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  1. Urias has been blessed with some cool looking cards this expansion. Here's hoping they all work as planned. I'm happy on face value. Hopefully I'm lucky enough to get a decent chunk of them.
  2. Just crossing fingers I get every blood card to experiment with. Really taken to Urias these days Edit: Oops wrong thread. Oh well.
  3. Hope it works out well.
  4. Mastema FTW plzzzzzz Dark General sigh
  5. Mastema makes a good finisher for a good midrange deck. Bane allowing clearing of big followers or a nice 8 face damage. T. Vamp is brilliant for reach and can often win you a game from the 5 damage on fanfare to face or to clear a tricky board. I like them both and use them each in two separate blood decks. You have a hell of a lot of two drops and no 4 drops which is essential IMO because blood has some good 4pp followers. I'd probably... -3 blood pact -3 lillith -1 Demonic storm -1 Alucard +3 Baphomet +3 Wardrobe Raider +2 mastema Soul dominator, Alucard and Imp lancer are all good for reach due to storm plus alucard has the potential heal effect. If you wanna add stolen life (great card but can also be dead in the hand if there is nothing to hit) I'd probably take out the mini soul devil. Good luck.
  6. We playing cash games or tourney though? Lol I'm kidding I get the sentiment.
  7. Azazel. Animated E. Prayer and Midnight Haunt All firsts. I started during ROB so I don't have much DE cards so I probably got a few bronze and silver's that were firsts as well
  8. Really liking what I'm seeing for Bloodcraft. Gonna enjoy playing she of these cards.
  9. Tsubaki. My first. Is she even still used these days? Not complaining though.
  10. Not even salt anymore shoulda posted previously but wanted to see how far I would go... Just won my first game after 13losses in a row. Absolutely mental streak. I'm not particularly bad. A combination of facing meta decks and just being highly unlucky (Running out of steam not able to find that extra 1hp to win etc) Dragon deck. 1-0 currently I will be in tears of laughter if I go 5-0 with it. More likely 1-4 the way my luvl has been smh.
  11. Beauty and the beast WOWWOWWEEWA
  12. Question 0/3 Bane I can attack with a zero attack follower it just does no damage. Does Bane take effect?
  13. 44039 Quick games during NBA finals halftime. I'm there waiting.
  14. Unsure who Yoichi is but im assuming you added me from this thread. GGs. Thanks for the rupies. I will likely be on later for private game guys I still need 13 games. Stocking up money for the expansion. Will drop the lobby number when I am.
  15. We're calling top classes before the whole expansion has been announced now? Makes zero sense. Just keep it in mind until we can assess the whole thing. People love jumping to early conclusions.