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  1. The salt mega thread.

    There is no consistent deck in this game. PDK, Lion Haven, and Neutral Blood were "overpowered" because they were consistent. And what happened to them? Their heads were taken
  2. D-Shift...

    Wait, people actually think Chimera is the same as D-Shift? Its more similar to Aegis since its a wincon hard capped at turn 9. I would even go so far as to say that chimera is garbage without D-Shift. I don't think a spellboost Rune deck has much of a chance surviving until turn 9. I don't really get why players complain about D-Shift consistently setting off at turn 7 when Aggro can kill you in 4-5 turns. Double standards I guess. I agree with the 2 points you raised.
  3. i can't take it anymore

    He also makes a good Kaleidoscope Glow target, so you don't even need the opponent to play down a target anymore
  4. Taking a Break

    Solution to everything? Stick to single-player games
  5. D-Shift...

    What I wonder is that if D-Shift were to be removed, would the number of Aggro players significantly decrease? My opinion is that it would not. D-Shift would be replaced by other control decks, which are still (mostly) weak against Aggro. In addition, people prefer fast wins for laddering and aggro is the perfect way of doing that. All that would really happen is that Control vs. Control would take forever. This is against CyGames design philosophy: quick games that people can play in short intervals. Overall, the way this game is designed doesn't support anything other than Aggro or Midrange. The inability to react against plays essentially means that true combo/control decks will never exist (unlike Yugioh). I know it's the trendy thing to do to blame D-Shift for the lack of viable control. However, let's be honest. The mobile nature of this game and its targeted demographic essentially means that only faster decks will be competitive.
  6. I admire your optimism and like you said, we have far too few details at this point. I personally just don't expect anything from a dev team whose resume consists of a mobile gatcha game
  7. The problem is that most cards in the game don't have any drawbacks to using them in compensation for their powerful effects. If Storm followers had an effect such as [This card is destroyed at the end of the turn if it attacks the opponent's leader], they would be much less overwhelming. For control decks especially, the constant damage to face and a board full of low-cost followers is near impossible to overcome as many removals are single target. The mass removals don't appear until turn 5-6, where the game is pretty much over.
  8. The rotation could be a success if the dev team weren't lazy. There is no reason why the upcoming expansion should be releasing a similar number of cards as the previous expansions when 1) A huge pool of cards is being removed from play (at least for one game mode) 2) Introducing a new class The introduction of Portalcraft just seems like a desperate attempt at drawing people back into the game.
  9. D-shift just keeps evolving.

    The one prevailing mindset in this game's playerbase that I do not understand: How in the hell do people think aggro is more interactive than D-Shift? At least in D-Shift, you have to put some thought into making the deck and piloting it (go for removal, defense, or evolve, etc.). In aggro, you literally play storm cards out the **** and hit opponent in the face, while simultaneously pray to RNGesus that the other player doesn't have wards
  10. Without hard statistics, your statements are merely speculations. Once the rotation hits, people will be limited to: 1) Incomplete decks with no real theme 2) Expansion will introduce new broken cards to replace the old broken cards
  11. I tried to be nice

    Kind of the nature of all PVP games (especially for those with a limited pool of resources like Shadowverse). Sadly, the only way to be competitive is to join the meta-train or come up with a counter to them. Perhaps the meta will become more diverse after rotations hit. Even then however, there will be competitive decks and not so competitive decks
  12. Time to boycott D-Shift

    Damn I didn't think this through. Might work better for a Daria deck
  13. Time to boycott D-Shift

    I was gonna say combine it with Ginger, just to make it even more flashy (and have the storm effect override Ginger's effect).
  14. Time to boycott D-Shift

    Yessss.... a D-shift with a body >:D
  15. I do think PDK was a bit overnerfed (and the nerf itself was lazy). They could have simply removed its ability to damage face and put in a clause that stated [You cannot have more than one PDK on the board at a time].