakers like Elta and ToS are rarely seen; Wards are the only common combo-breakers you see in actual play because they are less circumstancial). So, why am I opening this thread? Because I've noticed that recently a great number of decks I'm facing run some sort of face combos, or OTK. And while it's true that I like playing combo decks, I don't want to see a meta where all the decks are just pulling off combos that deal 10 to 20 damage in a single turn. Due to the very nature of SV, this simply leads to boring battles where each player just ignore the opponent and simply tries to pull off his combo first. In this thread I'm going to talk about OTK and face damage that can deal at least 10 damage. 2TK combos (like Seraph, or undiscounted Azazel into Demonic Storm) won't be taken into consideration, because they can be countered (e.g. Odin, healing). So, let's talk about the previous meta first. In RoB, we already had some combos, but they were kinda limited, and most of them could be seen coming (Wolf into double Bolt, DShift), so one could try and play around those. In particular, if we count only combos and face bursts that could deal at least 10 damage, we had: - Roach burst (17 damage t7, many cards, evo and preparation needed); - Wolf Bolt (18 damage t9, 2 cards needed, preparation on t8); - DShift (OTK t7-9, entire deck built around it); - enhanced Albert (10 damage t9, evo needed); - Forte + Urd (10-12 damage, 2 cards needed, the combo could go off t6-7, usually t8, Ramp needed, otherwise goes off t10); - Discard Dragon (OTK, usually t8-10, 4 cards needed, or less and RNG help, entire deck built around it); - Cerb + Howl (11 damage t6, 2 cards and 2 evo needed, preparation on t5); - Midnight Tyrant (13-15 damage t6, 2 cards and 7 shadows needed, preparation on t5, or no preparation and goes off t9); - Bloody Mary combos (up to OTK, the most common version deals 11 damage on t10, 3 cards needed, no preparation, or t6 with preparation t5, but rarely successful because Mary usually don't survive). - PtP combos (up to 12-18 damage, usually t8-9, almost entire deck built around it). I won't consider other meme-ish combos like Castle in the Sky, as they are not consistent enough and don't see much play. As you can see, there were a lot of combos/bursts, but most of them required a lot of preparation, or an entire deck built around them. Few of them didn't require preparation (Tyrant, Bloody Mary), so that sometimes they could gain surprise wins, but they were kinda rare, and not too consistent anyway. Now in TotG we also have the following combos/bursts: - Jungle Warden (10 damage t10, evo required); - Blade Mage + Enchanted Sword (10-14 damage t7-9, 4-6 cards and usually evo required, some variants can tutor the needed combo pieces); - Zell combos (up to 13 damage, t6-8 usually, 2-3 cards and evo needed, some preparation could be needed e.g. Wyvern Rider); - JO Dragon Grimnir (12-16 damage, usually t8-10, 3 cards and preparation needed); - Eachtar bursts (from 0 to 12-15 damage, depending on board condition, t7; even if it doesn't deal damage usually regains the board); - Minthe Tyrant (essentially the same as Midnight Tyrant, but less consistent); - Azazel Laura (OTK, t10, 3 cards and preparation needed with Baphomet); - Arriet combos (transforms every 5+ atk follower into a 10+ burst; t7; it needs a follower on the board, but it's difficult to foresee). As you can see, now even more combos and bursts are available. And many of the new ones don't really require any setup or preparation. Notice also that now pretty much every class (excluding Sword) has access to 2 different bursts + 2 neutral bursts (PtP and Arriet). This means that when you face a deck, you can expect at least 2-3 possible 10+ damage burst out of nowhere, and in many cases you can't really predict when the burst is going to hit you, so it's very difficult to prevent it. If you add it on top of many micro-bursts you are going to take during the game due to direct damage or storm followers, you see that there is very little room for maneuvering. What do you think about that? Do you feel the same, or is it just something you don't care about?
