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  1. Just a ghost popping in... what’s new since the first week of January ( the last time I played) is there a balance with all classes? is there more than 2 tier 1 decks? Is sword any good now? Is there any fun decks that is good (something like ptp forest back in the days)? Is the game worth coming back to? Hello everybody!!!!!
  2. Take This! My love! My anger! And all of my vials!

    All hail the captain of the sky knights 🙌🏽
  3. Swordcraft in Chronogenesis

    My vomit deck that’s been taking care of dallies.. because you only have so many board clears😎
  4. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    Mid shadow has too much value so I tend to not think much about losing to it and focus on other matchups
  5. Early Days Meta Report.

    The games fun to me lol
  6. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    I’ve added crimson bow and it definitely is better. As for your question about Bahamut.. it’s all a matter of preference but I would advise to add one and see how it goes😊
  7. Early Days Meta Report.

    I’ve now just been hit with a very powerful combo courtesy of Memecraft... Queen+Chronos+Dragon Leg 😭 i know I should post in salt thread instead of here 😬
  8. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    I mixed up crimson bow with aria😓 I have lots nvm
  9. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    I don’t have them (crimson bow or insect lord) 😭😭😭 lilac to be honest hasn’t really saved me in any game so maybe could be cut. I’ll look into crafting one or two of the above thanks Baha comes late but it’s a soul crusher trust me😈
  10. Acceleratium is a problem

    I don’t think he was arguing for a nerf but rather a discussion objectively about the power of a card. To take on one of your counter argument... yes rarity does matter in a ccg because it to an extent determines power level. Think of it this way... it would not be wise from a developers point of view to make two really cool card with killer effects and give one legendary rarity and the other bronze, it would be such a waste of potential profits.
  11. CG Rotation - Control (wallet) Forest

    I’ve been running this and doing pretty well with it in master ranks. I run spring green and brambles even tho no one drop just to bounce them back in my hand. The rotation meta is not that aggressive so you don’t need a 1 drop most matches, the real fun begins at turn 3 -4. I’m surprised that most people don’t run Baha in their list it’s just an amazing card now and I won many games with it. The other stuff like Weald and Gourmet are run just to keep hand size up, I always, always have a 9/9 ele on turn 10. Some of my choices don’t seem to be efficient perhaps there is better but the deck is working for me and until I’m getting beat then I’ll stick to those choices.
  12. Early Days Meta Report.

    In master rank and yep you’re right sometimes it bricks really hard but once it doesn’t then you can compete against anything. I’ll post my deck in Forest Sub-room
  13. Early Days Meta Report.

    For me control forest beats almost everything It’s really good, just retired with a 10 win streak😁😁
  14. Favourite moments?

    Enjoying massive sword win streaks until the meta settles or someone post a broken deck that obliterates it
  15. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Hitting rotation ladder and trying out my sword vomit deck and I have to say I had no idea Frontline Cav was so disgusting 🤫