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  1. Except you gain much more leverage using these removals against Snow White particularly compared to other 2 drops. For instance you wouldn't glow a Shadow's Demon Eater. And nobody said Snow White was trash tier, we were just questioning your claim of "basically no weaknesses". Get off your high horse.
  2. not only that, it's also weak to Blackened Scripture and Kaleidoscopic Glow. while the former is from the same craft, glow comes from rune which can very easily trample over haven.
  3. wat.
  4. Truthfully I made Buccaneer's fanfare trigger with a Commander in play but thought it would have been pretty difficult to use it since there are very few 3 and lower cost Commanders that can actually stay on board so I changed it to how it is right now. Especially with all the 3 damage removals in the game. I might think about changing it again though.
  5. Sword + Rune card reveals combined. A small summary of the Sword cards: Legendary: Blade of Judgment; Alwida the Triumphant Gold: Ghost Hunter Phoebe; Storm Lancer; Seaside Tournament Silver: Navy Sergeant; Siegmund; Kayn the Swashbuckley; Quickening Bronze: Heavy Cavalier; Decoy; Enraged General; Buccaneer A small summary of the Rune cards: Legendary: Infernal Torrent; Runie, Transcender of Fate Gold: Messenger of Fate; Energy Discharge; Spinaria Silver: Research; Protective Charm; Wise Sage; Berserk Chimera Bronze: Lightning Striker; Mud Shot; Archaeologist; Chant of Destruction
  6. Well since my fanmade expansion only has a few more cards to be revealed. 21, to be exact. I'll post small bunches of cards, but hopefully more often. It'll be 3 for each craft, except Sword and Rune which have 1 and 2 cards left respectively. So we're gonna start off with Forest's last cards. So this brings a close to Forest's cards in my Tides of Blood expansion. A small summary of the cards: Legendary: On The Hunt; Yggdrasil Gold: Gloria, Woodland Knight; Jade Dragon; Arch Druidess Rhonwen Silver: Elven Magic of Rejuvenation; Ninetails; Master Archer; Lina and Lena Bronze: Simorgh; Healing Rhythm Dance; Grovekeeper; Atalanta
  7. I use a program called Magic Set Editor.
  8. I just realized I posted the wrong version of Atalanta. Indeed she's pretty strong with those abilities right now for a bronze (she was initially a silver). I'll put the correct version in this post. I'll also think about changing Kayn to make him less powerful. Well, said follower can be put in your deck while Will of the Seraph can't; you need to have Tyr and evolve it. So you can have up to 3 amulets if you're going second, or up to 2 if you're going first. And the earliest you can play the amulet is on turn 5 or 6. Nonetheless Tyr's goal is to bring out-of-meta tools to counter amulets for aggro decks since it's a very powerful follower for Control. Stuff like Goetia Mage, for example, which is a 3 mana destroy an amulet. I do think the effect being EoT could be too powerful so I'm thinking of changing it to SoT instead.
  9. From all the new cards people have thought of, I personally like Caustic Breath the most. Though I'd make it 3PP instead of 4. From me a new bunch of cards for every craft for my expansion. An extra card for Neutral because I previously deleted Andromeda from my set. (note: Will of the Seraph is a token card)
  10. I'm sorry, but when I think of a follower that "cheats the evo system", I think of Luminous Mage first, not BKB. Even less Necroassassin lol. Those are all strong tempo plays with BKB probably being the best, but if you wanna talk about "cheating the evo system", talk about the commander follower who gives free evolves to commander followers.
  11. I'm just running the usual Midrange Shadow. though I dont have Spartoi Soldiers, I'll consider them since Thane is just really useless in this matchup...
  12. Blood's really fun to play against. Very similar results with Aegis Haven and Ginger Rune. Really out of ideas to find something that sweeps this aggro bat deck out of here.
  13. Not being uncontested doesn't mean you can't be in a very good spot. Reminder that Sword is the only other craft with a positive win rate in Masters, sporting a +51% win rate which is great no matter how you look at it. It's even better considering all other 4 classes have win rates lower than 48%. There's a 4% win rate difference between Sword, the 3rd highest winrate class, and Forest, the 4th highest win rate, lord. And how in the world does having a lack of identity change the fact that the class is very good? Swordcraft is doing well, class identity or not. The best Sword deck could be hardcore focusing on class mechanics and make it so that Sword overall has a good win rate (+50%) and it would still be in a very good spot. Sword is in a very good spot. Blood and Shadow are doing even better. Doesn't change the fact Sword is in a very good spot.
  14. It's difficult. Right now I've been mostly playing Aegis Haven, Control Forest and Ginger Rune, all 3 decks being control type. On good days I can have up to 60% win rate. On bad days my win rate can plummet down to 30%.