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  1. November Nerf Hitlist

    These nerfs did literally nothing except making staircase unplayable trash and soulsquasher unplayable on curve. Alright then.
  2. So when's the nerfs?

    Yes. On the list, the decks go as follows: PDK Dragon, Aggro Sword (mirror), Secret Rune (???), D Shift, Roach Forest, Atomy Shadow, Midrange Shadow, Ramp Dragon, Aegis Haven, Aggro Blood, General Dragon (???).
  3. So when's the nerfs?

    >plenty of weaknesses >said weaknesses have a sample size of less than 500 games each >completely ignoring the fact that aggro sword is dominating most matchups when going first Yeah sure. Let's ignore the fact that the deck has upwards of 56% winrate when going first against the decks it plays against the most. The biggest problem here is that aggro vs anything not combo matchup is a coinflip now. You went first? Congratulations, you won the game.
  4. Too much storm

    Overcosted... yeah right, more like understatted. 1/1 Ward for 1pp is, plainly and simply, garbage. Especially when another class, which is renown for having a plethora of storm, has a vanilla statted 2pp 2/2 Ward. Fairy Champion should be buffed to a 1/2. But we know how Cygames does things.
  5. Shadowlog Report October 8th

    PDK Dragon dominates, but personally... I feel like the card to blame this expansion is Staircase to Paradise. That card is absolutely broken. It is a central piece in PDK Dragon and Atomy Shadow, moreso the latter, but it appears in numerous other decks as well... Midrange Sword, Neutral Forest, Control Neutral Forest, Control Blood, Control Sword. Especially decks that don't really have a turn 1, but have followers to play on the following turns. The idea of the card was nice, but ultimately poorly executed. Will they nerf PDK? Probably. How? I fear the worst but I'd prefer they remove the face damage from PDK and then also change Staircase to Paradise in a way that doesn't make PDK and Atomy dreadfully consistent but can still be of use for Control decks since card draw is really good for them. I hope they don't directly nerf Atomy but if they do I think they'll just make it so that you need 4 followers instead of only 4 cards to make it 0 cost. And Aggro Sword... well, adding more storm followers to a class with a plethora of them was a huge design flaw. I really don't know what they could do to tone the deck down other than nerf Ephemera or Albert.
  6. Dropping Forest

    Control Neutral Forest is anything but conditional though. On curve B&B is very good against most matchups but its not what you want all the time. For instance against Aggro, Aerin on curve is so much better than B&B. Certain midrange decks that are more aggressive or can deal with an on-curve B&B fairly well are also difficult to drop B&B against. Not sure what you mean by fast decks leave it behind a lot. Control Neutral Forest typically runs Cassiopeia and can run WotF for AoE although they do come late. However, ETA is godlike and should not be underestimated. In fact, Sword is usually pretty easy unless it's Aggro with god hand (which can't really be beaten by any deck right now...) and Haven depends on whether they run Acolyte's Light or not to banish B&B. Shadow is definitely one of the harder matchups, but Shadow has always been very very good against Forest. Control decks typically lose to combo decks anyway, but Seraph is not one of the harder matchups if you can get an early B&B out. Personally I think you give Control Neutral Forest less credit than it deserves. It does fairly well against aggro, can defeat certain midrange decks like PDK Dragon and stands its ground against other Control decks. That being said, my apologies for shifting the discussion of the topic away from the original purpose. Your control deck seems interesting and I might give it a try. For OP, there aren't many decks that don't rely on Roach or Neutrals for Forest. Of course there's the Control Neutral Forest that has been mentioned, which doesn't 100% rely on Neutrals (it doesn't include Alice either), but other than that... You could always play with a Wolfbolt deck.
  7. What Are Your Top 10 Cards This Expac?

    It's in the works... maybe
  8. Shadowlog Report. October 1st

    ???????????????? Liza isnt a 2pp do nothing. What the actual hell. A card like Liza makes 2pp removals utterly useless: it prevents them from using them and instead they need to have a 2 drop themselves if they want to thwart your aggression. Against other Aggro and Tempo decks, sure it's no big deal since they would usually put down another follower as well. But going first against a combo, control or midrange player, it completely screws over their mulligan as they will go for a 2pp deal 3 removal when going second (because thats what they should do). Long story short, it exacerbates the problem of going first vs going second with aggro decks, and this is definitely not what we need in the game right now. Just because a card doesnt go face, doesnt immediately kill another enemy follower or doesnt provide card advantage, doesnt mean it does nothing. That is just absurd.
  9. Shadowlog Report. October 1st

    If Sword gets a Liza you can be sure Aggro Sword will be even more oppressive than it is right now and it will only serve to fuel its winrates even more. Case in point: Liza is used in Aggro Forest. So no thanks.
  10. It seems that in SFL Rune is dead in the water...

    It's pretty cool. But it was played against a nerfed deck
  11. Most hated decks

    Anything that goes face starting on turn 1 and surrenders on turn 7 after seeing Sahaquiel.
  12. Next Shadowverse Expansion is : Starforged Legends

    did you not read what was after "we can act like we're handlock" if you dont get the reference Handlock is a hearthstone Warlock deck which had a card called Mountain Giant, the card had its cost reduced by 1 for every card in your hand. it was basically "draw plenty of cards, hold as many as possible while dealing with the enemy board as efficiently as possible until big damage burst" which is what King Elephant definitely seems to promote as well.
  13. Next Shadowverse Expansion is : Starforged Legends

    Now Forest just needs a 10 mana 6/6 reduce cost by 1 for every card in hand and we can act like we're Handlock.
  14. New Grandmaster apears~~

    Congratulations for your achievement. Nice job putting efforts into getting Grand Master.
  15. Next Shadowverse Expansion is : Starforged Legends

    I know right. Praying for a tempo evolve 4 drop for Forest did nothing. Instead we get useless stuff like this 4pp 3/3 put a terrible spell in hand. Sigh.