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  1. Think before you act on rage.

    i agree, the feelings when win with your own tailored deck is fantastic. like you just win a big lottery, lol.
  2. Vagabond Frog So ****ing OP!

    lul, wut??? ah ya, i see alice a couple times in ranked yesterday, 2 blood cancer and only 1 vagabond.
  3. Think before you act on rage.

    Just got 2-6 in my last ranked, lmao. I used to be in A1/2 early 2017 and then left a couple month, and now struggle in A0. My biggest problem is that i always said to myself "okay, this is last game. if i win, i'll go to sleep" . That is ladies&gentleman, a cancerous way of thinking. i know that feels man.
  4. What's your favorite voice acting in SV?

    The first arisa is good. BTW, do we discussing the quote or the voice acting? for VA i like Ceridwen, Balthazar, Pompous Prince, Sledgehammer Exorcist, Lucifer (although i dont have him), Garuda, all VA with british accent. For quote my favorite is Forte : "This victory is a testament to your strength" lol
  5. Vagabond Frog So ****ing OP!

    So, i just play this game again to play some games and claim the free 10 pack. I got 1 Vagabond Frog, and create 2 others. This card is insanely fantastic, almost indestructible lol.Gain ambush for every end of turn is broken! Not to mention that slacker angel who give you +1 atk everytime you attack, and she got ambush too! So, does ambush is in the rise in ranked play? I've been playing unranked only lately, since i dont really have much resource to play ranked. ps: why i cant remove link in this post??
  6. Discard aggro

    ya, only trail of light and luxfang has discard effect. and the effect is kinda crap. they should make luxfang a 3/4 point follower with storm because as we know that he was born ready.
  7. Discard aggro

    i play my discard dragon in ranked for the lulz. its not stable, but when you can pull the combo it feels_so_good.mp3 by the way, i play it with wildfang dragonnewt + altered fate. maybe 1 out of 7 match i can pull an otk. 2/3 dragonnewt and 2 times altered fate. but it's really rare, and even sometimes i have 2/3 altered fate in my hands, which means 99% lose. most of the times it's a finisher after my 4th waifu the unbreakable black wings do some 5-7 face damage. the funny thing is i have more positive winrate with discard dragon than my normal dragon deck. but its not a good deck to climb the ladder, at least it's not work for me. but i still play it because i like it.
  8. i agree that its really tiring to have a long match, but most of the people that prolong the match is the one who topdecked many strong late game card. so the salt will always flow, especially if you dont have many of that strong card.
  9. i win more games with fangblade slayer than with albert. all you have to do is to be careful when your HP reach 10 point and its almost turn 9 while the opponent has 1 evo point left. i know that i will lost the game when i didnt have a ward at that point. the only bull**** swordcraft deck that i have countered is the one that runs many ward, 2 aurelia and top decked prince of darkness.
  10. The salt mega thread.

    Why the **** everyone and their grandmother playing an aggro deck tonight on unranked? Even the boobs that should be nerfed win at turn 5 against my deathly tyrant deck. Holy ****.
  11. Feedback - New Arisa voice sucks

    anyway, do we have database for the english VA?? we know about the japanese VA, but looks like its hard to find the english VA line up. i personally love Luna, old Arisa, Ceridwen and Pompous Princess.
  12. Feedback - New Arisa voice sucks

    yeah, especially since arisa is the face of shadowverse.
  13. Make story/single stuff purchasable

    just play a game against elite AI 2, and when Luna use foul tempest and kill 3 of my X/1 minions she laughed really cute. its so freaking cute and intimidating at the same time. i really love it. would love to see it as purchasable stuff, though i want it to be sold in crystal rather than rupies.
  14. Is Aurelia worth in my deck?

    No, i mean after they drop bahamut. Bahamut cant attack leader if there are 2 followers in play, BUT can he attack if there are 2 follower with ambush in play?
  15. Is Aurelia worth in my deck?

    btw, does bahamut ignore ambush?? i have the chance to test it yesterday at ranked. playing 2 minnions and then give it ambush with shadowed assassin. but too afraid to take the risk.