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  1. And here is where the real testing begins. You want some cards in the standard set fit the theme of the class (Ancient Elf, Forte) so that players can have a few evergreen cards that are powerful. They also need to figure out a cool list of cards that can balance, synergize and and deal with cards they may want to print in the long run. Dark Angel Olivia is an awesome card, that could be in a standard set for example, that would be fine for old players and new alike to use. She's still cool. You could take out a staple like Lucifer for example and replace it with her for an upcoming cycle. Another good card that would fit a core set honestly - and this is going to hit some hard nerves here - is Alice. I like that Alice exists. I like it because it's a good card that a new player can craft and build a playable deck with on its own. Which from a free to play or cost point of view, is a good thing. But this is the real test. Take from your pool cool, neat cards, with a few evergreens and keep the cards that balance the format. It'd be great. Create an unlimited format that can be busted. There if you rage you're just a wimp. You know what you're getting into. But this way, you balance the game in a good way.
  2. been ready to launch two books, working on podcast and personal issues. So it's been busy. Still having fun dusting people with ragewyrm Ko
  3. that's tricky. No matter how much testing is done, there is always a chance a card will surprise. Also, as more and more cards become available, the testing becomes more intense and the design has more risk of having stuff become giant blob monsters that need this kind of nerfing (which I agree has been terrible.) I think the issue is that content is getting to the point where it's going to get bloated. It's not there yet; I actually think a couple more sets after this one are fine, but we're hitting that point now where there are two years of cards that are there, that are impacting what is possible for Cygames to make (which is why I say this is tricky) but also limits where design can go. Unless you do a rotation. I think Shadowverse is heading into a standard cycle soon because of this. I think next year they will start cycling out older sets. I think they have to for the health of the game and give them the chance to do more things over time. Testing would be easier and Cygames could do some long term planning about their design direction, which I think at this point, is something they need to do. Just my two cents.
  4. I think they want the turn two play for Csword to be a tutor. I like Hero, Gawain and a rush mechanic minion as officers. Playing Perseus into a tutor is a very strong 1,2 play in a control sword deck. Conscription, Roo, or Maiden (budget decks) will likely be the ideal two drop most of the time. It'll kind of have a ramp dragon feel to it. Which may not be so bad.
  5. If the twitter is right, then no. If the description above is right, then yes.
  6. Storm Haven has amazing card quality. Better than dragon. It's an interesting matchup. I run Queen and not Roar. IF I was running roar I'd be more favored. Storm Haven can't deal with roar. But as is, it's an interesting game.
  7. King Elephant seems hilarious to me. I may try it. Fairy Concoction, Starsky and Forest Protection are very good. Elf Singer Harmony is a very strong lock card. There are only so many removal cards in a deck on average. Slowing the game down is very strong. If it somehow stays on the field you have an interesting lock deck idea there. Cassieo is very strong if predictable. There are some good cards here. Not sure if there's a strong deck alternative, but I do like the idea of Elephant Stampede being a possibility. Loki is a very strong with Cassieo and Elephant both.
  8. I also beat all in blood, haven storm, Lion storm as well. Aggro in itself isn't the problem with the deck. All I need to do is survive and trade long enough to win. Decks that have stickiness and staying power beat me. Rune aggro actually does very good against me because of the tempo swings when I run into it. Burn Rune usually loses. Rune neutral and haven storm are my toughest matchups in the aggro department. But aggro vs dragon right now comes down to this; do I orb turn two or not? If I don't, it's a far different matchup than if I do.
  9. I've been stomping aggro sword with Queen. Of all the aggro decks I play, rune is the one that actually is hardest for me to deal with. With the rest, I only need two damage at some point to win. It's actually a very easy deck to win with. Neph is really the only deck I can't beat consistently.
