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  1. Any Mysteria decks?

    Dang it, now I want to experiment with Mysteria cards. Couple thoughts: You have no real decent spellboost targets and your burn suite is more RNG. Consider Concentrate, Dwarven Alchemist, or Chain Lightning. It would make your burn more consistent, and let you draw into stuff. Concentration does come with some healing as well.
  2. Any Mysteria decks?

    I like Hanna and the one that makes Nic nic. THey are quite good. Hanna isn't good in unlimited, but I think in Rotation there is something you can do there. My next card to make is Chimera. I can see a deck there with Hanna and mysteria package.
  3. Any Mysteria decks?

    my plan is just to burn out however I burn out. I usually win by 7 or 8. What this deck wants to do is chain mysteria as much as possible. Two mysterias resolving is the goal, but once is usually enough. Once that happens, you pretty much can deal with anything and your win is inevitable. One game I killed someone with a turn 8 missile for 4 and an angelic snipe for 4. Barrage is a beast and now you can deal with anything the opponent has. Chain Lightning might actually be the weakest card in the deck, and that's saying something. I don't have Oz, but I'm not sure I run her in here. The problem is even though she has mass turn burst potential, if I don't kill that turn I play her or get mysteria (which can happen) her death ends me. It's very high roll with her. In this version, the deck is always consistent. I can draw the burn naturally even without Mysteria and still win sometimes. Magical Girl Melvie actually might be better in that system, or even Daria.
  4. Any Mysteria decks?

    This is mine. Holds up well surprisingly.
  5. Any Mysteria decks?
  6. Getting tired of trying to make this class work.

    But then it would have been just one deck or nothing, which from a pure fun factor makes the class very unoriginal. The key cards to Portal so far are the tutors for the artifacts. Essentially the key to making artifacts work at all is the ability to pull them out at will. Only four of the tutor cards are viable however, and two of them cost 5. Which means to get artifacts rolling it generally starts around turn six. I think the weakest artifact is Ancient Artifact as it doesn't have a way of drawing or pulling any artifacts out of the deck, unlike the other three, which do one or the other. I haven't pulled Deux Ex Machina at all at this point, so my game plan has been saffira (who is amazing). More tutors are required at cheaper costs (a non evolve 4 drop would do the trick) in order to make this possible. As is, this will never be an aggro strategy. Analyzing Artifact decks with Spinarria might be a thing though in a set or two. Puppets are real close. Two mid game cards would make the puppet strategy very playable right now. They control the early game fantastically. End game is amazing as well. Morton isn't terrible in the deck for the mid game but he's not enough.
  7. Cygames, Nerf Daria

    Daria is polarizing. She is actually very fun to play with, but frustrating to play against. I'm not sure there is a way to nullify that with how she works. Making her eleven would only slow her down a turn, and I've seen her whiff terribly. She is still better than D Shift in terms of interactivity, and she's rotating out in seven weeks. There are a lot of decks that beat this down. I'm tired of seeing the deck, but right now she's just the hot hand. Neph decks will make a comeback most likely then, as they handled her the last time she was en vogue.
  8. You really should have Maisy in here anyway. The tempo gain for you in the evo turns is worth it. It pushes through wards and gets you by hard to kill creatures like PDK. I feel the frog should be its own deck tbh. I get why it's here, but I'm betting your buffs tend to go on the one drops anyway. Rabbit ear Attendent is also a consideration here as a result. If I had one more neutral suggestion, I'd take Goblin Emperor. He generates a goblin type card for you and gives you some range in the event you get wiped.
  9. Post-Baha rotation

    Wards and Medusa
  10. Post-Baha rotation

    interesting. I run staircase in mine. It's solid card pool.
  11. The game landscape?

    I've had a lot of fun in rotation. Pulled everything in forest to my surprise and have been building decent midrange decks with it. I tried playing Control Haven with my Death Haven to mixed results. Mid shadow made me cry but had a lot of fun with it. Portal is meh. It's going to be a good class down the road. Right this minute it is very incomplete. PDK dragon has been my dragon. Will be doing a meme discard in rotation this month coming up. Also want to try Swordcraft. Hope you're doing well.
  12. I said this when the formats are introduced, and I'm saying it here again. Unlimited is going to be more degenerate over time. Rotation is the entry point for new players. That is the format that they will look at the closest. They probably will not nerf too many cards in Unlimited, rather restrict them as much as possible. Blood Wolf is one such restriction, and I do understand Aria. But over time, as more cards get introduced, you will see more restrictions and in the format. All in all the nerfs are fine.
  13. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Let's try again. Need a win. Match ID 83869
  14. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Need a win for daily mission. Match Id 61883
  15. Death Haven

    I thought that was a ward. Dang. Missed that. I run Goblinmount over Grimnir myself. For ward purposes, that will do. Beyond that, don't know what to tell you.