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  1. That Sky Fortress play onto the Cinderella made me laugh a lot harder than I should have. Seems like an interesting deck, and apparently PDK Dragon doesn't do too poorly against midrange Sword, which probably makes this deck good in this meta if you can beat Summit Haven as well as you beat it here.
  2. I like the idea because a smaller initial legendary pool means it's easier to pull multiple copies of the cards you want in the initial release then it is to find them later on after the second part of the release. This also means it's less likely to find the later cards that come in the second part of the release, but there's also fewer cards. You also get more vials out of DN packs since you'll get more card repeats than before. Cygames also took out a gold from the initial release, sot the only real difference from any other set release is the third class legendary, which (hopefully) isn't too significant. It can't be a legendary that you shove into every deck like Albert or Aegis because then it's just Cygames being greedy for money, but if it's a legendary that demands a deck built around it like Nepthys or PDK then it's appropriate for that legendary since you won't need to spend vials on it unless you really want to make that deck.
  3. Witch holds dragoon at ratpoint

    That's why it's so good in a tempo deck like ER Rune, even when you don't have Wizardess of Oz to back it up. It's a ridiculous win-more card in the right circumstances, and ER Rune has enough tempo to be able to use it specifically as a win-more card in the right circumstances. It's also surprising how much skill expression goes into using this card, mostly with how good the player is at math. Calculating how you can get lethal and baiting your opponent to overcommit their board so they can't get lethal is really satisfying.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you some breaking news. It all started with a perfectly normal game between ER Rune and PDK Dragon when the PDK player decided it was perfectly acceptable to play a bunch of cute little orcas. The PDK player, Forte, played the Waters of the Orca for its enhance effect on 8, followed by a turn 9 Sybil and Prime Dragon Keeper. However, these bluest waters turned to red flames as Isabelle played Mutagenic Bolt with no targettable followers and guaranteeing lethal the following turn for himself. Decklist Side note: I'm really happy because this was the final game of my 4-1 Grand Prix run and managed to find a winning setup despite being on the back foot for the last few turns of the game and also having to use a budget variant for my ER decklist that doesn't include many of a normal ER list's late-game hand refills (namely Wizardess of Oz).
  5. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    I gave the Grand Prix a shot. I originally wasn't going to because I thought it was some grand tournament that required a specific schedule to play in for some reason, and thought I'd get stacked against players with better decks with better cards and whatnot. I also didn't realize there were rewards just for competing in card packs, so of course I'm going to play. After a few tries I finally made it in with a 4-1 victory with ER Rune. Game 1 was against a Summit Haven where I bricked a bit in the midgame and didn't really have answers for most of the cards my opponents were pumping out, and as a result I got outtempoed and lost. Game 2 was against a weird amulet Haven where I was getting outtempoed by early game Moriae Enconiums into Tea Time spam. I won when my opponent played Ceryniean Darkhind to trigger the amulets alongside a Snow White. Why? I MutaBolted her board while she was staring down a 6/1 Levi. Game 3 was against artifact Portal that ended up in a rather interesting fashion. I ended up getting overwhelmed by a board of 4 while my opponent was at 5hp, and had to yolo a MutaBolt in order to try and win since I didn't have Levi at the time. Thankfully it ended with a Safira just short of lethal, letting my Flame Rats take the remaining 1hp off of my opponent next turn. Or I just topdecked Levi for the win that way. Game 4 was against aggro Sword, and ended up being the easiest because of Summoning Drills value. All I needed were sick value trades, a wall of golems, and Levi in order to win with a comfortable 10 health. Game 5 was against PDK Dragon, and ended up being decided by 1hp due to a dark dragoon being held at ratpoint in a play that deserves its own thread.
  6. I rarely craft legendaries because there's usually a really low ratio of value to usability in most legendaries, and when I want to I usually can't because I don't have enough vials, but when I can craft legendaries I usually only craft legendaries that can fit into multiple decks and fit into the deck I want to play. The only legendaries I've crafted are Alice, Venomfang Medusa, Belphegor, and Aether of the White Wing. Alice, VFang, and Belphegor all went into some variant of Soul Dominator decklists that I've played over time (with Alice also going into a couple other neutral decklists), and Aether went into a few different decks that I made since it has a lot of value in a lot of different decks. Of course I make sure not to craft legendaries that will rotate out too quickly, but I think 3 expansions left is a good breakpoint and 2 expansions left is a gray area that depends heavily on the card.
  7. Removal Back!

    In Rise of Bahamut, the meta was too fast for PtP Forest to work on top of the fact that Forestcraft apparently had some cards nerfed in DE (I wasn't around for DE, but I ended up researching the nerfs from then). Every class already had ways to remove PtP in Execution, but PtP Forest could still win because the deck ran Rhinoceroach as an alternative win condition. Forest wasn't even bad in Rise of Bahamut. They had the best deck in the game in Roach Forest, and it wasn't until the Goblin Mage nerf during that expansion that Forestcraft became bad.
  8. Witch holds rabbit at ratpoint

