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  1. Talk About Whatever

    Trubisky just looks like he has a lot of growing to do, I'm hoping it work out and we can see more to be hopeful in by the end of the season. Yeah Howard is underrated, he is really solid and his receiving skills have improved a lot this season. Paired with Tarik Cohen it is a really good backfield, receivers are also a huge upgrade from last year, so if Trubisky makes his reads better, stops moving his feet all over the place when throwing at times, it looks like it has potential to be a good offense. Seahawks O-line is awful too, so that did make Bears D look better. It looked good against Packers too, well except for the secondary particularly in the 2nd half. Rodgers is IMO the best QB in the league so he is quite a tall order. Cowboys are in the East so they will have to face Superbowl champion Eagles twice a year, and Carson Wentz is apparently healthy and ready to return. That will certainly a great team to measure one's defense against. The fiend/hero rate up trial summon is here for SMT Dx2. I did the 10x pull, all I got was a bunch of 3 stars and a red Skadi. Hope your luck is better.
  2. Talk About Whatever

    There is a herofest with 6x drop rate for 5 star fiends/heros (including your beloved Yoshi!) in a few days to celebrate 2 mil downloads. It will be trial summon, but instead of being locked to 1 summon with free gems everyone can do 10x summon with free gems (10 pieces of parchment!). I think we also get something like 200 free gems. The trailer for Muspell generals is up. Looks good, nice to hear more voices to the characters. Looks like no paralogue or story chapter, which makes sense considering what happened. Yeah the Chicago media is really ripping on Trubisky, cause Mahomes is tearing it up in KC and Watson looked very impressive last year on the Texans before his injury. Our GM traded a bunch of picks to move from #3 to #2 to get Trubisky. If he isn't better than the others in his class (picked substantially later in the first round, bears could have had either without trading away picks) it will seem like a big waste, particularly with Chicago's sad QB history. Where were you in the 1930s? Well that's the last time the Bears had a great QB, no seriously. Dallas defense looks real good, has been solid for awhile but looked excellent Sunday. Congrats on the win also! Defense does win championships, but the offense does have to be efficient and at least decent as well. Let's hope our offenses improve!
  3. Talk About Whatever

    I think it is Trumpeter is gacha, Ishtar is fusable (she shows up in my fusion possibilities though need to be level 45 or something so it is grayed out.). Ishtar has always been one of my favorite demons from the series so especially thrilled about her besides just being a powerful 5 star. Yosh is supposed to be real good, Haung di I think is considered the best but it is still Japan only. Really excited about the Muspell units, I've wanted the Muspell sisters playable since they were introduced. I don't like the new arena BST boost skill, I'd rather they fix arena scoring to allow more flexibility in higher tier levels. The units themselves look very good though. I think I'll pull reds exclusively, really good chance to walk away with either Laevetein or Laegjarn (hoping for Laegjarn). Yeah Shadowverse isn't that big in the west, so I think people are stuck with reddit if they want to discuss.
  4. Talk About Whatever

    @Astraea I think I hit the jackpot with SMT Dx2. As you know the summon chance for a 5 star is 0.5%. No not, 5, but 0.5. Well yesterday on a regular summon ticket I pulled 5 star purple Ishtar! Pretty awesome. However then today finishing the story mode got me an 'ultimate summon' which is 95% chance of 4 star and 5% chance of 5 star, I got 5 star Teal Trumpeter! Anyways I left the game a long time ago, but for those that still play SV and are interested in discussing, DO NOT go to reddit. You will suffer severe brain damage. That's all.
  5. Talk About Whatever

    Nope. In fact, Faeria was this in the beginning. 50 bucks all the cards. However the gacha model that almost all use is too profitable I guess. All those whales throwing thousands at the game.
  6. Talk About Whatever

    McAdoo at least had the cool stache, but yeah he was pretty bad also. As for the Bears, be happy you are a cowboys fan. Last night is what happens all too often in Chicago.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    I really like nintendo 1st party games a lot, so I'd probably go with Switch. Then again I also like fighting games a lot, and my PC can't handle the new ones, PS4 is much better for that. I'll have to decide. Yeah handhelds have really been RPG heavy and have had a lot of out there interesting games. Garret is like Belichick compared to Marc Trestman...the bears coach before last. He was as bad as I've seen. Though yeah Garret is okay, the o line is great and Elliot. Hopefully Prescott can take another step forward. Defense is always solid if not great. I like deep dish too. My favorite used to be Pizanos, but they went down in quality about 10 years ago (they go too heavy on the cheese). Lou Malnati is amazing though. Get the Lou, with sausage. It is heaven.
  8. Talk About Whatever

    Yeah. After first charge, and even on first combat with double infantry pulse he will be double attacking with the 2nd hit Dragon fang every combat thanks to that B skill and with Flashing blade seal. For football, I'm from Chicago so sadly the Bears. Though they look like they will at least be decent this year. Going to games is the best, I mean it is great for any sport but I think for football (and ironically what everyone else calls football outside US) they are the best to see in person. Cause the television can not capture the whole field, you never get the whole picture what each and every player is doing. Only in person do you get that.
  9. Talk About Whatever

