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  1. Discuss Eternal here

    The triangle goes aggro beats combo, combo beats control, control beats aggro. So D shift and other combo decks are supposed to beat control, that is normal. What is not normal and the main problem is aggro actually beats control when it should be losing to it. So aggro is good against both control and combo. Way overtuned cards like Albert and the like push aggro way over the top in addition to control generally having very weak tools. Forge is way easier for everyone, the AI is easy to exploit. In draft you are against other human players. For draft what I do is rare draft, like any legendary or rare I am taking regardless of color. Then you want to focus on what colors you wish to play. Removal is obviously super important and can tip games in your favor. Look for cards that stand well on their own not ones that require a lot of synergy unless you have drafted a lot of cards to support such a synergy. Actually let me link you this series by RNG eternal, written by a guy who gets top 30 rank in draft every month. I also consult this draft card tier list, as a sort of guide.
  2. November 28 update Notice

    C'mon it is obvious it will be the same old. Stupid nerfs for stupid people accompanied by stupid explanations that only the most foolish buy into. Much easier to balance a game this way. Well what are the morons crying about this month? Oh that? Well very well, we will nerf it. Okay. Easy to release expansions too, people complain to no end anyways so it doesn't matter if something truly broken is released. Cygames is actually smart, they could cut down on many man hours cause it is so simple and easy to create a game that caters to idiots. Much harder to create one that caters to competent individuals.
  3. Discuss Eternal here

    Not that I'm aware of unfortunately. They really need to have their official release and a huge promotion push to grow the community. Opened up another legendary sentinel might yesterday.
  4. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Midrange sword....slightly slower aggro sword. Control sword.......even slower aggro sword. Anyways saying control sword does well against aggro doesn't mean a thing, sword is an aggro class. Blood is also very strong aggro. These classes can put in the right amount of early game easily to keep up with aggro and then out last them. What about an actual control class like Haven? Yeah aegis has 30% win rate against aggro sword, 30% win rate against control blood. That's the problem and that isn't going away with D shift. Such a control orientated class with the most removal and healing should crush these aggro decks, but it doesn't it gets crushed instead. The "midrange (that's a laugh)" decks that do well against aggro basically overlap a ton of cards with aggro and just stretch its curve slightly higher. Particularly when talking about sword. That is the problem. No. The triangle is not working at all. D shift isn't meta warping, aggro is. Aggro needs to be toned down and/or control needs to be majorly buffed. Combo beats control, aggro is NOT supposed to beat control. This is why the game is such a crappy aggrofest not worth playing. Oh and Carabosse has a major drawback which some of you dunces are overlooking. Unlike dumb Bert, it can only be included in fast blood decks cause the drawback of not gaining pp anymore is huge for slower decks.
  5. Discuss Eternal here

    +1 (Where's that like button!) Wow nice list, that does look similar to what I encounter when I face Chalice. Thanks for the match up write up for the deck, yeah the Icaria deck I built is definitely midrange and the Tavrod Minotaur deck I built was also midrange (ran the minotaur Judge too), chalice always my most feared match up. Hmm I need 3 more Kothon, 3 more Chalice, and 3 more Harsh Rule (finally got one at least) to play it myself. This is one of the beautiful ways etenral can balance the game, influence requirements. With 2 colors you can often have maybe 2 of an influence by turn 3 or 4, but most of the time not 3. Sand warrior is the best example. Zero cost, but requires 3 time influence, meaning it is better for relics/cards that benefit off playing multiple cards in same turn (like that one time relic, play 2 or more units draw a card) than as an early game monster. Groundbreaker is crazy value for a 4 drop. I mean it out stats (cause of double damage) Sandstorm titan, it is basically a 6/6 being dropped that can't be targetted by Ellyn choice, Vanquish....spells that kill 4+ attack units. Putting any weapon or buff on this unit gives it double value as well, and it is a hard counter to life gain decks. That whopping 3 fire influence is why it is balanced, interesting in that fire seems to be the fastest color also, this would be easier to activate in time. Oh big news BTW! Scarlatch (the person from the team who communicates with the playerbase) said late last night that Set 3 is still on schedule to release this year, and the 300ish cards are already done. He just has to review them, and they probably want to balance work out chinks whatever. He also gave out the name of 3 cards from the upcoming set. Thanks to reddit. Save your gold for drafts when set 3 drops, and maybe shifstone too if you have most of what you want crafted from set 1 and 2. Stonescar Sawed-Off Lucky Prospector Toppletower
  6. Discuss Eternal here

