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  1. Tenko Seraph Haven

    Understand this list, I just have one question. Would Radiance Angel fit over tea time? I really dig the idea you have here. I'm probably going to build something like this for unlimited myself.
  2. Lion Grail Haven

    Our goals are a little different in the decks. this deck has about a 25-10 record. Burn Rune is my hardest matchup and 4 of my losses are against that deck. I'm not favored there. Everything else I do very well against. Dark Jeanne and Jean do the work against decks like Sword and Portal. My one copy of Alexiel is pretty much anti combo. This list holds up against most things out there. The hind is optional. No doubt it could be something else. It is strong in here and my ability to choose pretty much what it is makes it quite versatile. But from a cheap point of view you could make it jeweled priestess or something else like Hare's Tea Time and should still be solid.
  3. Lion Grail Haven

    I have a similar list. Lion Haven is surprisingly strong. It's a very versatile deck and can win against anything. I went for less of a banish option and went for more mass removal. I added Dark Jean and Jean to the list as well as the hind. Dark Jean has stolen me games out of nowhere. She's a great board clear but having six two lions is quite good. The hind is optional in my deck, but is a very strong play most matchups. The other big difference is that I use opposing statues over tea time. That one turn earlier is quite helpful and gives me either more tempo or more control as needed. I can see why you're climbing. HOpe I get a chance to play you. Your toughest matchup should be mysteria burn rune. I found that personally that was a hard match to control with my build. i tend to crush Sword, Portal, Spellboost Rune and Dragon outright.
  4. DBNE Seraph Haven

    I like the theory behind this. i use Alexiel in my lion shard deck as tech against dragon and rune in rotation. I love her. As a tech option her ability is insane. It kills some decks outright. Not sure about the Jeweled Priestess. The draw option is nice, but I think in that regard, Sacred Plea is a better option. Hound for some protection is not terrible. not sure you need decree in here. The only other note is one alexiel is amazing. drawing the second after you play the first feels bad. I might try a variant of this with Summit Temple in the deck. In the event they deal with Seraph, you can beat them down. Also, gives the banish classes an obvious target that works in the deck. This is my theory craft. It plays a little less combo centric than yours, but I think accomplishes what you're trying.
  5. She has a lot more competition now, but she is still fun to play. I play around with her in a very casual neutral sword deck just for laughs at this point. Always have a soft spot for her.
  6. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    I won my Group B tournament. I spent the week kind if working so I didn't have a shot at really going all in on A. I squeaked into the B group and entered the tournament. I run my version of Jorum/Bloodbat. Game one was against a very game Aisha deck. I won with batting for nine. My second opponent was a cake walk. He was stuck drawing all his 2 drop draw cards and singers. I just beat him down with my lower minions. My third opponent was neutral blood. He dominated early until the evolve turns. I ended up trading Jor into Phantom Cat and took over with gift from Vania. He suicided when I got him to two with the jorum effect. I got three packs, sleeves and Arthur. Crafted my last Vanara and working on the Vanias.
  7. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    just imagine mulliganing with newt and the other creature that goes straight to field. That's a huge tempo play turn two. I'd be down.
  8. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    Chrom is the only card I'd consider a nerf for. Deux is powerful, and so is acceleratum, but there are answers in the format for both, and deux is very luck dependent. If you look at artifacts in general, it's beatable. I have zero issue with Portal. Period. The deck is very powerful but there are a lot of moving pieces to that deck. I've seen the deck brick hard. It's not as crazy on the power level as daria and the variance is fine. Rush is not storm. I'm alright with removal as creatures. It's how portal plays. Same with Summit. significant wards can nullify the knights. Snow White is interesting but all in all that deck is beatable. Blood handles it quite well with the bat deck. But if for this format, Summit is the best card in it, I'm okay with it. It's not oppressive. and if some tech is required to beat the deck, there is a lot of removal for amulets right now. Chromatic is incredibly strong. The creatures they make are not the problem, the fully free part of the spell is. I think just giving 3-4 pts back would be good enough. You'd still have the Gawain play, but at least an evolve is required. That's it. You can beat every deck in this format. There are answers for them all. And I'm still exploring the format. RIght now I'm really digging my midrange forest, Crystal Lion Haven and Bat blood. I can play anything I want, and still hold my own and not die if I play perfectly.
  9. Dawnbreak Early Impressions

