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  1. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Neutral Blood was effectively midrange because it was built around big tempo gains, not for heavy face damage. It ran a finisher that let it close games out rather early, but it was still effectively a midrange deck. Same thing with neutral Sword. When aggro Blood was strong in Wonderland Dreams it was competing with 3 midrange decks in neutral Rune, midrange Shadow, and vengeance Blood. This meta, it's competing with burn Rune, vengeance Blood, and storm Haven, all of which are tier 1 midrange decks (but is also meta because DShift is popular and aggro Blood has traditionally destroyed DShift). Aggro Sword was dominant because it was one of the few decks that dealt with PDK Dragon, and aggro Sword's counters were pushed out of the meta because PDK was so dominant. Take PDK out and aggro Sword likely would not have been too dominant.
  2. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    I've had worse. I put Mystic Ring in my control Sword deck to help out with draw (alongside Staircase to Paradise), and I had 2 Alexanders in my deck. I ended up drawing both of them, Mystic Ringed one of them, and drew Alexander.
  3. About ignideus

    Ignideous practically plays whatever, but trends towards playing aggro decks. Sometimes he'll play some type of meme deck like Laelia Haven but often times plays aggro or midrange decks because that's what he finds fun, but it's not what I personally enjoy watching. He's also a Dragoncraft main at heart, and memes all the time with that craft with decks like JO Dragon and Phoenix Roost Dragon. I personally watch Kulo and BotheredMe more since they tend to make quality content and meme a lot more, and to be frank it's more fun to watch other people meme than to watch them play competitive decks.
  4. Getting your Forte/Aina/Griphy discarded. Drawing your Homecoming before you sac your White Wolf. Pulling double Mormo from Dark Airjammer while in vengeance.
  5. Basics, golds, legendaries, and Eggsplosion.
  6. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    I personally dislike DShift because of how it plays. I don't dislike it because it's so dramatically different from every other deck, I dislike it because it's a giant game of solitaire for both players, and that isn't fun to play against. If any card gets nerfed this month I would guess it's something in DShift because the meta right now is "Rune (mostly DShift but I have to take in Ramp Dragon's rise due to countering Burn Rune, which in turn is meta because it counters DShift) and decks that deal with Rune". Nerf DShift, and a lot of slower control/midrange lists can come back into the meta to counter these aggro decks. Nerf it right, and DShift would still be a viable deck in the meta and becomes more interactive for both players. That said, I don't think DShift needs a nerf, but more of a power shift such that it's not so easy to get a DShift combo off if you have it in your opening hand and becomes more difficult to chain, but becomes much easier if you get it later on and much easier if you have board control. A better alternative would be to buff control tools to the point where control decks can actually beat aggro decks on a consistent basis. This in turn keeps the strong aggro/midrange decks strong, buffs control decks to the point where they are on the power level of those aggro/midrange decks (which increases their winrate) and therefore increases their winrate (or decreases it because people don't know how to play those decks yet play them anyways), which turn increases DShift's winrate because there are more control decks for it to prey on.
  7. If it was back during TotG then that would absolutely made sense because Shadow and Dragon got super busted card quality out the butt that expansion (even in the bronze/silver slot) and Sword got only Luminous Mage that expansion in terms of cards of any relevancy because Commander Sword didn't turn into anything (which meant half the cards it got were useless) and the other half were crappy filler cards that didn't do anything either. In a world where midrange Shadow can win without Eachtar then Sword is absolutely bad, but now that the game is different from that point I think Swordcraft is favored.
  8. Need help about current meta...

    Midrange Shadow is basically your best bet for climbing on ladder. Atomy Shadow is still rather popular but that's mostly because it can easily highroll and snowball its way to an easy victory and isn't all that great if you don't draw Atomy, while Nepthys Shadow doesn't do too well because of the high quantity of DShift on ladder.
  9. I think the strongest deck would be Banner Swordcraft. All the aggro decks except aggro Bloodcraft end up losing almost all of their effective finishers. Aggro Bloodcraft loses many of their chip damage tools that help their finishers get into range to kill the opponent. Swordcraft is the only class that has moderately effective win conditions in the bronze/silver slot, and as a result the top deck in a meta with just bronzes and silvers would likely be a Swordcraft deck. However, it won't be aggro because there aren't enough good finishers for Swordcraft in the bronze/silver slot.
  10. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Haha, Sword.
  11. Worst Card in Game

