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  1. This sounds fun! Amulet Haven-counter - Hopeless Prayer (2pp/amulet) If a countdown amulet is played give it X amount to its countdown, X equal to its countdown when played. Ramp Dragon-counter - Rivalry Match (3pp/amulet) Your opponent cannot play followers with a cost higher than the highest cost follower you control. Last Words Shadow-counter - Gravekeeper D'ath (2pp/follower) 1/3 If a follower with Last Words is played, or a follower gain a Last Words by another card effect, change it to Last Words: Banish 1 random card from your hand. Combo Forest-counter - Guardian of the Seventh Realm (3pp/follower) 1/4 Ward Fanfare: Both players can only play 2 cards each turn. Storm Sword-counter - Morale Drop (2pp/amulet) Countdown 3 Followers cannot attack leader during the turn it is played, if a follower with Storm is played, add 1 from this card's countdown. Earth Rite Rune-counter - Terra Adventurer, Erd (4pp/follower) 3/4 Fanfare: Destroy all Earth Rite amulet, then gain 1/1 and Rush for each card destroyed. Vengeance Blood-counter - Prince of Pain, Zick (3pp/follower) 2/2 If an effect that deals damage to its own leader is activated, double its damage. You take no damage from enemy card effect.
  2. Srry for the late reply, and youre welcome. Like i stated in the OP, 2 Merlin, 2 Lou, and 2 Library is an overkill search (got a flooded hands) , so cutting one/two of them is actually fine or maybe better, also Lou is pretty much do the same job as Merlin tho. (i actually trash out library and doing good, flooded hands turn 4-5 didint happen like i usually do) I dont recommend hex spell (Mutagenic or Winter's), since its basically does small thing imo and opp can still punch you with flame rat/snowman. But of course its just my biased opinion, if hex spell turns out to be good, then use it lel Instead, if you have a problem with non-targetable follower/ambush, try Fire Chain instead, mass control removal that can hit them since its, in YGO language called "non-targeting removal" aka "RNG removal" in generic games, also has cheaper cost than Mutagenic/Winter's. EDIT: I also tried cutting Calamitious Curse (since post catacomb nerf i thought aggro shadow lose its popularity, but instead its still the same for bahamut's sake).
  3. Funny, since they *ban* (maintenance?) Phoenix Roost, i keep losing my winning streak on ranked (because i use Phoenix Satan OTK) but now i use Zell Storm and quite good, on AA, and found myself enjoying my old D Shift Rune. Okay about the topic title, and the deck, shall we? For the deck list, click here pls Okay you probably already know it so i will explain the card that usually dont/never used on normal D Shift before. - Scrap-Iron Smelter: D Shift is a slow deck that relies on late game OTK (lol, i like OTK deck whatever card games im in, either YGO or Shadowverse), slow deck means you need to stall the game in order to commence the late game OTK using D Shift, so a follower with a ward is essential here, lack of any ward in general Runecraft (outside ER) means youre susceptible to Storm-related deck/cards. ik Summon Ice Form exist, but only last a turn, while Scrap-Iron Smelter can be reused via Kaleido + re activate it and combo'd with Calamitious Curse, see below. So i run 3. - Calamitious Curse: Because zzzzzzzzzzz i hate Prince Catacomb, and Shadowcraft follower that floats around endlessly to become sticky and hard to clear, combo'd with Scrap-Iron, you have a deadly mass removal. 2 at best, to increase consistency and decrease clogging brick hand. - Rite of Exorcism: "What?! No Wind Blast/Fiery Embrace? Youre gonna ded *kek*" except im not :p, Fiery Embrace is one of those clunky, and cloggy earlier turn, require another spell to decrease the cost which is, i think too late when you need removal and just topdecked it. Wind blast is okay, possibly more efficient than Fiery Embrace/Exorcism, but rarely kill big wall unless you spellboosted it 5-10 times, so Excorcism is my choice here, its versatility to kill amulet and a normal cost also counted without waiting to spellboost it, and of course narrowing down the spell with spellboost effect on your deck. (i see a few Dragonclaw Pendant Dragoncraft, or to kill Test of Strength because it stop your D Shift OTK). - Dragonbond Mage: Well, you see, D Shift has consistency issues, i already tried running Flame Destroyer/Ginger/Harnessed Twins, all of them either clog your hand earlier turn and does nothing until you D Shift. "But What about Rune Blade Summoner?" it requires you to spellboost her atleast 8-more for a lethal OTK attack, and if you got her late, you cant D Shift opp and waiting to pile her attack which is bad, while Dragonbond Mage has exact cost, deadly effect when used in this deck. The only drawback is you need your D Shift cost 3 (spellboosted atleast 15 times), but worth it. I run 2 for the sake of consistency/decreasing the chance of getting cloggy hand. Since in this deck, the only spell with spellboost are Fate's Hand and D Shift, you have the consistency you need to grab D Shift earlier turn via Lou/Merlin/Library. Running only 3 kinds of followers (Merlin, Dragonbond Mage, and Levi), means the chance you got a dead hand is more less likely, and can more focusing on spamming spell for spellboost. "Hey, you run 2 Library/2 Merlin/2 Lou? thats an overkill search and your hand gonna explode!" Well . . . that is mostly true, but i like it. Thats why i posted here, as im open for solution or advice from D Shift master here >.< Anyhow, this deck has good matchups against aggro Shadow, as long as you can grab Calamity, as for others, unless its not aggro its fine (i only lose to aggro blood and rarely aggro sword) as long as you know what to do with the deck, youre good to go.
