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  1. I dunno. I like finding gems from the older cards. I have used Erasmus, Atomy, Fafnir, Prince of Darkness. Some of those cards are actually not terrible. Gabriel comes to mind. Soul Dealer and bloody Mary have seen quite a bit of play. Some are on the fringe. I do think if and when they start doing a rotation, that they should look at the standard set and look at the cards being rotated off and create a new standard. Then and only then do I look at these cards and try to modify them.
  2. Shadowverse usually does nerfs halfway through an expansion cycle (six weeks) which is ample time. I think they knew that this time that there was a serious risk to the game, hence why there are some serious buffers with this release. you can't do it weekly I don't think because it's too quick. Monthly does seem fine though.
  3. At most, I think they will touch two cards for blood. I'm thinking Tove and Spawn, but there is a chance that baphomet could be on the list as well. I actually think BKB will survive this round. Most of the nerfs will probably be neutrals, which is fine. Blood has at least two other decks that I have seen that are very strong. They are just not as efficient as this deck currently. If this one is deconstructed so that there are other classes able to be there with blood, I'm with it. And really, that's just the two blood cards and the current neutral package.
  4. You could also move spawn to nine. Because of how devastating it is, that isn't actually unfair either.
  5. you don't always draw the removal and the problem with the neutral package by and large is that it's very cheap, efficient and can go in any deck. You can't always have the removal for it unless you mulligan aggressively. even then, not always a guarantee.
  6. If Alice didn't exist, Feria would be a card I wouldn't care about at all. On her own, she's quite fair. But you have Feria and Alice in the same world.
  7. Feria, Goblin Leader, Alice, Spawn, and Tove. Those are the five I'd look at for sure. The neutral package must be broken up at the very least.
  8. I wanted to break AA rank before the expansion for one reason: I wanted to actually explore the new set and format. Currently I'm playing Dragon Storm with an OTK bullet in the deck. My next deck is going to be a variation of swarm. And I still want to make Dark Alice work. None of these decks are easy to play and they let me have fun. People may not want high skill, but I do.
  9. Hippogryph Rider feels very strong in this build. Probably would run it over Ebon tbh. the hellflame synergy even without Jabber would give you a heck of punch.
  10. It's missing something. It's an intriguing idea, but I honestly feel like there's a card I'm either overlooking or it's missing. THe idea is intriguing. She was the card I was most excited to try and play.
  11. I love haven. I got to play a decent Seraph deck for the first time ever. Red Ragewyrm has been fun to play, as is fairy dragon, snow white, lion, alice's Adventure, Dark Alice, black swan. The set has a lot of fun cards in it. And honestly, I do have hope for some different deck types. Been fun to see.
  12. Yeah. It lets me blitz out storm stuff late game, and I can Perfect 10 with Grimnir (my nickname for Grimnir is P10) but honestly, if I was going ot take out one ramp card it would be aiela. Version 2: Only one very slight change. I took out the nest and one fist and added luxfangs in the deck. This steals tempo from decks going first a lot faster now. Also, I am 4-1 against blood spawn. Blood is very ill equipped to deal with this deck. I force them to make very tough choices even with spawn coming down turn six. One of my losses did come to a classic blood aggro deck, which actually made me smile. Current record 13-7
  13. So Red Ragewyrm is a freaking monster. This is my take on Dragonstorm. Note a few things...for starters I run Dragonnewt fist main in this deck. By and large, Fist is a far better card to deal with the neutral package than blazing breath. It also kills Tove by itself or BKB as well. But the all star of the deck is the back breaking red ragewyrm. I've played nine matches and have gone 7-2 on its back. The 0-5 tends to make my opponents panic. It forces resources that way and allows my other storm creatures to get in. Or if they leave it be....BAM! I love hippogryph in this deck even better than I love forte. I've done full 20 damage on turns 5 and 6 with a ragewyrm, hippo and sybil. The best thing about this deck? It can go long as well. Just decent range with this. I've lost to haven storm and spawn neutral blood. Haven storm got very lucky on the tribunal though. However 2 of my victories came against spawn blood. Simply put, my burst damage is greater than spawns. It's nuts. Red Ragewyrm is the real deal guys. Holy crap is it good.
  14. Ragewyrm is no joke. I just run him by himself in my dragonstorm deck and I just ran over an elena's prayer deck in one turn with him, sybil and hyppogrphy rider. It was kind of vomit inducing. Playing of these wyrms on turn 3 or 4 makes my opponent crap their pants. It's like having a 5 pt ward. I dropped two in two turns, watched the prayer deck struggle to kill one and fail to kill the other, and then turn 6 I just ran him over. It was He needs nothing fancy. Just play him and watch the opponent do everything to try and get rid of it.
  15. my carrots pump!