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  1. So those new cards...

    Dragon: Another life gain kind of card or another spell generator. Rune: More Earth Rite seems legit here. Sword: an alt win con would be cool. Shadow: A strong ward card in the early game. In testing shadow I found it can be quite resilient but the lack of defense is what is killing the class. A good ward and board clear would be spectacular. Blood: Vengeance support if you want to continue to go down the new vengeance variant. Haven: A fun alt win con. Forest: A bounce card or a combo card. Portal: An alt win con Right now Sword, Haven and Portal are very strong, and none of them lose anything of significance beyond Snow White, so fun cards are useful here. Forest, Dragon and Rune are tier 2, but Forest is very solid and I like what Dragon can do. Rune could use something in the earth rite category but has some good pieces. Blood and Shadow are the classes that could use a boost. Shadow NEEDS a better ward card earlier in the game. Also, with Black Swan rotating out, there is no other solid board clear card right now. Blood just needs a card to tip vengeance into playable. I would like to play something other than bats. The other interesting option would be a Strong last word play to make Parsus solid.
  2. I actually used Grimnir as my win con back in Tempest (obviously pre nerf) because I found he was a far better board clear against shadow and storm decks than Bahamut was. Bahamut as powerful as he is, much like Grimnir is a turn loss, and also with Eachtar being so prevalent, it very often couldn't attack face the next turn. Grimnir could, and since he was a ward, made it so that even against other classes, or the mirror, you had an iota of protection. So I'll agree to disagree. and we'll have to disagree with Belenus. Belenus is solid, but not as good at all. They are designed differently. Belenus is generally good, but Filene can trade with two of them easily by herself. Belenus is good against a lot of other two drops, but even classically, shadow prefered the sac creature 1/2 instead when both were in the format. Belenus is decent, but not the same.
  3. I think Grimnir and Urd should be rated higher. Grimnir obviously was much better pre nerf, but in dragon even after was still an amazing board clear. And Urd is just a classic combo card with Forte and worked will with Aiela. Just my two cents. I also concur with the Filene sentiments. She is a swiss army knife. I have three for oned with her and don't think she is terrible just playing her on two. The only two drop that is clearly better than her is Snow White. That three toughness is no joke. She trades down well, and trades up as well.
  4. Zooey Rotation

    So as fate would have it, I pulled two animated Zooeys and made a third one, and decided to try and do something with this. Zooey is amazingly powerful. Her ability to shut down a turn is very, very powerful. I really like the card. So this is what I did. Dragon right now has a decent midrange deck, which is essentially what this deck is. It has the ability to be aggressive or controlling depending on the matchup. Oceanus was a deliberate choice over Roy. Roy I found in the format was very slow. Also, in light of the fact that sword and forest can protect their creatures from damage I thought my removal suite should be more kill based and less burn. Also, that 4 toughness cannot be overstated how good that is. It allows her to withstand a lot of things in the format and she can trade up pretty good on the evolution. the droplet is sometimes very good, especially in aggressive matches. Filene is a better swiss army knife, but Oceanus is pretty good. I also like Pugilist a lot the more I play the card. It's pretty much a lancer turn three, and gets better after overflow. Solid card and is far fairer removal than scyther was. And to my surprise, this deck holds up well. I haven't played a lot of tenko, but it can be competitive against sword, and portal aggro decks. A very aggressive all in deck can beat it, but those decks literally have to draw the nuts. It is a touch expensive, but if you want to try it, you will at least be able to compete.
  5. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

  6. Jabberwock

    I get why you have matilda in here, but I think I might go with scyther or Mush in that spot. Scyther gets around some real problem cards, and Mush is just a house. actually have all the cards but Jabber himself. He'd take me about a week to get crafted. Cool unlimited deck. Zooey is probably my favorite card in the set. Very fun to play with.
  7. Zooey Unlimited

    So in light of the fact that I've pulled two animated Zooeys, I decided to build a lindworm deck for unlimited. My list is here: I know, cheap for a wallet dragon with 15 legendaries. The deck just wants to ramp and cast spells until Lindworm. That said, the deck has a surprisingly versatile ramp/control package. Filene, Salamander and Newt all serve removal functions for the death and Sybil does the work she is accustomed to doing. It's nice playing the pre nerf version. Strong Card. Forte actually isn't necessary for the deck, but it's Forte. If you want to give this deck a more viable chance against Elena, I'd take out Forte for Scythers. I've played this deck in both GP and Ladder, and have found it can hold its own against D Shift, Daria, Roach, Storm Haven, and Elena's Prayer. This struggles with Burn Rune (but can beat it) and can handle aggro, provided you actually draw ramp. Zooey is an amazing anti combo card. It stops most of the insane combo meme stupidity and allows you to set up into Lindworm or Forte to close out the game. One match up I did Zooey into Zooey into Forte for a win. That magical blue field is power. Prayer is obviously the really tough match up. You essentially can only win the game as constructed with Filene and Lindworm. That said, I see a lot more Rune, Sword and Forest currently. It's a fun deck if you have the pieces for it. Give it a shot.
  8. Lion decks out of control

    Lion was a good deck before rotation. I ran it and could sometimes steamroll turn 6 with Dark Jeannes and Lion fragments. It wasn't top tier but it was quite fun to play. Now it's just really consistent. There are 15 cards that power the package, which is nearly half the deck. So it's consistent and after turn 5 you can constantly reform them in hand. The best thing about the deck is that it's pretty cheap. The only legendary you really need for the deck is Snow White. I can see why it's so popular. It is beatable however. I do have a decent amount of wins against it. Even though the deck can win without the temples, destroying them slows the deck down immensely. In my sword matchup, I can usually pressure them to using their extra crystals, which is the whole key. If they run out of crystals, you can beat it. It is powerful, but I don't feel it's oppressive.
  9. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Heavy last word influence?
  10. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    I think so. I need to have the burn proof stuff to withstand the hard removals. All in all though I enjoyed the games. Will come at you with something a little different next time.
  11. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Enjoyed them. Liked how this version played. Still need to tweak it a bit though.
  12. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Private Match 62078. Rotation, for the daily.
  13. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    @unryuu Wanna rematch?
  14. LIDL Bloodcraft deck, rotation edition!

    Also, the new meta is three days old. Haven, Dragon and Sword are the really strong tier ones. (I know my sword deck is crushing it pretty good right now) But I do have some decks I want to make for Shadow and Blood this meta too. A few things intrigue me to try.
  15. LIDL Bloodcraft deck, rotation edition!

    Alright. I will. Next week I will look into it. Fair enough?