  4. First of all, "Excuse the indecorum" for: > If i post this in the wrong section. > If this has been posted/reported before. So to the point, see below image: See there? Both Feena and P Rune has the same nominal of both liquifying and creating, while normally, liquifying should be cheaper. Things to note: > Both are Silver cards which costs 200 to create via using vials. > Both are good cards that see a lot of play in their respective decks. > Both came from the same pack, Rise of Bahamut. This happens when i go to check P Rune nerf and realized that both creating and liquifying has nominal of 200, while Feena is is just happened to notice. Idk if this is on purpose? Or maybe there are other cards that has the same nominal like this. But this alone proof that creating both Feena and P Rune using vial is a safe way to go as you can just liquify it for the exact amount of vial needed to create. This also mean buying Rise of Bahamut packs financially slightly better, as both can just be liquify it for at least good amount of vial, out of all Silver cards. If this is unforeseen/not on purpose, i hope it is fixed (or maybe dont fix it so that i can exploit them, jk :p)
  5. Lel, keeps your head cool mister . . . This is Dragoncraft deck, "you dont need into turn 10 to use Phoenix + Satan/Bahamut". Dragon Orb/Aiela/Draconic Fervor exist to speed things up. Losing tempo? Salamander exist, rarely open Salamander? blame on your luck lel *jk* you can tech Conflagration, but i didnt run it myself, quite good after few tests. Yes i agree, Phoenix Roost is a bad card, sub-par or maybe worst when played on turn 5, sounds bad played on turn 8+ (especially when you have a full 10 orbs), BUT, i see an optimal play regarding Satan + Phoenix Roost if you ask me. So say a turn with a full orb (which you can do before turn 10 even, this is Dragoncraft, gaining orb is their thing), drop Phoenix then Satan -> end turn, then you might think "aha! opponent benefit from it, you lose tempo, phoenix suckz plz burn it with fire" except no, opp play cards do stuff then end turn, during your turn, just Alter Fate your hand, since with this deckbuild i use, you should have around 6-8 cards in your hand by that time, that means the moment you activate Altered Fate, chance of getting Astaroth Reckoning is around 50-80% of the time (if you ask my experience, i always got Astaroth Reckoning, few times i miss'd to got it, but just few times in an 100+ match i did). Then the OTK begins, unavoidable, if you didnt get Astaroth Reckoning, double Dis's Damnation, double Silent Rider and/or Silent Rider + Dis's Damnation is quite a force to be reckoned with, mostly can end games too. So yea this sounds like a Forest OTK, and happen almost the same time with them (turn 6-8, or 9-10 if you play aggressively without/rarely digging orb), quite funny against Forest OTK as its all about a race on "whos gonna OTK first? you or me?". Masamune looks good in theory, but didnt work in a deck like this, especially Roost-related. Since enhance wont work with Phoenix Roost, Masamune enchance costs 7 wich is expensive, better with Blazing Breath + Siegfried as it is cheaper, or even Salamander as it isnt limited to kill just one, but damaging mass follower. Cost count wise-, Salamander has an enchance too but i run it since the enhance costs 6, means i can still play Siegfried to a follower that still survive Salamander, while enhance Masamune only narrowed into either Ivory Dragon, or any 3 or less cost cards. So even if i run Masamune, i would never/rarely use its enhance, means i would use it earlier game for a vanilla follower worth 3 costs, as late game, there are better cards with enhance to use. So yea, taking out Altered Fate > Masamune is like taking out the core of this deck, a deck with Phoenix Roost feat. Satan and Bahamut, where the combo, Roost + Satan, then next turn Altered Fate is guaranted to