  3. My Aegis deck runs 2 Cudgel and 2 Lions. Also, I think the 3rd Themis is much more important than 2 Baha. It also depends on the decks you're facing. At the moment I'm facing a slower meta, so I prefer ToS over Unica.
  4. Want to boast about your awesome pulls? Then post them here. ---- Just to start the thread, some weeks ago I opened a pack with 2 legendaries (Sybil and Roland) + 2 gold (Aina and Support Cannon). Up to now, the most valuable pack I opened here on SV. I haven't kept a screenshot of the event, unfortunately. Another "lucky pull" was an Aegis + Grimnir pack, the exact same day I decided that I wanted to play an Aegis deck, just 2 days after TotG release.
  5. I tried Storm Haven as well, but I am not able to come up with a decent winrate... probably because I don't know how to play it properly. Azazel + Laura OTK is the deck I'd like to build. It's unfortunate that I don't own a single piece of the core of that deck. >_>
  6. I can agree it's counterintuitive. But every game has or used to have some counterintuitive mechanics (do you remember how pre-Classic interrupts worked in MtG? Before they introduced the "stack"?). Counterintuitive mechanics can be adjusted after some time. But they NEED to be written somewhere. Be them good or bad, we need to know how they work. Honestly, if we had a Rulebook we wouldn't even be here trying to figure out if it's a bug or not. Is it in the rules? Then it's not a bug. Might be bad design, but at least it's something designed to work like that. Is it not there? Then it's a bug, devs must be notified and they should work and fix it asap. The more I play SV, the more I feel the need for that damn rulebook.
  7. Well, I can't be 100% sure it works as intended. I'm not a Cygames developer. But I'm a developer nonetheless, and if Cygames has decent enough devs and QA teams as my actual company has, this is something that usually cannot make it to production environment, as it involves the basic effects of those cards. I mean, it doesn't take a lot to test how those cards work, and I'm pretty sure that testers have checked the effect on many targets, and see how it worked on evo and after evos as well. Usually bugs are subtler, like hidden interactions between 2 or more cards that usually don't see play together, or old cards and new sets (see Phoenix Roost, for example). Testers can't check the interaction between a new card and all the other existing cards, as it would take ages. But I'm confident that they test each card's effect thoroughly, that's why I'm quite sure the cards work as intended. Still, they should make players aware of what they "intended". And accurate wordings and rulebooks are the way.
  8. Starred cards are there to be kept just in case you don't want to liquefy extras. It's quite useful for those players who can "smell" an incoming nerf for specific cards. Usually when Cygames nerfs a card they will give you full value in vials for a while for that card. In that case it's useful to have more than 3 copies of a card and don't liquefy them, so that when the nerf hits you can get a lot of vials by liquifying the nerfed card. For example, last February we had a nerf on Piercing Rune and Goblin Mage. Cygames advised players that after the nerf those cards and Fortunehunter Feena (who produces a Goblin Mage on evolve) would have retained full vials value if you dusted them: so, 50 vials for Goblin Mage (instead of the usual 10 vials for bronze) and 200 for Feena and PRune (instead of 50). Some players had sensed the incoming nerf, so they starred those cards before. When the nerf hit, they had many copies of those cards, thus they gained a lot of vials out of them.
  9. Well, no. This is only true if you want to kill Grimnir with a 2pp cost spell. Then yes, only Shadow, Haven and Dragon have access to those. And Blood (Razory Claw, Hungering Horde). But if you use 3pp cost spells, every class can kill Grimnir: Ivy Spellbomb (Forest), Rite of Exorcism and Secret of Erasmus (Rune), Art of the Ninja (Sword). Problem is, a 3pp 2/3 Ward is especially a problem for aggro decks, and no aggro deck I know wants to run a 3pp removal-only spell.
