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  1. The more I look at Barbarossa the more I think he's complete garbage. An 8pp 5/4 with rush is complete garbage. White Wolf of Eldwood, Rose Queen, Nepthys, and Mordecai can be argued for their statlines because they actually function as hard win conditions, but Barbarossa doesn't have that. You can compare him to Ouroboros, but it's strictly better than Ouroboros because Ouroboros has better stats, doesn't have to sacrifice itself to obtain board control when it's played, can trade with 2 things on evo, and can go face the turn it's played. A 5pp 5/4 with rush is fair, but Swordcraft has better 5-drops than a puny 5/4 with rush. A 2pp 5/4 with rush is amazing, but no intelligent opponent will give you a 2pp 5/4 with rush since it triggers at the end of the opponent's turn. The only exception is if their board already has 3 followers to trigger Barbarossa's effect, but if that's the case then your opponent is likely playing an aggro deck and will win the following turn.
  2. This is true with a lot of cards, not just Nepthys. Lion of the Golden City made Dual Flames playable, White Wolf of Eldwood made Silver Bolt playable, and several Runecraft cards from Rise of Bahamut like Daria, Craig, and Clark made previously unusable spellboost followers like Emylou more playable. But then there are a lot of cards that aren't worth using even when they have the support to use them. Lion of the Golden City makes Summon Pegasus better, but you still wouldn't run Summon Pegasus because there are a lot of better amulets to use with it. There are also other cards with which the support for them can't be introduced because it would make other decks overpowered. You could print support for a spellboost control deck to make Mythril Golem more playable, but support for that type of control deck would make DShift too powerful. There are also cards that give too generalized power such that no deck would ever want it unless the card itself is blatantly overstatted for its effect. Elf Wanderer and Deadly Widow are good examples of this. There are also cards that have an interesting effect that decks would like but give up too much stats for it. Luminous Knight is a good example of this due to losing stats both before and after evolution (and let's be real, no follower should ever lose stats both before and after evolution just because of the followers evolve effect). These are the types of cards that could really use a buff to be more playable since no card release would ever make them viable.
  3. My hope is that Cygames moves from 4 expansions per year into 3 expansions and a giant expansion-sized balanced patch designed to provide both buffs and nerfs to a variety of cards. There are tons of cards that have been powercreeped out of existence by the presence of new cards, but at the same time there are older cards that were released below the curve of what's acceptable at that time that a lot of classes don't have many options outside of what's released in recent expansions. There are also a lot of older cards that offer unique deck archetypes that provide interesting gameplay experiences for both players that get lost because said cards are bad, while others could use updates with recently introduced mechanics like Rush or Clash. Using set rotations has a similar effect, but is a bandaid solution that restricts the card pool available to players and favors classes that has really good sets for whatever constant pool of cards remain usable for players (which would likely be the standard and basic sets, and heavily favors Forest and Sword). Wide balance updates are also harder to pull off than set rotations, but the reward for players is much larger.
  4. There's a good reason I said "if any card actually needed nerfing" that Scarlett Sabreur should be nerfed. I'm personally not convinced that Scarlett Sabreur was overpowered in the context of the game, but there's no question that it was still overvalued for a 5-drop (although I have no problem with Cygames doing balance updates based on design philosophy). If neutral Sword need nerfing, then Council should absolutely be nerfed if it's concluded that it's necessary. However, it's also worth noting that there are 3 other top tier neutral decks, so nerfs likely favor nerfing Alice due to her being in all three of the top tier decks, although it's also possible that nerfs to other supporting cards in those deck are necessary (although I won't get into detail about that because I might write way too much).
  5. I agree that aggro Blood wasn't oppressive in winrate or playrate, but it was still better than neutral Sword at the time. If any card actually needed needed nerfing at the time Scarlett Sabreur was a better candidate than Council of Card Knights because Sabreur was pushing a better deck than Council. If neutral Swordcraft was better than or equal to aggro Blood I would agree that Council should have been nerfed, but the power level of every card is heavily dependent on the state of the game around them.
  6. Well of course Council of Card Knights is better than old Scarlett Sabreur! That's of course why Neutral Sword has been a tier 1 deck and Bloodcraft hasn't been playable at all this expansion! Oh wait that obviously didn't happen until the nerf to Sabreur. Neutral Sword attained tier 1 status the first week of every patch this expansion but fell at minimum to a tier 2 deck while Bloodcraft has had at least one tier 1 deck (at the start it had a tier 0 deck) during the first two months of Wonderland Dreams. I agree that Council of Card Knights is objectively better than old Scarlett Sabreur, but in the context of the game at the time Scarlett Sabreur was better because it was a staple in a stronger deck, and it doesn't change the fact that both of those cards are far beyond the value a 5-drop should have.
  7. You can argue that Aurelia is bad because she doesn't see play and has been powercreeped out so hard by so many of Swordcraft's other amazing 5-drops, but it's a fairly poor argument since Aurelia is still technically a solid 5-drop, and could probably see play in any other class. On the flipside, any legendary that doesn't see play in any deck that isn't meme-tier can be considered bad. Gawain, Roland, Aurelia, Otohime, Alexander, and Hero of Antiquity are all bad because they don't see play outside of control Sword (which is bad) and commander Sword (which is really bad), and in the world of card games, "bad" and "don't see play" are basically the same thing.