    So it's a dead card unless you have no hand. Fascinating. There's also a chance that what you draw with the Spring Cleaning on the first 2-3 turns will not be playable due drawing cards that are to expensive, so even if you started with a full hand there's the possibility that you need to discard at least one thing. It also takes up a slot on the board, which means it's unplayable in either aggro or midrange since you need every board slot for a follower. I didn't defend Arcane Enlightenment. I said that it's easy to run into situations where it does, in fact, refill your hand, but on average if refills your hand too much. Imagine the average amount of spellboosts your cards can get in a DShift deck. Now imagine all those spellboosts on an Arcane Enlightenment. Arcane Enlightenment is bad because it makes you draw too many cards, not because it doesn't draw enough cards (on top of the fact that it costs too much).
  12. Worst Card in Game

    I can't believe no one said anything about Spring Cleaning. You literally discard 3 cards and draw 3 cards, and all 3 cards you draw are worse than the cards you discarded. You also don't have much control over what you discard, and if you draw poorly on a given turn you are basically discarding your win condition. Mystic Ring is strictly better for that purpose because you can choose the card you discard and you don't have to worry about futher draws beyond that. I theorized that this would be the only card in the game that would be terrible if it cost 0pp. Even Demonic Simulcracrum and Fairy Champion would be good if they cost 0pp. That dream scenario isn't nearly as unlikely as you think in the right deck, but you have situations where it's too much of a good thing to the point where you start discarding cards because your hand is so full.
  13. I have no idea, but I wonder if a chest keeps reappearing if you lose a game where a chest is on the line.
  14. Updating this thread with new decks and updates to a few decks. In my Rose Queen deck I put in Nature's Guidance instead of Night's Way so that I have more consistent card draw that combos with other tools and replaced 1 copy of Sylvan Justice and Teena for Beetle Warrior so that I have more chip damage before my combo, and gave it my official ranked seal of approval. In my control Sword list I replaced the Jenos with Momos because I wasn't consistently having enough stuff to play on turn 3 and replaced an FGG and a Shield of Flame for a Cuhullin because I didn't need as much dedicated removal and needed some hard removal later on (which is also a reason I put in Momo instead of Blitz Lancer). In my tempo Dragon deck I found out that Wild Hunt was actually garbage and replaced them for Mushussus, while I found that I didn't have enough activators for Siegfried and had too much discard fodder so I replaced a Dragon's Nest with an Angel of the Word. I crafted 3 copies of Globe of the Starways for another new deck I created, and replaced the Staircases to Paradise with that card since Staircase just provides too much card draw and not enough of the card draw you want. This meant that Prism Priestess was just excessive in terms of having amulet tutors, so I replaced her with Star Torrent to help deal with early boards. New decks: Forestcraft: Burn Forest This deck was modeled after aggro Forest, but I didn't have Roaches so I improvised with the decklist. I believe this deck has slightly less draw but has slightly more burn over time thanks to the inclusion of Ariana, Natural Tutor, while Selwyn's Command replaces Roaches for earlier damage. It's probably worse than aggro Forest, but I can't play that since I don't have Roaches (and don't feel like crafting them right now). Wolf Warden Forest I came up with the win condition of comboing enhanced Jungle Warden with White Wolf of Eldwood and Elephant King to multiply Jungle Wardens in your hand, but had problems making the list because I didn't have any Elephant Kings and didn't want to craft something that may not work, and I also wanted to be able to win the game in case I drew the Elephant King. I had two Homecomings though, so I settled for Homecomings instead. This list is mostly incomplete since I did want to put Elephant Kings into the deck. This list would likely be better if Elephant King was in it instead or if you had Roach as an alternate wincon (which isn't a bad idea since it combos nicely with Homecoming). Here's a video of this deck in action: Swordcraft: Assault Swordcraft The initial idea was a Support Cannon deck, but I couldn't use Albert as a finisher since I didn't own him. Nor could I use Cinderella to abuse her bounce effect with the cannon. Nor could I use Gawain to make your commanders come out a bit earlier. In other words, I didn't have many of the tools that could make a Support Cannon deck viable. Instead I focused on making the deck as functional without Support Cannon as possible while also still being able to use the cannon in longer games. Bloodcraft: Vengeance Dominator This was my own spin on Vengeance Blood. You'll notice that it's a lot worse than a regular Vengeance Blood since I have to put Mormo and Unica in as part of the vengeance package. This deck ends up too reliant on getting Belphegor and your vengeance-required cards on curve in order to function for it to be competitive, but it's actually real fun and can do some nasty stuff in unranked. Havencraft: Kel OTK The idea of this deck was effectively that of a control-oriented version of Roach Forest, where you have a guaranteed tutor for your win condition and have enough combo tools elsewhere to win off of it. However, this version heavily relies on Monastic Holy Waters and Pegasus Sculptures, so I have every tutor I have to get the latter while I have Monks of Purification to guarantee that I have enough Holy Waters for the combo while also giving me freedom to play them earlier. The deck is pretty fun but not particularly impressive.