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  1. Lol. I saw the fall to ruin back when they announced their fishy balance change policy during Wonderland. I said back then no one would be happy, not those who were for the new policy or those against it. You balance by data not feelings which are subjective. Also we all saw that their new approach of nerfing cards due to being too strong in a vacuum was incredibly inconsistent, and really just cherry picking. So many people have left and most who haven't are not at all happy. They've messed the game up beyond repair, too far gone now. People expect constant nerfs so it will be very difficult for them to go back to their previous policy.
  2. Discuss Eternal here

    One of the best champions! There was a recent patch with a few nerfs and some buffs too, that may change some things. Either way I'm having a blast with all the new stuff from Dusk road.
  3. Talk About Whatever

    What a Superbowl!
  4. Dragon Quest Rivals discussion

    @Kyubey how you liking the game after more time with it? 2 news items 1. Apparently new expansion is coming soon 2. PC version is coming soon as well! There is already pre registration for free card packs. I really hope we get some info on English release soon.
  5. Yeah that's a really bad misplay. As far as vacuum balancing, Albert is still untouched isn't he? Sword is also doing much better than blood atm.
  6. Ambush need support

    Funny how people have a problem with ambush but not storm. Ambush is so much worse, just delayed storm basically. At least with ambush, AoE or random target effects hard counter it making it useless. Can't say the same for storm which has no counter. It's all psychological, in reality ambush is quite weak. Even Abyss pre nerf was much less powerful than Albert which even sword players agreed.
  7. Yurius is rotating out soon, and blood is a dead class atm. The least played and a much lower winrate than every other class besides the brand new Portalcraft. Board swarm decks have always been top tier strong weather it was midrange sword or midrange shadow or Neutralverse, or whatever. Yurius is one of the few ways to punish this very strong strategy. It used to be much better, before every craft got a 2pp 3 damage spell, now it isn't nearly as special. Oh and the downside of 1 attack is huge, against slower decks that don't play many followers is is so much worse than a 2/2.
  8. Discuss Eternal here

    She seems really fun even if not effective. Ramp sentinels, with Novaquake! I don't have him either actually. I did pull a Temporal Distortion yesterday, I'm definitely going to try something with that.
  9. The Precarious Balance of the CG Meta

    Sure, time to get drastic. Start with Albert, Amelia and Jeno
  10. The salt mega thread.

    It's portal by a mile. Then blood. Sword is doing much better than both of those classes.
  11. Yup he is an auto include S tier card in every sword deck and has no efficient answer, so really is the epitome of bad design. Not to mention he can be hard tutored, something that isn't true of many other finishers/win conditions. As for mid shadow. Master rank rotation, it sports a 51.7% winrate. So really just barely positive. Without Aisha maybe it drops to negative winrate.
  12. Aisha is a much worse Albert, she isn't better in any way. She only gets storm at 10 cost. She can hit for 10 damage at 10 cost, Albert can do that at 9 cost. However the main reason Albert is so much better is he has storm at 5 cost as well, while Aisha only has rush.
  13. Aisha isn't a problem as far as design goes. She only gains storm with enhance 10pp. Albert has storm at 5pp or 9pp which is a huge difference. I think situational storms, or late card storm cards are fine. Early storm not so much.
  14. Evo is never a problem for sword. Rush is the bonus along with a modest stat boost you get for evolves, the power to drop a follower and have it attack on the same turn. Sword is filled to the brim with rush folllowers, essentially bypassing the reliance on evo for that. Meaning they can often just evolve storm followers for more face damage. Luminous mage allows free evolution to itself, and then on top of that is a must remove otherwise sword will get more free evolves. Don't be too excited about Albert rotating out, they printed Juliet and Assembly last expansion so they are obviously fine with unconditional low cost storm followers for sword. There will probably be another Albert printed, like Zmitra or Jeanne, that will be similar in function. Maybe not necessarily better, but not worse either.
  15. Discuss Eternal here

    Interesting will bear that in mind if I ever pull or craft her. How useful in general have you found her in ramp decks? Not bad, however have you had the double upgrade to diamond for both chests? That is insane! As for odds, I think it is 1 in 10 for upgrading chest to next rarity.