    My impressions: I've been playing with Blood, Sword, Haven, and Forest to great enjoyment. Runecraft will soon be added to this list as the only class I've found boring this expansion so far is Dragon. Shadow recursion deck is at least interactive, Dragon feels like another version of D Shift. Never thought I'd type that. Onwards Haven: Jean is the best card in the format. SHe really shines in this rotation as she makes the Temple deck really strong as well as give Tenko the oomph needed to be effective. I find Tenko Shrine is a good support card, but not quite a deck in itself. I love the Lion Shard deck. It plays like a true control deck that overwhelms. Oh, and the Hind is amazing in all three forms. Probably the most fun card I've played with in the set. Blood: Holy bat guano is Red Talon strike crazy. The bat deck is the fastest aggro deck in the format. You can if you get the right draws win outright turn six. The bat synergies are quite strong. The other card that is unexpectedly strong in blood is the one mana maid. The ability to gain two life as a ward or to buff gives her incredible versatility. The 1/4 ambush is the best card in the set for blood. It just ends games and is hard to deal with. I need to make more Vanias as Control blood is very intriguing to me right now. All in all, I like the intricacies here. Forest: Forest has three really strong decks right now. Neutral, Aggro and midrange all are good. I prefer the midrange matchup as Yggdrasil is incredibly solid. I used her to stop some classes dead in their tracks. Paula is sound, and grasshopper conductor is a very fun tutor. Sword: Wow. What a difference a set makes. Chromatic Duel is crazy good. But Sword in general just got strong cards. Valse, Celia, Fortress, Chromatic and even Prim are amazing. Bear Guardian is cuddly. Best card in set: Moon and Sun by far. It's good in literally every class and in every deck. It can recoup life, chip away at an opponent, and always comes back unless you play haven or portal. My next two legendaries are Moon and Sun and the new Rune spellboast legendary. I think there are a lot of viable decks out there. Sword is versatile but is beatable. Haven, Forest, and Portal all seem really strong. I actually feel like Dragon might be the weakest class this set. Jervais is an interesting build around. That said, the new dragon is very non interactive. Not a fan of it. All in all, I really like the versatile cards, and feel like there are a lot of viable decks.
  10. Dawnbreak Early Impressions

    1. Moon and Sun best card in set. 2. Yggdrasil is FUN. I love my Forest Midrange deck. 3. Haven Tenko Temple and lion temple are very fun. 4. I've used fun a lot. This set is a very fun, versatile design. I've seen a lot of variety 5. Bat blood is the closest to control blood i've played in a long time. Really like the deck. 6. I dig Swordcraft. Fortress and Celia are very strong. 7. Puppet portal is scary. that's it so far.
  11. if it was a fanfare it could potentially be really strong against control. The evolve actually balances the control matchup. Where this card isn't good is against aggro.
  12. Any Mysteria decks?

    Dang it, now I want to experiment with Mysteria cards. Couple thoughts: You have no real decent spellboost targets and your burn suite is more RNG. Consider Concentrate, Dwarven Alchemist, or Chain Lightning. It would make your burn more consistent, and let you draw into stuff. Concentration does come with some healing as well.
  13. Any Mysteria decks?

    I like Hanna and the one that makes Nic nic. THey are quite good. Hanna isn't good in unlimited, but I think in Rotation there is something you can do there. My next card to make is Chimera. I can see a deck there with Hanna and mysteria package.
  14. Any Mysteria decks?

    my plan is just to burn out however I burn out. I usually win by 7 or 8. What this deck wants to do is chain mysteria as much as possible. Two mysterias resolving is the goal, but once is usually enough. Once that happens, you pretty much can deal with anything and your win is inevitable. One game I killed someone with a turn 8 missile for 4 and an angelic snipe for 4. Barrage is a beast and now you can deal with anything the opponent has. Chain Lightning might actually be the weakest card in the deck, and that's saying something. I don't have Oz, but I'm not sure I run her in here. The problem is even though she has mass turn burst potential, if I don't kill that turn I play her or get mysteria (which can happen) her death ends me. It's very high roll with her. In this version, the deck is always consistent. I can draw the burn naturally even without Mysteria and still win sometimes. Magical Girl Melvie actually might be better in that system, or even Daria.
  15. Any Mysteria decks?

    This is mine. Holds up well surprisingly.