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  1. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    First 5-0 of this expac, turns out having a load of hard removal helps a lot. Axe Destroyer is still pretty good, Maisy overperformed as well and Chromatic Duel is bonkers good.
  2. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    I was pretty worried with eight 6-drops in the deck but turns out card quality can carry a greedy deck to victory.
  3. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    My first 5-0 of the expansion, certainly unexpected with Forestcraft.
  4. Arena appreciation thread

    I used to enjoy it previously either but I think it has also slowed down with Portalcraft incoming, and also in general which I generally like cause there are more decisions to make and screw up.
  5. Should I Bother?

    You always have the option to switch to T2 That is what I have been doing since months, cuz constructed is a sh*tshow, obviously (I think all card games are doomed for that after more or less expacs) and I still do not regret not looking back at all. GLHF.
  6. Portalcraft feels kinda dirty...

    Just coming off 2 going-1st games against Yuwan, man this thing is heavy. I have a relatively aggressive Blood deck, 1st game I tried to go full aggro and got so rekt by the tempo created by puppets and early-to-mid-game removal (2x deal 2, then Banish+draw an Arti) Second game I drew the heavier part of my deck and came out winning by outlasting him simply even though he played Deus Ex on curve, next turn I had a good Eggsplo on him and after that, dropped some big dudes, and the Puppets he generated did not do anything) Seems there is a lot to learn about this class but for me it looks like they do not have much against a good Control-ish deck, if you can draft something in T2.
  7. Big Changes coming to Take Two with Chronogenesis

    For what it seems like to me they forcefully tried to locate 4 banned cards for every class. For the neutral bans I can get behind, there are'nt too many of them, but in terms of class cards, around half of the list I would be ok to still see in Take Two. (Obviously there is some garbage like Furtive Fangs and Candelabra) Overall, having not looked too much at the cards of Chrono so far, I believe that this change was quite overdone. It is a shame because with HS meta getting as dull as always after few weeks, I was really looking forward to jumping into T2 in Chrono but now I feel much for disheartened. #feelssadman
  8. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Seems like Blood is still pretty good. Final boss was really tough, Forestcraft deck had both Zeus and Bahamut. Only Topdeck Maelstrom serpent saved my butt after Bahamut wiped the board.
  9. Worst Card in Game

    How come nobody remembers the only card that was banned from Arena because it was so unbelievably bad: Manifestation of Sh... wait, no Faith. At the same time I would like to highlight IMO on of the worst card designs this expansion: Helbindi. I know random Bomber effects are a thing in this game, even though luckily not too much but this is such a hit and miss. Last night I just won a free game thanks to it because she came down on a board where I had a 7/1, a 2/1 and I had an evo point but 1 card in hand (opponent was at 10 HP) and managed to snipe face both times, giving me the lethal. I would much rather have it target only random followers but rise the Enhance cost.
  10. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Just after the previous one, Forest is also off the list. Previously I had really nice results with Aggro-oriented Forest decks and I did not expect any great from this. I had beaten a very noobish Sword player who played Barbarossa and Momo so bad that is hurt, second Sword deck had double HoA, Walfrid and Zeus, the final boss (Sword again) got killed through a 15/17 Servant of Darkness with some disgusting topdecks (Israfil to kill the demon and heal me up, Lily to snow the last remaining Ward follower when I had lethal)
  11. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    My first 5-0 Dragoncraft run (only Rune, Forest and Shadow to go). Ain't nobody tell me Dragoncraft is bottom tier is Arena but also, Ramp is pretty good especially when "I am a turtle". Going 2nd every single game also helped this deck quite a lot.
  12. Arena salt mega thread

    Even crazier is Barbarossa - probably the most *** Arena card alongside Octobishop and Airbound Barrage, in a class that is already pretty good in T2. If the player who plays it is not fully rekt by the turn it comes out then it is basically impossible to outvalue. Moreover, I tend to see around 40-50% of Sword players, and I think I have never had a run in the expansion where I have not seen this card somewhere. Let the salt flow
  13. The salt mega thread.

    Is it impossible to play any other Shadow than BS Aggro. Quest, win 1 with Shadow. OK, let's try my homebrew Minthe Control Shadow deck. 1, Ramp Dragon. He won with top deck Grimnir hitting me from 4 to 0. 2, Aggro Shadow. I was dead on her turn 6 (she went second). She used all evolution points until that turn. Turn 5 was Cerby, turn 6 PH+ the damage spells. GG 3, Ramp Dragon. Turns out Ramp into Ramp into Ouroboros on curve (turn 6) is pretty frkn good. 4, Aggro Shadow with perfect RNG (Orthrus missed my AoN, my Necroass missed her 5/1 Skeleton) I drop Bahamut on turn 10 with my Morde on the board, destroying his board fully and threatening lethal with Baha and Morde. What's the topdeck? Grimnir ofc. 5, D-Shift. I never thought I would enjoy losing to D-Shift omg. 6, Midrange Sword. Again, on turn 10 she runs out of cards, I am on 1 but have a 4/2 Lich and a 3/1 Necroass on the board, none of us has evo. Top deck 2nd Bert. Probably the most tilting hour I had with Shadowverse ever (I know, I play very casually, barely playing 1 hour at a time) GL HF
  14. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    My first true 5-win deck. (First one was 4win+1DC) I know it is sc*mbag sword and a pretty ridiculous deck. Fun things: 1, Have only drawn Bert in one game, that topdeck on turn 9 basically sealed me the game. 2, Lucius was freaking MVP. Don't underestimate that 1-damage board clear. 3, Most difficult match was against another Sword player where we both had Durandal up from about turn 9 and it turned out to be a real grind fiesta as both Bert and Zeus were in my bottom 6 cards (at that point, opponent conceded)
  15. Pack Opening Time

    Opened 41 packs, from Legends I got Isra, Hulking Giant and Minthe. At least they are interesting ones. From the more interesting Golds, I pulled 1 Blood Moon, 1 Rahab, 1 Melvie, 1 SoulDom. Only duplicate golds were Lecia (OK) and Fairy Cage (so baaad) In the end, also ended up with about 3k extra vials. BTW what are you planning to craft? Anomaly? Roland? Have a nice day.