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  1. Hi, @Mr. Klem! Welcome to the Shadowverse community! Your voice is definitely heard on the topic of localization. While I have no current ETA on which languages will see release, I can definitely say with confidence that we are globally expanding and seeing new communities rise outside of Japan. With such a positive reception, especially on the competitive scene, we are doing our best and taking forward strides to provide more exposure to the game in multiple regions.
  2. Cool idea, @Morrigan! I would love the opportunity to bring this to attention and learn of the community's interest in creative contests like these in the future.
  3. We’ve opened a special web page for Shadowverse’s 5th card pack, Wonderland Dreams. Catch a sneak peek of some upcoming cards! More information about specific card abilities can be found here;
  4. If a Take Two match is interrupted and you have any of the following cards in your deck, the changes mentioned below will be applied after maintenance has ended on May 23: – Prince Catacomb – Wind Reader Zell – Lightning Blast ——————– In anticipation of the May 22 update, we’d like to outline some upcoming changes to cards and why we’re making them. Summary 1. The silver Shadowcraft follower Prince Catacomb will cost 4 play points instead of 3. 2. The silver Dragoncraft follower Wind Reader Zell will cost 4 play points instead of 2. • Its attack will be 3 (or 5 when evolved) instead of 2 (or 4 when evolved). • Its defense will be 4 (or 6 when evolved) instead of 2 (or 4 when evolved). 3. The silver Dragoncraft spell Lightning Blast will no longer have the effect “Enhance (10): Banish all enemy followers and amulets.” For a limited time after changes are made, these three cards will produce more vials when liquefied. Details Since the March 29 release of the fourth card pack, Tempest of the Gods, the Dragoncraft and Shadowcraft classes have been the strongest in ranked matches. Decks built around Demonlord Eachtar (the “Midrange Shadow” decks) have had high use rates and high win rates. They’ve been among the strongest—the so-called Tier 1 decks. Another type of deck with low-cost cards and fewer copies of Demonlord Eachtar (the “Aggro Shadow” deck) has seen wide use as well. An early May tally of highly ranked players’ match data revealed that the combined use rate of Midrange Shadow and Aggro Shadow decks was high at 26.1%, and Midrange Shadow’s win rate was similarly high at 56.6% In addition, there’s a significant gap between Shadowcraft’s win rate when playing first and when playing second. Some classes and deck types inevitably have an advantage when playing first or second, but game balance is negatively affected if this tendency becomes too pronounced: the outcome of matches can more easily end up becoming a matter of luck. To summarize, Shadowcraft is currently experiencing two issues: 1. Taken together, Midrange Shadow and Aggro Shadow decks have a high use rate. 2. There’s a significant gap between Shadowcraft’s win rate when playing first and playing second. To resolve these issues, we’ve decided it would be appropriate to change Prince Catacomb’s cost to 4 play points instead of 3. There are three reasons for this: 1. Three copies of Prince Catacomb are typically included in Midrange Shadow and Aggro Shadow decks. 2. The card’s Fanfare effect is stronger when more allied followers are in play, which makes it advantageous to play first. 3. The card costs little given how powerful it is. We believe that this change will bring Shadowcraft decks’ win rates and use rates in line with where they should be; however, other Tier 1 decks could become too powerful as a result—namely, Dragoncraft decks that increase a player’s play point orbs at the beginning of the match and then use high-cost cards in the middle of the match (“Ramp Dragon” decks). In the early May match data, the Ramp Dragon play rate was the highest at 26.8%, and the win rate was second highest at 54.0%. At the same time, there are many types of Ramp Dragon decks. Some use a slew of followers with Storm to overwhelm the opponent from the middle of the match; others use many defensive cards as a way of dealing with aggro decks. Certain decks use combos of Sahaquiel and Neutral cards, while others don’t. Because of this, it’s hard to point out any single card that serves as the nucleus of Ramp Dragon decks. Any changes to cards that increase play points would end up affecting the entire class of Dragoncraft; such changes therefore seemed inappropriate. So while it was necessary to change Dragoncraft cards, no one card stood out as being central to Ramp Dragon. For that reason, we decided to make changes that would allow a greater number of classes and deck types to see play. It was with this