  8. It's probably better to keep at least 1-2 Dramatic Dragonbladers in the deck just to have a more consistent activator for the combo, but having 3 is likely overkill. I noticed from playing other combo decks (most notably Ragewyrm OTK) is that if you have too many cards whose only purpose is to activate your combo then your deck loses too much consistency elsewhere. In this case of the Ragewyrm OTK, you had 4 dedicated combo pieces: Red Ragewyrm, Tilting at Windmills, Arriet, Soothing Harpist, and Through the Looking Glass. I could tutor two of these cards, but I had to cycle through the rest of my deck in order to find the other combo pieces. I focused on a different win condition to combo with the Tilting at Windmills by putting in Harnessed Flame, Hamsa, and Call of Cocytus instead of Red Ragewyrm, and since Hamsa and CoC were both useful outside of the specific Windmill combo my consistency improved dramatically.
  9. Flash Step has really sick value depending on how you use it. Alexander is arguably the best card to pull out with it, and against some matchups could be good enough to keep both cards in the opening hand. Leonidas is better if your opponent has a bane follower on the board since you can punish it with a Leonidas that doesn't lose tempo. On the officer side Gawain and Fangblade Slayer are better to pull than most of the other officers, but since most of the better standalone cards to pull with Flash Step are commanders it's not all that impressive.
  10. Barbarossa is good, but he'll never see play unless Sword gets some nerfs in the 5 slot. Albert, Council of Card Knights, and Luminous Mage are, on average, so broken in the 5-slot that it's not worth playing a 5pp card that's not completely broken.
  11. If I'm not mistaken Aegis Haven is actually doing pretty good right now because it beats neutral Haven, which is arguably the best deck right now (if not one of the two best decks right now along with neutral Rune). Seraph can also be assumed to be doing pretty good since it also has a high winrate and enough of a play rate to assume it's winrate isn't just statistical noise, and although many of the games it loses are recorded as Aegis Haven when it loses before it plays Seraph, Aegis Haven has a high enough winrate to assume Seraph is still a strong deck.
  12. Mr. Full Moon can't be thrown into every deck. No deck can afford to run a 6pp 3/3 without making significant tradeoffs elsewhere whereas there's no reason you can't build a deck around Beauty and the Beast or Heavenly Aegis, and Mr. Full Moon is so bad against everything else that it's just not worth using for 1-2 specific cards.
  13. You also complained that Swordcraft got the best legendary from Tempest of the Gods. That same legendary turned out to be pretty bad. I don't trust you making rational decisions regarding the power level of new Swordcraft legendaries (both he one we've had revealed and the one that hasn't been revealed). Yes, Barbarosa is good, but it's for the class with three of the most broken 5-drops in the game. How does it compete with Albert? It doesn't. How does it compete with Luminous Mage? It doesn't. How does it compete with Council of Card Knights? It doesn't. Those three cards skew Swordcraft's 5-slot so much that everything that isn't one of those three cards is completely unplayable, and I would kill for nerfs to those three cards so that other good 5-drops like Barbarosa could see play without having to compete with some completely broken 5-drops like Albert. I also feel like I'm wrong about Venomfang Medusa. She's closer to being on the same power level of Barbarosa, but she's way more playable than Barbarosa due to Bloodcraft having a less competitive 4-slot than Swordcraft's extremely competitive 5-slot, which is what I'd argue to being better than Barbarosa. Cassiopeia is objectively stronger than Barbarosa (she's around ~8pp worth of value for 6pp, Barbarosa is effectively 5pp for 5pp), but like you said, it's to support a struggling class. It's appropriate for Cassiopeia to be slightly stronger because she's supposed to help a struggling class. Please don't lump me with those Swordcraft players. I'm a Haven/Shadow main that likes to dabble with just about every class in some shape or form. It's just that sometimes you say some ridiculous stuff that makes no sense in the context of the game and the stats we have that I feel compelled to defend other players as someone who isn't biased towards that direction yet still has played enough of the class to make fair judgement of what the class has to offer. I also played a fair bit of League of Legends, where stuff gets nerfed for game health all the time, which explains my stance on the nerfs done over the past couple months. Ideally every class should get good cards in some shape or form, but how good the newer cards are should be spread out differently based on which classes are good or bad. Haven is really good right now, so they should get cards that are strong for strategies that Haven doesn't have right now, while Forestcraft is really bad right now so they should get good cards for existing strategies.
  14. Just because Sword has gotten the best cards this expansion doesn't mean that the Swordcraft cards are overpowered themselves. It's just that Cygames really hasn't printed particularly amazing cards for most of the other classes. And your anti-Swordcraft bias also shows up very well here. Barbarosa is good, but is trash compared to Albert, Council, and Luminous Mage. Cassiopeia and Venomfang Medusa look significantly stronger by comparison.
  15. Does Loki really only work on the next follower you play? Because if it does then it's actually complete garbage. At the same time if Cygames actually has a design philosophy that states that late game cards are intentionally overpowered so games don't last too long then having Loki work on every non-targetted fanfare after it's played makes way more sense than having it only work on the next fanfare.