    Thanks for the reply and insights:) There is no more worthy final boss than clockroach, I mean it has to easily be the fan favorite deck of the playerbase. It is never high tier, or many times not on the radar, but it is played so much and apparently always has been. All my decks are budget, most very much so, as I've spread the wealth around. Sounds like diamond/master may be rough sledding then, but my collection is steadily growing I'll be able to build full decks soon. Hey you know that you are going to get an animated legendary as part of your reward for getting to masters? Pretty awesome in addition to more packs of course. BTW did you use a specific list for chalice? Tech in cards at different times? How would you break down the matchups? I'm nowhere close to building chalice yet (1 chalice, 1 kothon atm, 1 harsh rule, etc etc) but I'd be very interested in the details from the player point of view. I've run into it surprisingly a lot.
  7. Discuss Eternal here

    Congrats!!! Wow that was fast! Very impressive. What is the meta like up there? I reached gold 3 just recently.
  8. Dragon Quest Rivals discussion So yeah, apparently it has now reached 10 million downloads. Maybe such popularity will increase chances of localization.
  9. Dragon Quest Rivals discussion

    So Othello and I were talking a bit about this game in the forum awhile back, others like Dane are also well aware of this game. I was wondering has anyone checked it out? I know some speak/understand Japanese and also play Japanese only games. The game may be the most beautiful CCG on the market. Fully animated monsters and heroes. One is hoping for a worldwide release but for now it is a smash hit in Japan.
  10. Thanks, I Suppose.

    I feel like fighting games seem on the surface like this big genre cause games like Tekken and Street fighter sell millions of copies. However the truth is somewhat like CCGs, but more so. It is a niche genre. A few games become mainstream and sell really crazy actually grabbing a lot of people that normally don't play the genre, then a few games do well enough with the fighting game community even if they don't appeal to people outside it, however then there are countless games that just fall by the wayside and don't catch on. I think Skullgirls cause of its look partially, and not being by a big known company may have been why it didn't take off. However it is an excellently designed game and they really went out of their way to make each character completely different. Haven't played in a long while, but used to run Squiggly (my first and favorite), Big Band, and Eliza forming a musical trio of sorts.
  11. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    When did they say that? They did say they wanted really strong finishers in the game cause they want games to not last too long. They would nerf any deck that becomes dominant by a large margin or even small margin anyways, just look at their nerf history. Anyways kind of explains partly why the game sucks so bad. No one wants 30 minute matches, but the match going to turn 8 or 9 wouldn't be the end of the world.
  12. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Um it is aggro that is warping the entire meta that much is obvious. Control is supposed to destroy aggro, but it doesn't, in fact it loses to it more often than not. Combo is supposed to beat control, so that is fine. Aggro beating control is what is not fine. Does aggro beat combo? Yes. As it should. Does combo beat control? Yes. As it should. Does control beat aggro? NO!!! Here is the problem, this is the one thing that is not functioning properly and ruining the triangle. So the obvious solution is control needs to be buffed and/or aggro needs to be nerfed. Aggro has been like rabbits this whole game's life cycle, cause why not. It beats control, it beats combo, it only loses to other aggro sometimes and some mid range. Aggro is by far the most broken and OP thing about this game. D shift has nothing to do with it, stop making it the scapegoat.
  13. Discuss Eternal here

    Nice job!!! Your minotaur list is much more controllish than mine, probably better. Harsh ends now, my bad luck at not opening you! Please? I'm a sliver away from gold 3 atm, Icaria did well today. I would have gotten it, but a dastardly chalice deck got in my way!
  14. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    D shift is rotating out in a little over a month, has a negative win rate, and yet we need to have a "discussion" about nerfing it. No not really it isn't a subject worthy of that. Then again we've had many moronic discussions about another negative win rate deck, Aegis. That was nerfed thrice. Catering to morons who want to discuss nerfs to bad decks is being part of the problem.
  15. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Oh trust me, when D shift is nerfed, people here will defend it. Cygames phony baloney reasoning which any 5 year old can see through will be accepted and defended just cause the babies got their complaints answered. Complaints that have nothing to do with balance, but have to do with being less able to adapt than dodo was as well as being completely ignorant of anything outside what they play. Such failures would quickly go extinct in most competitive games. However instead Cygames has warped the environment to cater to them rather than the other way around.