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  1. His point was that Aegis doesn't get shoved into every Havencraft deck because it's too good. It just fits into a very specific deck. Call of the Wild was absolutely shoved into every Hunter deck because it was too good.
  2. This is somewhat inaccurate. Call of the Wild was nerfed during One Night in Karazhan. The expansion afterwards was Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, where Hunter was the worst class in the game. Hunter was not destroyed by the Call of the Wild nerf until the next expansion, Hunter was destroyed until the expansion afterwards.
  3. I had an idea for a deck built around White Wolf of Eldwood that used a rather interesting synergy. The current uses for White Wolf of Eldwood are: - Wolf Bolt for massive burst damage from hand when combined with Silver Bolt - Wolf Rose for massive burst damage from hand when combined with Rose Queen - Roach Forest as a tech against big wards when coupled with Homecoming - Lock Forest as a meme deck that stalls with Forest Archelon This concept takes a look at another big Forestcraft follower that doesn't get a whole lot of attention: Ancient Forest Dragon. A 0pp Ancient Forest Dragon allows a Forestcraft player to protect a board and their face, and the board they set up can threaten lethal, especially if you couple it with Elf Girl Liza. It also offers a cool name for a deck: Wolf Dragon. Some strategies include: - Deepwood Anomaly: simple, remarkably effective, but forces 50/50's with your White Wolf pulls and forces more White Wolves than normal to be put into your deck for any degree of consistency, which tanks your late game. - Flame/Glass: also simple, also very effective, and also have the added benefit of expanding on a neutral package, which offers fuel for powerful neutralcraft cards like Elf Twins' Assault and Hector; however, it's not too consistent because it relies on 2 combo pieces to work - Master of the Canopies/ Forest Gigas: relies on a large hand size, but is the most practical setup to play on curve, and can potentially set up big damage plays by turn 6/7; however, you probably are better off playing Wolf Bolt instead; probably want to play Arriet with this too for tons of damage - Prince of Darkness (or any other neutral win condition): simple, effective, but forces you to wait a turn with your cheap Forest Dragon I wanted to try out these strategies, but don't have all the cards necessary for them (I have 2 White Wolves but only 1 Dragon and no PoD's or Anomalies) and wanted some help theorycrafting a deck around them, including how to set up the rest of your deck, especially in a fast meta like this.
  4. Your Alice deck consists of a majority of neutral cards, and you aren't guaranteed to play a card on turn 1. The odds are in your favor for getting at least 2-3 buffs in your hand, and Alice is already well above curve if you buff even just one follower, whether it's in your hand or on the field, so it doesn't even matter if you don't buff anything in your hand if you have at least 1 neutral follower on the field. Get 2 buffs and she becomes by far the best 4-drop in the game, only gets better than that with more neutrals, and never not buffs something if you have any sort of neutrals in your deck.
  5. If any 1 of those followers lives, then Alice buffs them well beyond what's reasonable for a statline for a follower of that statline without losing any stats herself. This is on top of the followers she buffs in your hand. On average, Alice already buffs at least 2-3 followers in her hand when she's played, making her a 5/6 when played on an empty board, which is already insane for a 4-drop. Put it on the worst neutral 1-3 drops in the game and all of a sudden she has stats that most late-game cards would be jealous of.
  6. In my neutral Bloodcraft deck I put in 3 Goblins 3 Ambling Wraiths. As a turn 1 play Wraith is much better than Merman and contributes some extra chip damage the end the game faster. I don't even care that Merman is neutral and buffs other neutrals because of how much better Wraith is in every other situation.
  7. I disagree with the idea that Phantom Cat needs to be nerfed. Even though a lot of decks are running Phantom Cat as a finisher, not every deck is doing that, and many decks are still running Spawn of the Abyss as a finisher. Since it's so split between the two different cards as a finisher, it's really hard to justify nerfing Phantom Cat unless Cygames also nerfs Spawn of the Abyss, and double-dipping on nerfs to neutral Bloodcraft's finishers may not be necessary since the only reason they are consistent as finishers is because of how dominant neutral Bloodcraft's early game is.
  8. T1 Wise Merman T2 Minotaur T3 Harnessed Flame T4 Alice. "But Aru're, those neutrals suck" I know, but it still makes Alice a problem.
  9. This is not legal for our purposes. I'm not sure if it would be enough. Each bounce effect that you use means that there would be less bounce effects for the Rhinoceroach, and Forestcraft only has access to 7 cards with bounce effects on allies: Nature's Guidance, Dungeoncrawl Fairy, Pixie Mischief, Ancient Elf, Rose Gardener, Elf Prophetess, and Homecoming. Any Homecomings and Ancient Elves you use can be assumed to be on 3 Alices, but the current damage record for Forestcraft relies on 2 Homecomings and 2 Natures Guidances. If you can figure out a strategy that can use Alice to buff Roaches and still break the record, then I'll post out a new record, but until then the record likely won't change for a while.
