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  1. The Juice is Loose!
  2. Well yeah 95% of the playerbase is Japanese. The majority of Japanese play on cell phones, steam numbers can't really say anything definite about the overall shadowverse population.
  3. For a long time Grommash was in every warrior deck, and Tirion in every Paladin deck. I think being run in every deck doesn't necessarily mean 'too good'. In hunter's case, it was no longer was the fastest deck, and still had terrible card draw options. The class was very limited, it had weak removal and no card draw, as well as a hero power that doesn't effect the board at all. So really aggro or midrange is it. Call of the Wild at cost 8 was stretching it, you had the empty turn 7 after Savannah. Stretching it to turn 9 killed it for Hunter. Sometimes classes have a bunch of great cards, meaning they have multiple options and multiple very different decks. Sometimes a class has very limited options and well they have to run certain cards just to survive at all.
  4. Yeah actually the expansion afterwards didn't help it much, I'm wrong on that. It was the expansion after that. However following the call of the wild nerf, which happened in the middle of Karazhan, hunter disappeared completely and moved from tier 2 to tier 4. The call of the wild nerf killed hunter, and the next expansion wasn't the one that revived it.
  5. It's only an emergency in your imagination.
  6. No it was a tier 2 deck, listed by all the sites, and most pros considered it a fairly weak deck as well. It wasn't a strong tournie deck at all at that time. Hunter was basically held aloft and barely surviving due to Cotw. Also forget basic math, cause that doesn't work in card games. They clearly know how to read the numbers, so the card was working as intended. Tons of people complained like the brats they are, and Uncle Ben Brode nerfed that card and therefore hunter out of existence. They didn't miss the numbers or any such BS, everything was as intended. The deck wasn't the best deck or even close. People complained about that specific card and it was nerfed, even though it destroyed the hunter class til the next expansion. The argument is about if the dumb community influences developers, and if you have played Hearthstone for any period of time I don't think you can say with a straight face they don't.
  7. Yeah I'd drop the Cheshire Cat nerf after thinking about it. However I guess it is pointless to discuss now, Cygames likely already has their ideas and hopefully are testing them out.
  8. I'd love to see some buffs, buffs can change the landscape just as much as nerfs. Bring the original Jeanne d arc back please.
  9. Lol, what an overreaction. So the numbers look similar to late June. Yeah game is dying, run for the hills. Isn't one drama thread enough? No there has to be a million discussing the same stupid thing. If you don't want to stick around til the end of the month then leave. What is with these stupid threats? Streamers are leaving, everyone is quitting, the game is dying! Put a lid on it, you are getting your apocalypse nerfs, but still have to complain. I thought the one good thing about this big announcement, is we wouldn't have to hear crying about Wonderland survival and nerfs for the next 2 weeks. Guess that was too much to hope for.
  10. I have no clue what the Japanese community is thinking, I would hope it is more constructive, but I don't speak or read Japanese so I don't know. Hearthstone has already did this. There are a million examples. However one would be the Call of the Wild nerf to Hunter which was barely a tier 2 deck at the time. Tons of people hated that card and complained, even though it was simple in its function, no confusing unexpected reaction. The midrange hunter deck that ran it wasn't even that good, again tier 2. They nerfed it by raising its cost. Hunter dropped to tier 4 and disappeared completely til the next expansion. Just cause you know how one IT company works (your own), you can't pretend that every big company operates the same way. That fan feedback has zero effect on their balance decisions. Cause there are countless examples across games and it isn't even limited to card games. Believe what you want though. If you think Cygames is some holy bastion of purity, then why is anyone asking for nerfs at all? Wouldn't it be useless since players have zero effect on what they do? Why do people even post in these dumb whine threads or create them in the first place? I mean they can see all the numbers, so what are all these angry rants going to do? Screaming at someone who isn't listening doesn't seem like a good use of time.
  11. I bet if strength and beauty together is the new trend, it won't be complained about even if it is more busted than neutral blood currently.
  12. Well yes you are right such arguments are pointless, cause I am a drop in the salty sea. Like Yurius, we are powerless. By we, I mean people who want reasonable objective balance. The angry mob with pitchforks is much more convincing and will usually get their way. Annoying, but I guess one should just accept it. Cause indeed there is nothing we can do to change it. Card game balance is super lazy. Other competitive genres they will nerf and buff, have a comprehensive rebalance if stuff is messed up. So say they have to nerf several problem cards from a class, well since that may make the class dead, they would buff several cards so it is playable. Nerfs are also super simple and lazily thought out, increase cost by 1. Lower stats by 1/1. etc. If they were serious about balance, then thoroughly test all changes, to make it as close to 50% for all classes. That might mean buffs, that might mean more complex adjustments, but that would be much better for the game. Speaking of which their testing must be suspect. Not about the combining of neutrals and bloods, cause even the millions of players didn't catch on until that first grandmaster deck came about. I'm talking about the 1, 2, 3, 4 neutral package in general. How could that simple thing that everyone was doing day 1 be missed? That Alice comes down before the 2nd player can evolve? Even if they felt, every class can do it, did they think that was good? Every class including the same 1,2,3,4 drops? I mean blood is 50%, but it feels like the neutral package is 80%. So people are seeing the same openings the vast majority of their games. Even if it was balanced that is going to be annoying, and pretty much makes most aggro decks very similar.
  13. Is Blizzard a big company? I think so, even bigger than Cygames. It has caved in to its dumb fans constantly. Many other big companies have done the same. It's a business. Money, making people happy, yada yada yada. The crybabies are the loudest and the ones that post the most, seemingly everywhere, including Japan which is like 95% of the playerbase. So those are the ones that are heard, are perceived as speaking for "everyone" or almost everyone. I mean it is pretty simple. If a company makes a game, and it perceives the majority of the playerbase is upset about something, do you really think that has zero effect on what they do as far as future support and balance changes?
  14. Have you been reading this thread and other ones on nerfs? Many people want scorched earth on Alice, on Blood as well. They think that is somehow "good" for the game. I'm expecting a scorched earth scenario. Which is why it isn't just neutral blood copycat tier whores who should get in all the blood they can right now, it is anyone who enjoys playing that craft in any capacity. Control blood will go back to being a joke, maybe bat blood will still be somewhat serviceable and that's it. We'll probably also have some nonsense nerf to Haven and maybe even Rune as the icing on this salty cake, cause the brainless masses asked for it. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.