    My PC just misses the mark as far as minimum requirements. It looks like I will have to buy PS4 or Switch. Even though Switch release is later, I think I will go with it. So many games there that I want to play. DQXI, SMT5 (next year), FE 3 houses (next year), and of course Breath of the Wild. In other news, FE Heroes new banner was released and my absolute favorite character of the series arrived. Lewyn. I got him and Quan too in very few orbs (85) Lewyn with his best nature, and Quan at neutral. NFL season started last night, very excited for the season.
  10. I think this was expected maybe for some time. They have to constantly monitor the forums, keep it from getting spammed and such, have Mouse hired to look over it. However there just is very little activity and it has gotten less and less as time has went on. Personally I left the game permanently some time ago, but was still occasionally posting on talk whatever and Eternal. I guess I will miss all the personalities on here. I came near the beginning of this forum, and it quickly became my far preferred place to discuss Shadowverse over Reddit. Key moments memories. - The loli vs furry war between Ellezard and Baka - The shadowverse swimsuit thread! Lol. - Nepthys release was the most detailed intense discussion on this forum. They hype was unreal and we discussed the variations and our personal versions constantly. - Shift hate by Anisette, Sword love by Imperial dane (sword has no tempo his words), and Elena hate by Ellezard. - The neutral blood tension, the pre nerf outrage, the constant argument about balance changes afterwards - The political thread, I think the only one that was shut down by Mouse. It got into a lot of stuff that was offensive. - Rotation will save the game, rotation will kill the game! - Yue's big tournament win and posting so much useful information early on like JP decklists tournament/meta and such. Many have came and went, but the forum remained til now. I guess thanks to Mouse and the person in charge before as well, for putting this place to discuss Shadowverse and even other things.
  11. Mabinogi Duel has shut down/died

    A moment of silence and remembrance for the game which I would say at its height (before it was taken over by new management which made terrible decisions like shutting down a bunch of modes making cards much harder to get, reducing gold income to the point that shops was worthless, etc) was the greatest CCG of all time. Well that I've played and I've tried out tons of them. Every archetype was there and treated fairly, from aggro to control to combo. The gameplay system was incredibly innovative with dozens of heroes that had diverse differing abilities, and so many innovative cards that stretched the realms of human imagination beyond anything I've ever seen. It did away with the most annoying part of card games, draw RNG, in you had access to your entire deck which was only 12 cards in size, and you can use up actions to bring back these cards from the graveyard. The art was tied with Earthcore Shattered Elements as the very best in the genre. a gorgeous hybrid of western D&D style and anime. Long story mode that was constantly updated, and tons of modes. From various PvE arenas, to PVP arena, PVP ranked ladder, specialized arenas with strict requirements in deck building, etc. It was a masterpiece of a game. How did I find out about this obscure minimally advertised game? Well a little review, that I will leave here as it explains the game well.
  12. Talk About Whatever

    Ah okay gotcha, so more like customizable western RPGs. Slime knight was great. I of course picked Bianca first, however Deborah is the most fun. Cause she goes so against the traditional obedient wholesome RPG wife. Less than a week til DQXI! @Astraea What do you think about Legendary Marth? Also I'm excited that we are getting Jamke GHB soon, which also likely means another banner of my absolute favorite game in the series Genealogy of the Holy War.
  13. Talk About Whatever

    Lol we've been here before, deja vu. Yeah I am going to pair her with quad ploy Arvis that should help her out, her quad should still kill most things. The thing about being -atk though is that you will kill much less things on that first double attack. Meaning you will have to take an enemy hit, which sadly means Arvis's 10HP heal won't be enough to get her to full health again. Well I will test out different teams, I don't have Alm so I am very excited about double lion. Yeah swift sparrow 2 is pretty rare fodder, I've pulled quite a few units with it. However I am not going to sack my only copy to give it to another character, and I don't even consider it that much better than other options to choose it over merging. Most of the units with it are very powerful. I may be in the minority here, but have never played Elder scrolls (besides Legends CCG for a bit) so hard to relate however sounds like a lot of flexibility and options. Sounds like a fun game to play with friends. Some of the monsters in 5 had exclusive very powerful skills though and crazy stats, so I was using some til the end. I remember Saber and chimera I used since I got them. I often used slime knight too and golem. Falcon sword with falcon slash quad attack, I think it is best on crit machines cause yeah more attack more chance, as well as high attack units. I think units without high crit or have mediocre to poor attack hitting at 50% twice does more bad than good.
  14. Talk About Whatever

    Yeah my Hector isn't the best IV, but okay, it is +HP/-def. My Celica is unfortunately +HP/-atk though. I don't know how much DC fodder you have lying around, but I think there are many better candidates, though she can run it. Thing is her bulk is considerably less than Ayra so I don't think it is too great unless you have a lot of team support. I think life and death 3 to max out on offense, or Swift sparrow 2 are best with focus as a playerphase nuke. Though I don't actually have Karla myself so untested.
  15. Talk About Whatever

    Nice! So you ended up with 3 of the 4 units like me as well. Very sweet. Celica will appear on a future legendary banner and I'm sure on other future banners. Ephraim will too, so I will try for him then maybe. You have Hector too, he is a beast isn't he? However Veronica is completely new to me, mass debuff/buff healer on horse with a great stat spread. I think she is who people should choose if they are skipping spending orbs on the banner. She is by far the most unique. Also it is her first time being summonable in the game.