in mind that we decided to change the cards Wind Reader Zell and Lightning Blast. In combination with Ouroboros or Sahaquiel, Wind Reader Zell makes it possible to deliver match-ending damage in a single turn. When including the Fanfare damage of Ouroboros, 11 damage can be dealt at once; when using Sahaquiel to play Bahamut, 13 damage can be dealt at once. If combinations like these were difficult to pull off, there might not be any issue. But in fact all of these cards are powerful on their own, and it’s possible for players to pull off these combos without significantly affecting the other cards in the deck or their play style. Wind Reader Zell is a 2-play point follower that has the standard 2/2 attack and defense. At the beginning of the match, it can be used to attack enemies, and later on it can be used to end the match. As such, it’s an all-around useful card that helps make Ramp Dragon powerful. The change to Wind Reader Zell’s cost will make it more difficult to deal a large amount of damage on a single turn, thereby raising use rates for currently underused slower decks. In the early May match data, Lightning Blast’s use rate wasn’t as high as Wind Reader Zell’s. Although some Ramp Dragon decks contain three copies of Lightning Blast, not every one does. All the same, the mere presence of Lightning Blast ends up limiting the decks that see play. Lightning Blast’s ability to banish all enemy followers and amulets was designed to raise the use rate of Dragoncraft, which had been low prior to the fourth card pack’s release. Now that Ramp Dragon has the highest use rate of any class, Lightning Blast’s Enhance ability is discouraging the use of amulet-based decks and slower decks that that need to have multiple cards in the play at once. We anticipate that these sorts of decks will see more play once Lightning Blast is changed, thus making for a better game environment. Temporary Vial Bonus From the May 22 update until the next major update, Prince Catacomb, Wind Reader Zell, and Lightning Blast will produce more vials when liquefied. Normal and animated copies will both produce 200 vials. After that time, the number of vials each card produces will return to normal. We’ll continue to analyze players’ match data in order to ensure game balance, adjusting card effects when necessary. In such cases, we’ll notify players in advance and offer bonus vials when changed cards are liquefied.
  5. This weekend, four of the best players from Japan (including the winner of both RAGE and Famitsu Cup) face off against four Korean players in an epic showdown invitational! Please be advised that the livestream coverage will be in Japanese only. May 21 (Sunday) 6:00PM-9:00PM (JST) | 2:00AM-5:00AM (PDT) The Korean event page can be found here:
  6. We are constantly working on improvements and stability for iOS devices, so enjoy that new tablet without fear. You should have little to no issue running the game application smoothly.
  7. We are planning to undergo maintenance during the following period. 08:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m., Apr 26 (PT). The game will be inaccessible during maintenance. If you are in a match when it starts, the match will be cancelled. If you close the app or place the device in sleep mode when maintenance begins, the match in progress will end in a loss and the result will not be reversed. Maintenance may end before the stated time. It may take longer for some people to get the update. If you’re not able to update the app, it may be due to the cached data on the device. Please try turning off and restarting the device after a couple of minutes and try again. This update includes the following: – Fixes related to returning to matches You can now return to matches in ranked, unranked, Take Two and private single matches. You may not be able to resume a match after a certain period of time. Issues related to returning to other types of private matches (Best of 3, Best of 5, Take Two: Create your own deck, and Take Two: Create opponent’s deck) are planned to be fixed in upcoming updates. – Changes to card text These changes are made to clarify the card ability descriptions, not to change the card ability mechanics. The affected cards are: Wordwielder Ginger Durandal the Incorruptible Blood Moon Tristan of the Round Table Galretto, Devil of Love
  8. Generally speaking, its level of appropriateness is based on various gameplay factors. It is considered bad manners to taunt players when lethal is clearly visible. This action is more like gloating and rubbing the opponent's face in their loss for no other reason than personal showboating-- it's poor sportsmanship. When lethal is on the board and both players recognize it, it is usually best to use 'thank you' for the match. Emote spamming is the worst offense.
