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  1. THIS... IS... DELICIOUS!!!
  2. Nothing for EU? Disappointing.
  3. Aggro Blood is potentially better than Vengeance Blood. Loses hard to Haven, that's really it. I think there is a healthy amount of decks in this meta tbh.
  4. Stolen life so good. Secured lethal for me too many times.
  5. Why? You can't win em all. Why do people on this forum fell so entitled. Just play and adjust till you find something that works against what you are up against the majority of the time. Or don't. The complaints about such menial things are tiring.
  6. Other than Odin many Haven cards and a few multiples of choice legendaries like Forte I'm happy that I can build the decks I want to play to some sort of completion barring maybe one or two cards. So I have no issues saving rupies for next expansions. I'm not overly competitive nor do I play this for anything more than fun. Build what you can dckwise. Maybe have one or 2 decks. (Currentltbi have Dshift, Mastema and a banner sword really usable). You don't need countless decks to begin with and over time your collection will get Kore and more complete giving better chances to save monies.
  7. Went 10-0 before losing to three Haven in a row. 1 Aegis 1 Elana and one other I can't remember. Still liking this deck you have a lot of options.
  8. Only played 3 games with the Mastema so far. 3-0 haven't even had the chance to use her yet lol. I'm liking this ATM.
  9. I lost to a frog too. Couldnt touch it and he got lethal one turn before I did. **** happens. On to the next one.
  10. Thanks. Nah I just wanted to try out my deck and see what I need to change/add. Gonna cook some food for the kids we can play later if your about.
  11. 3 def is insanely easy to deal with without directly attacking her.
  12. Loads of Aggro Shadow. Making me want to adjust my deck to the newer model but I'm still trying blood ATM. Not run into any other Blood as of yet. Loads of Sword still, few Forest few Rune. Not one Haven yet.
  13. 46987 if you are still about. I'm there for a short while while I'm folding clothes. Or if anyone else is about...
  14. I'm currently running 2 blood moon. Very inconsistent draw on curve atm. I was looking at Uriel I have a couple copies. The lack of BM kills too much of my deck it is currently over reliant on Vengeance synergy. Or maybe IM too reliant on it and just don t want to drop things without it being activated... May want to craft another BM to help the drop rates. Thanks for the advice guys will have a look a bit later tonight and see what I can change. Might lessen some of the synergy for more health gain... Might work nicely with BM up. Atm I'm only running Alucard and Righteous Devil (who has outright won me a few games itself when I've been on the verge of death) I think I need more removal too. I'm still running into quite a few aggressive decks which I'm beating coz they run out of steam, or losing to coz I haven't got vengeance active. The Mask is helping mitigate a lot of damage though. Will drop the deck list later too to get some advice.