  10. Haven has a different strategy, so if you're going haven, there's a different guide to it. Otherwise, this is what you have to figure. Dragon decks need to be hit in two phases. Phase one with most dragon decks involve them ramping. In most matchups you are actually the aggro deck no matter what your build is, and as such you need to take the board and start hitting them in face as much as possible. Force dragon early on to stop ramping and make them remove your board. Shadow by the way is generally Dragon's most difficult fight; Shadow has incredibly sticky minions, as such, Dragon has a very hard time removing them. Once dragon hits 7 play points it usually can go for one of it's win conditions or ramp right into ten. Wallet at 7 usually goes for Saq - Lucifer if possible. Otherwise, dragon may clear with conflaguration, salamander or scyther depending upon board state. Dragon can comfortably hit 10 play points turn 5 or 6. Once they are there they are in phase two, trying to take the board back, and finishing you off a number of ways. How they beat you is key to how you counter them. The key once you are in phase two is to maintain the tempo. Shadow does this easiest, but every class has the ability to maintain momentum. Dragon has the most powerful plays, but usually has to sacrifice their play points to do so. Bahamut's big draw back is that he is essentially the turn for Dragon. If you have a counter right away, you can beat them there. So to sum it up, 1) Hammer them as much as possible in the early game. Sybil and Rahab are usually the backbones to the deck. Eliminate them as quickly as possible, especially Sybil 2) Once Dragon is ramped, they will try to retake the board. Maintain the tempo and pace of the game. Force Dragon to attrition their removal. Sooner or later they run out. Haven combo/control strategy: Now if you're haven storm or lion haven, what I said above usually works. What should be noted here is that Havencraft has the best card quality of any class. They are the only class that have better quality cards for their cost than Dragon does. So in this case, Haven can usually out control dragon. The strategy for Haven in a control setting is three fold. 1) Banish Aiela. This is the only card Haven can outright negate in this matchup and should do so. This slows Dragon down tremendously. In this case, that's what you want to do. 2) Slow the game down. Dragon is usually trying to speed up in this matchup but it limited by their ramp. Slowing the game down with control cards like Tribunal, Themis, and others is quite feasible. Like I said, card for card, Haven has better quality. Dragon's only chance really is to ramp faster than you. 3) Have a plan for Roar. Dragon's only real way to win in the control game is roar, as Haven cannot easily deal with the Windblast Dragons. Otherwise, Haven can answer any other wind condition dragon has fairly easily.
  11. I feel like Loki wants to be in other classes. Israfil, Sybil or Drake are the best targets for Dragon. Drake is actually very good with it as a board clear as it wipes all but a handful of cards. I might play it in discard because of the insanity that is possible with Dragoon. But I really feel that Loki would rather be in shadowcraft. The interactions in that class are much stronger.
  12. Wow. This is bonkers. I want three in mid or control sword. I think I drooled a little.
  13. This was made for take two, where removal is harder to come by. In that environment he is good. Not constructed playable however.
  14. Amazing Value and Utility for his cost. Early game he makes conscription and cards with commander requirements much better. Late game he protects key cards like Luminous Mage. This is a fantastic card that can fit in a variety of decks. Well done cygames
  15. Python - Hmm...could be a fun deck. Eliminating all but game breaking cards once your ramp is fulfilled is pretty good. Seems like a fun way to do Wallet. Dragonnewt Singer - Sybil is just better. If it cost 4 it would be played. Good in Take Two though. Dragonkeeper - this card is actually very good. Fun Dragonflute card and creates some interesting interactions. This is the best card in the revealed list so far for dragon. Scaled Berzerker - decent in Take Two. Dragon's Foresight - Thank you. My QKO deck loves you. But in a dragonkeeper/Jabberwock style deck, I could see this being your jabber/sybil tutor. Good card. Dragon Breeder Matilda - This is decent. It adds another creature so it's good in an aggro deck for Dragon, and gives you value and utility for a dragon keeper deck. Not meta defining but I see decks that could use this. Pretty good actually. Valley of the Dragons - Good Take Two finisher. Probably will not see play in Constructed, but I love the idea of drafting this card. Of the neutral cards, only Zodiac Demon has some serious potential. Zodiac pummeling out anything in the 7 or below range is pretty good. Servant of Darkness is now an asteroth's reckoning. Forte, Sybil, Aiela are all solid targets for the card. Demon is better in other classes by and large, but there is value here.