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  1. Lol no a 1/8 takes 20 turns to win. There is no war of attrition ever in this game. Mr. Moon will be an auto loss for Aegis. It is too good a card, it costs 3 less (so nothing like Odin which costs the same as Seraph), and completely makes Aegis useless. Anyways yeah best hope for some genius to come up with some wacky dragon deck that is completely out of left field. At a glance the cards for dragon are extremely discouraging.
  2. No it doesn't sound like enough support to keep the deck relevant, so maybe shadow can join dragon in the graveyard. I think if it worked like that one hunter spell that triggered all deathrattle allied minions on board without actually killing them, that would be strong. If you play this on curve I'm going to banish this a lot of the time as Haven, and you'll get nothing.
  3. Well certainly, there are many competitive games that contain a substantial amount of RNG. Card games are naturally going to have some of this, even if you heavily reduce/restrict RNG effect. My point with the chess comparison wasn't that shadowverse can't be a competitive game, but that it isn't possible to match chess. An amateur's chance of winning a set against the best shadowverse player is infinitely better than taking a single game from Magnus Carlsen. Yes and we all know this is a game, and business is about profit. However competitiveness and profit can run side by side. A game with outstanding balance would draw in more people. If some magical impossible apex was reached of dozens of decks with win rates around 50% of all archetypes, it would surely increase profits and bring a ton of people to the game. Satisfying complainers isn't going to increase profit. I think it is scrotiemcb, who said, 2 year olds don't know what is best for them. They will run into the street, put stuff into their mouth that is toxic, put their hand on the stove, etc. What happened to Duelyst which was a very hot property when it released and in its early stages, is they listened completely to the 2 year olds and now the game is virtually dead. Cause the game experience is garbage, and most people left. That is what is important making the game experience good. Not satisfying crybabies. To make the playerbase happy as a whole, they should focus on objectively balancing their game. If they want to leave out mechanics that irritate some a lot in future expansions, that is a different argument. However unjustly nerfing stuff, just because (your own words), is just going to piss off a lot of people. Most of those people don't visit forums or say anything, and they'll just leave. You lose profits, not gain them with such actions.
  4. Why is Roland female? It is typical policy to change males, or animals (like Cerberus) into super hot babes. Just how they do things. I think he is insane cause he is a must remove, and 2/3 premium stats. If he isn't removed he generates great additional value. In essence you don't suffer at all for playing him, and you get get massive benefits in future turns. Still waiting for clarification on if he gets +1 attack clash as well as other allied followers. The abilities should not trigger on himself, or else then he is definitely broken.
  5. Well even though dragon has been garbage all of wonderland they didn't revert the Ouroboros nerf. Despite what was said, I doubt they will ever revert a nerf even if the data shows it was a clear mistake. Cause then they would be admitting to their own incompetence, to their own error. It makes them look bad. However for people who really follow the numbers and the game, it looks much worse when they don't revert nerfs that were clearly a mistake. If dragon is garbage all this next expansion too, think they'll revert the ouroboros nerf? Nope. Rather have a dead class than admit they made a mistake. Vengeance blood is hanging on by a thread, and aggro and control blood suck. If their snake push falls flat on its face, will they revert nerfs? Nope blood can be a dead class, who cares. Oh let's talk about the snake push, the only purpose is to get out Medusiana, which requires 2 serpents are alive at the start of your turn, meaning it is absolutely in the opponent's control if you can get 2 snakes to survive. The reward is pitiful considering the condition, you don't get a 3/9 bane triple attack with storm you get it with rush. Meaning it can't do any face damage but just clear a few followers that is if you meet the condition. As for them purposefully making blood bad, blood has been crap til Totg when they pushed vengeance blood when it actually became a class worth playing at all. Then in wonderland it got another push, but considering they nerfed 5 cards, it is barely hanging on again with vengeance blood and all the other stuff went down the toilet. Cause of unjustified nerfs, blood can be crap again the next 3 months, like it has been throughout most of the game. Fair treatment, yup. Did nepthys receive enough support to continue to be a viable winning deck next expansion? Let's hope so since midrange shadow is dead, and it is all shadow has to play. Will we have 3 dead classes next expansion? Aegis is finished, if lion is nerfed as I'm sure it will unjustly be even though it never would have risen to its current win rate and playrate without the dumb previous balance patch. Well what do haven players play then? 4 dead classes. Maybe we'll just have sword and forest broken dominant, with rune being viable but not close to their level. That is kind of what it is looking like. Will they get balance right? The only time they were close was DE, every other time they failed miserably. So history isn't in their favor, and they clearly strongly pushed forest and sword this expansion, and gave some classes like nothing who are already weak (dragon), so the chances of them magically getting it right this time? I think close to zero. Though I hope I am wrong.