end games. Dragon Emissary is good, searcher is always good in any card games imo. So yea . . . even if its slow. Yea you might think simple Ramp deck will do better, but sadly, so far, ive almost unbeaten against any Dragoncraft Build (lose once against Wildfang OTK, t'was me making a huge misplay and lead me to my downfall), also normal Ramp Dragoncraft been used by many Dragoncraft users soo yea, kinda want to be different, as im easily got bored over something, especially something that being overused. Also simple curve ramp that does "hah, this turn i summon this guy, next turn summon that guy, then those guy" is just too boring imo, and almost no strategy at all, since you basically summon this and that, face damage, do the same 'til exhausted. Its just . . . not my playstyle i think . . . so forgive me. Believe it or not, with the increasing numbers of Runecraft users on ranked, this deck has a good matchups against them, just saying. And now currently im on B rank, from no rank with this deck. Gonna climb up and see how far this deck can go, if it can reach A or even Master rank, well thats good. So my conclusions on Phoenix Roost, you can activate it mid-game if you have Bahamut, bait them and bam! nuke, late game much better with Satan + Altered Fate, yea it benefit opp more, but by the time they end turn and during our turn Alter Fate our hand, there wont be next turn as mostly, the game ends on our hands, so the benefit we speak off is almost non-existent as they cant use the benefit we give. And update into the deck (im too laaaaaaazzzyyyy to update the op so ill give ya the link of the deck codes instead, been back from a school vacation so, sorry super tired rn ;w;) https://shadowverse-portal.com/deckbuilder/create/4?hash=1.4.62sZ2.62sZ2.62sZ2.5_394.5_394.65BUS.65BUS.65BUS.61QWQ.61QWQ.61QWQ.5_38w.5_38w.5_38w.62vkA.62vkA.62vkA.6AaSQ.6AaSQ.6AaSQ.62sZM.62sZM.62sZM.6923Y.6923Y.5_4sI.5_4sI.66j8S.66j8S.66j8S.6AY0A.6AY0A.6AY0A.62xhK.62xhK.61SE6.61SE6.694Vo.694Vo.694Vo Notice 3 Bahamut? YAY! Because during my vacation i still play Shadowverse and somehow manage to have 2 more Bahamut, the deck now more consistent and dinamic imo. Match-ups wise, it has bad match-ups against Shadowcraft as Salamander and Bahamut, even Siegfried uneffective against their float-Lich effect, but if you can Satan them faster before they can double Mordecai, you can win with the right strategy, and luck. Also thx for replying to this thread, im still open for recommendations to this deck tho and much appreciated, also g'night~
  6. Maintenance on the 29th

    Going against aggro swordcraft, just need the last attack but then "shadowverse is under maintenance, thank you for your patience" and the game ended draw i suppose. Yaaaaay i shouldve win, but srsly talk about perfect timing. So still no connection fix? or is it just me having connection problem? since like most of the time when the match ended, always showing "checking match results [insert countdown here]". And funny enough once i lose the match (against shadowcraft) and got that notification at the end of the match, but after checking match result and countdown reach zero, i won . . . . like wat? free win? That time i play using my phone and didnt have a chance to take a screenshot so yea, thats something rare just happening.
  7. Your Top 3 Card Games?

    - Poker with my family each week during saturday night (with my dad, big sis, and big bro, sorta with penalty game, the loser must drink a full glass of soft drink so if you keep losing, you keep drinking, and be prepared to get bloated, also the next morning you wake up is the worst morning you could have for the rest of your life). Aye its not TCG but w/e. - YGO obv (but retired currently). - Shadowverse. Well once i got someone teach me how to play CFV online, but kinda failed in the process (issues atm). Other than that i dont play any other card game iirc.
