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  1. 400+ attack Tenko nerf

    You spent the entire game letting their Tenko stack up health like that. You have more than enough removal in hand to deal with their Tenkos, and you are both running into fatigue. Here's the same thing done with Dragoncraft:
  2. I specifically mentioned Burn Rune because that's the deck that the Magic Illusionist nerf affects and the deck that you need to find a replacement for it. I know you didn't specify burn Rune, but there's no point in talking about 2-drops for other Runecraft variants because the 2-drops for those other decks aren't affected by the nerf to Magic Illusionist.
  3. Dwarf and SLab are already played in Burn Rune, while I haven't really seen Stella do anything good enough to justify her inclusion. Most of the time she dies the turn she's played and the card she produces doesn't do anything relevant to decide the game. That's not to say she isn't good, but she isn't anywhere near the power level of the other 2-drops that burn Rune would consider. The Bahamut change was a straight nerf because getting -4/-4 is an objective nerf and it not removing amulets is a net neutral change since it benefits both sides (unless you're playing Havencraft where it's a net nerf). You can combo it with Windmill now, but it's still nerfed because it got its stats reduced.
  4. No offense, but you seem more salty than trying to give reasonable feedback. Every card you mention except King Elephant and Silver Blade Golem have a good amount of counterplay to them, and King Elephant only has little counterplay when comboed with White Wolf of Eldwood. You complain about Aisha, Albert, and Saphira. Where are your wards? They can't hit through wards, and they rely on an enhance effect to get their burst damage. Albert also requires an evolve, Aisha and Albert are capped at 10 damage (so they can't just stall), and artifact portalcraft is slow and inconsistent as hell. I've personally had games where I rushed down an artifact portalcraft deck and killed them on turn 7 with what functioned as Vengeance Blood, and I'm pretty sure you can too. You complain about Spawn and Aegis. Where is your tempo? You can play any card that costs 8++ and you can literally delete your opponent's possibility to play those cards. How can your opponent play Aegis when they have to deal with a 10/10 Maelstrom Serpent? They can't, and as a result they have to play their removal to deal with it. Also, if you're that desperate for a counter, you can just put 1-2 copies of Mr Full Moon into your deck.
  5. The nerf to Thane is pretty decent. It was already so far above the curve for a 7pp follower that bumping it up to 8pp probably would still keep it as pretty good. Magic Illusionist is likely unplayable mostly because of how easy it is to kill while still burning all of your earth sigils. Any deck with 1-damage pings or good 1/3 followers (or 1/4 in the case of Bloodcraft) would tank the Bloodcraft player's earth sigils right now. Yurius in particular can kill 2 Magic Illusionists and deal at least 1 damage to the opposing leader with his effect. It's entirely possible that Burn Rune is terrible after these changes go through because they don't have enough good 2-drops (although I don't play too much Burn Rune so I wouldn't really know). Baha nerf is massive. No other card has gotten nearly as big a nerf as getting -4/-4 in stats, although it might still be playable just because a majority of late game cards are so far below curve that having something with an insane effect and decent stats for its cost is pretty good. The amulet thing is really hit-or-miss depending on the craft but is generally positive outside of Havencraft. I think this would have been a fair nerf if Bahamut had its attack restriction removed, although it doesn't really matter because the decks that run him don't care about that anyways due to their big 1-sided board clears. I haven't played much unlimited, but given the stats Cygames was working with restrictions to Aria and Blood Wolf seem reasonable. Blood Wolf is the only follower that consistently sees play in both Vengeance Blood and aggro Blood, and both of those were dominating unlimited at the time, so it made more sense for a single restriction to two different decks than two separate restrictions for those same decks. I don't know if Aria was actually being used in Roach Forest lists, but if she was then it absolutely makes sense to restrict it. Rhinoceroach has always been a card that was dependent on its supporting cards to break it rather than being overpowered in and of itself. Put it into any other class and it probably would be complete garbage except possibly in Runecraft, but when you put it in Forestcraft the combination of bounce effects and easy access to 0-cost cards makes it far to difficult to balance. Restricting Rhinoceroach would kill Forestcraft as a class in unlimited because the whole class is balanced around it and it's not overpowered itself because its supporting cards make it overpowered, and because new cards are more likely to break a deck when the deck wasn't broken before it makes sense to restrict a new card rather than an old card.
  6. Bloodcannon deck?

    I was thinking about something like this and probably would have built it if I had more than 1 Zodiac Demon.
  7. I have 2 animated Jeanne D'Arcs and 3 copies of all 3 standard Havencraft legendaries, all of which I pulled from packs.
  8. My Take on Artifact Portalcraft

    I personally haven't played against enough decks with my current decklist where Puppeteer's Strings is dramatically better than Magna Legacy. With my list, I really only have to worry about a board clear on turn 8 rather than turn 4 since I can usually get enough tempo by then.
  9. Blood getting the short end of the stick?

    If you are having that much of a problem with Fall from Grace, then you should just put in a few Zodiac Demons into your deck so you can pull them out before their FfG has a good target. Bloodcraft actually is possibly the best class for Zodiac Demon right now since you have such high-quality ammo that deals decent damage with the Zodiac fanfare, fit into the same deck, and have really good synergy with each other.
  10. My Take on Artifact Portalcraft

    From my experience Magna Legacy is really good in an artifact deck because it's a 1-sided board clear once at least 6 artifacts have died, especially in a slower deck. In addition, its't not hard to have 6 artifacts die by the time you play it unless you get unreasonably bad draws. I personally haven't put Safira in my list (and I might put her in if I'm really dying for a finisher), but I have no intention of putting Deus Ex Machina into my deck ever mostly because she's just an RNG crapfest that kills you if Safira gets discarded or if you discard too many artifacts, and with how I built my deck I don't need her for card draw.
  11. Acolyte's Light vs Pure Annihilation

    It's perfectly fine to powercreep over basic cards because the basic cards are only there to hold you over until you get better cards. Imagine how stale the card pool would be if we didn't powercreep over Fighter or Goliath. Then we wouldn't have most of our tempo evolves and other interesting cards.
  12. Win condition for my deck?

    This is the decklist I'm currently experimenting with: It functions a lot like pre-rotation Midrange Shadow, where you have just enough aggressive pressure to kill your opponent if you need to but has enough draw such that you never run out of steam. After playing a few games and tinkering with the deck a bit I believe that Acceleratium is critical to how the deck functions in the mid-late game. It's literally the most unfair card a Portalcraft card can put into an artifact deck, although I haven't tried out Saphira or Spinaria (I got one of the former and none of the latter, so I couldn't try it out). Staircase to Paradise is also crazy strong in an artifact deck since you can kill off your followers so quickly and you have so many followers you want to pull out of your deck. Unidentified Subject was a late addition that I'm still testing. Although I'll admit, I'm most happy that I managed to pull 2 Magna Legacies from packs.
  13. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    I guess that's a good reason. Apparently I can't read card texts that specifically say a craft then, wow. First Arthur, then Summit Temple.
  14. I Hope they Nerf Azi Dahaka

    You obviously haven't seen my luck with Jeanne D'Arc.
  15. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Why go for an 18 damage combo with an evolve with Heavenly Knight and Arriet when you can do a 20 damage combo with Zeus and Star Priestess?