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  1. Stop Everything

    Yeah I pulled, like, 2 within the first week of Chronogenesis. I theorized that I got two copies so quickly relative to other rng leaders because it was bronze and the rarity of the leader card reflected how often you pulled it.
  2. Discuss Eternal here

    Given how much Direwolf hates combo decks I find it hard to believe that a combo deck was ever popular, let alone strong and in the meta.
  3. Discuss Eternal here

    I made the mistake of playing Jekk's Bounty first. The lore is nice but Quarry is the only remotely playable card in it, not to mention that the lore happens before the events of the tutorial campaign.
  4. Leader Poll and 50 Free Boosters

    I knew we were guaranteed 1 legendary in the legendary pack, but I didn't expect to get three. In addition, the Cinderella is animated.
  5. Manasurge tier list 6/5

    I made 5 predictions for the mini-expansion, and got 3 right: Lindworm Dragon being tier 2, aggro Forest being tier 1, and Artifact Portal being tier 3. I also got my midrange Sword half-right (I thought it would drop to tier 2 first, and then rise back up to tier 1, but I also didn't expect any deck, let alone two, to overtake it). I also underestimated the power level of Filene. Yes, it's a good card, but I didn't expect it to single-handedly carry PDK Dragon to tier 1 or Lindworm Dragon to tier 2 (Lindworm Dragon I thought would run both Dragonplate Warrior and Filene since I thought both were good cards). Also, @fangore you can reinstall this game now. No nerfs but it looks like midrange Sword isn't the best deck in the game now.
  6. Luminous Mage, because I have terrible memories of TotG Arena from back then because of this card. It's literally the only reason I stopped playing arena as much since your Swordcraft drafts were terrible without it and broken with it.
  7. Balance changes for the 29th!

    My prediction on Lindworm Dragon being tier 2 was made before the release of the mini-expansion. I've been playing mostly Eternal since the mini-expansion hit, so I can't say on what it is now, and making predictions before the mini-expansion hits tend to be wrong.
  8. Favorite Legendary entry animations?

    Mythril Golem's orbital laser cannon, followed by Magna Legacy's orbital laser cannon.
  9. Balance changes for the 29th!

    To be fair I legitimately think that the new cards Dragoncraft got will make greatly improve Lindworm Dragon to at minimum a tier 2 deck, but even I'm not so crazy to think Filene alone will move it up to tier 2, let alone tier 1.
  10. If a bot couldn't get Face Hunter to legend in its prime then there's no way a midrange Sword bot could get to grandmaster. The only decision making in Face Hunter is in its name: go face, and midrange Sword has a lot more nuance than that, on top of Face Hunter being about the same power level in its prime as current midrange Sword.
  11. Face Hunter, Pirate Warrior, and Spiteful Druid could all probably make legend with a bot when they were strong too. All these decks play on curve and punch face every turn without a whole lot of interaction from the opponent. Midrange Sword, aggro Sword, and neutral Blood/Sword are nearly as easy when they were strong, although I think that only aggro Sword and neutral Blood would actually be able to make grandmaster during the 1 month it was top tier.
  12. Balance changes for the 29th!

    I wonder where Cygames sees this "diverse game environment", because that's sure not what we players see. We see midrange Sword dominating harder than any other deck in Shadowverse's past except for neutral Blood, and yet we don't get any nerfs to the deck for two months. Just great.
  13. IMO Dragoncraft got the highest number of good cards for its decks. Filene is obviously amazing (and could bring a lot of Dragon archetypes up), while Dragonplate Warrior I think is really strong and Oceanus fits almost exactly into Lindworm Dragon (although I'm not sure how good it is in that deck, if it's necessary, or if it will even see play at all). I think it's new toys are good enough to bump it up a couple of tiers, but obviously it's not going to be super amazing. My mistake. I actually meant it will drop to tier 2 before going back up to tier -1. It's so busted it justifies adding a new tier above tier 0 that's in the negatives.
  14. From the mini-expansion, here's my prediction on the meta after the update, based on my own opinions of the cards. You guys can probably guess as to what cards I think will improve these decks. - Lindworm Dragon and PDK Dragon will jump to tier 2 - aggro Forest will jump to tier 1 - midrange Sword will drop to tier 2 for a period less than a week while they experiment with their new cards before jumping back up to tier 1 - artifact Portal will drop to tier 3
  15. You're forgetting the fact that BKB was also in vengeance Blood (which was tier 1 at the same time aggro Blood was) and neutral Blood (which was tier 0 and was more broken than midrange Sword is now). You're also forgetting that Sword also has a lot of other good cards that are statistically overstatted. Of all the overstatted bullcrap that Sword gets access to, you have to complain about a strong card that isn't overstatted on any of its play point values? Valse is 2pp's worth of stats for 3pp, Fatal Spellbomb is 2pp worth of value for 1pp (at best, it's actually slightly less than 2pp and slightly more than 1pp), and Holy Lightbomb is 6pp worth of value for 5pp. No matter what, Valse is either 2pp for 3pp, 4pp for 4pp, or 8pp for 8pp in terms of value, respectively. You're also forgetting that Sword has a lot of other strong cards that make midrange Sword good. Nerf Valse, and nothing will change. At least if nothing else gets nerfed. Finally, you're forgetting that cards have never been nerfed for flexibility alone, and Valse is literally just that: flexibility. I'm not saying Valse shouldn't be nerfed, I'm just saying that there's no justification for just Valse nerfs.