  10. Poor wording of the effect. Shadowverse seems to have plenty of these. It's not a bug, in the sense that it works as dev intended (and the fact that other cards works the same way is a clue). Problem is, users don't know how those effects work because cards are poorly worded, especially in English. Pegasus Elf's effect should be worded like this (or something similar): Fanfare: Change an enemy follower's defense to 1. Keep enemy's defense to 1 even if it evolves. And here I come for the N-th time asking for a comprehensive rulebook for Shadowverse, as I already suggested here. If Cygames really wants to promote competitive play with tournaments and events, a rulebook (and more accurate card wording) is mandatory. No game with serious competitions and maybe money prizes should rely on rules that players can only learn by stumbling on them during matches.
  11. To me, control playstyle wants to outvalue the opponent. So, a control deck essentially drains your opponent's resources, and once your opponent has no more answers or threats, you can play your finisher. Combo is different: you try to survive until you have all your combo pieces and then win instantly. The difference lies in the fact that a control player could drag a game forever (well, at least as long as he has cards in his deck), while a combo player usually has a "target pull-off window", and if he doesn't manage to get the combo within that window he will usually lose. This is because control decks aim to produce value, while combo decks aim to survive until the combo can hit but they don't mind getting value. So, a control player will always have more cards to play than a combo player. In this regard, DShift is a pure combo deck: its aim is to stabilize the board while preparing the combo. But once the "window" has expired, DShift players will usually run out of cards in hand (it happens when you brick and you only manage to draw DShift after turn 5-6: DShift will go down to 11-12pp around turn 10, but you don't have cards to spellboost it). OTK Blood instead is more a con-bo deck: it doesn't produce as much value as a pure control deck, but unless you brick really hard you can drag the game up to turn 15-20 without too much trouble.
  12. Hmmm, I think that they are limited sleeves only available in Japan. I could be wrong though, so better wait someone who knows this for sure.
  13. I don't get how could you ignore Wards with Tyrant... Deadmoon Disciple? But that's a 3 cards combo over 2 turns... and you are relying on the survival of one of your cards to pull it off. Cerb + Howl is pretty reliable in that aspect: 2 cards over 2 turns, you don't need Cerb to survive, and you need only to get 3 shadows before turn 5 to pull it off. Quite easy, for Shadow. And I don't agree that it's a combo that needs space: if you already have something on the board, then you'll probably be able to do much more than 11 damage on t6. If you have 2 skellies and a 2/1 on the board for example, and you need to land the last punch, you can still play Howl + Coco + Mimi + face evo and deal 12 damage, even if the Howl only summons 2 Ghosts. For what I've seen on the ladder recently, Minthe + Tyrant can be a good backup plan for Midrange Shadow (even if I don't really think they need a backup plan, but this is another story...). I see it pretty weak as a main wincon. It could give you some shiny wins, but if they let Minthe survive then they are probably too much behind already, or they simply can't play the game properly.
  14. In my personal experience Minthe is too unreliable to be used in a deck. She has a big red target drawn on her ti... hem, chest, with a flashy "kill me" label shining on her head. She's just like Mary for Blood. And if you want to use Tyrant as a combo finisher, Midnight Haunt is better because it lets you play the combo directly from hand on turn 9 instead of turn 10. Minthe is a decent choice only if you plan to pack a bunch of good Necromancy cards in your deck (like the first list you linked), since usually a Tyrant deck doesn't want other cards to waste precious Shadows. In the first link you posted, Minthe + Tyrant seems more like a backup combo plan to be used on turn 10 if it happens that you still haven't won the game. So yes, in that case Eachtar is necessary, because he is the main wincon. The second list is fairly interesting, as here Minthe seems to be used as a taunt to protect your skellies board: since she's a prioritary target, she can save your other minions if your opponents doesn't have AoE. Problem is... why using Minthe + Tyrant when Cerb + Howl is much more reliable?
  15. I'm talking to you. Yes. You. You, playing with your aggro shadow on unranked that killed my dailies ER Rune just because you topdecked a phantom howl after playing 2 Catacombs. You. I'll come and get you. And next time I'll be playing Haven, and I swear I'll Blackened Scripture into Forbidden Rituals into Cudgel into Lion every single follower you'll play. /rant ...whew, I feel better.