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  1. Portalcraft in the class section

    Absolutely! Portalcraft will be added to the class sections. While the support team is still working on our unfortunate issues regarding functionality, we will make sure we can provide a sub forum for that. Edit: Portalcraft has been added. You can view the new forum here.
  2. Forum issues

    @midgardsormr We're still working on it. My sincerest apologies for it taking as long as it has; it was unexpected and we are waiting for responses from the support team. Believe me, we are as frustrated by the delays as everyone else is. This could be a result of the non-updated coding that we're trying to resolve. Thank you for keeping me on the up and up about this! If you see other issues, please ping me in this thread. I'm doing my best to collect as much as I can on the problem.
  3. @tikman Not intentional. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I'll have that taken care of.
  4. Talk About Whatever

    Absolutely! If they are publicly appropriate.
  5. Talk About Whatever

    Because the forum is currently unable to upvote as we undergo an upgrade, have my written upvote.
  6. Talk About Whatever

    Yes, that is me on Twitter/FB/Reddit/Discord. I am the great "mystery intern-kun".
  7. Forum issues

    @BlackRazor / @midgardsormr Apologies, guys! We've run into a few minor delays in regard to the board's back end systems, which caused the initial break in the forum's coding structure. I assure you that this is still our focus and we are working as fast as we can to resolve the issue. Until then, we ask for your patience a bit longer. We'll return your like button (and some other cool features) as soon as possible!
  8. Again, Animated Cards in Take Two/Arena

    Hey, @Volcanon! I don't believe it's something that has been brought up to the team prior to now. I like this idea, as I'm a fan of animated card collections myself. I would be happy to pass this suggestion forward.
  9. Shadowlog Report November 5th

    Please keep discussions on topic; insults and other off-topic remarks have been removed. Thank you for your understanding.
  10. Forum issues

    Hey everyone! We are aware of the issue and are working on this! Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes. Please bear with us.
  11. NA/EU Players: Register for the World Grand Prix Qualifiers! Sign up for NGE's Shadowverse Open Starforged Legends season to win a trip to Tokyo and a chance to play for a USD 120,000 prize pool! The RAGE Shadowverse World Grand Prix will take place in Tokyo on Dec 23 and 24 (JST). It will feature 24 players from all over the world competing for prizes totaling $120,000. If you want to be one of these 24, then sign up for the qualifying rounds of the World Grand Prix NA Contenders Cup and World Grand Prix EU Contenders Cup here: North American players can enter the World Grand Prix NA Contenders Cup, and European players can enter the World Grand Prix EU Contenders Cup. The top three players from each region will win a free trip to Tokyo and a guaranteed cash prize in the RAGE Shadowverse World Grand Prix. The Contenders Cup qualifiers will take place over three weeks, from Oct 7 until Oct 22 (PT). The top 6-placed players from these qualifying rounds will join the top 6 contestants from NGE Shadowverse Season 2 in a one-off qualifying tournament for each region that will take place on Saturday Oct 28 PT (EU) and Sunday Oct 29 PT (NA). All of the qualifying rounds and the qualifying tournaments themselves will be streamed live on from the NGE Studios in Burbank, California, with videos being made available on YouTube after the shows are broadcast. The qualifying rounds for the World Grand Prix Contenders Cups will also serve as the qualifying rounds for the Starforged Legends Shadowverse Open – the third season of NGE's official Shadowverse esports leagues, aimed at North American and European gamers. You have to be in it to win it, so sign up now! - Shadowverse Team For more information check out this video explainer:
  12. Display bug during ranked play!

    Hi, @Psychor! It looks like our new Dragoncraft pal is a little too large for his own good there. I'd take that to the Support Team and give them the link in a webticket.
  13. Anyone play JRPGs here?

    Had to chime in! I've played a fair share, but Eternal Sonata will forever be my favorite JRPG. No RPG that I have played since its initial release has felt as amazing as this title.
  14. Shadowlog Report. October 1st

    I agree with this statement. There is no need to be insulting toward other players for their deck choices and it isn't something I want to see in forum threads. Let's see that it stays that way and the discussions stay civil. Thanks.
  15. Shadowlog Report. October 1st

    Currently? I'm playing an updated version of Aegis Haven, but I still like to play around on old deckbuild of Aggro Blood.