  6. Yes! Cool. Well I have just over 25k gold right now, so just enough. Was going to do some drafts or forges, but I'll save it for this.
  7. I agree Olivia would be a great card to be made part of the new standard set. I wouldn't drop Lucifer though, he's found a lot of creative use throughout the entire game's cycle and is one of the best designed cards, being able to be very defensive unevolved and very aggressive evolved. Alice...could make it, however I don't really like neutrals being a major part of the game, like we have currently. Either way yes this would be hard to do, and the cards chosen should be ones that fit the class theme and also are unique and interesting. Stuff like Nepthys, Seraph, Bloody Mary, etc.
  8. The game is on a sharp downward trend as far as credibility and being something to be taken seriously. It has hot girls, is overly generous, so I don't think it will 'die' anytime soon. However their recent actions have been terrible for the game, and seems like they haven't learned much after looking at the new expansion cards. This is not the shadowverse I fell in love with. The serious balance team that nerfed only when absolutely necessary, and didn't give a damn about what the community cried about except addressing them like the immature children that they are as they did during DE when commenting on D shift and Elana. No, now the balance team panders to these individuals, and the result is horrendous balance, and killing entire classes for months. No it is never going to match chess as a competitive game, cause chess doesn't have RNG. You have the same pieces the only difference is who gets to go first. In chess generally if you lose, there is no one to fault but yourself. It is almost a perfect competitive game, besides that someone gets to go first which there is no way around. However that doesn't excuse Shadowverse for being an absolute joke, it can be a serious competitive game if it goes back to its original way of doing things. Stop this monthly crap and just nerfing a bunch of stuff for no good reason, ones so bad they can't even explain it in a way that makes sense.
  9. Well that is a mighty chunk of Eris storytelling we are getting, look forward to it and the continuation of other character stories. The increased max levels, more rewards, etc all good. However the big thing is the balance patch. Will it be a joke like the last two? That is what concerns me most, particularly considering certain crafts "cough, sword, cough forest" were pushed to the moon for the next expansion, so nerfing other crafts could just render them dead to join Rowen for the next 3 months.
  10.'s been said. However neutral vs neutral is just the most boring crappy match up ever. Will you curve out better than I curve out? Well then you win! These decks are so lame and boring to play, dumb chest rewards forcing me to play this garbage.
  11. With the nonsense patches we've gotten already and the BS explanations we've gotten, seems like a sharp downward trend. D shift hasn't ever been 'too strong' even when PTP forest was the best deck in the game. Simply aggro/midrange has dominated way too much, and this next expansion seems to boost early drops even further. Most of the craziest strong cards are 5pp or less. A few heals and deal damage to random follower, followers...but really just so little considering and unlikely to change things much.
  12. Yeah the one card spell is going to definitely find use in certain decks. Anyways so most or everything has been revealed now right? So here are the pressing concerns. 1. There has been broken decks every 3 month period that required nerfs, except for DE. Will we start off with another broken class/decks again? 2. Will neutralverse finally be pushed out at least a little, or is Alicecraft going to be everywhere and dominant still? 3. Will control and combo be strong, or will they mostly get crapped on by aggro and midrange as they do now? 4. Will there be dead crafts, like dragon is, still when this expansion releases? Will every craft have something that is not garbage to play? They certainly pushed crafts. Sword and Forest a ton. They said they weren't going to do that. They lied of course, just going through all the cards it is pretty obvious. Somehow dragon seems to have gotten royally screwed with a pretty pathetic line up of cards. It's actually a bit shocking how bad most of them are, particularly considering dragon's current state. Honestly the balance looks like it is going to be terribly lopsided, but that seems to be the norm. We'll see when the expansion releases and the best players create the best decks and all the copycats copy them and we get the numbers.
  13. Yeah I'd wait. Hopefully it is only to other allies, not itself honestly. It shouldn't get guaranteed great value like that, but have great potential value instead.
  14. I think he is saying that is an okay card for Nepthys, but considering it already loses to sword and forest and those classes have been pushed much much more well probably won't be good for business.
  15. Well cards can be changed before release, so maybe some dragon cards will be mega buffed? Admittedly it is looking very grim. I don't really understand considering dragon's current state, unless there are some incredibly powerful interactions/synergies that are being overlooked. I guess there are some new high cost neutrals to play with, that ramp dragon can make use of, sort of, maybe?