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  1. So I got my fourth Jeanne D'Arc today...

    I wish I had this to run with Elana...
  2. Elana-Aegis Haven

    OK. Been off for a while. Came back to 'Win one game with Haven'. OK. Fair do's..... Errrrrrrm... For the life of me cannot get a win... Earliest turn Elana has decided to show her face is turn 8... Lost like 8 in a row. Now this could potentially be an increase in quality of player (Not long ago reached A rank. Literally lost all points now back to 20000 lol) but I'm tired of it. Seriously considering eliminating all amulets and running Uriel's... Does with experience does this work better than sacred pleas etc Elana?
  3. Elana-Aegis Haven

    All board clear really hurts. Only had to face Amulet removal twice atm. A burn Rune deck and Bahamut of course. Burn Rune I still don't see what the fuss is about atm because regardless I still seem to outvalue them. But hey I'm happy it's getting some play tbh and have no issues if I lost to it due to removal of Elana. Bahamut is a little tougher. I try and push as much damage as possible before they hit 10pp. Then it's fingers crossed. Hopefully I've done enough that I can finish the game with 1 Elana and Holy Water spam to negate the massive damage output Dragon has. On another note. I have no Tribunal, so I run Death Sentence... I was about to craft some Tribunal but is it even better than DS? Both 4pp... Both remove 2 units... Tribunal 1 then 3countdowns later another... DS... 1 countdown for 2 units...
  4. Elana-Aegis Haven

    Tenko is amazing IMO. I love any little extra bit of reach I can get in most decks I make, Tenko is amazing for that. Can add an 3-5 extra damage in one turn if you are set up nicely. Sometimes even double if you have 2 of her out. Infact for most of my wins Tenko has been MvP for the late push. Turned into one of my fave cards this expansion as has the Fat Monk.
  5. Elana-Aegis Haven

    @Othello @Aru're I will upload my deck later for you to have a gander at. Thanks for the help.
  6. Elana-Aegis Haven

    No Tribunal/Decree really hurts me in some games but sacrificing small control for aggro has helped a little. I know this is an Aegis/Elana thread. I have one of him. Tryna decide if I add just for the extra wincon...
  7. Elana-Aegis Haven

    Oooh how nice. I'm really loving the fat monk. I haven't even touched Tenko yet really interested in trying her. Ephy is ok due to Ambush just for some additional reach but could easily be replaced. Thanks again @Othello
  8. Elana-Aegis Haven

    Oh also the new unit Ephymera... A viable addition? Might test it out and see.
  9. Elana-Aegis Haven

    Cheers. Seems like I'm gonna have to craft some Themis'. Will take your advice and see what I can do @Othello
  10. Ways to stop Neutral Alice package

    Going first and sacrificing some aggression to remove threats (which is everything they put down turn 1-4 lolsmh) Imagine using razory claws on a bloody goblin leader. Jesus. Wards for blood as well. Veight, Grimnir, Disagreeable Demon. Help force trades.
  11. Meta Report 26/6/17 - 2/7/17

    Baphomet wasn't a problem when it was drawing Mastema and the likes, the addition of spawn doesn't change that especially with how oppressive the neutral package is. As said turn 5 2/1 is hot garbage and is a massive tempo loss. That alone can lose a blood player the game. I'm not denying Spawn is extremely powerful but he is a finisher. They're supposed to be... And without enhanced Baph it is slow as hell. Neutral package is what mainly needs to be looked at it is powerful across the board seeing as it's available to every single craft.
  12. Elana-Aegis Haven

    Never played Haven before and I'm (Or I was until my battery died. Sigh) in the middle of crafting an Elana deck. Tenko and the fat Monastic guy seem really good additions. Other than Elana what amulets should I be using? Sacred Plea for potential drawing of Elana? Is Uriel mandatory? How much removal is necessary? I'm thinking "I seeeeeeeee your WEEAKnezzzzz" (I hate the f@cking guy) and Blackened scripture. Anything else necessary? (I have no Themis') Carry Monastic holy waters or prioritise healing followers instead and just get em from the new guy? Sorry for all the questions I'm a complete Haven noon but I don't wanna just pluck a deck from game press. Asking the forum however I have no problem with because people can see my train of thought. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Attempt to getting aggro back on ladder

    1 mana countdown amulet deal 1 damage to enemy leader end of each turn (4 countdown) I was essentially deal 3 face damage doing nothing.
  14. Meta Report 26/6/17 - 2/7/17

    All these calls for Blood nerfs and Baph nerfs... How? Take away his enhance effect? Then you better make him 2/2 like Gobu Mage. Increasing cost does nothing because he's played 95% of the time for turn 5 enhance. The neutral package is infinitely more oppressive than any other atm. As people have been saying no matter what class you queue into there is a VERY high chance of seeing the same faces for the first 4 cards. Crazy.
  15. Attempt to getting aggro back on ladder

    Yeah I been trying to drop Cara on 7 and defo no need for a 5pp baph the tempo loss is insane and so unnecessary in this deck. I didn't get to play too much with it only 5 games but it went 4-1 only loss to some crazy Elana Haven shenanigans. Will do a bit more today. The thrown in bloodfed has won me games too. Double Cara w/ bloodfed helped clean up a game against a silly neutral sword (yawn). Not sure about adding more though.