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  1. Swordcraft - either banner or neutral. Banner of the reasons Ar'ure said. But the neutral package sans alice is pretty much intact. Faeria in that situation is a potent buff, and Lyrial and company are all reasonably consistent. I think in that kind of format slacker is good enough to still pull wins. There is an outside shot that earth rune could do something as well. Because of cards like alchemist, illusionist and Karl, rune would have the consistency to be a decent midrange.
  2. Worst Card in Game

    I got demonic to work With Grea The Dragonborn. I evolved Grea and summoned Demonic. It was a great turn. I even got a wow from the forestcraft player.
  3. Worst Card in Game

    Or we can go for well of destiny
  4. Worst Card in Game

    c'mon. NO hatred for mystic ring? Or demonic simulacrum? (although I"ve made demonic work
  5. Taking a Break

    Straight up, I feel you. I took a mini break for WD. Currently I'm playing Jormangeddon and having a blast. When you come back I hope you feel renewed.
  6. Thanks, I Suppose.

    It was nice meeting you Unryuu. Best of luck to you. Hope we do get to play sometime. For me, the game is still fun, and still has a lot of room for me to explore. I'm sorry you are not there.
  7. How exactly does Twilight Queen work when Nephthys'd?

    Running two in my neph deck. I've been double mordecai regularly. Not a garbage card at all. I don't call it a necessity, but it's a really neat card. Plays very well Kwahy
  8. D shift with the nuts takes 6 turns to win. The rest of the cards go 9 to 10 turns and you can do things to delay them. Although I do acknowledge that the 5 pp discard spell is about where that ability would be. I think the question then is this, can you do enough interesting cards.
  9. Jormungand Blood

    I tried taking urd out for demon but there were issues. In the end, I cut Urd to two. The thing is, I have yet to draw a demon. It never shows up. Urd on the other hand did all the time. So I took demon out for Urd. Staircase to Paradise and Baphomet are great in here to dig out my creature base. Baph gets better later in the game as he tends to always pull out something useful. If gand is working I have my opponent on a clock. As long as I'm occassionally gaining life, I'm grinding my way to victory. My current record is 8-2. It's really interesting to do all the moves I can with it. The deck can pull victories out of nowhere.
  10. There is a big difference between a board wipe hitting minions that have traded and interacted with the board in various ways and a discard effect. Also, this game is quite interactive on the board. Beyond simply trading, evolving in itself is quite strong. Before looking at anything else, there is trading, attacking, playing cards on the field. All of this is relevent in terms of building advantage whether in tempo, control or in being the aggressor. D Shift is the only deck that doesn't have an interactive gameplan for the board at all beyond a few evolution plays. That tends to be the exception and not the norm. There are also the creatures themselves. Quite a few do things on their own. For example, PDK, Jormangund, Urd, Unica, Alice all do things while they are on the board. But even in attacking there are decisions. Are you attacking creatures for board control or are you attacking the player? What creatures are the most efficient to trade with in this moment? What about the opponents counter moves on their turn? Creature to creature there are decisions being made, even in the most aggressive of decks. Let's look at removal for a second. Most removal spells are essentially one for one cards unless we are talking designed board clearers like Decree. Let's look at decree. Decree costs six. Basically in exchange for the turn in most cases, you can eliminate a board state that has been built up. And that's what balances them by and large. Most mass board wipes are essentially a turn. The response to said board wipe is the ability to rebuild the board right after. It's the secret to combatting them. Most board removals leave the player without the ability to maintain control of the board. The only exception to that is Bahamut. Bahamut might be the most powerful removal card in the game, but essentially it costs you a turn to play him. He is a large body, but he does have some limitations placed on him. And that turn loss is quite sufficient. As a dragon player, my strategy was often to force my mirror match to play their bahamut. I usually had a huge advantage the turn afterward, as at that moment you can storm in, build wards, throw a scyther at bahamut. What makes bahamut balanced is that he is a creature. And creatures by their very nature tend to be fragile. Yet creatures create the most decisions in any card game. The point I'm getting to is this. Even with removal, there is a degree of interaction with the board. It's usually simplistic I grant you, but the biggest danger to discard is that discard eliminates decisions and the ability to answers actions of any kind at all. Going first especially, the person with discard would have a huge advantage. And the frustrating part is that the player being hit with discard would have no say or play to follow that up with. It feels like it's very dangerous.
  11. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    To the first part you are correct. But even so, it does raise a point. In some cases, like Roach, PtP, Ancient Elf, Quickblader, Aiela, Mordecai, Forte have all encouraged a specific way to play the game. Now that they are gone, cards with different styles may crop up. When Lyrial goes, I think that two slot with neutral becomes a lot more interesting. But we'll see right? It's going to be a brand new game in some ways and that's fun. To the second point: I wholeheartedly agree.
  12. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    The big reason why nerfing is an issue right now is the sheer cardpool. One of the big reasons the neutral package was so darn good was because frankly there are a lot of good neutrals in the two and three drop range. What if there were less of them? Would it have been as good? Maybe not. Maybe it still would have been bonkers. But it would have been a little less consistent for sure. With 500 cards, it's really easy to test with what works with what they will be playing with, because the pool is smaller. That doesn't mean they won't make mistakes. But there should be less of them. Because 500 cards are more easy to figure out, than say 1000. Look at Atomy right now. Yeah, it's almost memish, but you can bet that there was no one looking at that card when they came up with staircase to paradise. They were thinking last word interactions for sure with that (hence the countdown being at 7) but I can guarantee they never considered a turn three Atomy play. Why? There are too many cards to test. And the more sets you release, the more likely cards will slip under the radar. You can either nerf everything to shreds (which isn't good) or you do a rotation and have a format where people can go bonkers with the cardpool. That's a better option.
  13. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    Beauty of the beast isn't busted. I'm beating the snot out of it now. I will lose three cards, and I can replace two of them to accomplish the same goal with what I have now. But let's take a more interesting example. Let's talk neutrals for just a second. there are a lot of two drop neutrals like Unica, Faeria and Lyrial occupying the same slot. Unica is rotating out, maybe that gives a card like say Owlcat or Evelisia a shot. Neither card is terrible, but are they as good as unica? Nope. But it might be played now. Or maybe with Blood craft. Blood Wolf is leaving, but what about Boy who Cries Wolf? That card isn't terrible. It's solid, but more often than not it's not used. I'm okay having a format where that card might see some play. That's really my point here. This rotation will encourage exploration. Also, like I said in the past, they are going to make mistakes again. Everyone does. But don't you think part of the problem is that they can no longer test for every single card they've made so far?
  14. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    See, I liked three of the four sets personally. But that's a matter of taste. They have to keep nerfing things because there are more cards in the pool. This is the other reason for a rotation. With rotations, barring a big mistake, nerfing should occur a lot less.
  15. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    And yes, I know it is just 500 cards. Here's the thing: THIS WILL FORCE YOU TO LOOK AT CARDS THAT WERE JANK BEFORE in a new light. Because maybe because cards like Mordecai are in a format, other cards don't get to shine. Maybe with D Shift gone, someone may try to crack Worldwielder Ginger. There may be a deck that's playable. Who knows? Lots of new exploration. Sometimes less is more.