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  1. Talk About Whatever

    @Huck Fearthstone Baka may have been Anisette, they both absolutely hated D shift and constantly complained about it, both were heavily into lolis too. Different attitude and such, but all that is easy to play at with typing. For me it isn't the handheld aspect, as I don't portable game too much, it is more for the games. I remember when GBA came out (ages ago) it introduced Fire Emblem to the US, it also continued the Casltevania series. This is why I got that. There seemed for a long time to be more of a focus on 2d style games on portables, and niche strategy entries like Final Fantasy tactics advance (think there were 2 or 3 of these). Steam is bringing more and more games from consoles, seems there is a big audience for it. Valkyria chronicles, finally played that masterpiece awhile back thanks to steam. The dark souls games have all made it there too which is cool. Dude I loved Radiant Historia, I got it for the DS way back. Very unique gameplay and great music and engaging story/characters.
  2. Discuss Eternal here

    Exactly that is how tribute works. The minion can be sent to the void by any means on your turn to activate tribute. There are various units in the set that have a sacrifice option for a powerful effect on enemy, perfect for tribute. You can use stuff like combust to destroy a powerful enemy with a weak grenadin and then activate a powerful tribute effect. Rindra is awesome, I have like 3 of him. Finally after finishing all the draft I will play for a long while, I decided to unload some of my 90k shifstone. First crafted a few missing legos I wanted from Dusk road and then crafted a bunch from the new set. Started with getting 4x of each merchant, I had already gotten 3x fire merchant, 1x shadow, 1x primal so still had to craft most of them. For legendaries I crafted 2 of Widely considered the best card of the set, seemingly a 4x of in every time deck. Another time monster. What a great inspire effect, and nice ultimate on top of 6/6 stat line for 5. Crazy. Essentially you get the Bracers for free at 4 cost, since Blessing costs that much. The blessing synergizes well with the weapon. Love minotaurs still, and this inspire effect can really stack up. So sweet with reanimator anything that brings back untis from void. That spellcraft is so sweet, good weapon effects too. This might be worth crafting more copies of. 7/7, easy to activate tribute in stonescar, infiltrate for the bad news finisher, and deadly on top of that. Jekks seem to always be good, and this one may be the best. Still have 42.5k shifstone left.
  3. Talk About Whatever

    Definitely high concentration of otakus, but that is to be expected with the shadowverse art style. Ah remember baka vs ellezard, that was an epic battle. Furrycon vs lolicon. One said stay away from my dog, one said stay away from little kids. Handhelds are monstrously popular, they don't need help keeping alive. Switch is also doing very well. However we've seen Sony also lock games as PS4 exclusive and MS do the same with Xbox. They pay the company some set fee, or fund most of the game to get it as exclusive. For the 3rd party company they get the safety net of that large amount of money up front, or most/all of funding taking care of, while for the console company they get an exclusive game that draws more people to purchase it. Oh you want to play game 'x' well, it is only on this system. Hollow Knight gotten many more things/power ups/areas, beat more bosses. However I think it would be good not to spoil specific fights/areas/details *cough* Mantis Lords *cough*.
  4. Talk About Whatever

    I found burial grounds, dream blade dude. I know there is a lot to do still, but stuff I can't access yet, or at least it seems. Well I did just get the upgrade down dash smasher, which will open up a lot of areas.
  5. Discuss Eternal here

    Another legendary from the new set I got in draft. Torch on a 5/4 flier, also can have lifesteal. Great multipurpose card, not to mention valkyrie synergy!
  6. Talk About Whatever

    Yeah I'll go back after I finish soul sanctum, I've done everything I can atm in city and waterways.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    The dream world, burial grounds, basin, a certain superhero that beats his chest. The tragic lore. Pure magic. Royal waterways was fine, though still some I can't access. Deepnest now that was terrifying, I'll go back to that once I finish what I can do in the other areas. Even the map dude was scared!
  8. Discuss Eternal here

    Berserk in Hooru Fliers is so so dirty but oh so satisfying. If you get the 2/2 primal follower early that has 'inspire' berserk (inspire means cards you draw), and your opponent can't remove it immediately man are they in the trouble. Berserk on fliers is crazy, cause it mostly negates the downside of berserk. Berserk allows you to attack twice for a turn (you can choose to activate it whenever you want), afterwards that follower gets 'reckless' and goes back to attacking only once. Berserk is really crazy with effects that activate on attack. Something simple like unseen commando, which normally if it attacked gets +1/+1, will get another +1/+1 when it attacks again. So it hits as a 3/4 then a 4/5. Of course there are much more dangerous effects that can pile on the damage. This set is awesome, I don't know about balance, but it has definitely greatly expanded and changed the game.
  9. Talk About Whatever

    City of Tears, the rain, the memories of things long past! Soul Sanctum the organ and eerie atmosphere, the muck of the royal waterways. I had a hard time going to sleep last night cause I couldn't stop playing I was too absorbed, that doesn't happen to me with many games.
  10. Discuss Eternal here

    Well draft is much better value than packs for collecting, I've been doing some after not doing much the past few months. Besides loading up on rares, got 2 more legendaries from it. Another "End of" card. This one has warp, can hit face or enemy units. Xenan fit? Okay now this is something! Silence immunity for both her and all allies, and that sweet 2/3 premium stat line for 2 cost. I will definitely be playing with this a lot, and it is already going into my "Unseen" deck.
  11. Talk About Whatever

    He gave me a piece of mask (life) once. Sorry if I offended anyone. Shouldn't have brought up real life people with anime traps.
  12. Talk About Whatever

    Just found Howling cliffs, got the charge spin slash from some sensei bug. Also been to Dirtmouth, crossroads, greenpath, fungal wastes, fog canyon (though not much I can do there right now). I've saved some grubs since last time I saw grub dad, so I may visit him again after exploring Howling cliffs more. @Huck Fearthstone Facial structure totally gives away it is a dude. I'm sure there are many pictures that look somewhat convincing, however I've run across enough of them going to bars and clubs and IRL and motion it is obvious always. There are so many things that can give it away, and often multiple things do so.
  13. Talk About Whatever

    Yeah the custom markers seem like it will be helpful, but I got 1000, so want to get that lantern first.
  14. Talk About Whatever

    The anime trap, draw a girl with small breasts, and call it a boy. Don't worry IRL it is hard to be 'trapped'.
  15. Talk About Whatever

    Please don't spoil anything. I like figuring everything out myself. @Void I would suggest you also explore/figure out yourself, with the map system it is easy to track what you have not explored yet. Keep areas that you can't access yet in your mind, cause a future power up will likely open up that area for you. Part of the charm of this game is exploration discovering new and unexpected things/characters, etc. This really feels like a true masterpiece, though I still have most of the game to go through. The music, the vast world, the visuals and memorable characters, the charm/heart, and a challenge level that seems just right. A lot of games get overhyped and compared to games of the past that are considered amongst the best ever created, but Hollow Knight doesn't seem to be one of those. Again have to finish the game, but I can easily see this making my shortlist of all time best games if the experience is as amazing the rest of the way through.