  8. Okies! Time to hit ranked match and see. Thx and good luck then~
  9. Maybe will end up like a boring essay sooo shhhhhh >.< Anyway, the Decklist: Reason why i run those cards: - Ivory Dragon: T1 body to keep up with aggro, tho its not a gamechanging, but midgame/late with overflow give you free +1 so yea, also summon Ivory topdecked Ivory kinda fun imo. - Blazing Breath/Dragon Wings/Breath of the Salamander: Blazing Breath because its cheap cost for a 2 damage. Dragon Wings, again, because aggro decks exist and can be nuts when you use a slow deck like this. Breath of the Salamander is a <3, basically weaker version of Themis Decree with enhance, and i love field nuke~ - Memeringer Angel: Nothing other than "Dont hurt me pls this turn 1/2/3", draw a card when pop*d means she's +0. - Altered Fate: Kinda mixed feelings about this, can get you out from brickness if mulligan doesnt help, or like happen to me twice, deck'd out . . . oh also you may already know it, pretty sweet if you already drop Sata- err i mean Prince of Darkness, next turn -> Phoenix Roost + Altered Fate, Apocalypse is in your hand with a half cost hmhm :3 - Dragon Oracle/Aiela, Dragon Knight/Draconic Fervor: Ayy, dig up orb, so obvious that i dont need to explain. Kinda want to remove Draco Fervor, but not sure (see Dragon Emissary). - Dragon Emissary: Again, more like complicated feelings, since from my experience activating this, 60% chance i always got Draco Fervor, 30% chance of Phoenix Roost, rest are either Dark Prince/Bahamut, which is bad, considering this is Roost-related deck, you prefer to search Dark Prince/Bahamut instead of Draco Fervor. - Uriel: Phoenix Roost consistency, but again, open Phoenix Roost topdeck multiple Uriel/vice versa means it becomes half dead, since Uriel has a mediocre stat for a 4 play point body, and become vanilla once you got all the Phoenix Roost. I once trash out Uriel -> Imprisoned Dragon, but then i rarely got Phoenix Roost .-. - Siegfried: Keeping the pace and the field pressure, cheap removal sooo, come-in mister~ - Phoenix Roost/Dark Prince/Bahamut: Needless to say, so obvious this deck build around them. Also why i run only 1 Bahamut? Bzzzzt because it aint cheap! Then why i got 2 Dark Prince, where 2 Bahamut shouldve been better? Idk, pls kill me because idk, by the time i build this deck, i think Dark Prince is much better than Bahamut which is . . . true in a certain case obv, but Phoenix Roost case, you give up a turn (turn 4/5/6) for a Roost, and next turn opp benefit from it and summon their boss/spam hatchlings to face you a damage, Bahamut help here as it basically beat the crap out of all those. Wincon: - The only and usual beat their face with damage. - Opp cant do anything against Bahamut. - Phoenix Roost + Astaroth's Reckoning + Dis's Damnation/Silent Rider for OTK. Matchups so far: - Aggro Swordcraft: Once they drop Albert, the end. Because the only Ward in the deck is Memeringer Angel, unless youre lucky, from my experience, bad matchup against slower deck like this. - Aggro Bloodcraft: Unless you open Salamander/Dragon Wings . . . gg no re, youre dead. Even if you open Salamander/Dragon Wings, it doesnt mean youre going to win. - Any Runecraft: Phoenix Roost benefit them . . . so that will be laughable with their spellboost. Somehow kinda has 60-40 winrate in my experience, obv because i win when they didnt open/got Daria in most cases. - Seraph Havencraft: Drop Seraph mid-game? thx to Phoenix Roost lel. Otherwise, youre up! - The rest im too lazy to write (its midnight now when i post this srry, kinda sleepy rn, and have a school class tomorrow v.v) Note: Voice keep whispering to my ears (not really) like . . . trash out Phoenix Roost and Draco Fervor so Dragon Emissary can straight dig Bahamut/Dark Prince and kinda confused with boss consistency vs Phoenix Roost consistency, as to should i trash out Phoenix Roost and do a turbo Dragoncraft? but Phoenix Roost + Altered Fate + Satan is handsomely sweet tho . . . Lastly, any help is appreciated and have a nice day guys~
  10. Introduce yourself here!

    Ah my apologies, tho i reroll'd my account 2 weeks ago? and now i play Roost Dragoncraft and stick to D rank and play unranked match for grinding dragoncraft exp, because . . . why not? Just leaving recently, well if you think Entermates/Performapal is a nightmare, you must see the current metagame.dek rn . . . giving me a headache, and eventually makes me want to leave.
  11. Introduce yourself here!

    Hello~ Im Kanashimi but people always called me by Kana when online or you can call me Felis (Felicia shortened, my irl names), but i prefer Kana. Formerly a YGO player, now kinda retiring it as i dont find any enjoyment with that game (the powercreep is real) Been playing Shadowverse because simply, love the art! Especially art drawn by Tachikawa Mushimaro (Cerberus, Olivia, Lucifer, Albert, Forte, and lalalalala) Competitively speaking, i play Elana Seraph Havencraft, been grinding with it 'til B3 rn. Casually speaking, kinda try to build Eidolon of Madness feat. Dream Rabbit, but kinda failed by the number of loses i got TwT Shadowverse achievement so far? Doing triple D-Shift and trust me, its awesome! Failed achievement? Want to revive Bahamut via Ceridwen but too bad opponent concede before i can evolve her zzzzz <,< Etooo what else, oyea i have a Skype and Discord so you can ask me and hit me up there.