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  1. Me being exactly that guy you're complaining about... then SV crashes, reconnect doesn't work and I lose with onboard lethal. Never give up.
  2. I think the most elegant phrasing would be "Deal enough damage to your leader to drop their defense to 10 if..."
  3. Right now players get 8 Neutrals, so if one plays Dark Alice on turn 7 they'll usually get 5 draws after the first Alice death. 6 of those 8 are Bronze/Silver, so relying on cards like Mammoth, Axe Fighter, Gilgamesh, Call of Cocytus and Gourmet Emporer Khaiza seems doable.
  4. A Mordekai that costs 1 less but kills your hand and deck on Last Words (not on Fanfare) isn't that bad in T2; remember, Mordekai was pretty crazy. Low-curve decks might not have much hand to lose. Furthermore, having high-impact Neutrals like Call of Cocytus, the new Egg board clear, Grimnir, Zeus, etc would synergize with Alice's "drawback" by rigging further draws. Overall, I'd rather have Dark Alice than Corpselord for first pick, because it seems bonkers in a low-curve Arena deck that can stack the top of its curve with Neutrals.
  5. I've read worse. But I respect that you tried.
  6. I see lots of players who are too greedy. I see lots of players who aren't greedy enough. But I rarely see the former QQing about the latter. If you guys haven't figured it out yet, first player is usually the beatdown, second player control, all other things being equal.
  7. Cerberus is close. I think Mordekai is a bit dude, and Luna is female, so I'd be okay with another monster in LotF. But I agree with your core philosophy here: we want either monster or waifu.
  8. Everyone who watches comic book movies should see it.
  9. Voted Lord of the Flies.
  10. I just realized: one can bounce Urd. Starting hand: 3x Silver Bolt, 3x Lionel, 2x Homecoming (1 can be Ancient Elf instead), 1x Baalt, all at 0PP Deck: burn card, (2 Roach + 2 Nature's Guidance) in any order, Roach Play: burn draw, Bolt x3 (27), Lionel, Guidance, Lionel, Baalt, Faerie, Faerie, Homecoming, Roach and evolve it (13), Guidance Roach, Lionel, Roach x3 (14+15+16), Homecoming, Roach x3 (18+19+20) 27+13+14+15+16+18+19+20=142
  11. It seems you missed the post-Homecoming Faerie (1PP, no cost reduction). One follower gets Shadowed by Homecoming due to full hand, and I don't know the mechanics to know which it is, but since there are two Faeries at least one of them survives. @Aru're This might be +2 damage by moving the Evolve to a Roach. I'm worried that a Roach might get burnt by second Ancient, though. Starting hand: -1 Homecoming +1 Baalt Deck: -1 Mage +1 Ancient Elf +1 Guidance (so 2 Guidance total) Play: Bolt x3, Lionel x2 (7 cards), Baalt (6+2=8 cards), Faerie x2 (6 cards), Guidance any follower (5+2=7 cards), Ancient (6+4=>9 cards, burn 1), Roach and evolve it (8 cards), Guidance Roach (7+2=9 cards), Roach x3 (6 cards), Ancient (5+4=9 cards, no burn?), Roach x3 If true this creates a tie for first between Dragon and Forest
  12. I don't think you can during deckbuilding, but before you play any games you can resign and collect the 0-5 reward, which I think is a Standard pack ticket. So... yes. Yes you can.