    If you have enough tempo you can make it work against Rune, but the player in this video did not do that at all. He made a lot of misplays, but I don't think playing both Temples is necessarily one of them (although how he played the second temple was absolutely a misplay). I also don't think playing the Holy Lion Crystal on turn 7 was a misplay either because he didn't know what burn I had in my hand outside of Chain Lightning. He could have predicted that I had enough burn to kill him over 2 turns but not enough to kill him the following turn, and he needed to force a 2-turn lethal. I thought he would play another Lion so he could do just that, and he played right into my Mutagenic Bolt bait. This is actually a really interesting game to study from both angles, even though we don't have the hand of my opponent. There's a lot going on in the mental game for both players, and it also teaches how to make game-winning plays instead of plays that don't lose you the game.
  9. Witch holds rabbit at ratpoint

    From my experience it can work, but my opponent in this video did it all wrong. If you want double amulets, you need to play the first on 2 and the second either on 3 alongside a Holy Lion Crystal or the second on 4 alongside with whatever Holy Lion Crystals you have in your hand. In any case, playing the two amulets for dead turns was the wrong way to do this since you need to compensate for the low-tempo turn 2 with exceptionally high-tempo turns 3-4 off of the Lion Crystals you have. It's also not appropriate to play both Temples unless you have another generator of Holy Lion Crystals in your hand that isn't another Temple (since you want 3 board slots for your Lions), and you never want to play the enhance unless the board is empty or you're getting 4/4's off of it (regardless of whether or not it has storm).
  10. Witch holds rabbit at ratpoint

    Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you some breaking news. It all started as a perfectly normal game between an ER Rune and a Lion Haven decklist. It was all going well until the ER player used Mutagenic Bolt to transform a board of Lions into Flame Rats with no way for the Havencraft player to remove them. This lead to the opposing leader, Ramina, being held hostage with Flame Rats until the game was over. Here's a video on this attrocity: Decklist
  11. Removal Back!

    In terms of removal you're forgetting Undying Resentment, which is both in the basic set and still sees play for players that want more than 3 copies of Zombie Party or for players that are using it for some weird necromancy synergies. For 4-drops, we have Playful Necromancer and Hell's Unleasher, both of which have seen play in the past (Playful as a tempo evolve that could push face damage in aggro and Unleasher as a 4-drop for Nepthys pulls in 2-4-7-8 Nepthys Shadow lists or as a 1-of in Death's Ledger/Nepthys hybrids for more consistent Lich generation). Obviously aggro Shadow is going to need some more support if it's going to be competitive next expansion, but there's still good 4-drops that could appear in decklists with the right support. I was also going to mention Orthrus and Prince Catacomb, but those are rotating out next expansion so they don't really count for the point you're making. I think you're right on Shadowcraft being among the worst classes next expansion, along with Dragon and, to a lesser extent, Blood. A good chunk of the tools those three classes have right now were introduced in Tempest of the Gods, and none of them are doing particularly amazing right now either.
  12. Lion Grail Haven

    It's entirely possible that you're playing it wrong, considering how much you miss both Jeannes. This variant is more tempo-heavy than other Lion lists, and as a result you don't need Tarnished Grail as a board clear so much as you need it as a win condition. If you play your tempo right, you won't need your big board clears because your opponent won't have any board, and you don't need a board clear if your opponent has no board to begin with. Godscale's Banquet is in there for the sheer tempo you get on both variants. Turn 2 Godscale into turn 3 Dogma is really good for tempo and draws you a card, while on 5 it gives you 6pp worth of tempo for 5pp and potentially forces some awkward plays to play around the bane. It's really comparable to Beastcall Aria, but it trades Aria's raw tempo for versatility. It's worth noting that you aren't looking for Grail to be a win condition every single game. I've only used it as a win condition once or twice myself in this deck (I've built decks in the past that were dedicated more heavily around this card), but simply putting it into your deck lets you play the deck a lot differently because you have an alternate win condition. You don't need to hard mulligan for Holy Lion Crystals every game because you have alternative win conditions in the rest of your deck (mostly Grail but you can also gain a lot of tempo with the rest of the deck and win off of that). The reason I'm using Grail over Aegis is because Grail is faster, and you really care about the speed of the card in a deck like this. I'm using Grail over Taurus because Grail has a lot more versatility and can be drawn more consistently thanks to Globe of the Starways.
  13. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    At worst you are trading 2 + evo for 5 on top of having tempo. That just loses the Sword player the game right there, because midrange Sword lists are too dependent on him for late-game refill due to their board-dependent finishers in Celia and Sky Fortress. Because Fairies are very easy to remove when they can't be damaged by spells and effects. You can also buff them with Elf Song, which is way stronger than any trait interactions that Swordcraft has access to in rotation right now. To be honest I just realized that I'm stupid because I didn't realize that Leaf Man's attack buff only lasted until the end of the turn, but calling Magnus better than Leaf Man doesn't look at the bigger picture. I will admit that Chromatic Duel is super busted though, and is a really good reason why Magnus seems so overpowered right now.
  14. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Leaf Man also gives allied followers +1/+0 and can be played as a vanilla 2/2. The versatility to play it as a 2-drop or a 5pp win-more card is absolutely huge, and the +1 attack buff turns all your fairies into Cuhullins if you really care about card quality. Buffing Fairies also has the advantage of buffing a wider board. Would you rather protect a board of 2 2/2's or 4 2/1's? In nearly every scenario buffing the Forestcraft board is strictly better.
  15. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    You have Levi evolve and Beacon Jeanne evolve. Levi trades an Earth Sigil and an evo point for 5 of his opponent's followers. Jeanne is the same deal but she doesn't need an Earth Sigil and has lower stats (but is still enough to kill the Arthur after evolve).