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  1. Ramp Dragon Deck Building.

    I crafted Python just because it sounds and looks badass
  2. I sometimes use her as a surprise finisher for my Ginger Neutral deck. Other than that, the existence of Bahamut and Themis' Decree pretty much screws her over I would at least wait until the next expansion to see if she gets any potential support. If not and you have other stuff you want to craft, liquefy away
  3. Ramp Dragon Deck Building.

    I just wish he had ward or something. He does what Dark Alice does, but doesn't keep respawning
  4. November Nerf Hitlist

    I think the explanation for D-shift would have made more sense if they had said Midrange rather than Control. And the 2 cost increase makes a huge difference. Unless you get multiple D-Shifts at the very beginning, it will be VERY hard to reduce D-Shifts drawn at a later point in the match to the point where they can be chained. Hell, just getting one D-Shift off is problematic now. As it is, D-Shift is much worse off in ranked modes. The only players that seem to say that the nerf didn't affect D-Shift much are those who either 1) Have an overly large hatred towards it 2) Either don't play the deck or are novices
  5. Ramp Dragon Deck Building.

    You're right that Python is way too slow. He may become more viable though once the rotation hits as many classes will lose their storm and aggro cards (unless the new expansion brings new ones) lol
  6. November 26 Meta-report

    B-but Ginger is Runecraft card D: I love Ginger though. She made for a nice surprise in Neutral Rune decks back in Wonderland Dreams. Not as good now >.>
  7. Ramp Dragon Deck Building.

    Time to bring out the Python for the memes
  8. November Nerf Hitlist

    I mean in terms of the card's effectiveness, its pretty bad. At turn 7, you're better off playing Khawy or Dark Alice.
  9. November 26 Meta-report

    The problem is that ER literally has no wincon. Being able to inflict face damage with young Levi is essential for preventing the game from entering the late stages, in which ER literally has nothing to play (well I guess you could use Gilgamesh or Satan, but they are Neutral lol). Any healing pretty much kills ER though.
  10. November Nerf Hitlist

    Ahhh Troth. A giant middle finger to anyone who plays strong followers I did get an animated Mist of Extinction though (which looks badass), so I may have to pick up Shadowcraft again.
  11. November Nerf Hitlist

    Lurching corpse is fine. It WOULD be broken if you could select the target to destroy or if it could attack other cards (minus wards) and suicide itself to proc effect.
  12. November Nerf Hitlist

    Okay you got me. I completely forgot about that card because I rarely see it played
  13. November 26 Meta-report

    I'm not sure why people have issues with Runecraft being top of the meta. The last time it was on top was during Daria. Dragoncraft still eats Earth Rune alive though lol
  14. November Nerf Hitlist

    Have to say, I'm pretty happy with the nerfs overall. Nothing was overkilled (at least in my opinion). D-Shift probably will be worse off on ladder due to the cost increase, but it will give Midrange decks a fighting chance. What I hope the new expansion will bring are some defensive tools for Spellboost decks to use (like a spellboosted version of timeless witch). The guardian golems are way too easy to kill for every class but Swordcraft (airbound barrage, snarling chains, hungering horde, razory claw, zombie party).
  15. The salt mega thread.

    There is no consistent deck in this game. PDK, Lion Haven, and Neutral Blood were "overpowered" because they were consistent. And what happened to them? Their heads were taken