  9. Yes, so long as you are a current resident with a physical address in NA throughout the tournament until June. You are eligible.
  10. This means that eligible participants must live in the NA region.
  11. Welcome to the NGE Shadowverse Open Sign ups today on battlefy! The NGE Shadowverse Open Season 1 will take place weekly over the course of three months, culminating in an online invitational finals where players will vye for a piece of the $10,000 prize pool! Event coverage will be broadcast live on Twitch. | Rules & Prizes All user must submit their decks via a Shadowverse Portal link All participants must be from North America and above the age of 16 Player are required to share their Shadowverse match ID with their opponent in instant chat to set up their match Round 5 and on will be live streamed, if you reach round 5 join the Discord server for furthuer instructions Join Discord for player support Read and review the NGE Shadowverse Open rule-set by clicking here Read and review the NGE Global Tournament Rules by clicking here Screenshots are not required for submission upon a match being completed but are recommend to be taken and saved. 1st = 30,000 red vials + flair and invite to playoffs 2nd = 10,000 red vials 3rd + 4th = 5000 red vials All participants get the NGE Shadowverse Open Emblem 1.0 Deck Submission Players must build their decks using the Shadowverse Portal, with decks then being submitted via Battlefy during the tournament registration phase. All players must submit two decks using two separate leaders in order to compete. Player decks will be made public once registration closes. 1.2 Conquest Players must compete with both decks, using two separate leaders. In order to win a match players must win two games, one with each of their decks. Winning decks may not be used twice in the same match. 1.3 Tournament Format The NGE Shadowverse Open will be a single elimination bracket with best of three matches throughout the entire tournament. 1.4 Leaderboard Players will receive points throughout the NGE Shadowverse Open for placing in each weekly tournament. The top players will be invited to compete in the NGE Shadowverse Open Playoffs. 1.5 Point Distribution Point distribution will be awarded using the following scale: 1st Place: 200 2nd Place: 87 3rd-4th Place: 43 5th-8th Place: 21 9th-16th Place : 10 1.6 Direct Invites The first place winners of each weekly NGE Shadowverse Tournament will be instantly invited to the NGE Shadowverse Open Playoffs, and be ineligible for additional invites. 1.7 Game Lobby Settings The top player on the bracket creates the lobby with the the following settings. Mode: Regular Best of three Friends Spectate: NO Once the settings are correct that player must share the match ID with their opponent. Both players must add their decks that they submitted at registration at the match ready screen. 1.8 Discord All tournament participants are required to join the NGE Shadowverse Open Discord for support and direct communication to the tournament admins. Players can report their own score.
  12. I haven't seen this before; let me do a bit of investigating for you. I am currently gathering information on various situations similar to this post expansion release (odd play combinations, potential conflicting card issues, etc.). Should you see anything like this in future matches, it would be helpful to bring my attention to it. However, if they anything you find causes stability problems such as the app/client crashing, freezing, or black screening, please send the support team a ticket so that we can look into it. Those are serious issues that we will have to address immediately.
  13. I spent time discussing Heavenly Aegis over the weekend with the team. None of the above cards will have any effect on Aegis. As stated previously, it can't be damaged, destroyed, banished, or be targeted by spells and effects. It won't be possible to remove it from the board once the card is in play. Once it's there, it's there. However, if Durandal is in play, the opposing Aegis can only deal up to 4 damage. Durandal's text will be updated in the soon future to reflect this.
  14. @Trimmage & @FrankTrollman Awesome; thank you for clearing this up! I will run this by internally and see about providing answers to these. I've also seen these questions posted on reddit, twitter, and facebook as well-- so it seems that the confusion isn't forum specific. I will post a reply in this thread as soon as it's clarified.