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  1. How is this possible?

    I've had six Assassination Jutsu once as Sword.
  2. Tech cards for amulet meta

    Execute does destroy Amulets as well as enemy Followers, but Dance of Death pushes damage. There's also that Neutral card with Enhance 7 "Destroy enemy Amulet"
  3. Infinite Evo Orbs???

    I usually troll with Titania's Garden with Fairy support. But just wait for when Cygames release something dumb that allows two Evolutions a turn.
  4. Did everyone just went to Unlimited?

    Treasure Chest stuff is easier to get in Unlimited and arguably more fun. I didn't even know what the Treasure Chests were until I went in last night with Storm Haven.
  5. Audio and frame rate bugs?

    Every time I start up the game, it runs really slow and sounds like the dial tone language Terminators use. I was playing just fine last night and now I'm frustrated and confused.
  6. Hamelin's limitations

    Aside from the obvious "Put a copy of that follower into your hand." What CAN'T Hamelin copy from a follower? -Can he copy a Puppet because it is both in your hand and originally costs 3 or less? -What if that Puppet was buffed by any of the three Puppet buffs in Portalcraft; Puppeteer (gives Bane), Automaton Soldier (gives +0/+1 and Ward) and Noah (gives +1/+0 and Storm)? -Could Hamelin also copy the Ultimate Carrot given by Khaiza? "HAVE ANOTHER HELPING!" with the help of Hamelin. I just realized this little detailed mechanic things that I need answers for. Please and thank you.
  7. Thank god for rotations.

    Yep. I have more fun playing Storm Haven now. I still freak when I misplay but at times it doesn't cost me the game.
  8. Fun thing I did with Puppets

    So I was trying to get into Rotation Ranked with Portal and discovered a fun Ward synergy. I played a Hamelin and copied Flower Doll, the Silver Portal Follower that creates a Puppet on death and can create a new self if your hand is small, did that with the only other card in my hand being Test of Strength, the Neutral Amulet that gives every Follower in play, and summoned, Ward. Played Hamelin for a free Flower Doll. Played Test of Strength and lastly played both Flower Doll. My opponent didn't exactly freak out, but did waste quite a few attacks on Flower Doll because it simply refilled my hand with a new copy AND a Puppet each. It was fun to find, but easy to outplay I suppose.
  9. Cards you think are too powerful right now?

    I say someone saying Acceleratium is a problem card and I kinda agree but only because it combos pretty well with the cheap Artifacts and the PP recovery always seems like a fringe OP mechanic.
  10. Do discarded artifacts count towards Safira's total?

    I agree and I played Puppet PTP in Unlimited, of course, and that was fun
  11. +1 or +2

    So, I've noticed while forcing myself to try the Artifact side of Portalcraft that there is a fine difference between adding one or two cards to your deck, whether it be random Artifacts or a specified one. As a first idea I quickly packed everything that added a pair of cards with some exceptional draw power in the Unlimited Format. GOOD LORD PTP WAS SO EASY! But in the Rotation Format I was having difficulty trying to balance adding cards and drawing cards. War Whale is amazing by the way.
  12. Oh man, I have to play any of my other games. I hope Cygames understands that I'm not cheating on them.
  13. Ignideous made a video about this.
  14. So I jinxed myself, in a positive way

    It's soo cool! I really like the Luminous premium too.
  15. So I was gone for a month with family stuff and wasn't really able to make "any time play time", as Shadowverse says now (lol), but when I logged on last night and finished my quests I bought some packs, like one does. "I won't open anything nice." and then BLAM! a pack of all premium cards.