  10. This is not legal for our purposes. I'm not sure if it would be enough. Each bounce effect that you use means that there would be less bounce effects for the Rhinoceroach, and Forestcraft only has access to 7 cards with bounce effects on allies: Nature's Guidance, Dungeoncrawl Fairy, Pixie Mischief, Ancient Elf, Rose Gardener, Elf Prophetess, and Homecoming. Any Homecomings and Ancient Elves you use can be assumed to be on 3 Alices, but the current damage record for Forestcraft relies on 9 bounce effects on Urd to set up, and 4 combo pieces are 2 Homecomings and 2 Nature's Guidances. Putting Alice in there and bouncing her around while also being able to use Looking Glass to make the Roaches neutral may end up taking up so many combo tools that you can't pull off the combo.
  11. It does surprisingly little, so it's not affecting much, and in fact only affects the raw damage but not the tiers. It doesn't affect Havencraft because Regal Falcon isn't in your hand and it doesn't affect the Forestcraft record because the Roaches start in your deck. It also doesn't affect the Dragoncraft record because Hydra needs to be a Dragoncraft follower to receive buffs from Wyrm God of the Skies Runecraft and Shadowcraft both gain +9 damage because it's 3 buffs on 3 attacks, although the timing on using Queen of the Dread Sea on Deathly Tyrant is a bit strict. Bloodcraft gains +3 damage because Gilgamesh is the only follower that attacks. Swordcraft is the only real exception because there are multiple followers in the combo and each follower's attack stat counts, and will probably be a pain to recalculate.
  12. It doesn't say that the buff is removed when the amulet leaves the area. For reference, Blood Moon activates vengeance for you, but explicitly states that the effect is removed when the amulet leaves the area, but Wood of Brambles and Test of Strength don't say that. For other references, Woodland Refuge, Front Lines, and Guardian Sun all provide similar effects, yet don't state that those effects get removed when the amulet leaves the area, and as a result the effects don't get removed when they leave the area. By that logic, you'd think that WoB and ToS's buffs would stay on the followers they buffed because they don't say that the buffs are removed when they leave the area, but they don't stay on the followers.
  13. Nerfing Goblin to a 1/1 would make the card unplayable by itself and gives a massive nerf to Goblin Princess, both of whom don't need nerfs at all. Saying Feria should be nerfed and Alice shouldn't isn't seeing the big picture of what's wrong with the game. There's a massive difference in winrate between decks that go first and decks that go second and Alice is contributing to that while Feria is not. There's no world in which you can justify nerfing Feria without Alice when you look at the stats of literally every deck in the game.
  14. This is actually very relieving to hear at this point that there will be nerfs later in this month, and to a wide number of cards too. The only cards that I would think are guaranteed to get nerfs are Tove and Alice, with the understanding that: - Alice Bloodcraft is by far the best deck in the game - Alice decks in general have early games that no non-Alice deck can deal with on a consistent basis - Decks in general have a significantly higher winrate when going first Why Tove and Alice? - Tove is the only card that sees play in Alice Bloodcraft and not other Bloodcraft variants, and other Bloodcraft variants are not too far out of line - Alice is the only card that pushes the early game of Alice decks (excluding Alice Bloodcraft, who also has Tove) out of line since every other early game card that other neutral decks have access to are rather fair and haven't been overpowered in previous expansions Goblin Leader is also a problem, but he's not nearly as big a problem as Alice is because he's not pushing their early game out of line by a significant degree the way Alice is. Depending on how Alice gets nerfed Goblin Leader could take a large indirect nerf because a large portion of why Goblin Leader is strong is because of how good he is with Alice. I guarantee you that Feria will not get nerfed. Winrates for going first are so high right now that a card that's better when going second is both not problematic but also is designed to help alleviate the issue of going second. Spawn likely won't get nerfed just because he isn't the only finisher Alice Bloodcraft is using (since many decks are running Phantom Cat) and no other Bloodcraft deck is both out of line and using Spawn of the Abyss. Phantom Cat likely also won't get nerfed because of that same reason. Big Knuckle Bodyguard will probably get nerfed, but only Alice Bloodcraft is out of line. However, it is far out of line for what a follower of that play point cost should be (although I wouldn't be surprised if all that happened to it was that its self-damage effect always triggered regardless of whether or not it was in vengeance). I think Cygames will predict that Havencraft will be too strong with Bloodcraft nerfs since the top Havencraft decks do very well against non-Bloodcraft decks, and as a result I'm making a bold prediction that Snow White will be nerfed, as it's far out of line for what a 2-drop should be and is a large reason why many Havencraft decks can do well against non-Bloodcraft decks due to her early game presence.