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  1. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    To use an analogy: I don’t think that they would just take out all the furniture out of the house without replacing them with anything, I’m sure they will bring back a few of the essential standard and DE cards only rebranded
  2. Shadowlog report November 11th.

    I don’t see much to complain about now I’m having a blast this meta 😆😆
  3. Shadowlog report November 11th.

    Met the Daria+FM variant on and murdered it with storm haven despite them getting the nut draw.. my opinion it’s not that gud 🙁
  4. Midrange shadow and Ramp Dragon is doing ok for me
  5. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    Yea except aggro will never be janky
  6. Shadowlog Report October 22nd.

    Well if anyone's interested I have been having success against PDK with a legendary forest deck that as been around since the beginning😊 That's right folks PTP>>PDK
  7. The salt mega thread.

    If you were good enough to go first you would have wiped is board with Levi
  8. Slinging mud

    Played a few match just to test again and won all four.
  9. Slinging mud

    Thanks for the feedback🙂. To answer: Masters, not really significant. Well if you don't like the deck and have an easier time piloting the regular then good luck👍🏽. Some of your critiques were bricking and not enough ER or Card draws. I'd imagine that you would have bricked with those 6pp spells which does happen but has for card draw I've never personally had that problem. All in all it's up to style and preference which the deck may not suit you. One mans trash is another mans treasure I guess😜
  10. So when's the nerfs?

    Burn rune for me is working pretty well on both top decks but is still being smashed by forte - Genesis version of PDK. My suggestion for balancing (PdK) is removing the face ping
  11. Favourite moments?

    Dirt Rune the new meta killer😈
  12. Slinging mud

    Gameplay The deck is pretty standard Burn with a couple notable and seemingly underwhelming addition which you really shouldn't underestimate for example Shield angel: This card protects your face, protects your Illusionist and is really annoying to remove. Enchanted library: draws you C. Curse or M. Bolt which you will use in the match. Price of magic aka Aiela killer😁. Try it out give feedback
  13. Slinging mud

    For those who love the concept of ER rune and would also like to compete on ladder here's what is working for me at the moment: manage to get a decent run
  14. So much good reads 😊 I'll go through them all and then maybe add my 2cents
  15. So when's the nerfs?

    I think they materialized it just to screw me over😓